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One million--1,000,000--new immigrants to Canada are required for this global project.  Below is a description of legal grounds necessary to begin to redress systemic international justice issues.  This article describes the extent to which Canada deceives its public about ongoing psychiatric fraud.

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Psychiatrists have been given unlimited legal capacity to maintain an incorrect assertion, and that's a problem for every tax-payer.

Does brain think, or is it our spirit?

The argument began between Natalie Yewchyn (now and Rene Helmerichs.  The argument is circumvented in courts of law in Canada and throughout other English-speaking countries. 

This story began, unofficially, at a Mormon Spiritual Cafe evening in the TLC Bistro on Maple Street, Barrie, Ontario, Canada, 22 Aug 2011.  Natalie Yewchyn gave Rene Helmerichs her phone number with agreement to meet for a coffee date.

This update is part of a project to build a knowledge-sharing hub in western Canada.  The idea began in January 2012 as an argument about reality. 

All necessary supporting legal documents are linked at

If the link does not work, please use Google Chrome.  Some versions of Internet Explore seem not to open Google Document links. 

Canadian police arrested college teacher Mr. Rene Helmerichs for the first time on 3 Sept 2012.  City Of Barrie, Ontario, police changed the story that very day.  Everything that has happened since is an attempt to cover a global injustice on such an extraordinary scale that the story itself is unbelievable.

Please read for context.  The law must be forever consistent.

This is the full story.

Rene Helmerichs was born in Bremen, Germany, on 2 March 1977. 

Natalie Yewchyn is currently called Natalie Kelloway.  She is from The Ukraine and born on 26 July, 1981.

Natalie and Rene were friends.  They met at least once each week for activities sponsored by The Mormon Community Of Christ of Barrie, Ontario.  Neither was specifically Mormon, although Natalie did become an official treasurer for The Mormon Community Of Christ at Barrie for a short time.

Natalie and Rene attended several forms of group-oriented religious discussion held approximately weekly at various personal and public locations, sometimes twice each week, from March 2011 until May 2012. 

Natalie and Rene also continued their personal argument oftentimes alone.  For example, for Christmas Eve in 2011, Natalie asked Rene to pick her up at her home in Barrie for a 2pm Connexus Church sermon held at The Barrie Country Club.  There was a brief stop for coffee before hand.  It was just the two of them, alone.

In her testimony at the June 2014 trial for C-13-205-SR at Barrie, Natalie Yewchyn disavowed any desire to meet with Rene in any way.  Memory can indeed be a fickle thing, yet Natalie was able to provide the exact date of their first encounter to authorities as 5 Feb 2011.

Rene sent an email to City Of Barrie, Ontario, courthouse prosecutors.  Actually, Rene has continually kept prosecutors and government officials in the loop about this unique story.  The email is dated 20 Nov 2018 and describes three specific instances of criminal perjury that prosecutor's knowingly permitted Natalie Kelloway (Natalie Yewchyn) to commit at the June 2014 trial for court file C-13-205-SR, Helmerichs vs. R., at the City Of Barrie courthouse. 

Similar emails were submitted at the June 2014 trial to demonstrate the witnesses were lying in court.  Not only did the judge, Gregory Mulligan, permit false testimony, he also ruled that the key 4 Sept 2012 perjurous police report is not allowed to be submitted as evidence.  For the 20 Nov 2018 with links demonstrating Natalie to have committed perjury, please see:

Copies of emails are also directly linked, and described, in the section "2nd March 2013 CNCC until 30 June 2014 C-13-205-SR Barrie trial end" below.

The argument is about "God", to each his or her own personal concept.  In her 2 March 2013 sworn Barrie police statement, Natalie states, "Rene infers that I'm God and the he is God."  Natalie would perhaps have believed that God is not commonly with all, all the time, in all dimensions of time?

On 3 Sept 2012, Rene sent The City Of Barrie a polite contract.  The Mormons and 100 other addresses were included as recipients.  Rene then walked ten minutes to Johnson's Beach in Barrie and asked to be arrested to redress the false criminal accusations.

Minister Matthew Swain, in his 2 March 2013 statement to Barrie police about the summer 2012 incidence, directly wrote "Rene wrote Kris for excessive (sic) among, requesting that the church gives him 333,333 dollars to buy me a house."  Find the statement on page 91 of the (.pdf) "The Choice Amidst The Argument In The Business Of Being Happy: a summary of Rene's quest for worldwide peace since 2012" at

Mormon Minister Matthew Swain insisted that Rene does not carry the all-encompassing spirit of Christ because he challenges Mormon authority.  One should wonder: did Jesus walk around committing people to prisons inside hospitals to receive heinous and unimaginable treatments in the name of re-aligning thought to the all-encompassing vision of Christ?

Can we reasonably expect Minister Matthew Swain and ex-Treasurer Ms. Natalie Kelloway to be indicted for their repeated criminal perjury?

Mr. Swain stands to lose his position of minister with The Mormon Community Of Christ.  He'll undoubtedly have his own story to share.  In the meantime, he can rest assured that The Mormon church isn't able to increase his future monetary stress since Rene retains the argument with The Mormons about everything money.

"Reactions are measures of wisdom"
-A Course In Miracles pp

Rene took his voice recorder along.  Find the 3 Sept 2012 original encounter with police Sergeant Douglas Henderson in the video at:

The reaction was simple: police threatened to arrest Rene for advocating for international justice, and, therefore, must now arrest Rene for using his right of harmless publication for international justice.

This argument officially began on 3 Sept 2012.  Rene met City Of Barrie police Sergeant Douglas Henderson at Johnson's beach.  Rene informed Doug of the email.  Rene asked for Doug's assistance to begin criminal proceedings.

A direct link to the 3 Sept 2012 voice recording is in the (.mp3) file at

City Of Barrie police threatened to file criminal proceedings if Rene continued to publish this story for an absolute end to worldwide religious arguments on 1 Sept 2012.  Was it incorrect for Rene to assume that police should, or would, file the threatened criminal proceedings? 

Rene had calmly approached Sergeant Douglas Henderson at Johnson's Beach and asked to be arrested to begin the necessary criminal proceedings to redress the false Mormon accusations.  There is not harmful intention, nor ill will, when someone directly requests the police to begin a criminal matter.

Mr. Henderson made absolutely no indication that Rene would, or could, be locked into a hospital without a criminal trial. 

Local Minister Matthew Swain had contacted the police with allegations of child abuse to prompt the police visit on 1 Sept 2012.  Rene was not made aware of that until much later. 

Mormon Treasurer Natalie Yewchyn later added the false accusation that Rene had been stalking her since 5 Feb 2011, Matthew's 34th birthday.

Barrie police officer Brian Read (police badge 731) added that Rene was also the subject of a bomb investigation in a 4 Sept 2012 report. 

Suggestive statements do bear a tremendous emotional impact, however, the frustration of trying to talk to medical professions who deny a criminally accused offender the right to a criminal trial is beyond all emotional description.  Think!  IF any of the allegations had been true, SHOULD Rene have been left in a Criminal Code defined prison inside a hospital to escape national registration as a sex offender?

All above referenced documents and information can be found in the (.pdf) document at

Please find a copy of the 4 Sept 2012 police report on pages 102-105.  The witness testimony of ex-Mormon Treasurer Natalie Yewchyn Kelloway and Mormon Minister Matthew Swain is also included on pages 79-92. 

Also included in the (.pdf) link are a few emails to utterly disprove the false allegation that Rene was stalking Natalie Yewchyn.  Similar emails were submitted at the eventual trial in June 2014 (case file C-13-205-SR at Barrie). 

City Of Barrie police Sergeant Douglas Henderson took Rene to Royal Victoria Regional Healthcare Centre (RVH).  Mr. Henderson gave no indication that a hospital could serve as a criminal code defined prison, let alone be used to circumvent the criminal justice system or the Canadian constitution assured right to a fair trial for any criminal allegation.

Canada, it seems, is falsely advertising fairness of law.  This is a massive problem for all Canadians, and all future immigrants to Canada.

By the time Rene was admitted into RVH on 3 Sept 2012, a very large hospital by international standards, half-dozen police officers had gathered.  All officers thought Rene was joking. 

Nurses held Rene down to remove his blood, despite his only-peaceful and never physical protests.  Rene does not consent to the removal of his blood.  There is simply no need to involve blood into any equation involving thought or thinking processes.

The 4 Sept 2012 report was added to the disclosure file C-13-205-SR in The Ontario Superior Criminal Court Of Justice at Barrie.  Rene became aware of the false insinuations a year after psychiatrists Mr. Liaqat Ali and Ms. Anjana Chawla conceivably used the report to forcibly inject Rene.  Psychiatrists assumed criminal guilt from the start.

The first psychiatrist, Mr. Liaqat Ali, failed to respect Christian and Muslim cultures, and common sense.  We exist in a reality that is always changing.  An eternal state must sustain the organizational ability of all temporal events to remaining both permanently changing and in service of a sustainable future for all.  Therefore, something, but not a thing, exists equally with everyone.  Mr. Ali accused Rene of being an exclusive God.

City Of Barrie police accused Rene of contacting a church without its consent.  Since police are not allowed to stop a citizen to ask a church for help to help all people, the police had to cover it up.

Mr. Liaqat Ali rejected every plea to speak to him with reason.  Mr. Ali passed Rene onto supervising psychiatrist Ms. Anjana Chawla, also a RVH in Barrie.

Nagging question to Ms. Anjana Chawla is: "Why do you think forcibly injecting someone is going to help that person admit to their criminal guilt if they really didn't commit a crime?"

Psychiatrists claim, or claimed, that Rene is delusional.  Ms. Chawla insisted, "A delusional individual is not aware of living in a delusion." 

Ms. Chalwa presented a partial glimpse of a correct idea.  She lacked insight.  If one continually acknowledges nothing as a real but insists that all can and must be able to work together for a sustainable future with harm to none, then every argument for mental health is directly an argument about law.

Police presumed The Mormons were correct, and that Rene was guilty of multiple criminal accusations.  Rene was not given a criminal trial.  He was forcibly injected on grounds that he is delusional.  The delusion is summarized as the ongoing attempt to correct a story that City Of Barrie police altered on 3 Sept 2012!

To settle the matter of delusion, Rene began to write about everything he witnessed in the mental hospital prison.

At first psychiatrists ignored Rene.  Nurses were truly only concerned with whether or not the costly medication was ingested, not at all with the question of the underlying reason.  So Rene asked his wife for help.  His wife blogged letters and sent a few emails to the board of directors of the hospital. 

Psychiatrist Anjana Chawla responded immediately.  Ms. Chawla denied Rene all supportive visitors in her attempt to further prevent the international right to publicate in self-defence against false accusations.

After being denied visits from his wife, Rene passed his wife letters under the locked door.

Soon after, Ontario mental health victim Stephanie Teresa Holts (23 July 1990-Nov. 2012) arrived.

Psychiatrists outright scared Stephanie.  Police allowed Stephanie to keep drug paraphernalia.  Stephanie was afraid the psychiatrists would extend her stay if they found it.  Rene offered to help. 

Stephanie passed her crack paraphernalia to Rene, and Rene passed it to his wife.  Rene's wife took pictures and include the mishap on a blog. 

Emails to the board of directors of RVH (Janice Skott, etc.) contained information of some of the things Rene experienced at RVH.  Specifically, patients (aged 16 and 17) were having sex in common rooms.  A male nurse made special visits to sleeping Stephanie to ogle at her body (she didn't wear much for clothes, and was very attractive).  And, patients were left to terrorize each other as outlets for the psychiatric-imparted additional situational stress.  In all, the notes demonstrated the mental healthcare system at RVH to be a complete waste of everyone's time and tax-payer funds.

All patients understood the mental ward at RVH to be a complete side-show.  It was a morbid joke.  To those behind the glass, western medicine had digressed from selected cases of extreme doctor-patient brutalization to a massive public cover-up.  Laughing at it only made mental patients look crazier.

RVH leading psychiatrist Anjana Chawla had Rene's mother as her personal advocate.  Sadly, Rene's mother was a blue-collar worker raised in the belief that "the doctor is always right", and stubborn as an Ox to turn from the mistaken assumption.

Rene tried everything.  At one point he managed to escape.  No sooner did Rene find himself running to freedom when the thought of "So what now?  Keep hiding from psychiatrists?" entered his mind.  Rene gave up and returned to the hopeless insanity.

To stop one particularly mean-spirit patient from assaulting others, Rene phoned the police.  Incredibly, a kind officer named John attended the scene.  John explained to Rene that, technically, Rene's body was the property of the hospital.  That meant that Rene had no authority to press a civil charge.  However, it also meant that Rene could not be charged. 

It wasn't long after that, that psychiatrist Anjana Chawla began suggesting to Rene an unofficial agreement.  Rene would be released if he cooperated.  That agreement directly included lowering the blog containing patient names in exchange that Rene is removed from forced injections.  At one point, Ms. Chawla threatened to begin criminal proceedings for character defamation.  Rene laughed.  What had City Of Barrie police officer John explained?

After that it was bribery, more empty threats to take custody of Rene's son, and ongoing fraud against Canadian tax-payers.  Rene had already been openly denied every possible defence and lost possession of his body for false Mormon allegations.

Rene's wife Lindsay was visiting from Taiwan while he was incarcerated for the alleged criminal offences at RVH in 2012.  They were officially engaged, but not yet married.  Ms. Chawla permitted a parting hug.  Lindsay slipped Rene his cell phone.

Ms. Chawla finally released Rene from the 3 Sept 2012 incarceration on 30 Oct 2012.  She took away his normal right to refuse her treatment on 22 Oct 2012.  She then began forcibly injecting Rene with a substance that only caused him spinal pain. 

Rene recorded a conversation with psychiatrist Ms. Anjana Chawla inside RVH at Barrie on 26 Oct 2012.  The conversation is a sample psychiatric session.  Thanks to the record, the public is able to see, first hand, how psychiatrists often coerce patients.  For example, at the close of the conversation, Ms. Chawla begins to barter terms for a release from the prison if Rene does not continue to pursue the formal means of appeal.  That in itself is legal medical malpractice.  There is so much more.  Find the conversation on pages 109-114 of the (.pdf) document at:

Ms. Chawla insisted that Rene continue with the forced injections.  Rene didn't have a choice.  Ms. Anjana Chawla enacted a Community Treatment Order (CTO) on 30 Oct 2012 to ensure that police can forcibly return Rene to her if he did not willingly return.

Rene was arrested for a criminal offence, put into a mental ward, forcibly injected, not given a criminal trial, and then a psychiatrist was allowed to bribe him to stop writing about it?

The Canadian criminal justice system permits psychiatrists to presume guilt on hearsay alone.  And psychiatrists are permitted to forcibly inject individuals with painful substances in want to change the religious beliefs of the individual to believe in the medication instead of spirit as the originator of thought?

Ms. Chawla estimated that Rene would require forced injections for at least 6 months, but likely a year.  She did not note any recovery at any time. 

The last dosage was administered on 22 Nov 2012.  Ms. Chawla raised the last dosage of Resperidone to spite only herself.

Ms. Chawla had bribed Rene to release him from the injections.  In exchange, she demanded that Rene stop writing about this case.  Ironically, she kept Rene locked in the hospital for protection against people who may want to hurt Rene on account of his writing.  Rene was only writing about Ms. Anjana Chawla and RVH at that point.

Facts speak for themselves.  The 30 Oct 2012 CTO and termination of treatment must be considered suspicious.

For readers unfamiliar with the current legal structure of Canada, "of harm to self or others" is all any doctor needs to write to lock someone away indefinitely.  After that, any excuse suffices to perpetuate the initial false assertion to maintain the prevailing thought that a brain can think. 

Evidence builds as more is sought ("seek and ye shall find").  Psychiatrists Liaqat Ali and Anjana Chawla considered uncooperative peaceful protest an ongoing sign of "delusion".  The delusion was only an absolute lack of faith in an out-of-control medical model that is itself founded on an incorrect assumption.  Mind thinks, and thinking drives the brain.  The brain is not capable, neither in nor of itself, producing thought.
There was no criminal trial for the 3 Sept 2012 criminal allegations.  Forcing Rene to admit guilt with forced injections is torture according to The International Law Commission.  The tax-payer must recognize who is paying the bill for this ongoing nonsense.  It is still very much happening right now in Canada, as of this writing on 25 Nov 2018.

The regulatory body for psychiatrists in Ontario is The College Of Physicians And Surgeons Of Ontario (CPSO).

Rene has complained to The College Of Physicians And Surgeons Of Ontario (CPSO) about named psychiatrists.  In fact, in total there are more than 7.  The College shrugged off all complaints.  Regarding Ms. Chawla, the CPSO simply remarked, "Ms. Chawla does not recall making such a statement and, if she did, it was only in jest."

Rene's argument with Mormon seniority concerns a "Good Sense Budget" workshop.  The workshop was sold to unsuspecting individuals for $15.  Kazue, an adult student at Georgian College, attended the workshop held at Grove Park Home in Barrie on 21 April 2012.  Ms. Natalie Yewchyn made sandwiches for lunch. 

Kazue summarized the workshop as "not tax advice" in the Occupation Specific Language Training course at Barrie on 23 April 2012.  Her instructor, Rene Helmerichs, insisted on more information.  Kazue added, "Giving money to God."  Rene's mind reeled.

The Good Sense Budget workshop is typically 8 hours on a Saturday.  It serves to "educate" the participants that God, through The Tithing Principles (Deuteronomy 14:22-29) in the bible, wants everyone to give 10 percent of their monthly or yearly salary to their Christian church.  The workshop itself is not specific to any one church and can be used by any local church to sell the public.  It is primarily used by The Mormons.  Ministers for The Barrie Mormon Community Of Christ informed Rene the workshop was for "tax advice". 

It is true that the Canadian government gives tax reductions for money that is donated to charities.  The Good Sense Budge workshop is not, however, for "tax advice" because the intention of any tax advice is to increase the net amount of income that the tax payer keeps.  It is illegal to gain more in tax benefit than the original charitable donation amount.

Further, the bible implies no such thing as the workshop teaches.  The Tithing Principles seem rather like a normal means for governors to mitigate local droughts by moving harvests from one area to another without loss to the farmers.  Nowhere in the bible does "God", or any other author, instruct readers to give money to God, nor anyone else in the name of God.

The biblical Book Of Matthew, in the bible, does specifically remind that there are only two masters, God and money, and that one cannot serve both.  Additionally, Jesus was famous for overturning the money tables in places of worship.  Specifically, Jesus chased out the merchants who were prostituting a local place of education as a marketplace or means to make profit.  God is common to all, Jesus asserts, and without need of anyone's money.  Jesus did discretely add that God is also not present in hell, and that Jesus arrived not unlike any other barrier of eternal knowledge to help us leave this place of hell.

There is a common law in our common reality to ensure that questions of delusion can find a concrete answer free of terror and for the equal benefit of all with harm to none.

8.          Georgian College

While Rene was incarcerated at RVH in 2012, Georgian College terminated his teaching contract.  Rene was part of the OPSEU Local 350 union.  The union was legally required to support Rene in a lawsuit against Georgian College for the premature contract termination.

The assistant dean of Liberal Arts at Georgian College, Mac Greaves, and Dean Maryann Fifield, phoned on 18 Oct 2012 in the hospital to tell Rene that he was suddenly not qualified to teach.

The teaching contract was to end on 31 March 2012.  The College knew that Rene had no intention to continue.  He'd made that clear on 3 Sept 2012, but also before.

Mac Greaves and Maryann Fifiled covered other College crime in a hurry.

Georgian College was actually defrauding The Ontario Government.  Specifically, the college used Maryann Fifield as manager for the Occupation Specific Language Training (OSLT) Program.  The salary of Ms. Fifield was about $150,000 Canadian dollars annually.  The Ontario government awarded funding according to the salaries of the managers who oversaw the program.  This granted the program much more money than was otherwise available, or actually necessary. 

The actual manager of OSLT was Patricia Whittington.  Instead, Ms. Whittington was listed as the program co-ordinator.  She was in charge of the entire program.  Ms. Whittington allowed Rene to write her management reports.  These were the same reports that the manager was supposed to submit! 

Ms. Whittington spoke to Rene of a glass ceiling.  The petition at shatters such artificial constructs. 

Ms. Whittington was upset that approximately $25,000 of course funding was not used at the end of the fiscal year on 31 March 2010.  She'd told Rene to spend money on anything he needed.  When she told Rene how much he had left to spend, in a scolding way for having not met the budget allotment, Rene responded, "Well, next time tell me how much money I have to spend.  We could have bought a car instead of letting me use mine!"

When Rene met Maryann Fifield later in 2010, she couldn't remember his name.  Why should she?  Ms. Whittington was the manager of 100 employees at three campuses if the Employment center in downtown Barrie was counted.  How many employees did Ms. Fifield oversee if she over saw Mac Greaves who oversaw managers the likes of Ms. Whittington? 

Did the Ontario government investigate in lieu of the fact that it'll have to pay Rene a great much more for his commitment to correcting their mental healthcare system?

In February 2013, Rene passed the Ministry Of Transportation School Bus Licence test. 

Rene took the training at Sinton Transportation in Barrie.  He wasn't sure what else to do for work.  On 26 Feb 2013, Sinton Transportation human resources manager Christine played devil's advocate.  The phone conversation is recorded and available somewhere within the pages of Story Of Loo currently at

Christine was understandably upset that Sinton had just given provided Rene 25 hours of school bus training.  Rene advised Christine of his intention to continue The Book Of Honesty: all goals are possible so long as none conflicts with any other, but the timing is up to none of us to decide.

Rene insisted on a trail for the 3 Sept 2012 false Mormon allegations.  Walking to a police officer didn't work.  Something more persuasive was needed.  The 1 March 2013 instigating email subject line read "This DOES apply directly to you because it applies to the entire CANADIAN LEGAL SYSTEM, a sub-system of the Universal Mental System (as best as whatever that is that you think it is that you can imagine without checking to see if someone else imagined it with me for oneness)"

A few emails from the ex-treasurer Natalie (Yewchyn) Kelloway demonstrating the Mormon testimony as false are found on pages 97 to 100 of the (.pdf) at

Remember this argument is about God, and God, whatever we can possibly imagine that to be, is certainly keeper of any mental sanity any of us can claim.  The argument is therefore directly about mental health, and therewith encompasses any equally-accurate atheist assertion of "no God" in this world.

The Criminal Code Of Canada 2014 definition for "mental disorder" was "a disease of the mind".  The law does not define the word "mind".  Therein are psychiatrists permitted to ever-amend any justification for absolutely any part of our greater mind, like our brains, that psychiatrists then assert mind exclusively, but inaccurately, to be.

As a result, psychiatrists are permitted to define mental disorders without first having established what it is they are defining, in a legal context.  That's like inventing a new word, saying it means whatever, and then accusing people of questioning the authority of the individual providing the definition!  God, being always common, can never be fully defined, and therefore supports both the healing aspect and the divisive classification aspect of mind.  The divisive part is exactly what's currently happening all over the world in hospital mental wards right now.  And tax-payers are on the hook for it with an ever-decreasing standard of living.

On 2 March 2013, Rene Helmerichs succeeded in his insistence for a criminal trail for the initial 3 Sept 2012 unaddressed criminal allegations.

Unfortunately for The Crown Attorneys of The City Of Barrie, the charge was listed as indictable.  That means, information older than 6 months was used to allow prosecutors to demand a high penal punishment. 

It is directly a violation of The Constitution Of Canada, called a "Double Jeopardy", to use the same information over the same time-period to imprison the same individual in two separate instances. 

The 2 March 2013 charge was never valid.  Prosecutors had no choice but to defend for the City Of Barrie police, who backed the false Mormon allegations having resulted in the first hospital imprisonment from 3 Sept 2012 to 30 Oct 2012.

Rene Helmerichs was re-arrested for the same 3 Sept 2012 Mormon allegations on 2 March 2013.  The case file number was changed to C-13-205-SR when the case moved from the lower court to Ontario Superior Court Of Justice at the City Of Barrie courthouse in November 2013.

The police and lawyers called the offence "indictable".  That means they can use information older than six months.  It means that Rene was arrested twice for the same information.  Recall, Rene desired to redress the use of doctors to circumvent the fair legal process in Canada.  Arresting Rene twice for the same information is not allowed in Canada according to The Charter Of Rights And Freedoms.  The Charter Of Rights And Freedoms is the first Act in The Constitution Of Canada.

From 2 March 2013 until the end of trial on 30 June 2014, Rene spent 16 months in solitary confinement at Central North Correctional Centre (CNCC) in Penetanguishense, Ontario.  At CNCC, Rene was kept in a special medical wing functioning like a hospital prison within a prison that The Ministry Of Health did not directly oversee.

Normal inmates are released from their cells to spend the day in a larger open common area with all-day access to the shower and payphone.  Rene was released for 20 minutes every other day or more.  The longest consecutive time he spent in an 8 by 15 foot cell was 11 days, although ministry officials will surely deny such a thing occurred.  Rene still had no official criminal record at that point.

Prosecutors tried their best to circumvent a fair criminal trial.  Barrie courthouse prosecutors insisted that Rene complete a psychiatric assessment of general courtroom knowledge on three separate occasions.  When Rene passed the first two, prosecutors insisted that Rene was sent to Ontario Shores Centre For Mental Health Sciences in Whitby, Ontario, to undergo a thorough 30 to 60 day assessment.  Rene passed all tests and posted the answers to the multiple choice questions online, so as not need to both answering the same questions again at a future date.

Psychiatrist Mr. Gunter Wolfgang Lorberg kept Rene under a psychiatric form 1.  That means, each time Rene attended court for a bail review hearing, no judge could grant the interim release from custody because the hand-cuffs would never come off.  Rene would only be transferred to a prison inside a hospital where doctors would be permitted to, again, remove Rene's right to refuse medication and forcibly inject Rene. 

Mr. Lorberg, like Mr. Ali and Ms. Chawla before him, also presumed guilt.  While Rene objected to the allegations and insisted on a trial, psychiatrists insisted Rene was irreparably mentally delusion and in need of their forced medication to change his thinking.

Rene attempted to argue the point in court.  One particularly obstinate judge, Michele Furst, heard the argument in January or February 2014.  Specifically, "If I am here for a mandatory bail review hearing, and the court does not have the authority to remove my hand-cuffs, what is the point of having a mandatory bail review hearing to ensure perpetually remanded inmates can receive an interim release from custody?”

For the 3 Feb 2014 court appearance, Mr. Lorberg had been absent.  Psychiatrist Robert Dickey attended CNCC to produce the form.  Rene was taken to a room inside CNCC to speak with Mr. Dickey.  Rene insisted upon a recording, to which Mr. Dickey refused.  Rene promptly asked the guards to return him to his cell, which they did.  Mr. Dickey, like Mr. Lorberg, signed a legal document swearing that a medical assessment had occurred when in fact absolutely no assessment did occur unless the sentence, "We're done here.  The good doctor refuses to permit a recording.  Please return me to my cell" is evidence of severe mental illness.

Rene waited in solitary confinement for 16 months just for a trial.  Had he pled guilty to the charge of sending email with consent from the recipient, he would have received, maybe, 2 weeks in jail. 

Were Rene Michael Bryant, the famous Ontario Attorney General who ran cyclist Darcy Allen Shepard intentionally off the road and into a fire hydrant (on the opposite side of the road, at which point Mr. Shepard met his death), Rene might have seen his charges completely dropped as the court had for their leader.

The Honourable Gregory M. Mulligan was the trial judge for the 2 March 2013 arrest.  The charge was illegal because it relied on information for which time in prison had already been served.  Incredibly, but without surprise, the trial judge, Mr. Gregory Mulligan, ruled that no evidence of mental health was allowed at the trial.  This resulted in an unfair and criminally biased trial without needing to vet the jury.

The June 2014 trial Judge Mr. Gregory Mulligan, for case file C-13-205-SR at Barrie, specifically denied the 4 Sept 2012 Barrie police report from police officer Brian Read as evidence.  In fact, the prosecutor, Ms. Kathryn Hull, offered the court a redacted version (black lines crossing out any reference to mental health).  Mr. Mulligan denied even the redacted version.

Trial judge Mr. Mulligan simply insisted that a mental health defence against doctors Liaqat Ali and Anjana Chawla should not at all be allowed in court.  Multiple Constitutional arguments were also denied, including release for the outrageous length of time it took the court to even arrive at a trial date.

During the trial, Mormon witnesses Treasurer Natalie Yewchyn, Minister Matthew Swain, and the minister's wife, Irina Swain, all took the stand.  Ms. Swain's testimony was brief, and she affirmed that Ms. Yewchyn was indeed their treasurer.

Ms. Yewchyn testified that she had never wanted anything to do with defendant Rene Helmerichs.  That was lie.  It was also directly a criminally punishable offense. 

Emails were submitted to court to present an entirely different story.  Point in fact, Ms. Yewchyn claimed Rene began stalking her in February 2011.  Yet, lawyer Uma Khancharla accessed Rene's email to produce sufficient evidence to the contrary.  On 28 March 2012, Natalie Yewchyn invited two men, including Rene, to a spa in Collingwood, Ontario.   One example is

At the June 2014 trial, Ms. Yewchyn claimed that she never emailed Rene of her own accord.  On verification of her statement, Ms. Yewchyn changed her answer to "maybe once, but only in reply and only to tell Rene not to contact."  Other emails were submitted to demonstrate Ms. Yewchyn was also lying on that count.  A second example is

Finally, Ms. Yewchyn was questioned about the part of her body that she hated most.  At one point, in a date between just Rene and Natalie at her home, Natalie complained about a keloid.  The keloid was on her ear.  It formed after an infection of one of her many ear piercings.  Rene had not heard the term prior to about 12 Feb 2012, the date of the encounter.  During the June 2014 trial, Ms. Yewchyn disavowed any knowledge of ever having heard the term phonetically spelled K-E-Y-L-O-I-D.  An email was submitted to verify that she was lying also here.  A third example is at

For reasons unknown, judge Mr. Gregory Mulligan permitted the Mormon witnesses to give false testimony, to commit the crime of perjury, in court.  Ontario Superior Court Judge Mr. Gregory Mulligan knowingly permitted Mormon Minister Matthew Swain and ex-treasurer Natalie Yewchyn (now to commit perjury in court of law. 

Mr. Gregory Mulligan also directly denied the necessary psychiatric defence.  Rene was advocating for justice, and the judge denied him the right to submit necessary evidence.  That is a crime so large that it is unthinkable to most Canadians.

Perhaps the greatest insult trial judge Mr. Gregory Mulligan presents the public has not yet been shared.  Mr. Mulligan, for C-13-205-SR at the June 2014 Barrie courthouse trial, ruled that psychiatric evidence is not permitted for Rene's defense.  Yet, after concluding the trial and announcing Rene to have be free to leave the custody of CNCC, Mr. Mulligan refused to release Mr. Helmerichs.  Instead, Mr. Helmerichs was transferred, in hand-cuffs, back into the very prison at RVH from which Rene was trying to defend himself!

At no time during his 16-month incarceration in Canada did Rene receive a fair hearing, or this story would have found a happier ending long ago.

Trial judge Mr. Gregory M. Mulligan demonstrated the extent to which The Ontario Government sought to continue to allow psychiatrists to circumvent the fair justice in Canada.  Ontario prosecutors and the judge permitted Mormon witnesses to commit perjury.  How can this be redressed?

On 8 July 2014, Mr. Rene Helmerichs attempted to private begin criminal proceedings against Ontario psychiatrists Mr. Liaqat Ali and Ms. Anjana Chawla.  Mr. Helmerichs attended the City Of Barrie courthouse.  He met a Justice Of The Peace.

The Justice Of The Peace was kind, and candid.  He spoke frankly, "Look, I can help you swear charges against the psychiatrists, and you have good evidence, but the crown prosecutors retain the authority to dismiss the charges.  If that happens, then you cannot use the information in court at a later date.  Do you want me to proceed with a case against Mr. Liaqat Ali and Ms. Anjana Chawla?"

Mr. Helmerichs considered the situation.  The City Of Barrie, Ontario, court prosecutors already demonstrated themselves to be wantonly corrupt.  There was no reasonable doubt that prosecutors would dismiss allegations of abuse, assault, threats, bribery, and medical malpractice. 

The Justice Of The Peace spoke with Rene about the greater idea.  The idea is to advocate for justice internationally.  The Justice completely supported Mr. Helmerichs.  In fact, the Justice handed Mr. Helmerichs his personal brown hard-cover Barrie courthouse desk copy of the 2014 Criminal Code Of Canada.  They parted on good terms.

On 11 July 2014, Mr. Helmerichs met Orillia Probation And Parole Officer Ms. Tamara Williamson.  Ms. Williamson advised Mr. Helmerichs that part of her function was to assist Mr. Helmerichs to redress any legal inconsistencies that may have occurred at the June 2014 trial for C-13-205-SR.

Mr. Helmerichs told Ms. Williamson that Rene had submitted a list of 4 distinct errors in law on 30 June 2014 to trial judge Gregory Mulligan.  Under normal circumstances, any one error in law was enough to permit grounds for a re-trial.  This case, however, was extraordinary.  Mr. Mulligan simply acknowledged the errors and nothing more was done with them!

Ms. Williamson did not fulfil her legal obligation to Mr. Helmerichs.  Instead of assisting the process of a re-trial, Ms. Williamson proceeded to begin criminal charges of her own on 11 July 2014.  Mr. Helmerichs advised Ms. Williamson that he was blogging about this case on the internet, and that the posts were entirely in accord with the constitutional right to self-defend.  Ms. Williamson insisted that it was illegal to try to redress this matter publicly and saw Mr. Helmerichs re-arrested on 13 July 2014.

City Of Barrie prosecutors must have taken pity.  At one point, prosecutors attempted to force Mr. Helmerichs to agree to accept a lifetime ban from the internet.  When Mr. Helmerichs refused, the third case continued.  Somehow Mr. Helmerichs was granted an interim release from custody.

Mr. Helmerichs was left homeless, without work, without ability to legally work in his profession, and without any government official to whom to turn for support against the insanity governing the Ontario legal and medical professions.

By November 2014, what little savings Mr. Helmerichs had were spent.  The minimum allowance for rent was not enough for rent and food.  Mr. Helmerichs was considered irreparably mentally dysfunctional, yet psychiatrists also refused to assist Mr. Helmerichs to receive legal financial support for their allegations.

Mr. Helmerichs had not choice but to continue his original story.  This time, it would be different.  The intent was not to seek justice within the court system of Ontario.  Mr. Helmerichs was already able to demonstrate the entire system as knowingly corrupt.

A fourth set of charges were begun in early December 2014.  In January, Mr. Helmerichs reduced the number of charges for coherence of the underlying case.

Mr. Helmerichs re-entered the system to demonstrate psychiatrists intentionally sought to cover the fact that they really do not understand what mind is.

There is no legal definition for the word mind in any context of law, nor can there be since major religions assert that we all share one common eternal being.  Any eternal being must have an eternal mind, and must be eternally without a body because a body represents a limit and eternity cannot be limited.  Thus religions actually advocate that we share one eternal mind, without recognizing it.

To share one eternal mind does not mean that we have no free will.  Rather, because the eternal mind must always advocate for its own sustainability, and exist equally in every moment of relative time, it implies that we each will forever have free will.  It is directly our free will choice that engenders subsets of mind, which we can call spirits, and sub-sets of sub-sets, which we can call our daily minds.  We use the body as an instrument to understand ourselves in the span of an eternally limitless state.  More information is, of course, available however the general psychiatric notion is that none of that is actually possible.  Therefore, the law must be used.

On 3 July 2015, Rene asked Waypoint Centre For Mental Health lead psychiatrist James Karagianis why Rene was not allowed to have his statements audio recorded.

Mr. Helmerichs was moved from CNCC to Waypoint Centre For Mental Health sometime in 2015.  Mr. Karagianis was the supervising psychiatrist.  Mr. Helmerichs sought, like usual, to better the local processes of whatever system in which he found himself.

Mr. Helmerichs began to submit suggestions to staff at Waypoint Centre For Mental Health.  The suggestions were all polite, and promoted a better system with less stress but entirely for sustainability of the current process.  Managers of the Forensic Assessment Unit quickly ignored Mr. Helmerichs.

Waypoint Centre For Mental Health offered a telephone with free long-distant calling to Taiwan.  Rene's wife Lindsay spent countless hours typing dictations to the board of directors. 

Eventually, Mr. Karagianis ordered the Ontario court to order Mr. Helmerichs not to further attempt to communicate with Mr. Karagianis.  Laughably, Ontario police phoned Rene's wife in Taiwan to encourage her not to further assist Mr. Helmerichs to defend against psychiatrists.

The argument was now directly for all patients of mental hospitals in Canada. 

If statements are given for the purpose of a medical assessment--especially since those statements can, and are, used against patients to keep them incarcerated--why is it not reasonable to allow patients to have those statements recorded, verbatim?

Patients of mental wards across Canada, in throughout the western world, currently have no way to defend against psychiatrists.  This is a major problem. 

Psychiatrists are permitted to submit "summaries" of statements to the court.  The patient has no way to verify the accuracy of the "summaries".  If a patient objects to any part and says, "I did not say that."  or, "that is not what I intended.  The psychiatrists is twisting my statements to imply something that I did not mean." the psychiatrist simply responds, "Clearly the patient is delusional.  Why would I lie?"

On 3 July 2015, Rene asked Waypoint Centre For Mental Health lead psychiatrist James Karagianis why Rene was not allowed to have his statements audio recorded.

Mr. Karagianis answered, effectively, "You're mentally ill.  You need treatment."

As an excuse for not permitting patients to have a verbatim record of their own statements, Mr. Karagianis cited his own fear.  Mr. Karagianis directly stated fear of finding psychiatric responses on the internet as grounds not to all patients to have the ability to demonstrate that psychiatrists are oftentimes implying conditions that do not exist within the patient. 

Mr. Karagianis failed to understand the question.  The question did not require the statements of psychiatrists to be recorded.  Psychiatrists present enough written statements.  The question was directly for ability to demonstrate that the written statements of the psychiatrists are not true!  Mr. Karagianis never acknowledged that his answer did not apply to the original question.  That in itself is a perfect example of why, precisely, patients in mental hospitals should be allowed to have their statements verbatim recorded.  Luckily in court there is both a verbatim record, and the ability to produce a transcript.

The transcript of the 3 July 2015 cross-examination of psychiatrist Mr. James (Jamie) Karagianis at The City Of Barrie courthouse is available in case file C-14-6966.  It is also available online in pages 117 to 163 of the (.pdf) document at

Please read it for yourself.  At the start, there is a reference to an earlier court appearance.  That appearance had been concerning the lack of bail review hearing.  At one point, the court, despite written legislation, simply did not schedule Mr. Helmerichs for the mandatory bail review hearings possibly because psychiatrist Mr. Gunter Lorber of CNCC refused to consent to the interim release anyway.

The following month, on 5 Aug 2015, Rene was ordered to be forcibly injected, again. 

Mr. William Komer worked under the supervision of James Karagianis at Waypoint Centre For Mental Healthcare.

Mr. Komer requested the court to order Mr. Helmerichs to be injected on 5 Aug 2015.  He insisted that Rene is delusional.  Mr. Komer insisted that Rene does not understand what a "plea" is, in the court of law context. 

Mr. Komer justified need for the injection to be sure that Rene understands that Rene did not plead guilty on 24 Feb 2015 to streamline the underlying case.

Find the 5 Aug 2015 and 24 Feb 2015 transcripts also included in the (.pdf) document linked above.

Possibly the worst part of Mr. Komer's 5 Aug 2015 court assertion for case file C-14-6966 at Barrie was his insistence that Rene's direct references to exact Criminal Code sections somehow implied that Rene does not understand the charges.  Rene merely grew so tired of answer the same questions again and again (Einstein's definition of insanity--doing the same thing in the exact same way and expecting a different response--does apply to Mr. Komer here), that simply section references were given.

Furthermore, before the 5 Aug 2015 court appearance, psychiatrist Mr. Komer did insist that Rene was delusional about the clerical error which Mr. Komer cited as fact.  Rene repeatedly told psychiatrist Mr. Komer to verify for himself that the 24 Feb 2015 plea was legitimate and that the current charge was erroneously listed as an active case.  Mr. Komer neither followed up the suggestion, nor considered that Mr. Komer could at all be mistaken.

As a direct result of that misunderstanding, Mr. Komer had the court order Rene to be injected, again.  And the injections were supposed to help Rene learn the processes in court?

Rene began a case with The College Of Physicians And Surgeons Of Ontario (CPSO) before the 5 Aug 2015 order was made.  Why is it that one psychiatric patient is intentionally denied the ability to self-defend against false psychiatric assertions?

Mr. Komer refused to allow Rene to return to Waypoint Centre For Mental Health for the injections.  This came as a surprise to prosecutor Kathryn Hull on 5 Aug 2015. 

Rene was sent to Ontario Shores For Mental Health Sciences in Whitby, Ontario, to receive the injections.  He was assigned to psychiatrist Mr. (male) Leslie Wong.

Mr. Wong was a piece of work.  Rene pleaded with Mr. Wong for more time to put a legal stop to the 5 Aug 2015 order.  Mr. Wong not only denied the request, but insisted that the injections would somehow help Rene to learn the rules of court.

Remember, the same multiple-choice test evidencing awareness of the same rules of court was already passed at the same Ontario Shores Centre For Mental Health Sciences in 2013 under psychiatrist Karen DeFreitas, who was also still working in the same unit as Mr. Wong in 2015.  What possible excuse does Mr. Wong have to deny Rene the right to self-defend against the initial false psychiatric assertions?  Let's call it want of preservation of a health salary borne of a massive fraud against every Canadian tax-payer supporting the asinine mental healthcare system currently governing Canada.

Dear Canadian tax-payer, it cost Canada about $500 Canadian for one single injection of Resperidone in 2012 at RVH.  Add the double-room tax-payer expensed RVH amount of $1150 per night (actually more since rooms at Ontario Shores were single-occupant only) for the 30-day stay to ensure that healthcare victims can pass the same test which had already been posted to the internet in 2014, and then wonder why your standard of living isn't improving.

Do you want to hear how Mr. Wong stopped injecting Rene?

Rene flat out told Mr. Wong, "Send me back to Central North Correctional Centre.  I'm done.  I'll plead out and move to Taiwan.  That'll also end the b.s. of having to ride a bicycle in the dead of winter every two weeks to a probation officer who refuses to do her job."

Ms. Williamson of Orillia Probation And Parole was supposed to help Rene redress the illegal June 2014 trial for C-13-205-SR, and to convict trial Judge Gregory Mulligan for having permitted the Mormon witnesses Natalie Yewchyn and Matthew Swain to commit perjury.

If the Barrie courthouse could at least get something right, it wasn't Rene's 16 Oct 2015 release date. 

Rene was ordered released on 16 Oct 2015.  It was a Friday.  Psychiatrist Gunter Wolfgang Lorberg at Central North Correctional Centre decided to keep him the extra weekend just to be sure that the prosecutors at Barrie were actually allowing him to be released.

On 16 Oct 2015, the judge happily consented to Rene leaving Canada.  By then Rene was fully notorious in the courthouse at Barrie.  The judge also allowed Rene to mailthe monthly probation forms to Ms. Tamara Williamson, who was beside herself that a judge would allows such a thing for Rene.  Clearly Rene could hold his own in court of law.

Rene was once again homeless, again.  Thank you Jeff for offering a room! 

Eventually, Rene's mother decided that he really just needed a friend.  When the family doctor, Andrew Wozniak, uncovered Rene's mother allowed Rene to reside with her, the doctor quickly antagonized the situation.

Side note about Andrew Wozniak: the doctor signed a legal document in 2012 declaring Rene to be fit for work.  The report was submitted to The Canadian Government for Employment Insurance purposes, but a random government employee, Linda McLaughlin, refused to allow the owed employment insurance to be paid.

This argument is now in Taiwan.  For an introduction to current events, please reference the 11 Nov 2018 update to the petition at .  The update, "Corrected Story" is linked at

Following the arrest of two psychiatrists, Mr. Liaqat Ali and Ms. Anjana Chawla, there should be no difficulty to secure funding for an international knowledge-sharing hub.  The new city-state is planned for western Canada, on the east side of the Canadian Rockies, in Alberta. 

It is expected that the first one million signees of this petition that are not already permanent residents of Canada, shall be granted residency under existing Canadian human rights legislation.  Specifically, a Canadian national is permitted international support if that support is necessary for the well-being of the individual.  In this particular case, Mr. Rene Helmerichs is deemed so severely mentally ill that Ontario psychiatrist Mr. Gunter Wolfgang Lorberg did sign off on a legal document, on 19 Oct 2015, declaring Mr. Helmerichs to be eligible for the mental health life pension.

It is in the direct interest of every Canadian tax-payer to prevent further psychiatric fraud.

The only way to stem the out-of-control current mental healthcare system is to build a model site for the proper administration of mental health law.  The solution to any claim for delusion is always a question of law, and the law is already written.  Therefore, no actually hospital prison is necessary to treat allegations of mental delusion.  The regular penal system suffices.

The savings to the Canadian tax-payer far outweigh the cost of creating a separate city-state. 

Additionally, the separate city-state, functioning both as part of Canada, and as a legally separate entity from Canada the same way that The Vatican is to Italy, shall serve as a model city for education for every country of the world.  The project is so large, that an adequate project manager must be sought.  If Ms. is unwilling to commence work on the project, she should be promptly charged with perjury, and placed into a mental hospital prison until such time that she chooses to work for the benefit of all Canadians and not against any of them, with harm always to none of course.

The city-state is entirely in accordance with all tenents of the book A Course In Miracles, and directly advocates for our sustainable future free of further religious arguments behind any concept for any eternal deity, irrespective of personal names for the commonly shared, limitless mental state.

Psychiatrists around the world rely on the one-same Diagnostic And Statistics Manual (DSM) published by The American Psychological Association (APA) for every diagnosis of mental illness. 

The DSM does not at all address the question of whether our minds, or spirits, are already eternal.  Rather, the assumption is that they are not and that our brains think, and that through the flesh we become something ever-lasting that we do not already have.  In that way, The DSM is a book purely designed to advocate exclusively for insanity.  Insanity is medically termed "mental disassociation".  Insanity is commonly known as the belief that an unreality can be made real.

For those unfamiliar with the difference between a regular medical doctor and a government sanctioned elixir of life salesman, a Canadian witch-doctor is a normal medical doctor with an extra two-years of tuition spent for the special certificate allowing the title of psychiatrist to apply. 

Psychiatrists Liaqat Ali and Anjana Chawla directly violated the licensing standard for all medical doctors.  Specifically, they accused Rene of mental illness for insisting that eternity exists equally for all in a real-time but unrecognized way right NOW.

THINK: eternity means "no time", "outside time", not limited to time, and, "simply without limit".  Any and all of those definitions means that eternity exists as a preserved same-state within every reality of perceptual change.  This place is always changing, that means, none of it is absolutely real except the fact that whatever originates our thinking establishes our innate sane reality as immortal fact.  We literally need to do nothing to have eternal life, but, honestly, doing nothing in hell isn't going to pay the bills.  We might as well work toward a sustainable future together since, in all probability, we'll re-incarnate back into this legal nightmare not recognizing the millions of times we've already given the can a kick.

This model for life presented in this larger argument directly asserts that non-physical entities co-exist at the same time in separately perceived linear dimensions, "strings", of time.  From any truly eternal perspective, all states of relativity must permanently co-exist in an ever-changing but eternally amplifying way.  Simply, we are each the center of our own universe but venture into each other's lives as a greater reminder that eternity itself must always include every part and the whole without exclusion.

Rene presents a tremendous argument.  It directly resolves complains against practitioners of western medicine.  A full description to assist medical professionals to understand that our minds are already timeless and our brains do not think is found in a 19 Nov 2018 submission to The International Journal Of Transitional Justice:

It was not a choice for Mr. Karagianis to deny any mental patient the right to defend against psychiatric assertions.  This concerns the Barrie courthouse file C-14-6966 courtroom testimony of 3 July 2015.  Mr. Karagianis was so kind to explain his reasoning for trying to deny patients that right.  Mr. Karagianis was afraid that his statements would appear on the internet.  The question was never about a verbatim record of psychiatric statements during the assessment.  There is more than enough paperwork from them.  Mental patients only need to be able to demonstrate to the court that the patient did not say or imply what unprofessional doctors assert.


Rene Helmerichs
26 Nov 2018
Expect this update to remain at for a while.
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