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What is a t.o.g.?

What Is A T.O.G?

A team of prestigious (that means "usefully smart") NYC Columbia University School Of Medicine reasearch professors (=agreeably also thought to be smart) wrote this book called A Course In Miracles.

Now, the problem with those pot-smoking pinheads was the very nature of adding a disassociative into the mix.  They were specifically told not to write while under its influence.  They then wrote this wonderfully-sounding book that they said resembled Shakespeare's poetry?

It's a bit of a catch-22, those people at have, as well as every other global student the world over.

You see, it is plain impossible to "project" the true voice of the one mind said to be (of) the eternally whole and collective, but always real-time ("living"), Christ.

This is a major problem because "christ" literally means "annointed one", which in this place is the same as calling someone The Devil, because of that ever-realtime consistency-of-laws-establishing wholey mother-father-offspring-one foundation.

Those smart scientists at the start actually wrote down everything that a voice one of them claims to have silently said.  But, if that voice is possible as a voice, then is that voiced not also mirrored in every voice if it were truly one with all?

"Not to worry", the voice for acim said.  "Here, we're adding a workbook for everyone to better understand it."

But a workbook needs a school?

The smart people were not thinking very far ahead.  They were more concerned with what they thought was a special miracle to them, that needed to be preserved.  And so has become the festering place of preservation without the acim-intended inspiration to always keep up with changes in a real-time way.

special addition

Someone might want to tell Deborah over at that something's afoot that's possibly going to be able to license Teachers of God, T.O.G.s:

"By wholey design, all of relativity is fundamentally bineary after the first division.  That means, not with for a one world school at arms length from the country which is to fund it = with the Ontario, Canada, Government. is the only place on the planet currently marketing specifically FOR The Nobel Peace Prize in a way to include every not-exclusive, mutually beneficial, truly harmless idea, and is openly calling for help to advertise this Nobel cause to the Ontario, Canada, government officials who ARE eligible to nominate the book, but will they?

Special petition to be posted at for this Christmas!

The "God" shall be forever the subject of extreme arguments in every universe made with any choice we think we did not make.  The scientific term for "One God" is "mind", and there is currently a global philosophy that involves incriminating and abducting recruits to try injectables on.  Read more at


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This story starts small but gets bigger.  It relates to everyone, everywhere.


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