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Mind Explained

^ A Course In Miracles is a book written by a team of doctors who were curious about mind, and our innate thinking processes.  The book is entirely logical.

The Law Of One is the principle of oneness.  It says simply this: On a subatomic level, all things in the world are always changing.  Therein must we recognize that a constant state exists to sustain any perceived motion of every part of any thing.  It means directly that all futures exist as a present state, and that the end is simultaneously both certain and joyous for all.  There is no final judgement.  Rather, there is an ongoing judgement carried within our minds to which we cling that defines any one future as more preferable to another.  The choice for personal experience, which future is to be experienced as a later-present relative reality, is available to anyone and everyone all the time, and throughout every dimension of time.
Think of mind like a cone that ends in a point.  The point is a living being on earth.  Bird…