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My Intention.

1 April 2018
Happy Sunday,
To win the Nobel Peace Prize, secure capital to build a school, build a city around the school...
(Chinese) and (English) for details.

and... to write less.

See the petition at .

email to Barrie Police 2018 March 29
To Barrie Police,
I am known to you, you would say.  That only means you've considered me a criminal and I'm telling I don't care and it doesn't matter.
We live in a world that shall forever change.  In that, we are assured only of the fact that eternity exists.  Since I've also been telling you, through ALL of my writings begun WITH openly harassing A CHURCH, and NOT Natalie Yewchyn Kelloway (who really did give me both her phone number AND email address, both in person), we'll know GOD is involved.
I am not God.  However, since none other on the planet has the awareness of eternity, I am permitted to say that some may call Rene Helmerichs God in the same way that Jesus is consider God.  Jesus and Rene HAVE THE SAME awareness.  The question to you, now, is "Will there be any psychiatrist left to challenge Rene in court for ALL that he has claimed and written since 2012?"…

legal: Deb at ACIM

background: Debra Roberts at had claimed "we are one" back on, 21 Jan 2018?

email sent 29 March 2018
Subject: hope this finds you well

Hi Deb,

I hope this finds you well.
Please ignore all else that you may have read from me or about me.  It really is meaningless since, well, eternity is.
Everything is real-time forever.  And miracles truly do require co-operation.  The question is, to enact a world-wide miracle, how is cooperation of key decision-makers achieved?
It cannot be forced, by law of free will.  And it cannot happen instantly, by law of time.  So, by law of law (??), wherein miracles collapse time and are necessarily to be forever by cooperation only, does that not preclude using that which public officials most coveted against them for them?
I will be known as the destroyer not because I desire it but merely because those that would call me such do not understand their need for cooperation.
There is simply no other way to bring about a world without nee…

Children Of The Law Of One


29 March 2018

Children Of The Law Of One,
Let's call God's only son Christ, with the understanding that Christ is all of us put together and then still more.
The Mind of Christ is Big Mind.  Our minds are smaller parts of one united mind.  Eternity IS ever united beyond any concept for dimensions of time.
When Big Mind gives us an idea, it can choke us.  It's like trying to eat a whole large pizza in one bite.  It's possible, but not easy to do.  The Pizza is more or less soaked and softened and then shoved down our throats with a tube to make sure air still gets by too.  It certainly isn't appealing nor tasting like pizza.  Then digestion takes place.
Digestion of a huge idea takes time.  Time is an interesting phenomenon.  It doesn't really exist in eternity, yet here we are.  And here is text.  Reading anything enters the mind of the reader for its consideration.  But what of the reader that …

CL MCSCS Barrie Sergeant Doug Henderson

^ > Updates: The argument begun with The City Of Barrie police service extends globally at For those new the story, please see the linked petition and introduction at:
Email subject: To police services of Ontario, begun with Barrie Police CONSIDER THIS A SERIOUS LEGAL MATTER
28 March 2018
Sergeant Douglas Henderson of The City Of Barrie Police,
We last spoke on 3 Sept 2012.  I had asked you to arrest Rene Helmerichs at Johnson's Beach in Barrie.  You took it upon yourself to circumvent the law.  Find our conversation online:
Time was needed to present your error to the world.
You told Rene that he was…

Rabbi Miracle Horn
FOR NON Community Of Christ readers, the better introduction to this incredible story of a false minister and his beloved treasurer is found in a petition against Canada at:

27 March 2018
To The Mormon Community Of Christ,
On my way to the store today, I came upon a rather large church with soft flashing lights outside that reminded me of Christmastime.  Hymns were sung.  The structure was massive for the area.  Easily the largest I've seen in long while.  It was tucked away in the cross-hairs of alleys about the size of those in Harry Potter.  There was not a single English marking or picture on the outside of the church, save for the massive cross at the top and above the door, to show me what denomination of temple it was. 

I entered.  A song filled my heart as I sat and listened.  There…

legal: to Cisco Systems
27 March 2018 NASDAQ: CSCO
To Leonard Bosack, Sandy Lerner, Chuck Robbins, and judges for The Problem-solver 2018 contest (which is about money, so it's notably worth something).
Dear Cisco,
I have not been included as a semi-finalist in your contest.  This is not a loss to the Talk2Dream Team, however, it IS something you may wish to reconsider.
The contest was to present an idea, any idea really, using "digitization" and "The Internet Of Things" (IoT) in a unique way to accomplish betterment to the world in which we live, beyond simply digital input and output.
Laugh if you well at the insanity, but do read the whole of this message before judging it.
Here is your problem: I am going to literally be awarded the right to begin a new country within the territory OF Canada, before or after Rene Helmerichs become Canada's FIRST elected real sovereign entity, i.e. "King".
This clearly IS laughab…

Good news II: OPSEU and businesses with The School Of Loo

The Mormon Community Of Christ gave false testimony under oath for C-13-205-SR at Barrie, Canada, in June 2014 to start this story.  Corrupt officers of the Barrie police most recently went looking to arrest Rene in March of 2018.  Since the courthouse at Barrie is crooked, we must make a united public stand for global honesty.  
Rene will continue this campaign in Chinese at until this nonsense is sufficiently brought to public light.  Natalie Yewchyn Kelloway, currently of, and Matthew Swain are the true criminals to be arrested.  Then negotiations can properly begin.  See the full Story Of Loo with details of perjury for any reporter to investigate in the section "A testament to real life in Canada" at
(this .doc) (blog)…