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2018 News Story Of The Year

凱仕蘭驚險消息,Awesome Kidsland, Petition Update 30 April 2018 CC: CC (.pdf):

這是一個大案例。故事開始於加拿大。現在在台灣。它直接涉及中華民國臺南市的一大批學校凱仕蘭。我們要求對該學校提出刑事指控。信息提供。 This is a big case.  The story began in Canada.  It is now in Taiwan.  It directly involves Kidsland, a large group of schools, in the Republic of China, TainanCity.  We are asking to press Criminal charges against that school.  Information is provided.
12個名為Kidsland的私立學校的法律細節,legal details of the 12 private schools called Kidsland: 通用名稱,common name: 人上人教育事業集團芝麻街(凱仕蘭,Kidsland) 合同名稱,contract name: 芝麻街開門股份有限公司附設臺南市私立凱仕蘭文理短期補習班 凱仕蘭網站,Kidsland:
我的名字是Rene_Helmerichs(是瑞內)。我在talk2dream(“相信自己”)授權團隊。我們在線提交了一份請願書: My name is Rene Helmerichs.  I am with Tal…