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#LOV Perfect Love Quotes (Circularly) Possible At Least

"What do you want?"
"Don't ask me what I want, or I'll just say, 'What do you want.'"
And the conversation continues physically into groundbreaking (rule re-adjusting for possibility) mental territories of common mutual interest...
A man nears another in a mirror, a clear two-way-double mirror, where the sides do mirror.
A man goes near a mirror.  Passes close, and turns to leave.  On thinking, the leaving man thought, "did I just near myself?" How would I be able to verify that for myself?  Well, it'd be sort of like having to make up a proof just to say something really happened.  Are you near your Self now?  What would lives be like without It, is the more logical question."
Was once answered, that man will be as man is, until the end of time.  This does not mean there will not be technological advances.  That, if we're habitually in a hurry, will only serve to "speed things up" (Voice for official A Course In Miracles).  And we ARE in a hurry, and habitualize only that: we learn as we grow, and "teach as we learn" on thinking that.
"Does it make you scared that I know you so well?"
"It makes me sad that you don't know me better."
"So you would like others to get to know you more?"
"Well, isn't that how friendships start?"
"What if everyone knows everything about you?"
"Then I become the Invisible Man."
"Not me."
"It's lovely to write everything down when we learn it, d'ears."
"A little rain extended continuously is an ocean controlled by speed.  Slow things down, get lighter rain or seemingly none, but speed it up too much and get a concrete tidal wave--the kind that we in Atlantis got.  No wonder we want to forget about it."
"Why do they even still make phone?"  We mean, the purpose was to answer the earlier question, "What's the best way to reach you?" or haven't we made bluetooth pocket tablets with better memputing than any phone computer?  Oh, well, be relieved we make the devices that by logic must mean our bodies were similarly engineered, by trial for what's best for us, so the planned future may include human-computer hybrids that can still only process one action from a multi-action pan-thought, but quicker :)
Wow, this one is Grrrr8: "The default unwritten assumption of every public government official HAS TO (=oldschool 'shall') be: 'we will partner it with you, and continually argue with you about taking it over, if it has the ability to influence decisions on 'a worldwide scale', until a better upgrade comes along to present just a cleaner idea.'" (6/11/17/11:22pm)
Heyya, "same-applies to ALL.", added Irina in that first One World One People post.  Any guy, now or decades (centuries), feel free to continue with the stuff already online.  It ought to be enough for a globalization picture....  And is already public.  Grab it off the records for a careful study.  Barrie Courthouse.
"Creativity is the ability to live by the eternal silver lining (in a firey-ambient swirling-whirling ring) because Creation exists of-and-for it."
"The Love perspective just turns things around, like swapping the "1" and "1" in 11, mathematically (logically) expressed as 11:11, 111:111, 11:::11, (AND) 11::111."
"A turn-around is a flip gone sideways beckoning a squared correction, in a place that has no time, and therefore exists all throughout REAL TIME as... that sustaining the ordering of what we think is time, with order... intelligence... a non-physical mind (physical presence would be the turned-backwards thoought, the "not")... Love is, and our minds are like logic circuits trying to reconnect it... so, know, truth exists as #Love11 Is."
"My definition of enough includes always getting more.  I guess that's how we're different?  Because in enough, is the whole family cared for, if it truly is.
"'"I will always remember tonight." (3 times in a sex session from 12:47 to well past 2 a.m.)' you should quote that."
"i'm lonely, not physically longing, but mental-soul-mate(s)-searching sort of lonely.  You ever feel like that?"
"I'm only learning to better improve memory by making it MUCH more real-time and static...."
"I under-stand(s)."
"Honey, did you leave your laundry?"
"Honey, did you get your razor?"
"Honey, just count to 20 and ask me that again."
"(gallop, gallop) 20 (hands back on bum)."
"Good boy, good boy (stroking the back)."
SEPARATION, ISOLATION-DESOLATION!--what it does to the nerves.
"Ok, go upstairs.  Get the computer on and the movie ready."
"I hate you now (often heard, rarely said, and always only in dually noted fun: share private laughter.)"
When you hear a voice softly whispering, " can't really force the time people give to something..."  Understanding that to be The Law Of Time: "Time cannot be rushed because its order is not of anyone's making yet it can collapse when people work together as the collective wellspring from which all sprang and with which for Ever Is."
"If the flaw is that it's too perfect, the definition of 'flaw' is rendered obsolete and the speaker is found to be with nonesense.  Be real.  Allow for reality."
The twin snakes of the legal profession:
"The best is always a win-win, because separation in eternity is a no-go otherwise.  BUT, in relativity that means one win serves more perceived-temporally than the other: that one is 'more right', because in a truly united state, there is not the division to establish even the thought for a definition of 'win-win'." 
The Wedding Ring for REAL work:
"Is publicity ultimately negative if its sharing is evidenced fact of there not being competition at the highest possible ranks, such as The States and The Churches, because only one will have domnation over the freewill choice for what any individual should become, and it isn't a derivative teaching for complacent control.  It IS a free-will REAL TIME awakened Choice.  The ACIM ( love is forever whole that way.  And that way Only."
For Christmas let us wish for eternal life with this woman!
why does it say 'usp=drive-disk' in that? :/
Line id: frankchen007
"What does that word mean?  Because it looks to me that you look the same, both of us wondering how we got here and what we're doing here."
"By completing this action you are creating a channel and agree to [your own] terms of service."
"Google, your organizational intuitive order of post lists is somehow backwords.  Could it default to 'display by most recent editted' in the Blogger posts lists?  How's that for some free advertisement?!  Hey, if you want to partner... let me know when!"
"...and the Devil says, 'ok, so I don't need to tell you everything.  I'll answer what you ask truthfully and disregarded the inspiration of giving you any indication of mental flashes for additions.'" "And that's fuckin' truth.".ibid.
"Don't hold yourself back because you think you haven't the perfect memory needed to understand how all things simultaneously work together... just write anything you feel like it down, that's obviously with harm-to-none because the author is the first reader of it (which REALLY ought to question Horror authors for the sources of THEIR inspiration...!!!) but anyway, use keywords to jog your memory of main ideas incase anyone else ever asks you why you\re leaving notes for Self-as-any-of-us all over a world of people wanting for insight into how a shared mind really can work... "--
"Committment is willing to suffer jail to share a global idea."
"The Ego serves us in many ways, but ultimately all ways lead to always with One.  That is not an outcome, it is a state of BEING where having and being are always One."
A Holy Cow:
To the Jews, and the Christians under ISIS, and the Laymen under Oneness:
"It comes at a cost, when the choice is physical death for the belief of another that we do not share.  And tears, REAL TEARS, ARE shed."
"I've been writin' out the blues... I've bin' Rightin' out the Blues... when, what was it I've done?  I've done?"
"Faith is that falling out hair and decreased ability of memory are somehow related such that helping one enables the other, and memory works like a muscle, a mental muscle, in a place not limited to liniar time, but existing somehow simultaneously--or at least 'fluid time', referencing There Is A River and the story of Edgar Cayce."
"You would not believe one submission of an ACIM Graduate to the precurser for The School For The Students:
"The ego repeats things incessantly until it realizes the repetitions are infinitely re-minding of eternity, so that one always knows ... a state where one looks up from the digital atmosphere surreal electrons shape, for the thinking that still drives the making of tomorrows conveniences."



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