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A fun lost in translation story

A fun lost in translation moment. (and a note about the natural association-process of a smart mind):***I need to add picturesI stopped by the mayor's office today (21 Dec 2018), in Tainan City, Republic Of China (Taiwan). I saw that they were setting up a bunch of chairs and making a big display. I wandered around looking for the main office on the second floor of a huge 20-story City Hall building. A security guard came up and asked me if I needed help. I noticed the stars on his uniform, and wondered if he was just a security guard.I thanked him, and took him over to the place with the chairs. I asked, "What's going on?" ( it took several polite re-phrasing of that same question, and much mutual patience, to be understood.) He said the mayor would be talking there tomorrow.Next I took him back over to the mayor's office entrance, or the sign that said the mayor's office, and explained that I needed a card with the mayor's name and address to be able to…

star log 20181211

In the process of exploring the internet with my smartphone, I have decided to leave this message as a voice file on the internet for anyone interested in my current state of mind as of this 11th of December 2018.I'll warn you right now, the whole wide world can considered a rant. Anybody interested in me might find something useful within it: voice file follows the most recent petition update for worldwide peace at petition is in fact a shorter text version rant of the same stuff, over and over again, declaring that I'm not God, and that we're in hell, and that I pledged myself to Satan, and therefore I am Satan in service of our common God. So, every Exorcist that the Catholic Church employees, beware.