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I Love You More Than

That's lunacy.What's lunacy?Lunacy is crazy talk.  Comes from Lune, moon.How is "I love you more than you love me." lunacy?Love comes from the same place, being true.  A same place can't know more or less.And it logically checks.  Wait, is this going to explain thoughts as feelings as logically related and both simultaneously produced in a mind that originated in a state for sameness that lasts for ever, and is everywhere throughout spacetime?Maybe.  It works like this:1. In the beginning, One-undefined IS.
2. The One, of the One-undefined reproducing in likeness,
3. Thought
4. of what unlikeness would be like.
5. Thought is suggestion.
6. And a time without time appeared to begin
7. Filled with circles and circuits of limitless "fun"
8. Re-learning that all is timelessly sustained
9. By One eternally truly all-equally-loving Love
10. And that One can't be defined, so we just add a bit of nothing TO One, and come Up with a 10.
11. More of a 10+1, 10…

Understanding The ACIM-syndrom

Direct from A Course In Miracles, ACIM ( Chapter 21REASON AND PERCEPTION IntroductionProjection makes perception.  The world you see is what you gave it, nothing more than that.  But though it is no more than that, it is not less.  Therefore, to you it is important.  It is the witness to your state of mind, the outside picture of an inward condition.  

[COMMON OCCURRENCE ADDITION: we're literally walking around in a day-sleep trance at night awake in a world working and going the extra mile just to be able to hope to have the savings to be able to afford a mentally-sick-of-it day off.]

THERE ARE TWO READINGS-in the first exists the idea that what is projected can be tracted and the mind naturally assumes forgiveness to be the way, to absolve any need for retraction whatsoever, retro-action included.
-in the second, exists the idea that ALL we need to do is change thinking to change reality but omits completely the part about thinking leading us to actio…

One World One People: honesty.

>Story Of Loo current .doc: .pdf (usually trails the .doc in updates):
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Please sign the petition FOR WORLD PEACE with harm to none, CLO.
Unless you're psychotic and enjoying the abomination called Psychiatry, of course.

--------- Update Boxing Day 26 Dec 2017: "OMG: this guy has a cover for his story marketing the real idea of world peace to governments in a way to cause them to consider an arms-length international sustainability school, as not only curious but practically necessary... by asking The Taiwan (R.o.Chirst?) Government to accept Rene Helmerichs as a political refugee... seeking Asylum in Taiwan after having bee…