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What is a t.o.g.?

What Is A T.O.G?A team of prestigious (that means "usefully smart") NYC Columbia University School Of Medicine reasearch professors (=agreeably also thought to be smart) wrote this book called A Course In Miracles.Now, the problem with those pot-smoking pinheads was the very nature of adding a disassociative into the mix.  They were specifically told not to write while under its influence.  They then wrote this wonderfully-sounding book that they said resembled Shakespeare's poetry?It's a bit of a catch-22, those people at have, as well as every other global student the world over.You see, it is plain impossible to "project" the true voice of the one mind said to be (of) the eternally whole and collective, but always real-time ("living"), Christ.This is a major problem because "christ" literally means "annointed one", which in this place is the same as calling someone The Devil, because of that ever-realtime consisten…

Memorable From Sun

When Sun-Jay was 2 years old, he began using the word yestertime like a normal word in full and long sentences to include the information that what we were talking about had already happened, but he either didn't know, didn't know how to say, or felt he didn't need to give the date because it already happened and therefore should not be the focus of a conversation trying to determine what best there is to do right now for a future together that maybe also happens to share the singularly present-tense idea of real joy with many people as possible.For example, I could say to him, "remember yestertime when you had your 4th? birthday and you walked around the indoor playground pretty much ignoring all your classmates while making sure not to let go of the hand of Alice V..."  (gee, honesty, I only accurately can say I recall the last name there.)orRemember yestertime, we got a floating balloon on a string from Golden Griddle at the Koslov mall in Barrie, and we were …

Dream Interpretation

This one is best for understanding dreams:
Dreams: Your Magic Mirror: With Interpretations of Edgar CaycePaperback– December 1, 1995 by Elsie Sechrist(Author),‎ Edgar Cayce(Author) Product detailsPaperback: 240 pagesPublisher: A.R.E. Press (December 1, 1995)Language: EnglishISBN-10: 0876043538ISBN-13: 978-0876043530

201711204 awoke from a dream wherein I got, was given, a pencil with a wire antenna inside.  The pencil was unsharpened and sharpening it would cut into the antenna.  But placing it on the metal table, or such surface, would cause it to act like an antenna and boost broadcast strength or reception.  As I thought, of course, that wouldn't be practical in physical life... I awoke remembering that it was a pre…