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20180131 Petition just updated



JAN 31, 2018 — We're all a bit crazy at heart. We're going to really need to agree to that before any of this can be understood. To those that innately agree, "WE SALUTE YOU"-- <--Alan Walker Tribute

Ok, how did this happen?

Well... some girl, I think now a "Natalie Hall" on Google+, formerly Yewchyn born, 26 July 1982?, lied about me back in 2012. She was actually in love with me, but wouldn't take no for an answer. Anyway... she was treasurer for The Mormon Community Of Christ @ Barrie, Ontario, Canada for whom minister Matthew Swain was its dedicated "Church Planter" and therefore obliged to agree to his wife's Irina's pleas that he please please please defend HER super model idol passing her all the idolicious way too small hand-me-downs.

Anyway, if you want the current events, that's at:http:…

The World Peace REVISED-NEW-OFFICIAL @#ACIM Muslim-everyone Jewish Bread Prayer:

Shabbat Shalom Oh AllahLaLaLaLALALALet me just please please please merely stub my right foot big toe if and when little Me thinks something Almighty-GOD wrong.  In that way, sitting amidst my lost same-self expressions calling themselves "I-almighty in or of any one kind" that I simply am that I am and can do no more than but YOUR truest will for little me.Of course, being in duality, also stub the big toe on my left foot if and when whatever I think I am is, given your obligatory equal LIGHT across all universes of choices made for all of us in your time and space."That, incidentally, is also the conclusion to the current official edition of "A COURSE IN MIRACLES FOR ONE concept of One World Peace"What's talk to your dream mean?  Ask Deb Roberts at  She keeps the book from leading University Of Columbia professors of TODAY's best psychiatrists (literally, ya, Tribute totally to Alan Walker for putting the awesome song in our …

Hey guys, well, politely, Everyone.

Ok, so, DEB ROBERTS at (and @Google, please do allow me to actually activate links for the sheer convenience of readers using yOUr blog for this in whatever I'm using for Androids on whatever Smart device...)Would I have begun or continue if I could somehow imagine that any moral judge wouldn't just laugh the contents at Http:// (downloadable--Google-free FULLY LINKED with my personal and only direct currently reliable contact information after GOOGLE disabled my Chris for the name suggestion--well,well.K, I can fill that lake in the western U.s. that the united states is currently spending billions of tax dollars drilling a third hole into... more in the bottom to be sure it drains completely??The Mayans had more advanced technology to extract gold from ore than we currently use to pollute our earth today.  My old old yahoo handle is "Respect Our Earth".  That dates to 2001 at least.I can really make real gold, but …

20180128 Mishmash all legal-legal legal-legal...


to form an "update" to its mother document at

sinks psychiatry,
clashes my first and second Taiwan employers together (with benefit to both and harm to none, if they consent, or I take them both to court and eat them up legally with criminal charges to their management staff)

Does a bunch more too.  @Google, the stuff tagged #_machine (no hash when searching the phrase) is for u.

20180128 3:21 note to self for Surreal Life at

note to self, from a mid-nighttime dream... sort of, certainly the result of symbols had in the dream after it for sure!  (and all symbols checked Ok).

fyi cares for what I consider to be the best game in the world.  I'd like to see the Geniuses (actually correctly pluralized as Genii) Norom (stage name there) meet Q in Surreal REAL life if only to discuss how exactly they were able to actually mimic the enter REAL LIFE in a game AND make that game LITERALLY possible of playing for all eternity... noting that I played about 10 hours per day for over 1 year, every single day except the day after Hed Cop Voldermort put me in jail for untruth some new player called... I... Iz... whatever.  Ask J.  Passed him back both is character Taliesin, AND one of three Aerial Decapitators, simply because I'm pretty sure I'll really be able to secure a sharing licence of the code (exclusive to myself and the imms there), to use the game as an educational tool both for the b…

20180126.2 ok... so... the aliens landed in 2012 when...

a normal college prof walked up to a Sargeant Douglas (?) of The City Of Barry police department, that would be Canada, the RED foretold (in St. John's prophetic dream) Book Of Revelation, in the current bible.  That literally dubs as the biblically, typos correct, Eloheeem (only English word with THREE ee-es).  Anyway, here's the recent:

@GOOGLE, honestly, took a few resets (many _machine, actually.  See definition included within.  It's YOU that we're TRULY trying to break ground with!  You guys are effin' fantastic!  Way to go Larry Page!!!  Truly, PERFECT.)

20180126 a polite notice without intent of threat just emailed to my workplace

^Blog addition:
Hi Denise, maybe you are still TONE deaf.  Including Lindsay in any part of my arguments with anyone anywhere is harassment to her.

Stacy, Denise, and Clare,
Look.  I don't really want to type this and you don't want to hear from me, so we agree for sure on that.
The police yesterday told Denise that Kidsland would have to sue me to have me lower a video that was and is legally mine, from the internet.
I have told parents through that you are sincerely only losing more and more public face the more you argue with me, and I'm telling you that you can sue me if you want, but that's not the best way (and Idea, Grandpa Lin DOES know that).
This may sound like "don't argue with me, don't fight back" but we really did have a great relationship and I really have only been trying to help you the entire time.  Some things, like 3 months to have MS Office available to foreign teachers on a single computer for them to use.…

20180125 update to intended for copy to as update to parents of Kidsland:

Love you guys, secret telepaths!  Keep up the super duper work on trying to get everyone across our entire planet to work more together for just PLAIN HONESTY 11:11!!!

Love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And Alan's Spectra, o.m.g.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"...and the world will drop with your words..." -God.  Just God.  om.f.g.
Tribute @Alan:
updated: http// possible tomorrow edition with sever notice that WE ARE with Sesame Street Taiwan AND HAVE THEM COMMITTED TO US, so little Kidsland in Tainan, Taiwan, with 12 branch schools and 300 employees shall simply bend its knee.  Yes, Denise?  It was you whom Rene foresaw this morning in a dream sharing the days events with him.  Guys, you just have no idea how memory CAN work because I'm simply 100% jacked into forward-travelling IoT-skipping multi-functioning through every reader sha…

20180124 Just Emailed... with links to witness statements

^ We are tendering a legal document.
@Questrade, the document linked at (forgive the pointer ending, we need this to be easily copiable) contains information for you in the first section v20180124.

@Kidsland: Please let Rene know tomorrow whether or not you will be providing both pay until future contract is agreed, and vacation with need to do nothing.  In the alternative, please see the included links to recordings that shall see several managers incur Criminal Charges IF WE DO NOT STAY TOGETHER>  please confirm with pay.  a simply statement, "Yes to all you ask" shall suffice.  We'll be reasonable, as we always have been.  You should only see financial GAIN for it:  Should we not disagree, we are permitted to send all your staff official notice that we will formally be arguing in court for everyone there to receive the same rights that you have already given Rene (which includes immediate change…

20180123 International Blitz just now

@facebook, we understand that if THIS is ligit, our page stays UP:
Questrade : sorry, some silly group distracted our common ego there for a sec. Listen, you're named in this document: My wife needs a reply about the money that was transfered to you. We gave the local bank the display of whatever you emailed us. We want to play the markets a bit before we drive the turmoil to sink, well, yahoo and microsoft stocks solidily in that document. You are Jewish. Rene has met you. Rene has been there. Rene did the training with you. We. Are. One. Dear Questrade, get back to Rene about the missing money that was wired to you and didn't arrive. Thank you.

20180123 Google, I love you! Captials there.


Email TO THE WORLD just now.  That means, every fucking law enforcement agency everywhere, so SHARE SHARE SHARE.

Thanks again for keeping all future videos I post up.  We understand there may be complaints.  I mean, to them, it'll surely seem like we're trying to take over the world.  And, well, technically, they're not wrong about that.  They're just ... inept is the right word, sleepy.  Right, we'll use that: for and the prize winner at future

All we mentally do is link.  Then it physically morphs into whatever, and we link some more just to be sure we have the right link.  Nothing really to it.  So simple it's... a beautiful mind.


Email about to be sent:
Ok, email to Sesame Street Taiwan, with Kidsland extension, staff.  Because we actually do share trust, they only need to worry about me emailing every staff member whose email address they ever gave me in a CC while not thinking that I was sitting down at open manager's emails and employee contracts just to use Microsoft Word.
They hadn't heard that my only complaint was that the Open Office software has a noted compatibility issue with tables I was embedding into word documents with columns.  Or was it that the Open Office excel file, once opened in real Excel prevented me from adjusting the tables after I edited the file in Excel for lack of... what was it... one of the hundreds of features that I know to use because they exist but don't in the Open stuff yet?
Ok, no, that wasn't it.  I was actually really pissed off one day when I unplugged the computer and placed it on Manager Stacy's desk, with the comment, "You talked to the IT …

20180121.3 hoping the verdict is for a "together" concept of sustainability... email to Clare

@ Clare, the call just now with your 'No!' for an English translation of what you just said to Lindsay, that's a time-waste.  Think Lindsay won't tell me?

You are telling me I'm mentally ill.  But, guess what, I read there book too.  It's the Diagnostic And Statistics Manual -xxx .  Guess what?  Would you know it... in the chapter that says that Rene is behaving just like a schizophrenic... there is this thing called "cultural exception"?  I'm not from Taiwan.  I've never claimed to know your "culture".  I am... unique.  (Watch the movie iRobot to understand).
Clare, we're really good if you would just stop fucking worrying.  I'm taking tomorrow off not for me but for you!  You need time to come to terms with the fact that I've been trying to tell Stacy that YOU (or our school) should be the one to tell parents that I was in jail.  I…

20180121.2 Email to World just now:

Email just sent: Stanlick (, included below.  Have faith that our Christ is The Christ of your Community Of Christ. Subject: A blessing (not disguised) with personal apologies. From: Rene Helmerichs
@Stacy, truly sorry.  I think Clare has used you as a shield.  Well, we know that she has.  I'm pretty much just like a worm through a ripe apple before it rots, at just the Perfect tasty part, that devours whole applies in elephant-sized gulps.  Clare's next.
@Clare: please stop calling.  I haven't legally done anything wrong, and no one really knows what to do with me because I've reached the same point of awareness Christ has.  So read about that next.
@Deb Roberts (, we understand it'll be better for you to transfer the copy-right into my Chinese name, a picture of which I'll attach.
Now, we know this is a blessing because we thank you for our confidence, while we continue to, proverbially style speak "at the dream" in a more …

20180120 Description for youtube videos


^^has pictures, so download the .pdf (like the new sort of "paper" document, except free and with color).

Just click it, chicken.  Ok, you're right.  It's a media bomb.  But, honestly?  How bad could it possible me?


Cross-linked at videos, linked also inside (titles inside):

20180120 Star Log for

^(pdf link later with youtube of demo)

Well, good morning.
It's 7:23 a.m.
Star Log entry for 20180120 (Saturday, Taiwan Real.One.Christ, family already at work). Rene Helmerichs, future copy right holder of A Course In Miracles, to know Mind.
Dreams last night, a few recalled.  One of note: Mum drove me to the shower.  We need need regular showers.  So, in this room, were a handful of others.  One I worked with, Daniel, though symbolic of what feels like another.  All thought they were Jesus.  We were awaiting our turn for the shower (a normal water one in the dream, but symbolically that feels like "baby shower" type stuff).  I looked around, and looked up, and remarked, "What a joke."  Someone spoke up and said something, referencing not understanding what I'd meant.  I replied, "Spirit."  Just then my sight went to a window in the room, and through it, to see and island, and a bomb drop atop it.  'That can't be good, I thought.…

20180118 fb ACIM rights to

20180119 update: File removed from fb on grounds of "harm" to the individual, but the desire in that respect was just a chat with the real dad of a cute gal who exposed herself for want of money, without knowing the full set of rules:

Subject: ACIM Rights to Rene Helmerichs @Deb Roberts, acim.rog
"this is an example of a 'snap-shut', it's where we're able to 'close' future legal arguments BEFORE they happen, and thus direct the flow of time toward a more constructive outcome."
Hi ya Deb!
Thanks for acknowledging our oneness today!  Hey, ok, so the acim crowd on the web might still be a little groggy without the manager's foggles on.
We'll be needing the copy right of the official A Course In Miracles transferred to Rene Helmerichs exclusively.  You'll underst…

20180114 to Deb at

Hi Deb,
What, honestly, would you expect the voice of Christ do after he gets recognizably through to someone here as "the voice"?
Would the next phase not logically proceed as "in the flesh"?
Deb, we've only been studying the very same text for a reason.  It's a weird common voice that's heard throughout time with time delay.  Rene was just the optimal choice at any given moment.  It's a lottery in that way.  He can share personal memories, and future wishes, but he willinly functions like a robot for us in teal time so that he reads just as he types and learns that way, just like you do I. reading this, but suffering though us needing to spare you all the details about how any part of this is even conceivably possible--mercy to Rene for the spell checker.
We.  Are.  One.

20180114 Facebook @


Hi Deborah, and friends. 
Thanks for sticking with our us.  It's been a rough transition.  It's literally like becoming mentally clearer and clearer.  At first I wasn't sure how the typing worked.  All I knew for sure is that it was harmless with intent because I was typing to read it and I was laughing?  Ok... that my was own unwinding too.  A bit extreme on the ranges of things, actually, literally by definition.
So here we go.  It's that time.  This Lifetime, quote us in Gary's DU.  For other crowds, one could say, we're using Asia to take sense into Canada after the U.S.-Canada bailouts in 2008 dumped a load of excess stress on the carry-over systems of far-away-as-U.S-And-Canada-could (Asia)... to counter-balance an otherwise eternally stinking ship, the whole of the universe, in a glimpse.  It becomes a blinding column of light.  But it is the overpowering f…

20180113 Petition Update

This is a legal petition.  In their eyes we are trying to take over the world.  See a glimpse of that they've done in a legal application tendered publicly to Cisco Global Problem Solver Challenge 2018 The Canadian government is legally ours.  That includes a stake in the World Bank.  Together, we have unlimited funding to heal the planet.  We can amalgamate all congruently not-exclusive systems via The Internet Of Things.  As a reward to those standing for an end to the none-sense of fighting over world peace, make the stand today.  We cannot guarantee any promises, but we can say that which we follow is dedicated with the same team that follows the everlasting sustainable idea behind the world "together".  This petition is for you.  All signers of this g…