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20181022 Star Log - dream

^ Http://talk2dream.comHad two interesting insights on waking...The first concerns Canada's voting registry.  The dream showed how it can be padded.  Literally, the dream showed the registrar for Canada with an incremental decrease of registered Canadians.  The powers that be (money) was pulling out, or withdrawing people from the registrar for later re-addition to pad ballots.  At first it seemed to be for monetary reasons, the second dream cleared that up with added insight.It is possible to change the monetary supply of Canada quite without permission of the government!  Who knew?!  Evidently the man who signed the bill (the actual money of Canada) gave the permission for someone, usually a lawyer, to use a different legal tender note under the one condition that something crucially important for all Canadians is to be advertised.  In that case, the legal address of the advertising entity (must be a real person?) can be used as name of the bill with information designating the …

Vote Rene Helmerichs

 . Peace to you!
. for  . Prime Minister Of Canada

. Rene Helmerichs . (2-3-1977)
. in any future election
Rene will then nominate himself as Governor General, and announce the runner up as Prime Minister elect.  The result renders Canada more democratic, since the structure currently allows the P.M. to pick his friend as GG.
The GG is the acting sovereign.  The GG retains the right to veto all laws.  This is the fastest way to correct the criminal justice system of Canada, unless Canadian politicians yield to assist An Act Of Kindness at .

"What'd I miss?"
The Law.  It protects you.  The current government allows doctors to accuse you of criminal guilt, outright deny you a criminal trial, to lock you away, to remove your freedom of peaceful protest, and then to forcibly inject you. 
Think this doesn't concern you?  The Ontario government alone authorized $1,400,000,000 spending to "enlighten" the mental ill-care system.�…

What Arten and Pursah don't say

Arten and Pursah are two real people, introduced to us in Gary Renard's Disappearance Of The Universe.  That book should be worldwide mandatory 12th Grade high school reading.What Arten and Pursah don't say:
We re-member the future.ACIM is entirely about understanding the absolute need to train our minds (to habitualize) to be perpetually forgiving. Pursah does directly remind us not to lose our heads with it, so that if we see someone assaulted we don't say, "Oh, I forgive you, carry on." but rather, "You will be inspired TO ACT.  The purpose is always to help others understand the silliness of hurting each other." (that's a paraphrase).ACIM teaches that we heal our minds dynamically, so that the past is actually altered in a way not recognizable to any of our linear perspectives.Arten and Pursah, in their very literal appearances from "a future in another universe" (because that universe is altered for the better in their arrival here)…