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ACIM I need do nothing

A Course In Miracles: clarifying "I need do nothing" (there're a few paragraphs of general intro before the clarification begins)
This post is of-and-about ACIM.  It is not about the author.  For information about the author, see what he's up to in the world.  For that, find a delightful real-world news story embedded in a dual-language submission to the Republic Of China government (regarding the establishment of a new city-state independent country in Canada), dated 14 Feb 2019, at:

A Course In Miracles is a book ( ) written by A Columbia Uni medical research professor (doctor of doctors).... who heard a voice claiming to be Jesus.  So Jesus wrote a book?

Suspicion arose, and more people became involved.  The book was translated into 26 languages.  The final consensus failed to absolve the matter: if…