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20180601 legal to Clay Mathematics Institute

Dear Clay,
This is written specifically to Clay Mathematics Institute.  It is lengthy, but entirely pertinent to the problems you have posted, and our future (individually and collectively).  There is contained a request that you report this to the highest authorities for information recounted in the linked 14-page summary focused yet in Taiwan but with a distinct global extension that cannot be missed by even the most obstinate enforcers.
We are reminded that a proof is always personal, and personally easier to understand in the way that terms of a mathematical (fundamentally logical) problem are grouped.
I am writing a doctoral work to demonstrate (not just tell but show) that God exists with all equally.  An atheist may contest that God does not exist, however, each personal alive that is able to read, is equally able to think, and therefore innately attests to living in a commonly shared reality govern…

understanding Matt 7:1-3

Understanding By Rene Helmerichs, 1 June 2018
Matthew, at the start of chapter 7 in the Renewed King Version of the bible, writes:
"Understand judging.  When you judge, you can be judged.  If you judge someone for a small crime, God can show you more crimes.  You will see a point when you judge.  You will see many points when God judges you.  Do not fear those points.  God does not want to hurt you.  God is a teacher.  God continuously forgives you.  God is with you.  God is with you now, in your head!  God hears your thoughts.  God and The Evil One know your desires.  You can only understand yourself when you are willing to forgive.  When you do not forgive, The Evil One accepts your thoughtful offerings.  Thoughts drive actions.  Actions come from a collection of forgotten thoughts.  There is only memory, and not memory; re-membered internet spam, and imperfection; forgiveness, and blame.  Evil collects the en…


We excel at going after what we want.  That's cool.  Do we real-eyes we can hack mind?  I'm currently writing a dissertation to assert that mind itself is joined, and that psychiatrists haven't a clue when they prescribe colourful pills.  Canada has passed laws to put us in jail without a criminal trial.The Criminal Code Of Canada law declares hospital imprisonments to be a prison term, the same as jail (though it's really not), but they cops put people there for criminal allegations without a trial.  And that's completely against The Constitution Act of Canada.  BUT, get this, the first section of that constitution, in the annotations of the courtroom edition of The Criminal Code Of Canada (2014; Barrie courthouse), to the very first section of The Constitution Act clarifies THAT The Constitution Act is FIRST in place to UPHOLD the governing law of Canada. I don't know how to tell the public this without sounding like a complete terrorist, so I'm going to …

20180528 grandiose

I told my wife over the weekend, "Honey, life doesn't work the way schools would like us to believe that it does."

Actually, John Dewey, one of the originators of the public school system (USA) said something to the effect that schools were put in place to make productive workers for the government.  Collective wisedom has often restated, "The winner write the history books."  Reference is indirectly to the book-burnings ordered in 325 a.d., as one example, to wipe then-current ideas for want of a new history.

In effect, are we really doing any different now?

Rene is an author.  The best author would wish to edit the history books for want of establishment of a true history, yeah?  Anyway, Rene is different.  He doesn't only believe that he can "write" his own fate, he's actively testing it.  To be sure that he's testing it accurately, he's involving the legal structures of …

20180525 Mind has three parts

The purpose is to work together--to learn to better relate to one another, for a sustainable future together--on little and big scales, personally and inter-personally.
Our minds have three basic parts.  We can look at it in simple terms.  There is a definite, perceived effect, but an active effect with ability to affect itself and the whole.  This part is called consciousness.  Its opposite is the unconsciousness.  And then there is all the rest.
Our consciousness is like a point on a line.  It seems to move forward, but the line moves under it.  If our consciousness doesn't want to do something, or doesn't believe it should do something, or just doesn't know what to do, it can be stubborn and unchanging, but the line will still move to propel it to change its thinking into a new direction.
A line has two ends.  Our consciousness joins the seeming extremes.  Imagine it to be like a fish.  The fish s…

20180524 fyi Kidsland Sesame Street

^ Emailed just now to Kidsland Sesame Street managers Denise, Stacy, and VP Clare Chiang, 20:41 24 May 2018 Tainan, Republic Of China:
Legal, posted just now:
You will notice, that I am not giving up after Clare has pressed charges against me. 
I am reminding you that I have been writing the same one story for 7 years.  The story that I am writing is about the actions of people.  You three are currently in the story in a negative way.  You don't believe that what I say is true, and that's ok.  We can use the law to sort that out.
On 19 Jan 2018, Stacy Huang gave out the Kidsland Winter Camp 2018 booklets.  They had a greenish cover.  In the ESL office upstairs on the 3rd floor of Kidsland's head office, teachers Andrew and Rene were excited to see their writings published.
At the time, Rene still had agreement with Kidsland to be mutually supportive.
Rene's writings, the writings in question for the …

easing out confusion

A Speckle-adding Edition
To you who wish she is a genius.  A smart person will tell you I.Q. (rocks) and E.Q. (water) measure intelligence, and an intelligent person is a genius. 
However, genies connect dots in different ways to remind us of our lifeline in one mind., Merriam-Webster, shares "Definition of genius, plural genii: an attendant spirit of a person or place... which influences another for good or bad." 
Many people, each a genius, can share a common genii, an attendant spirit.  But a spirit is a ghost, which is an echo and is not real.  A spirit does come from something and that "something" is real. 
Thinking influences each of us.  It occurs inside mind.  It must come from mind if it never left mind. 
A genius, therefore, is someone like Jesus who was killed for trying to teach everyone that we really do share just one mind.  As the story goes, Jesus claimed to be "t…

20180524 to FFIP, with love

To: The Foundation For Inner Peace
I understand the policy about third party endorsements, and I will understand if you never want to talk or write to me again.  I'm hoping forgiveness shines through.
I love the weekly thoughts.  Are they preserved anywhere in a folder online to see all of them at a glance?  I put them throughout writings.
My writings have been... chaotic, or insane, to say the least.  However, we must wonder just how mind works.  We know we have an ego, and we know that only in mind can anything be (become) truly joined.  We also know that our mind is eternal, and, at its foundation, eternally whole so that we actually do share one mind.
Yet, in time, it appears as though we drive different bodies seeking to enlighten our minds to the point of not needing to return to the god-awful, or forsaken, place.  But we also know time is a joke to eternity, "which means there is no time". 
The par…

Dream recount: page 59 (really not something fun to read, I imagine.) (sometimes what goes on in our head while we sleep is beyond us.  Ok, that'd be most times for all of us.  This dream recount is no different.  The only purpose for posting it seems to be to settle the argument of whether or not the future is actually predicable.  It is not.  That's about the shortest possible summary for what follows.)
20180521 dream recount--"Page 59"

What follows is a summary of a longer dream had on 20180521. 

I would like to begin by thanking the entity "Mike" who carried the tape in the dream on command of a female superior who'd began and nearly cut a page (page 59) from a book I'd written.  She'd proceeded to do so with a letter opener following her recount of events to me, and my focus on the word "de-act".  "De-act" seems to be only the meaning of the word, since the word itself had 4 or 5 letters that I can't now seem…

here's what I'm working on

^ (.doc)

First printing for proofing:

Includes Mellienium Problem proofs (3), article for Astro Physicists, and the complete story of events from 2011 to the summar of 2012.  The Mormon Community Of Christ minister Matthew Swain and ex-treasurer Natalie Yewchyn are revealed to be perjurers, with included supports and their sworn 2 March 2013 police statements included in the APPENDIX.

SOL A Course In Miracles applied to demonstrate to you that you are God and God exists beyond our collectively shared unconscious mind: an open doctoral dissertation in Experimental Psychology.

rhelmerichs (at)

Millennium problems CC (.doc)
Updated at:

Solutions follow recap of the described logial argument.  Clay Mathematics described millenium problems (only three of the 6 or 7 they had posted) follow this email to their administrator:

Hi Clay,

I'm in a bit of a precarious position.  I have ability to "see" logic.  It's a bit different.  To give you a specific example, logically, a teacher would work for a school.  However, a teacher also has the choice to build a school.  The means to accomplishing one's choice is a matter logic.  This teacher decided to build a school and offered the proposal to a sentience church types would call God.  It isn't so much "God" as it is innately an integral part of each of our daily function.
I'm now in line to accept 700 million Canadian dol…