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ACIM I need do nothing

A Course In Miracles: clarifying "I need do nothing"

(there're a few paragraphs of general intro before the clarification begins)

This post is of-and-about ACIM.  It is not about the author.  For information about the author, see what he's up to in the world.  For that, find a delightful real-world news story embedded in a dual-language submission to the Republic Of China government (regarding the establishment of a new city-state independent country in Canada), dated 14 Feb 2019, at:

A Course In Miracles is a book ( ) written by A Columbia Uni medical research professor (doctor of doctors).... who heard a voice claiming to be Jesus.  So Jesus wrote a book?

Suspicion arose, and more people became involved.  The book was translated into 26 languages.  The final consensus failed to absolve the matter: if she's pretending, she'd damn good at it.  In a note of humor to the Scribe, the voice assured her (Helen, inside a loony bin near the end of her life): if I am also you, why would you spend a lifetime teaching psychiatrists that none can be like Me?  Must the past determine the future, or can present choice decide a better future reality than what has past?

The book itself shares supernatural insight.  Specifically, the singular message of the book is included in this short summary:
We did not originate from a physical reality; therefore, the body is unreal.  We cannot return to our original state of awareness except by fully forgiving each other, because we share one mind eternally.  It is in harboring secret hates that we close off our own awareness, and therefore prevent ourselves from knowing what to do best.  The absence of love is fear, but what is all encompassing can have no opposite.  We have ill-begotten habits that serve neither our best interests, nor those of anyone else in our environment.  In other words, this is a book of mind training, and it includes: a lengthy text to study, a work book to practice, and a manual for teachers to shorten the time it takes to turn theory into practice.

Coursers are serious students of The Course.  It does not matter how long one is a Courser.  In fact, the book itself assures every reader that the reader need do nothing at all to regain the awareness of eternity.  The sad joke is that in doing absolute nothing, the reader is sure to continue on exactly with the same "nothing" awareness of the not-nothing long-sought Self.

This post clarifies the slightly oblique veil within the statement "I need do nothing."

The statement is only true because it applies to the secret desire of everyone alive in an equal way, without anyone's ability to speak in contrary to the statement for fear that the majority must (publicly) agree.  In that way, there is falsehood within the statement and that falsehood is directly caused in the unfathomable concept behind the word "nothing".

Truly nothing does not exist.  Therefore the statement, in truth, reads "I need do."

Now, with a statement that reads "I need do", in a book claiming to be written as a non-religious text for everyone alive, there is apt to be a lot of government arguing for best action: "Need do"... what?  Spread the message of A Course In Miracles all over the world so that a new bible enters the picture?  I need to do WHAT?

Well, for starters, forgiveness is a fairly common circular theme in the book but that's also somewhat misunderstood.  We need to forgive, but true forgiveness of judgments is only possible once we understand them.  The relation between a refined intellectual book and the real-world practice of continual forgiveness is achievable.

We exist in a world as personalities.  A personality is nothing without preferences.  And to say the common spirit (thread of eternal awareness) does not have a singular preference for "always the best way with harm to none", is exactly to say that even the common spirit retains personal judgment in the world.  It just happens to be always singular, and that becomes, to us from our perspective, sort of like finding our heads bashing against a legal tower so high that our own stubbornness just breaks itself down.

Think of each body as an incorporated entity.  Each personality is a corporation of desires, different wills.  Yet within each personality, as the guiding thread for sanity, there must exist a common agreement to what honest action means (for the individual, and not merely in physical reality, since the individual retains existence in dreams and scores of non-physical realities also during the day). 

The point is that, in the world, any two will always meet to better their own personal relationship within themselves, since they are not fully aware of how they (and least of all everyone and every thing) share one mind.  Essentially then, everyone alive is simply arguing--honing is a better word, "attuning to" is even better--about/to/be honesty.  

Honesty is not just an adjective, it is the might of a sword and the ability to creatively master speech.  A silver tongue, if you will, will always succeed because the stubbornness of nay thinkers (thinking precedes thought, "naysayers" is equally applicable) is rendered without affect to the common spirit because the common spirit shares the same thread of honesty (the ability to always find a harmless way to solve any perceived problem, or dig up the root of any perceived need while simultaneously providing satisfactory resolve).

Back to the original "I need do nothing"... the word "nothing" is the same as the word "not", it represents a concept that never existed, never will exist, and doesn't actually exist now.  It is not possible to call our body a true reality unless we include all that we cannot imagine, and therefore we can shorten the concept of "cannot imagine" into this simple sentence: "I am unreal but real for all eternity?" it is quite literally the singular thought establishing infinity as a separate state from eternity.

"I am unreal but real" is the same as "We have no idea what's going on in life, or how life works, but we recognize that eternity is a state that is always present, so once I-as-we understand that I exist with the unreality OF being seeming stuck inside, and not just around, all bodies, then I can begin to understand that 'I need do nothing' means that I am trying to wake myself up into the real-eyes of how to have everything that I-as-one-body-also truly desire."

All futures exist, but one future is best for all.  And that's the one that all truly desire.  

Conclusion, sponsored ads:

In the words of any Courser: find the thread of honesty and share the same awareness as the intensely personal insight of the one mind that is your own mind and was the mind that inspired Helen to write her personal story as the outstanding best medical text ever: "A Course In Miracles".  Helen's autobiography (.pdf):

If you're new to the course, definitely start with the intro book: "Disappearance Of The Universe" by Gary Renard.  It's far more fun to read, and provides a much better grasp of the unlimited edition Course.

If you are like me, and unable to stomach the word "Jesus" from overplayed and inaccurate radio messages, church arguments, and general religious hypocrisy, try "Children Of The Law Of One: The Lost Teachings Of Atlantis" by Jon Peniel as a precursor to Gary.

Remember, the message of Jesus wasn't "let's all work together for world peace."  The message of Jesus was: "your mind is like your heart, and your thoughts are like blood.  You've allowed a sliver of unreality to be entertained like an iron filing under the skin.  In time the blood is poisoned and the body only withers.  Stop your self-inflicted pain with properly compassionate action."

It's not about building a church, or learning to practice law, the law is the only thread of sanity you have left, and will lead you back to the awareness of who you are, but by God you've got a body now and must demonstrate that you can use it entirely in the service of yourself-for-and-with-all-others before you can even begin to appreciate that you've been trying to remember how you are all others at the exact same time for all eternity in every moment of time that you've allowed pass with the countless bodies you've had to remake before finding yourself here again now.  Do choose once again.

This post is for-and-about ACIM.  It is not about the author.  For information about the author:
The best way to begin to understand Rene Helmerichs is to see what he's up to in the world.  For that, find a delightful real-world news story embedded in a dual-language submission to the Republic Of China government (regarding the establishment of a new city-state independent country in Canada), dated 14 Feb 2019, at:


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