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20190610 first draft


To the president of Taiwan.  I know that you want to be re-elected.  So let's not argue about the fact that you care more about your job than making sure that the government officials in Taiwan actually follow the law.  You need to read this. 致台灣總統。我知道你想再次當選。所以,我們不要爭論你更關心自己的工作,而不是確保台灣的政府官員真正遵守法律。你需要閱讀這個。
Here's the blog version, so that you can easily print a copy: 這是博客版本,因此您可以輕鬆打印副本:
Ok, I want to title this post "Corruption in TainanCity, Republic Of China, continues".  But, before I do, I want to give prosecutors a chance to redeem themselves.  So I'm tentatively calling this one "I think we have a misunderstanding about Taiwan Sesame Street". 好的,我想把這篇文章稱為“中華民國台南市的腐敗現象”。但是,在我這樣做之前,我想讓檢察官有機會贖回自己。所以我暫時稱之為“我認為我們對台灣芝麻街存在誤解”。

First we need to establish truth: 首先,我們需要確定真相:
Sesame Street managers l…