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20180729 Judge to be arrested

This just in,
Judge Gregory Milligan who oversaw the criminal conviction of Rene Helmerichs in June, 2014, for C-13-205-SR at Barrie will be arrested.

He knowingly prevented Rene from presenting a mental health defense, after crown prosecutors did their best to delay the trial with allegations of mental unfitness.  Following the trial, Rene was return into a mental ward, which is also illegal given the judge cannot both order someone to be released from custody, and then still confined to custody, potentially indefinitely.  That no mental health evidence was permitted for defence evidences treason against Her Majesty, because it is directly a Charter section ONE violation.

What's more, the judge knew that Rene had already been presumed guilty and incarcerated for the very same facts at an earlier date, and had not been permitted a criminal trial to establish guilt or not guilt.

Mr. Mulligan draws the "go directly to jail" card, without chance for bail since none was ever given Rene.

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You mean to tell me, this started after a church lied, and not the girl, but the girl lied, and then the church involved the police to have you arrested?  Except they warned you, and you said "Ok, Let's do that.  I acknowledge." by emailing the church and 100 others and then going to the police for the arrest?  Of course that's mental, so they put you in a hospital. Except they also told doctors that they believed you were making bombs in the basement of your Mom's house?  And declared you guilty of contacting a  girl who'd actually been repeatedly contacting and meeting you at least once, often two or three times, each week for the whole year that she told police she wanted nothing to do with you?  And then a doctor bribed you to remove you from forced injections to stop writing about the doctor (Anjana Chalwa, Nov 2012)?  But when you tried to complain to lawyers and police, they put you in a bigger jail?  Then at trial for C-13-205-SR the judge Gregory Mulligan ordered you NOT to be allowed to submit mental health information in June 2014, but sent you back into a mental ward after finding you guilty of the same crime that you didn't actually commit but for which you legally already served time in 2012, which means the offense also shouldn't be listed as indictable and the court should have applied a Charter Of Rights rule while you sat for 16 months in solitary (a jail in a jail)?  But then you waited even longer in solitary confinement just to have a psychiatrist (Chief Karagianis) state, onto the real record, that you can't have YOUR statements recorded in a mental ward because psychiatrists are afraid you'll post THEIR statements on the internet (3 July 2015 C-14-6966 Barrie transcript included in The Choice at )?"  Which is copied also into the physical book at
Then another psychiatrist had the court order you to be forcibly injected for questioning his boss (5 Aug 2015 C-14-6966 also in The Choice)?  The court actually did that?  And gave you the 24 Feb 2015 transcript to demonstrate that the psychiatrist (Komer) was wrong the whole time and that this is a massive cover-up, ongoing even now because its still not on the news?  Then you went to Taiwan, got a job teaching, after being declared permanently mentally disabled in Canada?  Then you told a second school about your idea to write this into a book, and that you went to jail for it, and they hired you for more money only to fire you quarter-way in because parents of students found out?  Now police in Taiwan aren't letting you charge the Sesame Street school of 2500 students with fraud but they charged you with slandering them because you added their business card to your book?  And in all this... you haven't lost your mind?  That's...

You are telling me that this man is able to summarize what happened to him, with razor-accurate precision, to post it to the web in advance of when he needs it for his defence,... because we are trying to accuse him of defending himself against our accusation that he is God?

And he's telling us to free the other precogs?



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