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News exclusive--truly unbelievably large story

CBC, You have a chance for an exclusive story.  The guts are this:

I was arrested for a crime I didn't commit, and put into a mental ward (maybe police were just trying to be nice to not give me a criminal record?)
Doctors presumed me guilty.  I wasn't given a trial, nor the option for one.  Instead, I lost my college teaching position (Georgian College, Barrie) over the prolonged incarceration (2 months).  I was released only on condition of continuing with forced injections.  I managed to get myself removed from the forced injections when I began blogging about doctors (Liqat Ali and Anjana Chawla) and the hospital (Barrie's RVH, Nov 2012).  Then I tried to complain to lawyers, without luck.  So I went to police, and found myself re-arrested for the same offense, and this time put into jail, CNCC at Penetang.  
The crime was criminal harassment to a mormon treasurer; the date of the second arrest was 2 March 2013 (the first was 3 Sept 2012).  The offense was listed as in…

Someone please help me.

I'm Rene Helmerichs.  I was more than wrongfully convicted in Barrie, Ontario, Canada.

This is my story.
I was arrested, charged with a criminal offense, presumed guilty, and put into a mental ward.  Doctors managed to strip me of my right to refuse medication, and considered me delusional for arguing with them for my innocence!  Then I was forcibly injected.  
You're not going to believe this.
A doctor (Anjana Chawla) actually bribed me to stop blogging about her.  When I tried to go to the police for help, they arrested me again for the same crime!  I'm not joking!  It was 6 months later, and they listed the charge as indictable.  After that, lawyers tried to declare me unfit to stand trial.  I sat in solitary confinement for 16 months without bail.  At the trial, I tried to bring forward information from the first arrest so that, at least, a Charter section should be applied, or something, but no luck.  Instead, the judge, Gregory Mulligan (C-13-205-SR at Barrie, Ontari…

20180729 Judge to be arrested

This just in,
Judge Gregory Milligan who oversaw the criminal conviction of Rene Helmerichs in June, 2014, for C-13-205-SR at Barrie will be arrested.He knowingly prevented Rene from presenting a mental health defense, after crown prosecutors did their best to delay the trial with allegations of mental unfitness.  Following the trial, Rene was return into a mental ward, which is also illegal given the judge cannot both order someone to be released from custody, and then still confined to custody, potentially indefinitely.  That no mental health evidence was permitted for defence evidences treason against Her Majesty, because it is directly a Charter section ONE violation.What's more, the judge knew that Rene had already been presumed guilty and incarcerated for the very same facts at an earlier date, and had not been permitted a criminal trial to establish guilt or not guilt.Mr. Mulligan draws the "go directly to jail" card, without chance for bail since none was ever gi…

20180715 star log

End of day email:

Hi Stacy,

I saw that you didn't block me again on LINE.
Let me share with you that I still very much care.  Allow me to show this to you.
Stacy, we are involved in several legal arguments.  I tried to avoid them.  Clare didn't believe how big I was talking, and that's ok.  I didn't believe either.
You see, I am actually writing a limitless story.  That means that no one can predict the end.
But, it also means that we can end it, together.  And that IS the motto of Mr. Lin, owner of Kidsland.  We will need to work together.  You have choice only for "when".  The pressure will build, legally, until you partner.  When I use "you", I don't mean you, Stacy, I mean, well, anyone really.
You see, this is an argument about God. Spirit, as I told Denise back in 2017.  And she WAS interested.  Denise actually has a very strong spirit.  It's pretty cool.  I like her a lot!  But, her strong spirit also gives her confidence.  When she re…

20180713 electricity works just like thinking, in our one-shared eternal mind

14 July 2018.  Find a (.doc) copy in the linked (folder).  It recounts mental process.  The intent is to help psychiatrists understand that our minds are already eternal, and in eternity the can be no divisions.  So any argument is effectively about our own personal god-concept and the drive to be "King" of our personal environment, whatever we may perceive that to be.
It begins with this email: (.pdf)
The email includes a link to an earlier email of that day, 13 July 2018. (.pdf)
The emails concern this letter from The Legal Aide Foundation in Taiwan (Republic Of China): (.jpg)
The emails directly challenge "the authority" of personal for The Legal Aide Foundation.  The argument, how…

To Waypoint Centre For Mental Health board of directors

10 July 2018

Colleagues for mental health,

Waypoint Centre For Mental Health psychiatrists Mr. William Komer, current chief Jeffrey Van Impe, and past chief James Karagianis are named a dissertation for mental health found online at

Please consider the relevant excerpt:

On 3 July 2015, Rene Helmerichs was finally permitted to question Waypoint Centre For Mental Health chief psychiatrist James Karagianis exactly why Rene was not permitted to have his own statements recorded. 
The purpose for the record was NOT to record the statements of psychiatrists.  Mr. Karagiansis did not seem to understand this.  The purpose was to ensure that statements given by Rene would not be taken out of context, and subsequently misused in court. 
Mr. Karagianis only cared about himself.  He did not at all consider the well-being of the patient, in this case Rene.  Mr. Karagianis cited fear that psychiatric statements would appear on …

The only proof

The only proof any of us has that God even exists is a beautifully paved road.Put whatever goal as a destination, and fill the sides with whatever scenery.  Put yourself in whatever vehicle​.  The purpose is to get to the destination.  You can stop for a leak, or to smell the flowers as long as you like.The purpose of a road is to get us someplace.  A single loose nail on that road, like a rail spike left protruding just ever too high, is the only evidence of God, because it puts perfection into perspective.We doubt the existence of a unified consciousness.  Ergo, we request sight of imperfection and spend lifetimes grappling the imperfect concept, until we understand the sole purpose of anything is one both of our own making, and co-created in partnership with that sustaining the common ability to find again our missing common sense.http://talk2dream.comThe petition for worldwide peace, in support of The Dissertation For Worldwide Peace at

Understanding God

This extends the same origin of the classical "I think, therefore, I am."This is the dissertation for worldwide peace.The premise is simple: God exists.From the concept that something exists, comes the idea that something can always exist or exist for always.  The concept of eternity is therein created.  Yet, because God exists, therefore, God exists as an integral aspect of each of us.  Therefore, God being otherwise undefined, and therefore truly indescribable, we are creators, or co-makers, of our own reality.  That is to say, God is the cause, we are an auto-effect that is actually affectively the likeness of the cause with ability to define, or make effects.  We cause our reality in partnership with that sustaining our ever-present ability to communicate, within and therefore ultimately for the same one goal of eternal sustainability while we do not comprehend that eternity IS stable because, simply, It exists.Please note that the word GOD remains nowhere defined except…

20180701 Petition Update

^ (.pdf) CC: QR Code for clickable links.

Happy Canada Day!
We grow in a culture that teaches us to dream.  This is the true story of one individual who dared to dream for worldwide peace, and take a country to international court for it!  Current events are in this document submitted to Taiwan police on 28 June 2018: CC (.doc):

Speed catch-up
It began in 2012. 
A minister and a treasurer of a local Mormon Community Of Christ congregation lied. 
City Of Barrie (Canada) police defended the lie. 
Police arrested a man and presumed him guilty on 3 Sept 2012.  He never set foot in court.  He was not given a trial for the criminal allegation.  He was imprisoned for twice the normal time, 2 months.  He was forcibly injected.
He tried to…