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TO: UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres

TO: UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres
Re: Taiwan and sustainable development for One China
updated 30 Aug 2018 (contents: true, though incredible)
Mr. Secretary-General,
The work of the United Nations is excellent.  Unfortunately, this letter does directly demonstrate the UN to be condoning ongoing actions against its very own publicly stated initiatives.  It is therefore written not only to the UN, but to every peace activist, every human rights collation, every university student desiring true beneficial change, and to all Muslims, Christians, and atheists alike.
The people of Taiwan wish to complain to you, Mr. Secretary-General, representing The United Nations (UN), that you are permitting stacking of the deck (cheating).  It is directly related to your 17 Global Goals for rich and poor nations alike.  An explanation is followed with examples.
We are aware that thinking exists on a spectrum.  We are unaware the spectrum is literal.  Any spectrum has but two ends, two extremes …

To Climate Change Project decision-makers

Hello Kindhearted souls of Climate Reality Project,
My name is Rene Helmerichs.  I am a freelance teacher and lecturer currently in Taiwan (republic of China).  I don't have a political or religious affiliation, but I do appreciate the residency Taiwan has offered.  I suppose that makes me a republican who's equally for The People of mainland China.  I have a project to share with you.
Firstly, the video An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth To Power is incredible.  I suppose we all have resistances to overcome.  I had felt that in my own desire to re-watch the movie, but am happy I did--a third time with my Taiwanese wife to be sure she understood the whole of its message.
In the movie, and the point of the movie, a rather large-scale problem is discussed.  I wonder whether members of your project are aware of the root of the problem?
The word mind is currently not defined in legal texts.  In Canada, psychiatrists are permitted to present the court with opinions, and by those opinio…

20180810 petition email

Foot into cast: this needed to happen.We carry two perspectives with us, at all times: one is all encompassing; the other remains completely obtuse.  Yet to consider any as obtuse is actually to state the very same of that all encompassing.There is simply no need for accidents.Mr. Donald Trump, with all due respect, Taiwan can legally pursue separation.  The choice is not yours to make.  You can think it is, but that thought'll only drive you logically insane.There are simply no accidents.  An accident is directly the result of two conflicting thought systems that have yet unresolved their differing qualities.  Not the all encompassing; not exists for all as the single idea forever without definition.  The argument is for the other, of which there can be only one but of which there is actually none.This is fully explained in the …

Canada tortures terrorist teacher

college teacher suspected of making bombs was arrested under false pretenses 3 Sept 2012.  Police alleged he contacted Mormons without Mormon consent (but its ok when Jehovahs come door-knocking).He wasn't given a trial.  Police passed him to psychiatrists at Royal Victoria Hospital in Barrie where he was subsequently held for questioning... for two months.  He was repeatedly forcibly injected on presumption of criminal guilt, before managing to have Doctor Anjana Chawla bribe him with full restoration of his right to refuse their treatments in exchange for not mentioning her name in this story about their crimes.When the mad professor returned to police, he was re-arrested for the same crime on 2 March 2013.Police used the same information as before for the indictable charge of offending the City Of Barrie Mormon Community Of Christ.  That directly violates Canada's Charter Of Rights a second time.Lawyers, prosecutors, and other employees for The Ministry Of The Attorney G…

TO Natalie Kelloway @ (it's all legal)

ACIM excerpt below

TO Natalie Kelloway,
Natalie, dear, or, NOT MY dear, but dear to someone, and dear God we really need to help the fact that a lot of people will be thinking about you, and blaming you (because that is human nature) and to negate the effects of that.  You (may not) see (understand) that thought is a real-time event that can heal, and likewise increase physical decay.  We're trying to keep those age-lines down, at this point.
Natalie, you did nothing wrong.  But, you did forget a whole heck of a lot in your C-13-205-SR testimony at Barrie, Ontario, Canada, in June 2014.  Technically, the world will judge you to be guilty of perjury.  That's a crime.  Its punishment is relative, like all things.  If you happen to be Michael Bryant who killed Darcy Allen Sheppard and managed to get off with, well, a lot less than I endured on account of your perjury, well, you'd be scotch free (hmm, wonder where that expression originated?  Will have to look it up later...).  …