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#talk2dream_To: Google about Android

Your android is nice.  Is there a way to make the key board flippable apart from the phone and supra to any post-install cmds?  Be just nice.
Problem with blogger app... can't see text when typing in the vertical edit-draft mode.
Just endless complaints (I.e. suggestions for obvious fixes) to come, failing partnership.
the mouse-keypad is nice... for swipe function... but not best by your design.  Technical flaws including omitting the creation of the 'crtl v' talk2dream.com_common prompt because all ACIM Graduates understand if users understood how marketing ideas worked, they would remember that need was for the quick access to ctrl_x/copy-and-paste.  So, if we were like, REAL partners, we'd have that intrinsic willingness to cross-support the sort of Sustainability stuff Nestle in Switzerland does at #HENRi.  There's an Android complaint in there.
hey Google, ok, this might become MCD (one rec therapist named… Projects (only expedited with funding)

#MOV Her-and-his Enjoyed #MOVies Lists

(we like sharing ideas)

Transcendence (except we are the computer)
Matrix (except, well, it's illogical ending.)
Deja Vu
Ground Hog Day
Time Cop
Source Code
Butterfly Effect (not parts 2 or 3)
Good Will Hunting
Born Identity (Matt Damon and with gf parts)
Die Hard III
Beverly Hills Cop II
The Lost Tomb Of Jesus (documentary)

Forrest Gump
Absolutely Everything
Ground Hog Day
Butterfly Effect
Red II
Back To The Future I, II, III
The Core

#talk2dream_To: Leadership and expertise of McDonald's Corporation trademarked RMHC

Ideas just sort of develop...
This page is a STUB (=temporary) until funding for further translation, copy, and editting, of the most far reaching sustainability concept is received.


In 2012 something happened.This writer was working as a college professor at... (ORG)

"How did this guy stay off of medicine?

Oh, that is actually easy.The principle is the same as that for to be linked to a petition to the Gov. General Of Canada--you're reading this because you've been drawn here for your sense of vision... so think uNLIMITED!).It's simply that the underlying law is always for communicating.Being willing to always hear, even at night in "sleep", is evidence only to self, same-self, that self is talking to self, given eternity.See?  So inspiration, or what the West calls it, anyway, can come in pictures, or whatever.  So one naturally wants it, to hear, or to just work things out... sorta mentally.L…

Application To NESTLE's HENRi Partnership Proposals Programme

Disclaimer: ideas are presented in the more intuitive mono-logic manner to ensure public market-helping bi-logic consistency.

We're both real people, dreaming about a world both sustainable and without need of worry for basic necessities--and certainly without slavery of any kind although honestly we both really rarely even think to mention that part, I should hope.
This is our Talk To Dream (
We agree that as readers of text for the represented ideas, that we eternally self-assure ourselves of free-will expression, and do not doubt that electronic personalities may be same-assured (years down the road) in the very same way of the very same absolutely common idea.
The application is to Nestle, a global (191 countries currently) prospect whereby Talk To Dream may receive a standard 50,000 USD to market-test the partnering idea, for established projection-likely-outcome track.
Talk To Dream desires to retain intellectual property R…

Why a church? Why a school? Not another church! A linking church?

Why: A school teaches.And teachers fall under the Education Act, in Canada, which means they are primarily responsible for the moral education of children.  (And the courts in Canada say differently... so Canada is odd.)  But moral is to be without judgement of anything except wonder and the question: "why?What's the reason?What's it's purpose?"so that everything is always looked upon with a renewed appreciation, a "present eternalness", and with creativity that is divine (=able to use every bit of sadness to brighten its Singular silver lining). Churches teach morals when they teach about Matthew 7:1 and Deuteronomy 6:4, to paraphrase, "Hear, oh, Lord, oh People, thy LORD and thy GOD are one-and-beyond-physical-Jesus-taught-us-that-when-he-showed-that-our-body-wasn't-our-real-reality-and-suggested-that-we're-actually-not-in-heaven-and-therefore-in-hell-because-there-are-just-the-two-ends-on-any-relative-spectrum).That is, that our finite…

Letter To Pope Francis

Hello Good Sir,

I had the quite accidental pleasure of speaking with Luigino (Gino), of The Sacred Heart church in Tainan, Taiwan (R. O. China).  He had encouraged me to connect to--in fact, the oddity of his encouragement still strikes me.

Mr. Francis, Pope, how does one even address you in a same-spirited, equal-hearted, One God manner?

The discussion with (This writer is even-not-sure of the proper title for Gino who simply introduced himself as Gino, from Italy, in a friendly all-loving manner.) Gino began normally.  The intention had not been to find a Catholic Church.  The intention had been, on the unusual detour from a normal route to work, to inquire whether the small Tainan church would be willing to help and/or partner with a fellow upstart Christian Church.

Well, tbh (to be honest :), (trying to add politeness to what can only seriously be consider the most absurd message you will have ever received)...

Mr. Pope, Rene Helmerichs began an undertaking for The Church.  The Ch…

Please Tell My WHY: I am sincerely asking Thee, my Lord.

Seriously, please tell me why:

I meant to catch the 10:33 train, so that I could be at work the usual hour-or-more early each day.
Instead I found myself in a rush.
I was in a rush to gather my things.
And went to think when I found my train pass missing.
I'd just put 2000 nT onto it yesterday.  It still had at least 1000 nT on it...
So I can't find it.
Instead, I have to finally ask myself why I lost 3000 nT this morning.
My new wife told me her second oldest uncle died last night.
She keeps calling him LOUD.
The thought crossed my mind that we had to pay some weird karmic debt like the idea of putting gold coins on the recently deceased during and for their burial, as passage payment to the Grim Reaper in the second remort in the game at, but then I thought that'd REALLY be silly...
So I wondered why I was now giving time to the thought that I was rushing around so much that I just didn't think to give better attention to where I put the card, or when …

The School For Students

The School For StudentsThis is a marvelous ideaLet's pay students to learn!After all, time is money,and none has money to burn.Where will the money come from?Well, who keeps remaking It?It's always some government.In the end, but--love shines through.So listen up parents!Listen up dears!Come practice Real LifeAt The School For Students!For the most busy ones,And the Korean ones,and the ones that just think 'No.'There IS another way.The idea for a school in Western Canada began in 2001.  In 2012, a marketing vehical called Talk To Dream (T2D) was developed.  Talk2Dream was developed after research into the best way to publish and sell a book found that publishing houses were more likely to consider a book with established marketing base (platform, i.e. audience, like regular guest speakers such as Cindy and Gary Renard have).  The idea for a book therefore should include the market base, and cater to an existing one.  The marketing platform is served by a manual to shar…

The Psychology Of Choice

Every choice for correct action has to stem from the choice for it, which is always the same choice.The mind identifies new information by association to something familiar.  For example,  "When we are upset, we simply can not remember the joy of mentally knowing a permanently none-harm solution."In that way is the choice for action always the same and identified as itself, easily.  For example, "When you sit on the floor, just think about why you need to get up, and the thought will grow on you until you make the choice.  But the same feeling to act is always already there from the very beginning first thought to get up.  The feeling for action just grows stronger until choice for action is made."And for disputes about same feeling in mind across different people, and different cultures, consider simply that once two minds share the same goal, they will share the same motives, feelings, and desires for it... but to lesser degrees.  The feeling, however, must be th…

ACIM WB Lesson 64: "Let me not forget my function."

"To the Holy Spirit, the world is a place where you learn to forgive yourself what you think of as your sins.  In this perception, the physical appearance of temptation becomes the spiritual recognition of salvation." (WB64.2.3)The intent is to make learning "what we think of" easier (time-wise shorter), to assist the collapse of the erroneous thought together.  It's really just a fundamental logical Kris Cross.  So each of our function is... to argue for one mind, not against it but with the ever-spirit for things promoting unlimited partnering potential wherein all are equally perceived as being of the same one kind (being for it-as-selves).

#MAC #BMAC The Muslim-Army-Christian [#MAC] Files

One Christian to a Muslim Army:
It occurs to me that Jesus was the first programmer. Going behind the scenes and adjusting consciousness. Or maybe, a better term would be editor. I suppose God is the programmer of Heaven, and "we" (collectively) are the programmer for this world. The first #MAC said: "sort of [=yeah], it seems... but the one thing the course [In Miracles] does share is that it all occurs simultaneously, so that we do actually do it all,  but here only seemingly together most times (less for those whose eyes are not aware of simultanity... simply that all our unrecognized thoughts really do impact our physical and collective experience), but with less and less of a time-delay as we more and more hone ourselves to, really, the only way (J and crew)." "The first paragraph was really a way more elegant way to share the same one thinking sustaining all always:: there is only being of one kind, at every destination since it IS the source of our…

Heartfelt Earmarks Love
The memory made his father howl like a lone wolf. At the end, where the boy leaves the soup to put another dish back into the fridge... he says, "See,  I am a fast boy." The comment, at first, appears to refer to the speed of putting the dish away.  But, there is no running in the video, so the boy is also super careful, and that means thoughtful. Thinking about the comment, his dad remembered an instance wherein they two were reading to leave the house, and at the front door dressing in winter garb.  Dad thought the timing was tight and carelessly said, "Hurry up, Buddy."  Buddy, of course, was only maybe 2 at the time and had managed to sum up the whole of the concept of need for time in a single word "yestertime", which he used to describe(confirm) anything that already happened.  At 2, Buddy had said "I have lots of time; Sunjay will share his time with you, Papa.…

#LOV Perfect Love Quotes (Circularly) Possible At Least

"What do you want?"
"Don't ask me what I want, or I'll just say, 'What do you want.'"
And the conversation continues physically into groundbreaking (rule re-adjusting for possibility) mental territories of common mutual interest... 2.
A man nears another in a mirror, a clear two-way-double mirror, where the sides do mirror.
A man goes near a mirror.  Passes close, and turns to leave.  On thinking, the leaving man thought, "did I just near myself?" How would I be able to verify that for myself?  Well, it'd be sort of like having to make up a proof just to say something really happened.  Are you near your Self now?  What would lives be like without It, is the more logical question." 3.
Was once answered, that man will be as man is, until the end of time.  This does not mean there will not be technological advances.  That, if we're habitually in a hurry, will only serve to "speed things up" (Voice for official A Course…

The Egos of a man and woman caught dancing.

A wife driving says to her husband, "Papaya Milk?"
(pause too long to be noticed)
I see where, it's in the stand in front of where you just parked.  I'll get off the scooter first.  And you go and drive off....Means, two MEN'S TALK:
One Christian complained to another, "this lump in my chest just keeps growing..."
and the other just kept it growing, "hey, do you think this blah-hoop-blah in the past might do us good?"?"No, no, no.  I mean, of course I want to help but I've honestly got to care about my [mental?] self first... this physical lump, SEE?"
Oh, ya, that one.  Is the thought sharing the idea of accomplishment.  That's the way the at-one-ment atonement (whole-sentence-typo-correcting) process works, See?  And from there stem the results of mental actions experienced only later in the physical, by mentally feeling each other out, we could actually evoke phy…

The Egos Of Men Caught Dancing

One Christian complained to another, "this lump in my chest just keeps growing..."
and the other just kept it growing, "hey, do you think this blah-hoop-blah in the past might do us good?"?"No, no, no.  I mean, of course I want to help but I've honestly got to care about my [mental?] self first... this physical lump, SEE?"Oh, ya, that one.  Is the thought sharing the idea of accomplishment.  That's the way the at-one-ment atonemnet process works, See?  And from there stem the results of mental actions experienced only later in the physical, by mentally feeling each other out, we could actually evoke physical consequences... writes A Course In Miracles, a book by head-shrinks.


"is what we're doing sorta like sending each other cross-cultural Memory RetseT.. to Tester?"  
--We could agree to set the terminology logically, to avoid confusion of in/difference: IF A THAN A+B=11, while A=1 and B=1, AND A NOT B IS B NOT A.
If that can same-apply everywhere, wouldn't that resonate as true?  But truth truly defies resonance when it reverberates the actions in thoughts we forgot ourselves to be dream...If a Voice for the official A Course In Miracles... SEND A LIKE AND SPREAD THE WORD!!!


Darn, I forgot the bread in the...
which means I didn't remember.
If I AM then perfect memory exists.
Since I am... a forgetful person(ality),
I do not know that I am, and,
I can only try to re-member one with each other.


Sanity is no fear while walking with another through the common connecting point-path to lead the other back to the doorway of the lights of Life, being in darkness alone asleep in the world without a clue of the ununsticking glue.That mumbojumbo just means it's reconnecting with the wholey spirit, and that that spirit isn't physical but physically experienced.