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Future Developments In Wind Energy Over The Next 100 Years


This (.doc): CC:
A new idea for Wind Turbines 27 March 2019,
A thunderstorm cloud is the optimal wind turbine, directly creating electrical current without need for a planted windmill.  That's where renewable wind energy will ultimately lead--thunderstorms-in-a-box, so to speak, but before we're there, we've got leagues to go.
Two new additions in my life intrigued me with a conversation about Wind Turbines over dinner.
Michel, the more handsome and clearly more scholarly gentleman on the left, is finishing up a Master's in Astrophysics.  He's particularly interested in plotting global wind patterns to determine suitable, or best, locations for wind turbines.
A thought crossed my mind, "If the purpose of the wind turbine is to gain energy from wind, why spend time studying the op…

Open Letter To Canada

^ updated 19 March 2019
Open Letter To Royalty: Ontario Attorney General and Governor General Of Canada Regarding: a necessary correction to malicious psychiatric prosecution in Canada CC: By Rene Helmerichs, 19 March 2019
给中国共产党:这封信直接支持中共。Also to The Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Summary: A Mormon Treasurer Natalie Yewchyn (now ) lied to the Ontario, Canada, police.  Mormon Minister Matthew Swain (Barrie congregation of The Community Of Christ) defended the lie.  Both individuals committed criminal perjury at the trial for case file C-13-205-SR in Barrie, Ontario.  Police, prosecutors, and the Ontario court of justice continue to deny that serious errors in law occurred.  I am Rene Helmerichs.  I am now in The Republic Of China arguing with a national school chain, a university, a church, and a national news company to publicize this worldwide ground-breaking news story in court of law.  On 18…

20190309 star log

^ and wife, early morning random chat.  Chakra mentioned, also mind, relation to an ever-changing reality, and filler.Titling this "Rene's ongoing discussion of a plot in motion whereby the churches of the world are cornered into a lasting agreement for mutually sustainable peace" might be most accurate.Rene
9 March 2019

Understanding Under-standing (Einstein, Hawking, and Miracles)

I write things down to remember.  I don't write to be judged (psychiatrists can all bleep off).
I began this story for me.  Everything I wrote, I wrote first and foremost for myself.  This one is for my girlfriend.
My girlfriend wants to understand God.  The first (and really the only rule) about God is that GOD is not separate (from any one or any thing).  Any concept of GOD that includes any form of separation is, fundamentally, the earmark of a deficient (or confused) self-concept.  Think: if God sustains all life, that which is separate from God ceases to have life and therefore never existed.  Since we all clearly exist, therefore, we are all attached/connected to the same eternally sustaining life force.  That being said, let's look at that idea a bit more with respect to Albert Einstein and Steven Hawking.
Einstein was a curious kid.  He explored ideas, and wondered how they worked--together.  His wonder led him into some intriguing thoughts of connectivity.  For examp…