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I Love You More Than

That's lunacy.

What's lunacy?

Lunacy is crazy talk.  Comes from Lune, moon.

How is "I love you more than you love me." lunacy?

Love comes from the same place, being true.  A same place can't know more or less.

And it logically checks.  Wait, is this going to explain thoughts as feelings as logically related and both simultaneously produced in a mind that originated in a state for sameness that lasts for ever, and is everywhere throughout spacetime?

Maybe.  It works like this:

1. In the beginning, One-undefined IS.
2. The One, of the One-undefined reproducing in likeness,
3. Thought
4. of what unlikeness would be like.
5. Thought is suggestion.
6. And a time without time appeared to begin
7. Filled with circles and circuits of limitless "fun"
8. Re-learning that all is timelessly sustained
9. By One eternally truly all-equally-loving Love
10. And that One can't be defined, so we just add a bit of nothing TO One, and come Up with a 10.
11. More of a 10+1, 10U1, recognizing the eternal joke.

So we have to remember the off switch to thinking too much is why as why about Love: just ask why if you want more info, and "I'd like/love/want/be interested in doing ... [say your mood or suggest something that could help two people learn about the kind of teamwork one-world leaders must have, oneness, and have any number of bluntly frank, honest conversations.--off"]

Remember the ]off-on" switch

That turns choice in mind about
like a real-world train switch

At the point of left-right intersection, there exists the choice to look up and draw down.  The drawing part would be felt literally more and more according to the minds any decision affects.  

So, naturally, the end result is the mind of the figurative devil fighting the representative for the place originating the devil, however, if the devil came from heaven and thought his mission were just to destroy beliefs--offon--he would only be confused about being an extension of harmlessness, and that's impossible for any absolutely true devil.

Wouldn't that also mean that he's have a completely natural birth?  And that would mean that Mary, mother of Jesus, couldn't have been a virgin.  And the fact that everyone else who parttook in the same one non-thought after the "1. In the beginnng"... meaning we're all rightly buggard and totally confused about EVERYTHING and arguing only really about building the best possible system to understand IT all.

We're pretty much admitting we're just broken robots chasing media suggestions for what to fix or do with our day.  We let others define happiness without Love.

Wait, does that mean the aliens that HAVE visited the earth to HELP us (some cells are malicious, as with the whole of everything in the universe) would/are waiting for us to clue into that kind of one-mind (since they're actually really telepathic) logical mindset too?


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