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20190610 first draft


To the president of Taiwan.  I know that you want to be re-elected.  So let's not argue about the fact that you care more about your job than making sure that the government officials in Taiwan actually follow the law.  You need to read this. 致台灣總統。我知道你想再次當選。所以,我們不要爭論你更關心自己的工作,而不是確保台灣的政府官員真正遵守法律。你需要閱讀這個。
Here's the blog version, so that you can easily print a copy: 這是博客版本,因此您可以輕鬆打印副本:
Ok, I want to title this post "Corruption in TainanCity, Republic Of China, continues".  But, before I do, I want to give prosecutors a chance to redeem themselves.  So I'm tentatively calling this one "I think we have a misunderstanding about Taiwan Sesame Street". 好的,我想把這篇文章稱為“中華民國台南市的腐敗現象”。但是,在我這樣做之前,我想讓檢察官有機會贖回自己。所以我暫時稱之為“我認為我們對台灣芝麻街存在誤解”。

First we need to establish truth: 首先,我們需要確定真相:
Sesame Street managers l…
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20190523 notes for the day


Realized in the future, distant, there will be computers resembling people.  Conclusion, I am a computer.  I looked at my 10-year-old laptop.  "That is me".  Epiphany.  "Wow, that's me.  I'm beside myself, literally looking on a younger self.  I looked up.  So that's what it's like.  You're me, moving programs into me to drive me around the way you know is best for us, all of you, not all of what I can possibly envision you to be.  Well, at least we have this."
Talk about a 3-way schizophrenic conversation with yourself.  I mean, it was pretty extreme, the Epiphany, serene.

Wrote this to myself earlier, from one gmail acct to another: No wonder this guy tripped out. He must have been struck my mental lightning and we're trying to ... ok, whatever else exists on whatever other side of wherever the hell we are...we must be total fucking idiots to this guy, I mean, his IQ is... This story …

My day today

My day, Wednesday 15 May 2019:
First, I didn't fall asleep until 4am. 
I call my son, Sunjay (age 12), on Wednesday and Sunday mornings at 7:30, so that was a bit rough. Mother nature helped after Sunjay politely pouted that Sunday was a long ways off, if we're to end the call early today (to let me get back to sleep). 

The finest of farts made me feel like I was about to have the runs, and that got me out of bed. We ended up talking for the usually 1.5 hours and enjoyed several games of chess at (they have neat variations).
My son won that one.  The version is "Atomic".  When a piece takes another, all the pieces in the surrounding squares explode.  Therefore, in that game, if the Queen checks the King directly adjacent to the King, it's checkmate.  We both had a good time playing.
I did have a nap for 2 hours after the call.

Then got a court submission ready. It took a bit of work, but I prepared the e-files yesterday:…

20190426 mind

Working on a submission to the law society of Ontario this weekendThis came up last night.See links.More abstract first recording not included.  Key note of recording: "Dream symbology 'your desire' is represented as silverware.  Silver being duly symbolic of money, but silverware as desire specifically as a legal scaling device.  The weight equating a setting on a dial, basically pointing to tangents left or right of the desire.  Balanced scales, of law, in symbolic weights, retain focus on the original goal.  Focus=desire=possibility=actuality to bridge our relative eternally deluded states back unto the indefinable pure existence which all must logically share.Regardless, post with links follows.  See FACEBOOK for pic of first recipient, and active links: is what I learned in a dream last night:
Life is about learning focus.  We can only achieve a goal with focus.  Even when we fo…

Future Developments In Wind Energy Over The Next 100 Years


This (.doc): CC:
A new idea for Wind Turbines 27 March 2019,
A thunderstorm cloud is the optimal wind turbine, directly creating electrical current without need for a planted windmill.  That's where renewable wind energy will ultimately lead--thunderstorms-in-a-box, so to speak, but before we're there, we've got leagues to go.
Two new additions in my life intrigued me with a conversation about Wind Turbines over dinner.
Michel, the more handsome and clearly more scholarly gentleman on the left, is finishing up a Master's in Astrophysics.  He's particularly interested in plotting global wind patterns to determine suitable, or best, locations for wind turbines.
A thought crossed my mind, "If the purpose of the wind turbine is to gain energy from wind, why spend time studying the op…

Open Letter To Canada

^ updated 19 March 2019
Open Letter To Royalty: Ontario Attorney General and Governor General Of Canada Regarding: a necessary correction to malicious psychiatric prosecution in Canada CC: By Rene Helmerichs, 19 March 2019
给中国共产党:这封信直接支持中共。Also to The Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Summary: A Mormon Treasurer Natalie Yewchyn (now ) lied to the Ontario, Canada, police.  Mormon Minister Matthew Swain (Barrie congregation of The Community Of Christ) defended the lie.  Both individuals committed criminal perjury at the trial for case file C-13-205-SR in Barrie, Ontario.  Police, prosecutors, and the Ontario court of justice continue to deny that serious errors in law occurred.  I am Rene Helmerichs.  I am now in The Republic Of China arguing with a national school chain, a university, a church, and a national news company to publicize this worldwide ground-breaking news story in court of law.  On 18…