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The Story Of Loo (荷光者): straight talk about justice in Canada, 2012 Mormon Community Of Christ treasurer Natalie Yewchyn Kelloway and minister Matthew Swain perjury, condoned medical malpractices, and a legal definition for "mind"


Our Heroine Smurfette

Could she be the biblical whore of Babylon?  Could Canada's inconsistent legal babble BE that "babble-on"?

The false minister

"Acronyms, terms, and places"

smurfling: any of a number of people typically in blue uniforms wooed by, or hooking up with, Smurfette.

Ziyon: a sustainable, free, global, knowledge-sharing hub for top global scientists independent of their politically tied places for employment.  This is the hub to support the university Talk To Dream intends to build about 200 km west of Edmonton in Alberta, Canada, with public support and notoriety.

"A testament to real life in Canada"

Liardog Ali exclaimed, "So, you think you're God!"  The (currently Chief) psychiatrist of RVH insinuated Allah to be supreme.  Rene replied, "If I were God, would I be sitting here needing your permission to leave?"  As it turned out, the fire exit did work just fine but where was there to go?  Rene never claimed to be God and adamantly insists that, at best, any of us is merely a spokesperson for our collective sentience.  A funny thing happened next.

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The Story Of Loo (荷光者):

straight talk about justice in Canada, 2012 Mormon Community Of Christ treasurer Natalie Yewchyn Kelloway and minister Matthew Swain perjury, condoned medical malpractices, and a legal definition for "mind"

Author: Rene Helmerichs (是瑞內); Penned: Talk2Dream Lucifer
Current: 21 March 2018

The Story Of Loo (荷光者):

straight talk about justice in Canada; behind-the-scenes look at how lawyers operate; hidden agendas of the Mormon Community Of Christ international church; common sense; truth about the Catholic enterprise; illegally condoned malpractices of doctors (CPSO#) Ali, Liaqat (63312), Chawla, Anjana (84905), Dickey, Robert Lee (32295), De Freitas, Karen Denise (71381), Komer, William Joseph (55555), Karagianis, James Leslie (80478), Wong, Leslie Kin Long (86592), Van Impe, Jeffrey John Howard (82520), and Lorberg, Gunter Wolfgang (72223), Wozniak, Andrzej Eugeniusz (74339); illegally permitted perjury of facilities manager Natalie (Yewchyn) Kelloway d.o.b. 26 July 1982, and; various Ontario government publicly funded organizational obstructions of justice.

Author: Rene Helmerichs (是瑞內)
Current: 21 March 2018, Happy Spring-into-action Day (holography)

Global CLO Teacher Rene Helmerichs elucidates the current turbulent political climate in his balking recount claimed by Judge Gregory Mulligan in June of 2014, case file C13-205-SR at Barrie, to be "over the top".  During this frightening period, two politically opposed concepts for consistency of law meet face to face. 

The story begins in 2012.  Rene peacefully challenged the authority of selling Heaven for money.  The Mormon Community of Christ rebuked Rene with arrest for harmless email. 

The result is an unbelievable string of events that resulted in The Superior Court Of Ontario judge Mulligan having no choice but to support the doctors who believed the police who never considered two people, a local congregation treasure, and minister, would lie to protect false beliefs.

The text offers links to supporting documents revealing ongoing obstructions of justice of an entire country, after advising the church and police of the intent to write a book to market the New Goal Day charity talk2dream.

The book undoes the presiding psychiatric premise permitting doctors to incarcerate individuals for criminal offences in denial of due process Canada publicly assures all individuals should receive.  It clearly demonstrates that mind is not physical in origin and that our brains do not actually think.  The ramifications truly extend full circle.

The first section recounts the trial of facts permitting the presented options of the later sections to each individual and party touched by this incredible first-of-its-kind text.

Love, passion, religious strife, a bid for The Nobel Peace Prize, and global sustainability under a World Bank without a worldwide public government are all included.  The outcome may yet establish a new country supporting The Church Of Loo in Its quest to build a free knowledge-sharing hub.  Political warring may have met its match within this must-read Story Of Loo.

© Rene Helmerichs 2018, all rights reserved.
No part of this story may be produced or reproduced in any language for finance exclusive of all capital gain to Rene Helmerichs, The Church Of Loo.  It may be printed, retold, and freely shared in accordance with the English version at .  Separate agreements with individual translators, incriminated individuals, and businesses exist.  Refer to the Foreword for LEGAL absolve.


This book recounts an unbelievable and long episode.  It began before the year 2012.  In 2012 college teacher Rene Helmerichs made the conscious choice to write a book to market the New Goal Day charity Talk To Dream.

A book was decided as the marketing vehicle.  Rene attempted to register the charity with The Canadian Charities Directorate in May of 2012.  Thereafter, Rene paid Balboa Press for a publishing contract in June.  He was friends with Matthew Swain and the local congregation of The Mormon Community Of Christ.

There are two kinds of Mormons just like there are two basic kinds of Christians.  The Mormon Community Of Christ is not The Mormon Latter-day Saints that we see so often wearing white shirts on bicycles in Taiwan.  The two basic kinds of Christians are those that believe, and not believe, Jesus when he said he is "son of man"--meaning the seed from his dad, Joseph, joined with the egg of Mary to form his body in loving partnership.  Catholics, of course, don't believe that what Jesus said in the bible is true and have tried to tell everyone that Mary was a virgin, more about that in the next subsection.

The Mormons had deceived Rene to advertise a Good Sense workshop using his college students for money to The Community Of (not really) Christ.  The Good Sense Budget workshop brain-washes participants into living on a much more stressful budget just to give ten percent of their income to the Mormon church every month.  This is essentially the same thing as telling people, "If you give us ten percent of your income, God will love you more and be more likely to accept you into Heaven after you die."  This is not eternal heaven.

Rene began marketing by sending The Mormons email.  The email was harmless in nature and many times just like daily conversation to manager Kris Judd.  Eventually Kris passed Rene to her boss Tim.  Tim got sick of the idea for partnership to market a book designed to win The Nobel Peace Prize.  Tim emailed Matt to inform the local police in August of 2012.

The Barrie Police came to the residence of Rene first on 31 Aug 2012 to warn Rene.  Matt, being good friends with Rene, did also try his best to warn Rene, however marketing a charity to trump the Good Sense nonsense is prime material for a politically charged humanitarian effort.  Police arrived a second time on 1 Sept 2012 to be absolutely sure Rene was not mentally ill.  Officer Tanya Lynch did her best to describe Rene with mental illness in report of that day.

Rene thought about what was really being asked.  The church had declined to help Rene market a book for sustainable world peace.  Barrie police had decided the Mormon congregation could not possibly be lying and did not investigate.  Rather, the police simply used words on a page to paint Rene with an illness that may or may not have existed.  At trial they did not offer much in the way of past email to the church for submission to the jury.  The point of illness is not relevant but, if it matters, Rene does fully agree that, to be even willing to attempt this, he would need to appear as also the craziest-sane person alive.  Emphasis rightly belongs on the word SANE since the church actually changed the story after the first arrest.  Choice always exists in how one perceives smelly text.

Rene did email the church again on 3 Sept 2012.  He did so specifically for material to include in this book.  This is all verifiable when one reads through the trigger words used by Rene, police, doctors, and lawyers alike.  Rene is now of course seeking more media attention while Canadian law enforcers must begin to loath ever having listened to Natalie Yewchyn.  The underlying concept is the same "publicity ensures honesty".

After emailing the church on Labour Day Monday, 3 Sept 2012, Rene didn't wait to be arrested.  He actually walked up to an officer and asked to be arrested according to what the police had told him they would do just two days earlier.  At that point, no one really knew what to do with Rene.

The story was quickly changed.  The local treasurer was Natalie Yewchyn.  She was most vocal about never wanting to hear from Rene again, and told everyone that she'd never ever wanted anything to do with Rene.  She then attempted to hide every encounter that she had initiated with Rene.  She and minister Matt gave false testimony in court for that reason.  There is an entire section devoted to perjury that lawyers, doctors, and police permitted Natalie to commit before a jury in open court for C13-205-SR at Barrie in June of 2014, when this case appeared at trial the first time.

There is much more that police and doctors did in vain attempt to support the changed story of The Mormon Community Of Christ.  Section I, the first section "A Testament To Real Life In Canada", gives a brief recount of that lived by Rene from 2012 to 2018.  Section IV is written specifically for the global problem of a lack of definition for the word "mind" in all national courts of law, and Section V offers ultimatum choices for the true criminals of this story, all of whom should rightly be investigated, charged, and let to serve jail time for their outrageous denial of rights TO Rene Helmerichs in both Canada AND Taiwan should they refuse willing partnership for global sustainable peace.

There can exist only one kind of sustainable honesty.  This book will uncover it for all the world, and socio-political religious world peace for all--FREE of needless arguments over concepts for GOD or territorial wars for resources for which modern science has already developed alternatives, cars that run on water instead of oil, governments prevent from actualizing.

Here is a picture from the 2011 Mormon Halloween party at which Rene presented Natalie with a second rose, after the first on 22 Aug 2011, and before the third at a Barrie Social's club New Year's Eve party.  Natalie claimed to not want the first flower accompanying the outstand book The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, and never mentioned the second or third, nor the fact that she invited Rene to the New Year's Eve party, before more dates thereafter.  In truth, Rene finally turned her down in March of 2012 her insisted spa date.

This is a unique subsection to this book.  Individuals are named in this book who have intentionally circumvented local law.  These individuals are directly liable for criminal charges and civil penalties as a result of having already disseminated this text on The Internet at and

In order to ensure the spiritual validity of a text advocating for The Nobel Peace Prize AND One World true political peace, absolve must be offered in a way that is also recognized in local courts of law.

All law must forever remain consistent, or, rather, adhere to the greater scientific process of establishing consistency of law.  This requires that consistency same-apply to yield a state of unknowable constancy from any relative state.  Religions term this state Heaven, while not religious individuals accept it simply to be "the spirit of the law" referenced throughout national laws such as that of Canada.

Accepting that religion and "the spirit of the law" must be the same underlying state of constancy to which all consistency of law must speak, legal absolve is permissibly offered as written forgiveness for use in any court of law advocating consistency.  In grandiose terms that's exactly like saying, "with a written submission of the author, you are not able to be convicted or brought to trial for any imagined crimes other individuals may attempt to attribute to you in laws that purportedly follow the same consistent standard of constancy."

Simply put, we're either working TOGETHER for a sustainable future, or not.  If not, you won't need to worry about understanding or reading any of this text.  You can simply continue to follow others and, should you find yourself be mentioned by anyone advocating FOR this text, there may indeed be legal grounds for obstruction of justice charges if you are also intentionally impeding true justice from auto-correcting the crimes recounted in these pages.

This story is truly a DUAL story.  It is laughable and ridiculously hilarious to those WITH understanding of Loo, and horribly the worst possible imagined political nightmare for those AGAINST Rene Helmerichs.  Throughout these pages, Rene Helmerichs IS Loo.  Loo is short for the common English word meaning "light-bearer", with extra emphasis that one who bears light to individuals unrecognizably in dark nightmares must come across as crazily with a awereness so bright that it does result in momentarily confusing blindness:
I, Rene Helmerichs, author of this text and sole individual having born the idea for presenting the legal structures mentioned throughout these pages with a legal wild-card text, do solemnly forgive and

completely absolve __________________________, named herein, from all wrong-doing against me.  As living partner with me, the individual cannot legally be named in any court case brought about from something that I have written or implied SINCE it is not permitted for two individuals in a wholey (Holy) union to testify against one the other for law of one underlying common sense, the commonly sentient state of constancy for which each person alive has the right to use the same word "I" in the English language while speaking through a forever changing medium, that seeking consistency ever more.  Signed this ______ day of ___________ in the year ___________ at _____________________,
Rene Helmerichs  (是瑞內荷光者):

Please read beyond yet-to-be-corrected typos.  Readers should read for intention of contextual meaning, and definitely think and ACT upon that they read.  "Listen, learn, and DO" --ACIM.  Read past NOT omissions.
3.      Preamble: China, Catholicism, and common sense.

A sustainable future will see science and religion agree that Christ Jesus and Prophet Mohamed each speak to the same underlying sustaining universal state: The Nobel Peace Prize; news; knowledge.  The world is not united by force.  It is united in common attempt at understanding an unbelievable recount.  China demolished a catholic church in Xian this past December.  The 20-year-old structure had all necessary permits but was not permitted to stand. 

People protest in confusion, "How possibly could a civilized society let this pass?"  They are confused and do not realize their own incivility:

The scripture to which Catholics adhere cites Jesus as being a son of man no less than several dozen times.  He was but one son of man.  Ezekiel was another, and the Chinese dictator who had the common sense to level the fraudulent icon is yet one more.  Jesus was simply different because he was smarter, lucid, and aware.

The Chinese understand something in common with everything sustains the movement of all electrons.  The government of China understands that physical mating is necessary to adhere to the required free-will agreement for procreation of our species to exist at all.  Is that really so difficult to understand? 

The Catholic Church is a doctrine (=a teaching) that came about for political gain back in the days of the Roman emperor Constantine who burned the texts of all other doctrines about 300 years after Jesus. 

Jews claim Jesus was son of man.  This does literally mean that sperm from his dad entered his mother to make his body OR his other father, the one he claimed we all share, [insert your idea for it here], is actually The Fraudulent Father, Satan. 

Catholics claim Jesus is exclusively son of a woman without need for a man.  Therein the Catholic Church teaches: 1) God Almighty has gender preference (therefore is not ubiquitous); 2) God has gender; and, 3) Satan was the father of Jesus making all Christians devil-worshipers. 

It is no wonder why Muslims are honestly able to say, "Allah made The Catholic God."  It also shouldn't come as a surprise that The Catholic Church incorporated stories of Blood Libel in their budding Hail The Bloody Mary propaganda.  Such stories generally involved a Jewish house murdering a young Catholic boy in re-enactment of the crucifixion.  The story was later changed to make the Jews appear even more savage.  That The Catholic Church canonized even one such victim, Gavriil Belostoksky, only further evidences the outrageous extent to which THAT church has been willing to defraud the masses of honesty.

Those who follow the Catholic doctrine teach that the mother of Jesus was a virgin.  In that way Catholics infer Satan to be Father of Jesus.  It is simply not possible for Matthew 10:25, "students to be like their teacher, and servants like their master", to be true if any genius activist advocating all-equality were given an unequal start.  To be absolutely clear: all things are possible, but to incorporate inequality in a clean message of equality defies all common sense, and therefore defies all that Allah represents.

Other cover-ups of the Catholic Church include fact of reincarnation, which Buddhists in China do understand as well as biblical Matthew.  Matthew 17:12 directly quotes Jesus teaching that John The Baptist was the eternal entity formerly Elijah. 

In Matthew 16:17-18 we are told of a rock upon which Jesus will build his church.  Catholics wrongly claim the rock to have been bestowed Peter.  When we re-read Matthew 16:17 we can understand that the "church" is a teaching, a way of life, like Buddhism, not of physical origin and "not revealed to you by flesh and blood" (TNIV). 

A third instance of countless Catholic fraud is the fact of support from a technologically advanced craft in Matthew 17:5 which was first introduced in the books of Moses as the cloud he followed, Exodus 40:36-38, to safety after we accidentally destroyed the huge landmass of Atlantis (reference Edgar Evans Cayce's "Cayce On Atlantis" for a more accurate recount of our global human pre-history).  Moses did NOT part water; he had help from a cloud with navigational capability, directional control, and silent interior lighting.  Read it yourself at the very end of the book of Exodus, the second of the 66 books that make up the bible found in any Christian church worldwide.
Does it take a teacher to teach the world's largest ongoing money laundering operation how to spell the title of their book properly?  "Holy" is correct spelled as WHOLEY in English because it means "of the whole" NOT "filled with holes", although, the Catholic doctrine is rather an airy farce so they are completely in the right to keep using the current spelling.

China is correct in the matter of destroying ALL fraudulent structures advocating dishonesty so long as harm befalls no one.  China needs to be a bit more diligent about NOT allowing its officials to bury people alive:

This story has never been just about Natalie (Yewchyn) Kelloway.  In fact, at this point, it should be recognized that it is very much not about her at all.

The intent stated in the disclosure for C13-205-SR at Barrie, in the blog that was used as incriminating evidence against Rene Helmerichs, was to write a book to demonstrate mind. 

This part of the story is for the public and really cannot wait.  Section IV of this book is written expressly for The American Psychological Association (APA).  The APA is in charge of the editing The Diagnostic And Statistics Manual (DSM).  The DSM is the psychiatric bible.

The DSM advises to tread carefully when mentally bullying and outright physically assaulting victims just to flip a few dollars for tithed pharmaceutical manufacturers. 

The mind is not a physical substances.  Thinking is evidenced in physical processes, but originates in a place beyond linear time.  For this reason can the future be remember as a "best to do for all" with exact measure and mutual agreement of all involved, in advance of it having occurred.  Everyone has ability to do this in their own dreams of night but none are taught about this formally in schools.

As the incredible case of Rene Helmerichs as "Loo" demonstrates, Rene was not only NOT offered due trial process in Canada, but he was repeatedly denied absolutely every single right normally believed to be owed a human being.  Let's now remember that this occurred in Canada and see the lengths Canadians have done to deny the fact of their own indecency.

Following introduction of banking information, we find open arguments resulting from and for injustices still ongoing. 

i.         Acronyms

dob: date of birth
fyi: For your information
ESL: English As A Subsequent Language
OPP: Ontario Provincial Police, headquartered in Orillia, Ontario
RVH: Royal Victoria Regional Healthcare Centre in Barrie, Ontario
CEO: Chief Executive Officer, the person at the top of any incorporated business above its president
CPSO: The College Of Physicians And Surgeons Of Ontario, licensing body for all Ontario doctors
MCSCS: The Ministry Of Community Safety And Correctional Services of Ontario
MAG: The Ministry Of The Attorney General for Ontario
CNCC: Central North Correctional Centre; the Ontario, Canada, "super jail" in Penetanguishene
OJC: Ontario Court Of Justice; the "lower court" of Ontario, Canada
SR: Ontario Superior Court Of Justice; the "higher court" of Ontario, Canada
MOT: Ministry Of Transportation of Ontario
OSLT: Occupation Specific Language Training; a series of courses by the Ontario government)
TNIV: Today's New International Version Bible (.pdf linked within .pdf at )
IoT: Internet of Things; includes The Internet and all parts linked by it
R.F.C./R.f.C.: Republic For Christ; also, republic for the people of the province commonly called China.
cult: culture; includes, but is not limited to, The Catholic Church and The Mormon Community Of Christ
CLO: Children Of The Law Of One with reference to Jon Peniel AND The Lost Teachings Of Atlantis
APA: The American Psychological Association, publisher of the DSM
DSM: The Diagnostic And Statistics Manual, used by psychiatrists around the world to diagnose MIND.
OPSEU: Ontario Public Service Employees Union, Rene having had to pay Local 350 branch at Georgian.
wfg: wholey fucking God
WB: World Bank
imho: in my humble opinion
wi-fi: We all know what it is, here's where "wi-fi" came from for the first time in print: wireless fidelity.
e.s.p.: extra-sensory perception (using the body as a vehicle tool to communicate beyond the 3-spheres
hi-fi: high definition fidelity (a term applied to speakers and media audible communicating)
hiwifi: highly wireless fidel (adherence to the law of FAITH in that not-physically ubiquitously sentient)

ii.       Terms

GOD/Allah: that establishing the ability to communicate in real-time throughout all dimensions of time
Christ: that communicating for GOD
Christian: a devotee to Christ whose principle teacher was the Jewish Rabbi Jesus
Muslim: a devotee to Islam (Allah) whose principle teacher was the Prophet Mohamed
Catholic: a devotee to the cult that attempted to redefine Christ as a bloody virgin
LOOer: everyone re-telling this story to be ONE united #talk2dream spirit in the ocean of political sharks
3-spehres: a psychological term signifying all that we seen and commonly consider physical reality.
wholly: correctly spelled "wholey"
Holy: filled with holes.
Elohim: correctly spelled "Eloheeem", with THREE Es.
Zion: a current project spearheaded by makers of The United Nations doomed to ignite World War III.

Taiwan: a subtropical island the size of Canada's Victoria Island with population about 25 million.

Ziyon: a sustainable, free, global, knowledge-sharing hub for top global scientists independent of their politically tied places for employment.  This is the hub to support the university Talk To Dream intends to build about 200 km west of Edmonton in Alberta, Canada, with public support and notoriety.

iii.     Places

Canada, Ontario:


There was a girl.  She lied about a boy.  Everyone believed the girl.  The boy was put in jail many years.  The boy lost his job.  The boy lost his home.  The boy lost his son.  The boy grew the argument to encompass all global inconsistencies of law.  Now Canadian reputations are at stake. 

The girl was Natalie Yewchyn (date of birth, d.o.b., 26 July 1982; last known alias "Natalie Kelloway").  She was treasurer of the Barrie Mormon Community Of Christ in 2012.  The minister was Matthew Swain (d.o.b. 5 Feb 1977).  The boy is Rene Helmerichs (d.o.b. 2 March 1977).

The boy was first arrested 3 Sept 2012.  Police charged him.  Doctors incarcerated him without trial.  He told judges.  Judges are lawyers.  Lawyers listen to doctors.  Doctors support doctors.  All swear oaths.  All have licensing standards for practice.  None followed the written law. 

Laiqat Ali of Barrie, Ontario, Canada and Anjana Chawla currently at Orillia were the first doctors.  Both fabricated stories.  They helped the police.  The police helped the church.  The church minister liked the girl.

The underlying trial in June of 2014 for C-13-205-SR at Barrie, Ontario, Canada, was an attempt as a modern-day crucifixion.  The judge sought only to protect the doctors who sided with the cops that were wooed by Natalie and her crew.  Why would senior officials of a major international church need to lie?

The story started on 3 Sept 2012.  It moved to Taiwan on 31 Dec 2015.  The boy was a college teacher in Barrie, Ontario, Canada in 2012.  The petition is at

Rene tried to start his life anew in Taiwan in 2016.  Rene got a job teaching with "Ivy Education Institution" 明華幼兒園 in Kaohsiung.  The owner was Yiche (Tony) Wu.  The school bullied (bullies) children.  Rene was on probation.  He was afraid to lose his job if he spoke out.  Tony resigned the contract in 2017.  Then Rene found the 來自台南市的 Kidsland Sesame Street English main branch in Tainan, Taiwan,  For a snapshot of nonsense at Ivy, Kidsland, and generally since 2016: and .

The Taiwan government requires teachers to provide a criminal record check.  Kidsland manger Denise and superintendent Clare Chiang listened to this story on 20 May 2017.  Voice recordings in 20180302 links.doc at:

The owner of Kidsland is Mr. Lin, "Grandpa Lin", "Idea".  The 70+ year-old owns 12 private school branches partnered with Sesame Street English and a hospital in Tainan, Taiwan.  Rene accepted the position on condition marketing and time-saving suggestions are continually received and discussed.

Clare authorized a new contract.  She heard the potential.  Kidsland offered more money, better hours, more paid days off, and a two-year term.  Denise circumvented national law to hire Rene.

Kidsland branch managers loved Rene.  Rene did his best.  Parents loved Rene.  Rene loved all students.

Then Kidsland manager Clare Chiang decided to fire Rene without cause merely for his insistence that she be honest with the parents, all of whom trusted Rene.  Rene asserts that it is better for Kidsland to inform the parents of this story than for them to hear it through a third party.  Basic trust would dictate the same.

Rene is serious about attention.  Rene supports Sesame Street English in Taiwan not Kidsland for firing Rene without cause.  It is not too late to save Kidsland: .

Taiwan adores The West.  Its people believe Canada is so nice.  This story shows Canada is cold.  Canadians are cold.  People lie.  The people cheat.  Canadians forgot sustainability.  Families are broken.  Officers of the law are lazy.  Many are corrupt.  Few follow written laws.  Common sense is lost.

Rene began at Georgian College,, in Barrie, Ontario, Canada, in 2009.   The college has over 12,500 paying students.  The government paid the school a lot of money for the Occupation-specific Language Training (OSLT) courses.  Rene taught OSLT courses for educated adult immigrants.  Irina Swain, from Russia, was wife of Matthew and student in the program.  The college also paid Rene to market for it. 

Georgian College defrauded the Ontario government for more money.  Maryann Fifield was dean, boss of Mac Greaves.  Mac was assistant dean, boss of Patricia (Pat) Whittington.  Pat oversaw more than 50 employees and several departments. 

Pat was the actual manager of OSLT.  Maryann's name was used on the books as manager of OSLT for her higher salary (>$150,000 CDN annually).  Pat let Rene do whatever he thought was best.

Pat told Rene he was most honest.  She warned of a planned new rule in 2011.  Rene would need a new certificate to keep teaching (>$85 CDN per hour).  The upgrade would take 7 years part-time at Seneca College, a one hour commute.  Teachers of the upgrade had less English As A Subsequent Language (ESL) experience than Rene.  Rene thought the idea ludicrous.

It takes money to build a university.  A remote university requires community, a little city.  Rene decided to write a wildcard text to market the global New Goal Day charity, Talk To Dream (#talk2dream).  The charity supports a sustainable, free, global, knowledge-sharing hub, Ziyon ("Zion").

All secrets come to light in time.  Water contains combustible Hydrogen and fuelling Oxygen.  It can be used to power engines with clean air as by-product.  Alternately, silicon can become the by-product of submergible space-faring crafts operated by two electromagnet spinning, not just rotating, fields. 

We have the technology.  Scientists are prevented from sharing.  The United States has fought wars for oil-rich territory agreements at the direct cost of sustainable clean air.

The Canadian Charities Directorate was notified about Talk To Dream in a letter postmarked 5 May 2012.  Canada declined registration citing scope of the global charity as "too broad".  Thereafter, Rene purchased a book-publishing contract from Balboa Press in June of 2012 and emailed Cindy Renard the tentative title "The Choice Amidst The Argument In The Business Of Being Happy". 

Balboa is a division of major publishing house Hay House.  Rene discussed marketing ideas with staff of Balboa.  Staff emailed Rene that Hay House would accept his book with security of sales.  A 1000-lot initial purchase would certainly catch their eye and bump the book onto the list of titles for Hay House review.  An existing marketing platform also looks favourably upon an unknown author.  A marketing platform is simply a target group of eager people that are likely to buy the book, such as Gary Renard has.

This text serves global sustainability.  It is designed to win The Nobel Peace Prize,  The prize is awarded once each year.  It can be nominated in any year.  The platform is simply global, everyone.

Rene began with a local church congregation.  The college teacher identified its international decision-makers.  The Mormon Community Of Christ adheres the rules of money. 

Members from the local congregation of The Mormon Community Of Christ at Barrie, Ontario, had deceived Rene.  Wife of minister Matt, Irina Swain, had Rene knowingly advertise their "Good Sense Budget",, tithing workshop in his Georgian College class. 

The church did also not publicise that it is Mormon on its homepage,  Rene offered partnership for the global marketing project.

Irina alleged the Good Sense workshop to be tax advice similar to that Rene had kindly and for at no cost offered his students in 2011.  Irina Swain knew Rene objected to advertising for any religious denomination without advertising for all religions equally.  The 8-hour workshop cost $15 CDN and took place at Grove Park Home in Barrie, Ontario, on Saturday 21 April 2012.

Kazue, an adult student from Japan, returned to class on Monday 23 April 2012 to report about the workshop.  When asked, "Was the tax workshop any good?"  She replied simply, "I don't think it was about taxes.  It was about giving money to God."  Rene was truly in shock, but actually had a meh attitude toward it.  It did however tie nicely into this story since the church effectively tries to sell seats in heaven to financially pressed people and Rene was suggesting that HE would be able to correct that across the board globally.

Unsustainable cultures are called "cults" in English.  Rene started emailing Mormon Community Of Christ leader Kris Judd about his own marketing project in June of 2012.  Senior Mormon business manager Kris told Rene about Joseph Smith.  Joseph started the two primary Mormon denominations with gold that he claimed to have found like Moses.  Then someone killed him.  Mormon denominations martyr Joseph the way Jehovah Witnesses martyr Jesus.  Cults use martyrs.

The Merriam-Webster definition for Martyr,, is the crux for every doctrine not teaching that timeless means "always same with difference".  Rene began by suggesting an idea to Kris.  The idea is old and timeless.  Rene suggested that death is impossible and reincarnation a fact of life in every relative environment if any eternal state exists.  Logically, eternity is witnessed to truly exist with simply agreement to the statement "The world is ALWAYS changing."

Many cultures believe in reincarnation.  Reincarnation supports a common origin.  Difference is relative.  Difference dictates linear time to be but a relative scale inside a larger non-linear scale of yet more Time.  The oldest idea is timeless, which means both "always new" and "unpredictable".  Eternity is simply too much to grasp individually.

Kris understands.  She heard Rene speak of a column of light.  Rene experienced something unusual at his residence in Gangshan, Taiwan, in March of 2006.  The light emitted a timeless feeling, Home.  Rene thought "If that's there, and I'm here, why am I here?".  Mental projections ensued and Rene dropped in tears at the answer.  Rene was in fits of tears for days after the experience.  Kris shared Rene with Carman Thomas and Tim Stanlick. 

Tim was figurative leader of the money scheme operated by Mormon club.  He authorized local Barrie minister Matthew (Matt) Swain to fly to The United States often for Mormon doctrine study.  Matt and Rene had been acquaintances and decent friends for 1.5 years.  Tim Stanlick emailed Church Planter Matt to call the police in August of 2012.  An earlier recount of the start of the story with pictures is available:

Rene advised City Of Barrie Police, , of his intent before his arrest.  This is accomplished in Section "V. From A Course In Miracles TO The American Psychological Association."

This text advocates the psychiatric definition of "mind" in accordance with A Course In Miracles (acim;  To paraphrase:
Mind is not the brain and is not physical in origin, nor is thinking of any mind firstly a physical process but every thinking expresses itself in relativity as physical sensation in direct consequence of the forgotten want to not believe the not physical, forever united, actual reality of Self. 

Columbia University School Of Medicine at New York City professors wrote A Course In Miracles in the 1960s and 70s, find it linked at  There is currently no global legal definition for mind satisfying all religions AND the scientific processes of every other culture.  The proposed definition is globally valid and completely consistent with the heart of every personal belief for self AND other essence.

The Orillia Packet And Times ran a column containing the desire of Rene to build a school in 2014.  The internet link evaporated when the newspaper folded.  This story was recently aired on Set TV channel 54 news in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, 15 Feb 2018.  Set TV defamed Rene for giving away Taiwan currency with written in thick permanent marker across its face: .

Matt lived in apartment 701 in 2012.  This reminded Rene of the biblical Matthew chapter 7 verses 1-3: "Do not judge because your actions can and will be used against you by tyrants in courts for international law."

Matt is an excellent teacher.  He led a Toast Masters speech workshop for OSLT students at Georgian College in May of 2012.  Pat said Rene should pay Matt in gift certificates.  Rene bought and presented $300.  Pat neglected to return the expense to Rene.

Matt warned Rene in August of 2012.  Rene considered what Tim was asking on behalf of his church.  Rene asked Tim for help to market an international project. 

This project bridges science and religion.  It naturally resolves global religious confusion.  It makes way for an end to religious arguments and advocates for consistency of global laws.  The response was to threaten Rene with arrest?

Tim was not correct.  He acted not unlike a robot with a screw loose.  Tim had Matt call the police on 31 August 2012.  Rene was arrested 3 Sept 2012 but the case did not see a courtroom.  This is the first problem of the case.  The story had to be changed since a church cannot rightly request the police to arrest someone who is really only presenting an unbeatable, unfathomable, and limitlessly open harmless marketing proposal.

Rene was arrested again on 2 March 2013 for the same information stated by Barrie police officer Read to have caused the 3 Sept 2012 arrest.  This is perhaps the greatest problem.  The Barrie Police lied to cover the church mistake, and then the lawyers of the Barrie courthouse further botched the job by supporting the cops.

Canada has ten different magistrates, or heads, like Ontario.  The national Canadian flag is only red on white.  The principal prosecutor for Her Majesty In Right Of Ontario was Kathryn (Kate) Hull.  Legal Aide Ontario provided lawyer Uma Kancharla to represent Rene at the trial for case file C13-205-SR at Barrie in June of 2014.

Kate advised Rene that Uma was not his trial lawyer despite intent stated to Legal Aide for her funding.  Uma did only cross-examine Natalie Yewchyn (married Kelloway) not Matthew or Irina Swain, nor Barrie detectives Tanya Lynch or Troy Armstrong.

Uma, Kate, and the judge Gregory (Greg) Mulligan knew witnesses Matthew Swain and Natalie Yewchyn (Natalie Kelloway) committed perjury in their testimony for court file C13-205-SR at Barrie, Ontario, Canada, in the June 2014 trial.  Perjury is the charge for knowingly and intentionally lying under oath.

Lawyer Uma Kancharla cross-examined the crown witness Natalie Kelloway (then Yewchyn).  Uma exclaimed to Rene through the plexi-glass in the basement of the Barrie courthouse following her cross examination of Natalie, "That woman lies!"

Uma asked Natalie in front of the jury at Barrie, "Did you ever email Rene?"  Natalie answered, "No."  Uma asked, "Never?"  Natalie responded, "Well, maybe just once."

Natalie had asked Rene, and others, in January of 2012 to go with her to the spa.  The spa date was on 28 March 2012.  Rene submitted emails from Natalie at the trial.  They show Natalie initiating email correspondence TO Rene asking if Rene can drive her to their Blue Mountain Spa date in Collingwood.

Kathryn (Kate) Hull was the prosecuting attorney representing Her Majesty In Right Of Ontario.  The same conditions for maintaining the law licence of all implicated lawyers applies.  (Kate is again thanked for the coffee at the close of the trial; the reminder of his son, Sun-Jay had simply been too much to bear.)

Rene had many dates with Natalie.  Each time Rene drove Natalie.  Natalie complained about something each time.  In fact, Natalie was the single most vocal passenger that Rene had ever met.  Everything had to be perfect.  Once, captivated by her ostentarity, Rene accidentally drove past her house.  He then forgot to signal listening to Natalie elucidate the driving infraction.  Natalie simply made sure to tell Rene everything she thought he did wrong and Rene simply wanted to hear none of it going to the spa to relax.

Rene did not want to chauffeur Natalie one hour to the Collingwood spa.  Rene told Natalie this in an email: "Unlike an airplane, a car only has one steering wheel...."  Rene offered that Natalie could drive him.  That email and others were submitted as evidence in the underlying case file C13-205-SR at Barrie.

Natalie had her own car.  She used the license plate 400 N because "Barrie" was taken (She actually said that during one date that she has sworn never happened).  Evidentially she did want to be reminded of the commute TO Barrie, so we know her life is all about the endlessly tiring journey and not really the destination....  No wonder she kept complaining about a stiff neck.

(Aside: Seriously, in January of 2012 Natalie was doing this at-home project management course while trying to balance commitments to The Pink Stilettos, a treasurer position with local Mormons, her own Vegetarian Social Club, Barrie Socials outings, organizing community cleanups or something else with the Mormons, Sunday church at Connexus, and bible study in between waking at 5 am to beat rush hour in her commute to work in Toronto and back each day.  Rene stood in her house and marvelled.  Natalie was staring at her open books on her dining room table.  Rene wondered why he was even called over.  He politely pointed out in a follow-up email that she was being a dumbass since project management is firstly about time management; if she wasn't willing to set aside the time to do the course, why even pay to take it?  She did admit the comment made her laugh when next they met.  These are the memories Rene wishes he could share instead of stiff necks.)

She complained for over 8 weeks about her stiff neck.  She blamed her daily commute to Toronto.  In truth, she was being a baby.  She just didn't want to drive herself to the spa in March.

Natalie invited Rene to her house on about 12 February 2012 to shovel her driveway after a snow storm.  She claimed her stiff neck prevented her from being able to do it.  Rene shovelled all the snow while Natalie sat outside watching.  Then Rene shovelled her neighbour's driveway, the house on the right when looking at her house.  Natalie claimed not to like the neighbour on the left.

Natalie invited Rene inside for tea after shovelling her driveway.  Rene had been to her house many times before.  Natalie invited Rene over after his evening college class.  Jeffrey Van Impe called that "a date". 

There were many more group dates to the Swains apartment, Connexus Church, outings with the Barrie Social Club, and movie nights at various locations as well as the theatre.  The snow day was the day Natalie complained about her keloid.

Natalie had a keloid on her ear.  She avoided showing it to Rene after suddenly and without being asked to divulge any personal information, sharing the part of her body that she hated the most.  Rene had no idea what a Keloid was and wasn't really sure what she was even talking about.

Rene googled "keloid" later that day.  A keloid is basically an ugly growth on a previous skin injury, like an ear piercing that closes rather not neatly.  Natalie had many piercings.  There's a picture of one of her ears with 5 piercings in an earlier draft of this recount:

Since Natalie had hidden her ear when Rene had asked to see the unsightly scar, Rene presumed the Keloid to have been from an ear piercing.  Rene emailed Natalie a natural remedy.  Natalie complained about getting a remedy as well!  That was in February of 2012.

Uma asked Natalie at trial if Natalie knew what a keloid was.  Uma spelled keloid "K-E-Y-L-O-I-D" at the June 2014 trial.  It is ok that Uma accidentally misspelled the word.  She spelled it phonetically.  The question was aural. 

Natalie told the court, "No."  Natalie said that she had never heard of a keloid.  That was also a lie.  Natalie complained about the remedy for her keloid over email, which was also submitted to C13-205-SR.

Natalie also told the trial judge that she never had a stiff neck.  She did.  She complained about that by email too.  That was the reason Rene was shovelling her driveway.  Georgian College prevented Rene from access to his college email account.  Rene had many more emails from Natalie.  The judge simply ignored all the evidence: Rene rejected advances then Mormon treasurer Natalie Yewchyn (now Kelloway) and Natalie went crazy.

Natalie, however, is smart.  She possible began the rumour that Rene was love-obsessed about her.  A Course In Miracles would attribute her own egocentricity for her delusional belief.  Every encounter with Natalie was awkward. 

帆琇 ("Fun show"; means 'wind in her sails'; Lindsay) was in love with Rene.  Lindsay had changed her legal Taiwanese name from the phonetic "Shu fun" to the pet name Rene had given Lindsay while they copulated back in 2004-2006.  Lindsay was sincere when she claimed not to have remembered the name before changing her name in February of 2012; Rene understood the action to be highly symbolic.

Lindsay also knew that Rene was dating previous Georgian College nursing student, Susanna Pyo, in 2012, and flirting with a different Natalie, Nathalie Ramirez.  Susanna was from Korea and finishing her nursing degree in Toronto.  Nathalie was a motocross racer and first year student at Georgian from Latin America.

A successful relationship cannot begin with an obsession.  It requires mutual passion.  Rene emailed Tim for help to write a book.  Someone had to change the story.  The City Of Barrie police thought they could shortcut due process with a quick-quack fix.

Rene needed a marketing platform.  City Of Barrie police officers threatened college teacher Rene.  He simply took them up on their offer.  Officer Watt was first on 31 Aug 2012. 

Detectives Tanya and Troy arrived on 1 Sept 2012 to remind Rene that police would arrest him if he emailed the church again.  They did not cite the 4 Sept 2012 love obsession eluded in the written report of Officer Brian Read.  Voice recording is available should that statement be contested.

Rene later discovered the extent of the corruption in the police department.  Some accounts made the news, with more at .  Others allegedly resulted in the suicide of an Ontario Provincial Police (OPP), Midland township, Flight Sergeant.  Barrie police rightfully belong to the OPP but, for reasons unknown to Rene, retain an exclusive Ontario department.

Rene emailed senior Mormon minister Tim Stanlick on 3 Sept 2012 after the 1 Sept 2012 police threat to Rene.  Rene then calmly walked 5 minutes to Johnson's Beach at Barrie, a location police often patrol.  He met Barrie police sergeant Douglas Henderson at about 9:30 in the morning.  Rene asked Doug to arrest him: .

Doug told Rene he was under arrest for possession of 3.5 grams of marijuana.  Rene asked Doug to save it for him for when this is all over.  Doug told Rene they would go the police station.  Rene thought it worked like on television: the police take your finger prints and you go home until the judge has time to listen.  Life does not work like TV but it can be like a movie.

Rene didn't get to go home.  Doug took Rene to Royal Victoria Regional Healthcare Centre (RVH),, where he met a doctor Evans.  Mr. Evans ordered the blood of Rene to be removed WITHOUT consent of Rene.  Rene was held down by four nurses for legal theft.  Rene took the liberty to piss on the wall of the room in which he was kept if only to rebuke the asses circumventing the law.

Rene met doctor Liaqat Ali the next day.  Pompous Ali insisted everything Rene said was a lie.

Liardog Ali exclaimed, "So, you think you're God!"  Allah made you.  Rene replied, "Wow!  If I were God, would I be locked up here listening to a quack right now?  Show me where I have ever written or said that."  A funny thing happened next.

Doctors can imprison anyone whom they think is of harm to self or others.  Barrie police Officer Brian Read wrote an occurrence report on 4 September 2012 regarding the 3 Sept 2012 arrest.  In it, Brian claimed Rene was threatening lives.

The 4 Sept 2012 report accused Rene of making bombs in the basement of his mother's house.   There are other fallacies within the report as well.  Recall Rene was then dating Georgian College student Nathalie, with an "h"?  Brian left out the part that Nathalie, with an "h", and Natalie Yewchyn were different people.  There was actually not a lot of detective work that went into the sorry excuse for a report.  That Rene was arrested the previous day was about the only correct statement in the four pages Officer Read provided.

Rene was arrested by police and put in jail without the chance for a trial.  There are laws against that.  Mr. Ali at RVH claimed Rene was going to harm someone.  That let Mr. Ali imprison Rene into RVH without a trial.  Rene then realized how absolutely little chance individuals accused of a criminal offence and incarcerated into a hospital have at receiving any fair hearing at all.  Forced medication is inevitable for the booming elixir business needing human guinea pigs for unpublicized trial studies.

Mr. Ali is smart.  He listened to Rene.  When Mr. Ali realized Rene would not simply accept the situation, he passed Rene to his supervisor Anjana Chawla.  Ms. Chawla was the chief psychiatrist at RVH.  Liaqat became the chief psychiatrist after that.

There is an additional note of perjury in the subsection "Ministry Of Natural Resources of Ontario" currently near the end of Section V "The Law Firm Of Loo: arguments, marketing, and activism (in the 1st person)"

Anjana promised Rene that Rene would lose his son.  She wrote nothing good about Rene and much false.  She exaggerated and twisted all that Rene shared.  She also did not give Rene a chance to show her that she was incorrect. 

Anjana told Rene that she was "expert in mind".  She tried to tell Rene that Rene needed her special medicine to fix a problem that is not physical in origin.  She then had nurses continue her mental assault.

There was a male nurse at RVH named Nathan.  Nathan is psychotic.  He told Rene that Rene needed to take all the special pills because the mother of Rene said he needed them.  Nathan told Rene, "Your mother wouldn't lie to you, would she?"  Rene thought about Santa Claus and waved his hand back and forth in front of Nathan.  Rene spoke while waving his hand, "Hello?  Nathan?  Anyone home?"

Nurse Brittany (Breanne?) was sympathetic.  She sat with Rene in the hall one day and asked, "How do you plan on becoming King Of Canada?"  Rene replied, "Well, first I would need to become Governor General Of Canada.  The Governor General is the acting King Of Canada on paper.  I'll probably run for Prime Minister Of Canada first."  When asked if she understood, she replied "No.  But I can see how it makes sense in your head."

Rene saw patients have sex in the mental ward at RVH.  One patient walked in on Rene and Lindsay having sex.  Rene saw one nurse, Sean, enter the room of an exceptionally beautiful model named Stephanie Theresa Holtz (d.o.b. 23 July 1990?).  Rene followed and covered her nearly naked sleeping body with a bed sheet.  Sean came to check up on Steph by waking her or standing next to her sleeping body.  Sean left the room immediately when Rene entered. 

Steph had difficulty sleeping at night because her room was next to the entrance door which nurses did not close gently or quietly in their entries and exists from the ward.  The same can be said about the staff room door nearer the door of Rene and Mike.  Liaqat Ali tested Mike on every new poison.

Lindsay provided moral encouragement to Rene.  Anjana realized this.  Anjana then refused Rene all supportive visitors.  She ordered the nurses to permit only the mother of Rene to visit with his son.  His mother grew up in a culture where the authority of doctors is not questioned.  Anjana Chawla had total mind-control over the mind and actions of the mother of Rene.  That was impressive and completely wrong.

On one occasion, the mother of a long time friend, Wendy Russell, visited the ward in guise of the "mother" of Rene.  She rebuked Rene for passing her a letter to deliver to Lindsay, then his fiancée, but secretly loved the idea of a covert spy operation the likes of that acclaimed in movies.

Section 365 of The Criminal Code Of Canada is called Pretending To Practice Witchcraft.  The spirit of that law says that anyone who uses potions or pills with intent to change the beliefs of another is a practising witch.  It is not incorrect to call Anjana Chawla the chief witch-doctor of RVH while Rene was imprisoned there.

The witch managed to have RVH Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Janice Skott allow her to forcibly inject Rene for criminally harassing what might as well have been a snowflake, but was certainly the truly delusional flake of this asinine recount.  Overlook for a moment that the allegation Natalie Kelloway claimed was false because the offence required Rene to have caused Natalie fear for her safety, which is impossible from a state of perfect anything. 

Since this story formally began on 3 Sept 2012, Rene has demonstrated perfect understanding that the recount would demonstrate injustices of The City Of Barrie Police Service, and its partnered lawyers at the Barrie courthouse, in the process of revealing The Mormon Community Of Christ to actually be a community of antichrists.  It has been 6.5 years from 3 Sept 2012 to the natural 41st birth anniversary of Rene on 2 March 2018. 

The public is not told that doctors circumvent written legal laws to save lawyers time. 

The 3 Sept 2012 offence was a criminal matter which deserved a trial.  The police arrested Rene on 3 Sept 2012 for a crime.  The name of the charge should have been Criminal Harassment to Natalie Yewchyn (now Kelloway) because the Mormon Community Of Christ church corroborated the lie that Rene was emailing only her.  It need not be mentioned that Doug actually arrested Rene for 3.5 grams of "LSD" pot which Rene lucidly waved at Doug to start the show off:

Rene emailed everyone at the church.  He was after the senior leaders not some fake blond who did cocaine in university and had no real connections.  The real argument has always been against false ideas for a common sentience.  God, the real one, is more than any symbols used to share the essence of a common origin in any form, including every name.

Anjana cancelled her order for forced injections with help from Lindsay.  Anjana actually bribed Rene to lower a blog about RVH.  Anjana offered Rene his right to refuse medication if he stops writing.  This is confirmed in the action of hasty removal from The Community Treatment Order of 31 Oct. 2012 that Anjana had planned to keep in place for at least one year.  It is dually confirmed in a voice record of 22 November  2012 at .  A partial transcript of the recording is available at .

Rene shared everything that he saw while locked into the secret jail of the major hospital, Royal Victoria Regional Healthcare Centre (RVH).  Did you know that tax payers are charged 300 Canadian dollars more per night just for patients who get injected?  RVH charged the government $1450 per night while normal jail costs tax-payers less than $300 per night. 

Rene complained to The College Of Physicians And Surgeons Of Ontario (CPSO) about several doctors.  They dismissed the matter and have yet to actually follow up with Rene.  Colleges will owe many people a lot of money once this book becomes popular.

15. Anjana--see section VIII for her lunacy, evidenced in her very last point of the session.

The law says that you can only defame someone if the events are true.  It also says that doctors and lawyers should be helping a person to fix mistakes instead of adding to them to make them worse.

Anjana tried her worst.  She stopped all visitors from seeing Rene.  She wrote only obscene reports about Rene.  She did not at all care about his real mental health.  In fact, she openly threatened Rene.  There is prime example of a "typical" session available for your listening pleasure at
with full transcript of the 26 October 2012 date at .  The bolded sessions suffice in court to arrest and charge Anjana with Uttering Threats, atop the assault borne under forced injections and bribery to prevent defame to her laughable name.

Ms. Chawla did not let Rene show that Natalie and the church were covering facts.  Anjana falsely reported to Rene that she was "checking community sources".

Anjana was also not properly prepared for the second hearing at RVH on 22 Oct 2012.  Anjana committed so many crimes that RVH did remove her from her position after Rene left.  Anjana went back to Soldiers Memorial hospital in Orillia, Ontario.  She is due for immediate arrest, unconditional, and offered the same mental healthcare she has been offering the unsuspecting families of her victims.  Every thing she has caused Rene to experience is owed to her, at least in double quantity, duration, and intensity for all other lives that this woman has destroyed.  Such is her karma.  Please also hand her a copy of ACIM.

16. The Comedian Psychiatrist, ex-Chief witch-doctor Anjana Chawla

There is a really funny part about Anjana too.  She didn't use the fabricated bomb factory of Rene that officer Brian Read invented.  She insisted someone would try to hurt Rene because of his writings. 

Anjana told RVH overseers that Rene was in mortal peril because of his writings.  She told herself that she needed to keep him imprisoned so that she could save him and protect him from others.  She acted just like a cult leader.  Rene was only writing about her at that point.

Rene directed Lindsay to email all members of the board of directors of RVH.  One nurse came running into the room of Rene but Lindsay was on her way to the airport.  Lindsay feared the mother of Rene and changed her flight to leave earlier.  The board breathed fire on Anjana.

Halloween is on October 31st each year.  Rene pleaded with the chief witch for release for just that evening.  The mother of Rene told Rene that it might rain so she would stay home and not go out with his son, aged 5, for Halloween.  The annual walk meant a lot to Rene. 

Nurse Ilene of RVH mentioned on 31 October 2012 that nurses are normally told in advance about discharges so that they can prepare the paperwork.  Incredibly, Anjana actually used the fact of Halloween as an excuse to suddenly release Rene from RVH.  She covered the fact that Rene had accepted her bribe.

Rene was writing all that he saw and experienced at RVH, and Anjana bribed him to stop.  He copied everything to the medical record at RVH.  That's what it took.

Rene needed time to mentally recover after Anjana Chawla.  The reader cannot understand how much that woman tortures people.  There was more than forced injections.  The injections only caused Rene spinal pain.  There is so much more that RVH does NOT reveal to the public tax payers. 

Rene met Stephanie Theresa Holtz at RVH.  Police brought Stephanie to RVH.  They did not search her properly, or at all.  Stephanie passed Rene her crack paraphernalia.  Lindsay sent the RVH board pictures.  Lindsay also wired Stephanie money to run from doctors after her release.  Stephanie died weeks after being released from the "care" of RVH in 2012.

It took Rene until 2013 to recover.  His family doctor gave him a clean medical bill of health in December of 2012 for the entitled Employment Insurance still owed from the abrupt Georgian College dismissal.  (Rene was actually a member of OPSEU local 350 which also did not support Rene in the wrongful dismissal from Georgian College.)  Rene tried to get unemployment insurance from the government but Linda Mc--? momentarily in charge of the decision intentionally prevented Rene from receiving it on her own prejudice grounds.  Linda did this in 2014.

Rene approached Sinton Transportation in Barrie, Ontario, for work as a school bus driver after recovering from the RVH shit-show.  Rene finished 25 hours of training and passed The Ministry Of Transportation (MOT) of Ontario school bus licence, after all, he really was normal.  You can hear Rene telling manager Christine at Sinton Transportation in Barrie on 26 February 2013 that Rene cannot start driving because he wants to continue writing his book:

Perhaps the highlight of the conversation with Christine was her role-playing The Devil's advocate. 

Rene would later lose that license, his big-rig truck license, his car license, his trailer license, the airbrake endorsement, and his motor cycle license simply for having given a witch, The Kraken Karen De Freitas, a "fuck you" in telling her that he had smoked pot morning, afternoon, and night each day of the training and before the MOT exam at her claim that he was somehow not supposed to be allowed to speak on his own behalf in court because Natalie Yewchyn lied and Ontario needed the lie to stick.

In defence of Rene, he did conduct extensive mental and physical acuity and coordination tests before testing outward appearances of normalcy during the 25 hours of driver training.  At no time was the situation unsafe, with the one exception of a driver trainer telling Rene to cross a rail road track AFTER Rene did the "look-listen" window-door test to report to the trainer "I'm listening for a train--HONK--I HEAR a train" and the trainer insisted it was at a different crossing and grew agitated at Rene's raised eye-brow when she told him to cross.  The situation was doubly hilarious on pot watching the train speed past in the rear-view mirror and Rene actually lost concentration on the road for a brief moment while simple not being able to contain the obscene fit of laughter.  (Good times.)

Author Note:  Full global legalization of Cannabis Marijuana --> top of the list of future things to do.  Dama Thins to be sold from Taiwan, pending legal support for the underlying case before any other country takes Rene up on the offer of a reliable global revenue stream to beat any possible tourism income to whatever country, Cambodia, Vietnam, Syria, realizes that weed grows pretty much everywhere naturally anyway.  "Dama" is your basic weed in standard Mandarin (as a travelling fyi).

Rene had to ask to be arrested a second time because officers of the Canadian law didn't give Rene a trial the first time.  Rene needed records for his book.  Rene also desired to press charges against Anjana and Liaqat.

The second arrest happened on 2 March 2013.  It was actually illegal.  The whole June 2014 trial was illegal because lawyer Kate Hull listed the charge as an indictment, notwithstanding the argument having been about the unspeakable three-letter-word GOD.

Indictment means that the information for the charge is older than 6 months.  "Information" and "accusation" meant the same thing to the City Of Barrie police chiens.  Rene was imprisoned for August 2012 emails to Natalie Yewchyn on 3 Sept 2012 and 2 March 2013. 

The Constitution Act of Canada is bigger than all other Acts in Canada.  Most of the common Acts are in a thick criminal courtroom book called The Criminal Code Of Canada.  It had a hard, brown cover in 2014.  The Barrie, Ontario, courthouse copy had annotations. 

Annotations to The Criminal Code are special notes for lawyers.  Those notes say that the 3 Sept 2012 arrest was real.  It also says police imprisoned Rene for the 2 March 2013 information on 3 Sept 2012.

The Constitution Act Of Canada says that a double imprisonment is illegal.  Rene waited 16 more months in jail for the June 2014 trial.  Thank you tax-payers for the time you wasted away from your families for a trial that was illegal and a complete cover-up?

Rene was a good college teacher without a criminal history.  Rene was never in jail before 2012.  Rene had a commercial pilot's licence before he started teaching!  Normally a nice person with no criminal history goes to jail for one or two weeks for sending silly email.  Not in Ontario, Canada.

The second charge occurred on 2 March 2013.  Rene waited in jail for 16 months for lawyers to pretend to give a trial.  Rene used the time to learn about law.  Rene also tried to have the court acknowledge RVH crimes.  There were so many delays!  Natalie went on vacation, then Natalie had a baby, then--Rene got to just sit in jail and wait.

Rene wasn't only in jail.  Anjana did such a good job of making Rene look insane that doctor Gunter Wolfgang Lorberg decided to try to save Rene as well.

Gunter claimed to be the chief psychiatrist of The Ministry Of Community Safety And Correctional Services (MCSCS) of the Ontario Central North Correctional Centre (CNCC) where Rene was taken after a night at the Spalding Drive Barrie police station on 2 March 2013.  CNCC is in Penetanguishene, Ontario, near a lake that is smooth like glass.  Doctors and managers usually wear white shirts there (bible cues).

There is a special place inside CNCC that the government uses as a psychiatric wing.  Rene does not think that is actually supposed to exist.  It permits psychiatrists unrestricted ability for unannounced medical drug trials.

Gunter has a side business.  Gunter also gets money from a Methadone clinic in Barrie.  He is a group partner there.  Methadone is a drug that inmates (people in jail) call "liquid handcuffs".  It is normally given to Heroin addicts to help them stop using Heroin.  It is very addictive.

CNCC has over 1150 beds.  Sometimes they put three people in a two-bed cell.  This is also illegal but it happens.  It is actually commonplace at the most complained about Ontario super-jail in Lindsay.

Inmates really do kill each other over bed space and sometimes force sex on each other.  Rene did experience this but was able to stand his ground successfully.  Rene started working out after that.

Gunter is responsible for prescribing medicine to all CNCC inmates. 

People in jail trade pills for food.  They also crush pills and snort them.  Snorting is inhaling through the nose.  Inmates do this for fun because there is little else to really do in jail all day. 

The bible does serve a very practical purpose in jail.  Rene actually smoked a cigarette that came out of someone else's ass.  It was a rare treat.  We used a ripped page from the bible to roll it.  It was singularly the best cigarette.

Jail is like a micro society.  Guards are the boss.  CNCC was the only private jail in Canada until 2006.  Guards were still dirty in 2012. 

Guards at CNCC gave more food to prisoners who help guards hurt other prisoners.  Guards pick the prisoners they want to hurt.  Guards pay prisoners with desserts or longer time outside their cell in the open range for hurting other prisoners that have charges guards don't like.  It happens away from the camera behind the toilet wall or in a cell. 

Rene has personally seen a guard remotely open ("crack" is the jail term) the locked door of an inmate for the server to enter and assault.  Managers keep their eyes closed unless someone gets killed.  There is paperwork when an inmate dies.  Paperwork is a headache to managers because it is a record.  People who get seriously assaulted at jail almost never make the news.

Prisoners use Methadone in jail like pills.  Methadone is a drink that requires a short walk out of the range.  Gunter gave it to prisoners who simply insisted they needed it. 

Gunter was also willing to let Rene try almost any drug.  Rene chose not to accept any.  Gunter had no respect for inmates.  Gunter feared them.  He approached them like a scared child would a vicious tiger in a zoo.

Mr. Lorberg insisted upon visiting Rene at his cell despite knowing Rene wanted not to talk with any doctor without an audio-recording.  Gunter thought Rene was delusional for calling a peddling witch-doctor a witch.  There was one day that Gunter simply did not hear.  He only left when Rene repeatedly kicked the solid steel door screaming "FUCK OFF WITCH.  You will burn in hell." 

Gunter kept Rene in solitary confinement for the entire 16 months.  The rules for the psychiatric range 2C permitted inmates only a 20 minute exit from their cell onto the common range.  Every normal range was released early in the morning and returned to their cell around dinner, to spend the day in a larger open room which at least allowed home-made board games to be played.

Inmates on the mental health range of 2C at CNCC were permitted only a 20 minute exit from their cell about every other day.  Guards often called in sick during the summer so arbitrary full-day lockdown was common place.  Lockdowns happened for any excuse. 

The longest Rene had to go without a shower was 11 days.  Rene will admit that on two days within those 11 guards did crack the door but Rene did not hear the sound and guards did not follow-up.  Guards also gave no mercy when the excuse of not having heard the door was given.  The door is not cracked at the same time each day.

There is an outdoor yard at the jail.  It is the exact same as a range which is about the size of a basketball court.  The outdoor yard is only concrete.  It is a range with half the roof missing.  Rene was let for a 20 minute yard break about once per week in 2013.

Rene is thankful that words are indeed mightier than a sword now that we have the internet.

Prisoners who use Methadone typically get addicted.  Then they have to visit Gunter in Barrie for more after jail.  Gunter gets money from the government of Ontario to keep giving away Methadone in Barrie.  Rene does not understand how the direct monetary reward can be morally justified. 

Bail lets prisoners live outside jail while they wait for a trial.  Gunter helped lawyers to stop Rene from getting bail.  Gunter passed a psychiatric form with jail staff each time Rene went to court for a scheduled bail hearing.  The form requires the doctor to see the person on the form within a short time before signing.

A psychiatric form went with Rene to jail at least 12 times for different scheduled bail hearings from 2 March 2013 until his final court date on 16 October 2015.  A doctor only met Rene within the time needed on the form about 3 times.  The rest of the forms were simply against the law.  Rene tried his best to point this out at the courthouse in Barrie, but they kept refusing to listen to Rene.

The court records of early 2014 should directly show Rene arguing the injustice before several judges.  Michelle Fuerst was the regional senior judge for Superior Court of Justice at Barrie.  She denied Rene fair hearing on more than one occasion.

Rene also met one inmate who waited two years in jail attempting to receive fair hearing about the fact that jury vetting had been commonplace at Barrie.  Vetting a jury is illegal everywhere. 

Ryan Jeffrey Hamelin was another inmate who presented Rene with his disclosure for review.  The disclosure is the whole case file argued in court.  Rene shared the inconsistencies with Ryan who shared them with his lawyer Uma Kancharla.

Rene has come upon Uma through Ryan.  Uma was impressed.  It turned out that Ryan really was innocent.  Not only was he innocent, but his wife Amanda had actually stabbed Ryan with a screwdriver and was now using the law to keep him in jail.  Amanda allegedly had an affair with Barrie detective Troy Armstrong, which didn't help Ryan in court.  Ryan ended up pleading guilty to get out of jail.

A judge at trial decides how much jail time a prisoner receives.  It is stupid to have a trial after the term for imprisonment has long passed because the judge simply announces "Time served." and lets the prisoner out of jail if the prisoner is found guilty.  That is exactly the same thing as a judge saying, "I think you're guilty, now go home and don't do it again."

Inmates often plead guilty NOT because they are guilty.  Many inmates plead guilty just to get out of jail.

There is really no purpose to even have a trial for most prisoners at CNCC because most of them are in jail longer than the law says they need to be.  The really bad people like the Ontario politician Michael Bryant who killed Darcy Allen Sheppard never go to jail because they have friends who are also lawyers.

Rene met witch-doctor Jeffrey Van Impe in jail.  Jeffrey listened to Rene for 1.5 hours on 18 (19?) June 2013 at CNCC.  The previous blog at should have the exact date.

Jeffrey, like Gunter, refused to have the session audio-recorded.  Jeffrey asked Rene if Rene had ever been on a date with Natalie.  Rene asked Jeff to define "date".  Jeffrey said, "alone, just the two of you."  Rene replied, "Yes."  Jeffrey replied, "I don't believe you."  Then Jeffrey had the court order Rene to see another doctor, Karen De Freitas, at The Ontario Shores Centre For Mental Health Sciences in Whitby, Ontario.  Karen may have been the psychiatrist at Ontario Shores at the time.

Prosecuting lawyer Kevin Sisk is to thank for the Ontario Shores trip.  Kevin did not believe local nurses who spot-tested Rene at Barrie with questions about law.  Nurses tested Rene twice.  Both times Rene passed legal questions without having been given the necessary material to study before the test!

Mr. Sisk wanted to be really sure that Rene should be allowed to be speak in court.  Rene was going on about the fact that mind is NOT defined ANYWHERE in The Criminal Code Of Canada.  In fact, Rene only found the word in the legal definition for mental disorder, at the start of the book of law: "mental Disorder is a disease of the mind."

Doctors are left to determine what a mental disorder is.  Everyone seems to overlook the fact that the word mind is not defined.  If our mind is our brain, why have two words for it?  Mind must be more than our brain or every Christian would join ISIS for complete anarchy in Canada

Rene did win the right to speak in court but being allowed to say something to a judge and having the judge also listen are two completely different things.

Rene saw patients held down and forcibly injected at Ontario Shores the same way he did at RVH.  The patients were normal people who simply spoke back to doctors in the exact same way Rene is doing with this text.  Rene has listened to countless psychiatric clients scream at doctors. 

Doctors pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for education that they believe gives them job security.  Their education tells them they are experts in a mind that is not living.  Their testimony drives the outcome of court cases each and every time. 

23. 2013: Ontario Shores considered Rene mentally fit; notes about court transcripts

Rene did most of the talking himself in court.  There were many judges and many court dates.  Rene went to court over 100 times just for the book, or whatever similar version in any of the alternate universes spun off before Rene gave up on the project. 

Courts have records that anyone can buy.  A secret rule of the government says that the government must always look like it knows what it is doing in the courtroom.  That rule is actually in the annotations to The Constitution Act. 

People do need to know that judges do check the transcripts before the public sees them.  Judges actually veto the typed copies.  Veto means that the transcripts from court are not usually the whole conversation. 

The pubic rarely discovers the hidden parts from the typed transcripts.  For example, Ontario Court Of Justice (OJC) judge Nancy Dawson at Barrie exclaimed "That's a lie!" at Rene after Rene casually commented that he did not receive the bail hearing to which he was entitled one day at Barrie.

The law says a person is entitled to a bail hearing every few months in jail.  Twice that much time had passed more than once.  Kathryn Hull was the prosecutor the day Judge Dawson blurted a lie onto the courthouse audio-video record.

Ms. Dawson gave the court a recess for Kate to confirm the accusation.  Rene was correct.  The statement was removed from the transcript and Rene still did not get a formal bail hearing.  Kate kept wanting NOT to talk about. 

Rene forgot the name of the judge that sent a message with another inmate to Rene in the courthouse basement holding cell (that would be recorded too): "Watch out if you plan to make a mockery of this court!" 

The public pays to have the records stored; the public should have free access to them. 

Robert Dickey was the next doctor who intentionally falsified facts about Rene.

Rene perfectly understands his right in court.  Rene found several judges to be quite reasonable.  Unfortunately, most reasonable judges were visiting judges from Toronto

Learning when to talk was all that Rene didn't know.  Rene argued every point exquisitely well and even managed to befuddle the court into silence on one occasion in 2013.  Vincent Zenobio was incorrectly attempting to speak on behalf of Rene that day before a shorter male judge with dark hair who looked small in his big chair (Mr. Cawson?)

Inmates are somehow simply expected to know the names of judges, opposing lawyers, and accepted etiquettes in court without specific instruction.  Any delay irritates busy lawyers.  Remands to return to court another day for a turn at bat are the norm and more tax-payer money is wasted all around.

Some judges promised assistance only to ignore their word and subsequent requests to make good on their assurance, for example, a German translator on a day when Rene felt like speaking only German in attempt to be better heard.  English IS the second language of Rene after all.  Many judges simply refused to provide simple photocopies to Rene. 

Judges expected Rene to magically convince guards to do his bidding at CNCC.  Rene did ask.  He got the following response from more than one guard: "We're both in jail.  Don't ask for anything or you'll get nothing.  Keep asking and you'll get hurt.  My job is only to feed you."

Mr. Impe tried to have Rene put into his hospital, The Waypoint Centre For Mental Health, in Penetanguishene (near CNCC).  One inmate, a Matt from Poland, had just returned from a 30-day assessment at Waypoint.  He talked about an indoor pool, outdoor tennis courts, and government money for the stay. 

Inmates at Waypoint could have Dominos pizza delivered, or order McDonalds!  It didn't matter that nurses refused to share the remote to the big screen TV during a particular sports game.  Doctors suddenly became obscenely useful to Rene in jail.

All psychiatrists are first medical doctors. 

(Author note: One cannot be expected to remember all that has happened and remain temporally sane.  Half the experiences brought on for this marketing project have been beyond horrible, and the rest completely unnecessary had we agreed to partner for the sake of all humanity.)

Rene met witch-doctor William Komer at Waypoint.  Mr. Komer was obtuse.  Mr. Komer had the judge order Rene to be forcibly injected on 5 August 2015.  This is after two more arrests for the same stupid crime of sending a few emails back to Natalie just to continue this book.  The Barrie police were carbon copied (CC'd) each time.  Actually, they blocked the email address of Rene from their servers before Natalie did.  How's that for stupidity?

Changing one's own name in a story does honestly make it easier to write objectively.  Rene Helmerichs was born in Bremen, Germany, on the 2nd of March in 1977.  He is also Loo throughout this greater story.

Linda, the wonderfully patient translator for the first Chinese copy of this text, asked what "Loo" meant.  Loo is short for "Lu", which is the start of a word given the UR text of A Course In Miracles that means "light-bearer".  Everyone is a light-bearer at different times in the day when we seek to support another instead of putting them down.  Working WITH each other on projects that are not mutually exclusive is what life is meant to be all about, ya?

(Author note: my sincerest apologies for typographical errors.  You'll have to forgive.  It has been trying and nought but anxiety to retype same one monologue hoping for respite for international common sense.)

Everyday people make up the jury of a trial.  They are selected from a list of people.  Both sides of the argument get to choose who they want on the jury but the judge has the final say.  They are not paid to be there. 

The people also have to miss work to be on a jury in Canada.  That means they often lose pay from their jobs.  It also means they don't want to be there and hope for a quick end. 

Rene wonders why the jury of a trial is not permitted to asking questions.  How can people possibly be expected to hold an objective opinion for eight hours per day just listening?

26. 2014: Barrie, Ontario, Canada, court file C13-205-SR June 2014 trial outcome

Rene was found guilty at the June 2014 trial.  The judge, Greg Mulligan, began the trial by reiterating how absolutely rude it is to interrupt the opening remarks of a party.  The opening remarks take about 20 minutes.

Greg told Rene it was rude to interrupt the opening remarks of Kate, the prosecuting crown lawyer.  Greg then interrupted the opening remarks of Rene four times.  Rene did not interrupt Kate.

Judge Mulligan denied Rene to submit key evidence beyond that already establishing Natalie Kelloway, then Natalie Yewchyn, as a perjurer in the submissions give for C13-205-SR at Barrie in June of 2014. 

Greg also denied Rene to submit any form of mental health record in his defence.  The issue of mental health simply was not allowed to be raised, or the trial would again be rendered in favour of Rene.

Rene had actually passed all the tests to become a pilot in the Canadian air force.  Rene was selected as one of about 30 from maybe 5000 applicants.  The testing included every kind of head-test imaginable.  Rene had asked to be arrested a second time because he wanted to challenge Anjana Chawla and Liaqat Ali directly in a public way.  The case already had nothing more to do with the Mormon Community Of Christ church except that the Ontario government was still defending a lie. 

No lawyer or officer of the law in Canada helped Rene to submit his medical journal from RVH.  Rene wrote everything he saw for two months and copied it onto their record.  No judge helped Rene get a copy of the 22 October 2012 hearing where Anjana Chawla openly threatened Rene in front of lawyers June Bell and David Northcott, and former Barrie mayor Janice Laking.  That hearing also heard a psychiatrist not answer the direct request of Rene to define "normal" since Rene was accused of being not a perfectly normal guy in person.

Rene had spent an entire day arguing with Mr. Mulligan to allow the jury to see the 4 Sept. 2012 police report from Officer Read.  Kate offered a redacted version of the 4 Sept 2012 report from Barrie police officer Brian Read.  A redacted version has black marker over parts of it to hide words or sentences.  All the mental illness insinuations were hidden with a black marker.  The judge did tell the jury they could see it:

Mr. Mulligan then decided that the whole thing couldn't be accepted because the report said Rene had already been arrested for the information of the charge.  That report directly shows that Rene was arrested 3 Sept 2012 not for the 3.5 grams of pot that Loo waved in front of Doug to get Doug laughing.

The 4 Sept 2012 report would have stopped the trial right away.  Rene was not supposed to be allowed to be in jail and that the government of Ontario will have to pay Rene a lot of money for that knowledge-sharing hub intended at the outset.

The occurrence number of the 4 Sept 2012 report from Brian Read is BA12042846.  The redacted copy argued about in court is copied to as a direct download .pdf for your convenience.

The judge also told Rene how much time Rene would have for his testimony.  The judge then told Rene that Greg changed his mind and was ending the trial without giving Rene the earlier allotted time.

The jury came in at the end to tell the judge they thought Rene was guilty.  This happens when a prisoner is outright denied to defend himself. 

Mr. Mulligan then told the jury they could go home.  Then Mr. Mulligan sent Rene back into a mental ward.  It may possibly be that mull-it-over-again Mulligan needs a trip to the Happy Farm for some drugs.

Rene was found guilty after serving 16 months in solitary confinement AFTER having served 2 months for the same information.  The normal time should have been a couple weeks in total. 

Mr. Mulligan even refused to accept submissions of Rene after the trial that errors in law had occurred.  Rene had argued the point AFTER the trial which was the first appropriate time to raise the issue of the errors in law that had occurred.

Mr. Mulligan gave Rene "time served" and denied Rene the right to submit mental health evidence.  The heinous crimes of witch-doctors against unsuspecting patients and their families had been the primary motive for continuing back on 2 March 2013!  Mr. Mulligan only gave Rene a final "fuck you" by keeping Rene in handcuffs and having an ambulance take him back to RVH for Canada Day 2014.

Mr. Mulligan did many things wrong but not allowing Rene to share his story with a probation order denying Rene the right of his own self-defence for the next 3 years was really just a time-kill. 

To not be released and put into an ambulance in handcuffs was an attempt at a personal insult.  Mr. Mulligan thought Rene was wasting his time.  We are reminded that the true God Almighty is simply not mockable.  That's in the Catholic legal farce for a collection of 66 books somewhere.  The bible is intended to be a history book, a reminder of things past students desired was well worth remembering.

Ironically, Catholicism symbolizes all humanity numerically as a 6 such that all who stand with all that Catholics (who believe the mother of the self-professed son of a man was a virgin) attempt but fail to say become walking 999s turning all that they try to say just upside-down.

Rene stayed only one day at RVH before another ambulance took him to Waypoint in Penetanguishene.  Rene met Jeffrey at Waypoint on 2 July 2014.  The conversation was simple, "Jeff, I have you on my blog.  Your colleague Anjana Chawla bribed me to lower a blog about her.  You will release me or you will never hear the end of it."  Jeff listened.  He passed Rene onto a new doctor who released Rene as soon as the temporary hold of idiot mull-it-over-again ran its course.

Rene continued blogging when he was finally released in July of 2014.  He had 3 years of probation to serve as well. 

Probation requires regular visits to a probation officer.  Tamara Williamson of The Orillia Probation And Parole Office decided that Rene should visit her every two weeks.  Other people visit once a month. 

Buses did not run as often as they do in a big city.  Rene had to ride a bicycle 5 km through snow because he did not have the extra money to take a taxi to see Tamara.  Tamara told Rene that her job was also to correct errors the judge might have made.

The probation order required Rene not to tell his story on the internet with real names.  This is actually illegal since Rene has a right to stand up for himself according to international law.  Thus does Canada knowing promote slavery and NOT justice while its politicians have not taken serious steps to correct the injustices enumerated in absolutely countless records of inmates abused by the courthouse of Barrie.

Tamara walked downstairs from her office and told a justice what Rene had done.  Rene had blogged the name "Natalie Yewchyn".  He attempted to publicize this very story, only in 2014.

A justice of the peace is the first level of judge.  They pretty much just sit in an office and sign a paper that says, "Yes, the person on this paper showed me her identification and promised me that we believe in the same one kind of honesty."  A justice of the peace can also grant bail.  Tamara instigated a private charge.

Tamara Williamson charged Loo for asking for her help after the June 2014 trial.  Let's call that the third time Loo was arrested for his Nobel Peace Prize story.  The arrest happened days after his release.  Loo went right back to jail.

Tamara was a police officer in Orillia, Ontario.  You can hear her say that in the court records after Loo was arrested a fourth time!  Loo instigated that one.  The court file numbers are C14-6966-OJC, C14-6985-OJC, and C14-6986-OJC at Barrie.  The fourth and fifth charges occurred in December of 2014 when Loo had had enough.

(Author Note: I recall writing at the start in 2012 that I write first as a journal for sake of memory.  I would like to add that the Orillia OPP left me out in the cold in autumn of 2014 while I tried repeatedly to contact medical services via 911.  Luckily, God circumvents corruption of police departments and works through real people in a real way.  I had walked to pick up my now wife, Lindsay, from the Orillia bus terminal.  Crooks stood at the terminal when I arrived; they longed to arrest me yet again.  One asked, "Are you really married, Rene?"  Yes, I am and was.  Looking down, the wedding band on my right middle finger reminds me to that I am honestly committed.  The jeweller had let me take a video of her explanation upon which finger to wear the band.  This is an Accidental Billionaires type of screenplay.)

The Ontario Provincial Police at Orillia  also bullied Loo.  This is evident in the OPP video Loo had on a youtube channel but which seems to have disappeared (but its channel is still there and sits empty).  It is copied to (part 1) and (part 2) to be certain the link stays active. 

The 6 November 2014 video does directly incriminate two more OPP officers IN the video because they should have acted.  They were trying to charge Rene on false allegations from a social worker--whatever her name was.  Rene had been assigned that worker and had no choice to deal with her.  The woman felt Rene was threatening her when Rene explained that her refusal to help Rene with money to which he was legally entitled is illegal on her part.  Rene was desperate for money and legally entitled to at least receive the minimum public welfare amount of about $650 per month.

The third arrest was for writing the words "Natalie Yewchyn" onto a blog after the June 2014 trial.  The fourth arrest in December was for emailing her again.  Count on Natalie to not be blocked from police servers.

The mother of Rene, Ingrid Helmerichs had lost her house in Barrie, Ontario, with the sudden disappearance of second mortgage payments to her.  Canada will purchase a new home for Ingrid Helmerichs, natural mother of Rene Helmerichs, in Germany.  Rene believes her preferred home, that in which she was born, is currently on the market.  She lost her home at no fault of her own and directly because of injustices served Rene following false statement of Natalie Kelloway.

Mr. Komer enters the story after the fourth arrest.  The fourth occurred in December 2014 while Lindsay was visiting Rene in Orillia, Ontario.  Case file numbers for the third and fourth arrest are C14-6966, C14-6985, C14-6986-OJC at Barrie.

Waypoint chief James Karagianis had enough of Rene.  James even had the court present Rene with a non-communication order while Rene was still at Waypoint.  This meant that Rene couldn't talk to James or Rene would incur more charges and jail time.  James clearly demonstrated mental illness right then.

Most nurses at Waypoint were great.  One nurse, Sylvian (Sly), played chess with Rene each of his shifts.  That was a highlight.  Another female nurse read the court transcript Rene had managed with James.  Sly was convinced that Rene would manage to send email from the internet-restricted ward computer.  He did mange to send texts to his lawyer and mother.  The computer was eventually outright removed while Rene was there because Rene also managed to upload a police video to Youtube from prison without needing to pay for a copy of the Ontario Provincial Police property: and

Rene had waited 3 months in jail just to be able to ask James in court, on a recording, why doctors wouldn't let Rene have his bewitching patient-doctor sessions audio-recorded.  The date was in July 2015.

Courts have audio and video recordings so that the public can check what was said.  Doctors can lock people into jail without a trial for a lot longer than jails, so why no recording?  Perhaps the question was stupid.  Psychiatrists believe all their clients are theirs to paint like characters in a movie script that they alone are permitted to author.  Rene is an author too.

Barrie cops picked Rene up three hours late for that July 2015 date.  Rene sat for months waiting for James to offer a day to come to court.  It was fun tearing down highway 26 at 130 km per hour with the lights flashing.

James told Rene in court that Rene was mentally ill as if to say that was the reason for not needing a recording.  Rene opted not to bother waiting another 3 months just to show James how retarded Rene could be if he wanted to be.  Rene got a judge to order the transcript (it is free that way).

Actually, Rene has had about half of the substantial (not just remand appearances) court transcripts ordered.  It would have been nice to have them all electronically, but they already exist and have been shared.

Rene shared the July 2015 transcript with a nurse at Waypoint.  She didn't have anything nice to add about James.  She called James obsessive and probably pegged him correctly with insanity issues.  James was boss of doctors at Waypoint.

Waypoint has other issues.  There are systems in place to help people.  Rene lost physical property at Waypoint without explanation from staff or compensation or even attempt at recovery.  The merchandise from his mother simply never made it from the front door at Waypoint to Rene. 

30. There is a SERIOUS mental health issue at Waypoint Center that needs fixing ASAP.

One individual who worked at Waypoint claimed to be able to help Rene.  The government paid him as part of The Psychiatric Patient Advocate Office extension there.  His name is Wade Stevenson.  He worked as a Patient Right Advisor for The Psychiatric Patient Advocate Office.  But we can call he a she, since he wore lipstick and dresses to work each day.  Think about that. 

There is a man playing childish dress-up games to appear at a mental hospital as a cosplay every day. 

A man who dresses like a woman and pretends to be a woman is definitely mentally ill, or at the very least deluded as to what gender his immortal mind temporal-physically presents.  Canada allows this in one of Ontario's leading mental health centres?  Wade's job is to help confused normal people navigate the legal system.  That's just bullshit.  "Horseshit" as Mac Greaves would say.

Wade, like Advocate Cathy Difonte but less qualified that she, took no time to help Rene.  Rene asked often and repeatedly.  Rene even told Wade explicitly what Rene needed.  It was as simple as a photocopy of a letter to send Lindsay because Alison Jones wouldn't do it.  Alison Jones spent more time making excuses to Rene than it would have taken her simply to be helpful. 

Alison Jones, Wade, and Cathy denied all electronic communication with Lindsay.  Luckily there exists God-knows-what.  Let's call it fluke.  A long distance telephone code materialized for Rene to be able to call Lindsay every day in Taiwan at the expense of tax-payers on the Waypoint account.  Thank you Alison.

Lindsay did awesome transcribing oral dictations to James Karagianis.  The Barrie cops followed suit with stupid threats of reprisal against Rene in Canada via a country that isn't even globally acknowledged as the proper head of the bloated province of China.

Rene did also walk out of Waypoint with their USB key which Rene could no longer access for sheer lack of a ward computer.  It broke in the wash much later.

Mr. Komer had the court order Rene to be forcibly injected, again.  Remember that these injections did nothing to alter the drive or thinking of Rene and only caused him spinal pain.  The court wanted to send Rene back to Waypoint for Mr. Komer to do it.  The date of the hearing was 5 August 2015 and the electronic transcript is available at:

The judge was going to send Rene back to Waypoint for wild Bill but, laughable, William Komer suddenly informed us that Rene was not allowed back there again.  Ontario Shores was runner up.

Mr. Komer sent Rene back to Ontario Shores to meet Leslie Wong.  Leslie is a female name but Mr. Wong at least dressed like a boy.  Crackpot Karagianis and Wrong Wong share the girlie name.  Mr. Wong was horrible.  Rene tried his best to stop the forced injections legally. 

Rene contacted The Psychiatric Patient Advocate Office in Toronto.  Rene contacted The Office Of The Ombudsman.  Rene contacted everyone he could at Ontario Shores.  Rene even submitted a complaint to The College Of Physicians And Surgeons Of Ontario against Mr. Komer IN ADVANCE OF the 5 August 2015 order!  No one helped.

Mr. Leslie Wong actually did more than not help.  Rene was only asking for a record.  Is that too much?

Leslie Wong refused to allow Rene even to have a written conversation.  Rene hoped for an audio recording but if Wrong Wong wants to waste time, dear God, game on. 

Leslie was afraid to be recorded.  Leslie did not allow Rene to have a paper and pen to keep a record of what was being said.  A flashback to Dickery Dicky about that pen and suddenly a horde of nurses ready to jump Rene at Waypoint before Robert The Dick clued into what Rene was saying and passed him off to Wild Bill.

After Leslie, Rene was done.  Rene was mentally finished.  It HAS actually been stressful.  Rene still wonders what Kidsland staff are thinking.  It was actually completely unnecessary for Rene to lose his teaching job in Taiwan in 2018, not to mention completely illegal on their part.

Rene returned to court after the last injection and asked the courtroom judge-god to please allow Loo to return to Taiwan where 666 is respected as a good number.  Thank GOD for GOD that the Barrie courthouse had also had enough of Rene.

The judge of 16 October 2015 gave Rene "time served" for all three outstanding charges--the one from Tamara Williamson in July of 2014 and the two in December 2014. 

Rene had written something in the third draft of this little book about CNCC not being able to believe it and needing to keep him over the weekend, but senior managers there have actually been pretty sincere.  Rene pegged the mental scope of CNCC in comparison to the city of Barrie police service as a day-night difference.  Lorberg is directly at fault for the extra weekend in jail. 

That driving timing actually had to compensate for obstinacy of Wolfgang.  Lorberg had simply provided excuses each time Rene asked for his help to submit the paperwork necessary to obtain the clearly entitled mental disability pension.  In fact, Lorberg did repeatedly attempt to wave Rene off completely.

Lorberg did provide Rene copies of the DSM, which is appreciated.  In retrospect, what the team needed was to ensure a proper home for his Mum and there is none more suitable than that of her longing and place of her physical birth.  This could only come about with a pending fraud charge against her.  Cashing the mental disability checks of Rene for two years was actually necessary to help her afford to care for the son of Rene whom Rene really does miss more than all the world.  Care for the son would not have been necessary had any doctor stood up for honesty rather than support the mental fixations of Natalie Kelloway.

Gunter Wolfgang Lorberg congratulated Rene on 19 October 2015 for the decision to embrace mental illness and accept its pension with remark, "You have trouble making friends."  Accordingly, the reply:
"If you want to be on my side of your friendship line, you will tithe ten percent of double your last stated income.  We, as friends, need your support to build a global knowledge-sharing hub lest it be mistakenly associated as a government project.  Since an incorporated legal entity is also defined as a person in The Criminal Code Of Canada, your business shall likewise tithe the customary Good Sense ten percent.  You have defended for The Mormon Community Of Christ against one who has not placed money first.  Please demonstrate your change of perspective with action for Talk To Dream.  You shall then not longer be in defence of those adamantly against providing global lawyers a legal definition for mind.  Regardless of your choice, do tell your friends whether you are leaning toward incarceration for life with daily Methadone doses or a minor reduction to your disposable income."  Herzlichen Dank, mein neuen Freund.

Gunter gave Rene a permanent Canada mental disability pension.  Rene has actually been entitled to a salary without work in Canada.  Rene did decide to come to Taiwan to work for a living instead and has had no shortage of contracts offered.

The first release, 31 Oct. 2012, saw Rene return to captivity under rule of a very stubborn woman newly convinced that her son had gone stark mad (no thanks to Anjana, failed expert of mind).

The second release, Independence Day 2014, saw Rene sheltered by Tatsuya Ota, co-founder of Talk To Dream and listed on the original submission to The Canadian Charities Directorate in May of 2012.  Rene missed cues to leave and waited until the couch lent to him as a bed literally collapsed.  We'll make that up to you yet Tat.

The third arrest didn't really count and wasn't at all necessary.  Tamara Williamson will be tithing ten percent of her annual income going forward or face charges in time.  Tatsuya questioned Rene, but the friendship held fast.

The fourth release on 19 Oct. 2015 was dicey.  Jeff Smith quite creatively managed to locate and directly connect with Rene at Ontario Shores.  This is doubly impressive because the public is not let to know who is in any of the forensic assessment units in Ontario, and is actively prevented from communicating to incarcerated individuals. 

Jeff welcomed Rene.  Jeff has his own story, stories, to share.  Rene bids lawmakers lend a serious ear to everything Jeff has in companion to this very text.  Be forewarned there is a lot and lawmakers are certainly going to balk at its presentation.  However, Jeff unequivocally has the support of Rene since Jeff and Rene are essentially the same in every way, with minor personally quirks and physical preferences aside.  Rene salutes Jeff for the fastest exit Rene did ever witness any inmate to receive from the insanity of the lock-down range 2C at CNCC.

The mother of Rene had finally given into her own higher ideals.  She took Rene in just at the right time, but not for long. 

Doctor Andrzej (Andy) Eugeniusz Wozniak was determined to keep Rene's family broken.  He bluntly told Ingrid in that European way that Rene cannot live with his son.  Andy feared the worst for Sunjay after all that now 9 psychiatrists had amassed in defence of a minister and ex-treasure for The Mormon Community Of Christ.  Ingrid, of course, believed his word to be infallible. 

So it was that Ingrid bought her son a plane ticket to Taiwan to leave as soon as possible.  Rene would spend the next two years sleeping in the agreed "best place in the world": a single bed without a mattress in the small room of his current wife Lindsay, in the home of her parents, with his feet sticking out over the end, beside Lindsay, with his 10-year-old laptop and the ability to play the best game in the world at ten hours each day if only to re-learn the ropes of normal life in a fun game-like setting.

34. 2016-1018: Taiwan and the current state of affairs.

Rene started his life anew in Taiwan in 2016.  He got a job teaching at Ivy, only to discover the school hadn't yet mentally graduated to scholarship recognition.  Details are embedded at .  Find a picture of 吳逸哲 (Tony Wu) on page 21 and snap-shot of history in pages 21-23.

Kidsland came next.  Kidsland branch mangers loved Rene.  Rene did his best.  Parents loved Rene.  Rene loved all students.  Clare authorized the illegal contract.  She heard the potential.  She offered more money, better hours, more paid days off, and a longer terms.  Then she changed her mind without really thinking about her actions.  That part is just bad for future business.

Rene is serious about attention.  Rene supports Sesame Street English in Taiwan BUT NOT Kidsland for firing Rene without cause.  It is not too late to save Kidsland: .

Everyone needs forms for barter, money.  Unfortunately, Kidsland Sesame Street English in Tainan, Taiwan, did fire Rene.  Rene insisted that Kidsland warn parents of kids who all trusted Rene.  Kidsland did instead attempt to further smear the reputation of Rene.  Superintendent Clare Chiang lied to the government for manger Denise to change the contract before hiring Rene. 

Manager Stacy compounded the issue with false statements regarding normal necessities for teachers to operate AS teachers at their main branch.  Managers Clare Chiang, Denise, and Stacy are all implicated in whatever future lawsuit. 

There are no silly games or offers for Kidsland.  Kidsland is simply losing more future money the longer they wait to contact Rene, and Rene is not a happy camper for the unnecessary defame they have sent his way.  This will only come back to them by law of Karma unless amends are rapidly confirmed via pleasant email exchanges.

Set TV of Set Group Channel 54 News in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, did also NOT assist the plight of Rene on 15 February 2018.  Set TV aired Rene handing out national Taiwan currency with the web address of a global petition for worldwide peace: .  They have had choice to partner with Rene and help Rene restore his international reputation.  This matter shall surely be revisited since it is clearly left unresolved.

II.    The Church Of Loo 是荷光者

USD Beneficiary Account: 11513-1109516 (<--Any national currency can be transferred into this account)
TWD Beneficiary Account: 11554-0299017 (<-- better for local Taiwan contributions)
Beneficiary Name: Helmerichs, Rene
Beneficiary Bank: CTBC Bank Co., Ltd., East Tainan Branch
1F., No. 290, Sec. 2, Changrong Rd.
East District, Tainan City 701, Taiwan
Phone: +886-6-2085522

All funds received shall support all intents named in this text.  Funding also intended for use against defamed individuals and businesses refusing to tithe for their own legal absolve.  A public gold-production factory is on the agenda of entities to support to ensure global establishment of a true One World Bank.

Rene Helmerichs asked an international church for help.  He had actually sent hundreds of emails merely suggesting that we are living The Book Of Revelation right NOW, and that this little book could be that named therein as a scroll to be eating up by lawyers and cops before turning their stomachs sour.

A Mormon church told Barrie police to arrest Rene.  Doctors and lawyers spent years trying to ruin the credibility of the teacher known as Loo.  A PUBLIC Philosophy Doctorate in Honest Communication shall be deemed bestowed upon Natalie Kelloway the moment Rene enters agree with her about her future.  At the moment, she faces serious perjury charges and her workplace shall be immediately notified to seek a replacement for her, of course.

Rene is currently in Taiwan looking for your help with a signature at to SHOW CANADADIANS the love their government does openly refuse the hardworking, over-taxed labourers.

To my son, and anyone, for the world we share.  We share to test ideas.  We must share to work together.  Publicity ensures honesty.  Creativity is the key to any SMASH HIT.  There are voice recordings, court transcripts, videos, and a lot of paperwork from also a lot of real doctors.  Choices are made and reactions follow.  We are together if we are for a sustainable future.

In Innocence (so signed on the 2 March 2013 charge at Barrie),

Legally in Canada: Rene Helmerich; legally in Taiwan: 是瑞內
current blog:
current petition:

Story Of Loo:
"The Choice" 3-parts:
There is so much more, additional notes also in the yet unpublished 4th draft to this 5th current text.
It IS the birth anniversary of Rene, again, today, and as such this official is "20180302 The Story Of Loo".

III.  Corruption Of The Barrie City Police Service: a SECOND case AND media abuse

The part of this story giving due respect and tribute to the front-line staff of any organization is especially true concerning The City Of Barrie Police.  In general, front-line police all mean well and do their jobs excellently.  Detectives, however, are a different breed and have much greater personal agendas.

The City Of Barrie Police Service compounded the initial fabrication of Natalie Yewchyn and The Mormon Community Of Christ.  Was it necessary?

To satisfy the question of whether the events in this story were at all necessary is satisfied with the case of Ryan Hamelin.

Most inmates in jail chat.  It took Rene over 6 months before he realized the strength of talking to other in jail.  He had only 20 minutes outside of his cell.  He began using the time to talk to other inmates.  Many, most, had incredible stories to share.

The story of Mark Dobson will make for a third case, but the story of Mark is directly against psychiatry whereas the story of Ryan Hamelin is almost exclusively against MAG and MCSCS.  MAG are the lawyers, MCSCS are the police.  Doctors belong to The Ministry Of Health.  A ministry is really a fancy word for "church".

Ryan Hamelin is, or was, just a normal guy.  Rene met Ryan at CNCC, in jail.  Ryan was kept in the same craziness under supervision of Gunter Lorberg.

Rene vehemently complained about the injustices served him by detectives of The City Of Barrie Police.  Ryan heard the story and offered support.

Everyone lies in jail.  A simple exaggeration is considered a lie.  In court, exaggerations are permitted so long as they do not substantially alter factual context.  Ryan reassured Rene when he gave Rene every legal document about his case.

Rene reviewed the disclosure material for Ryan Hamelin.  Mistakes, inconsistencies, became evident right away.  Rene pointed them out to Ryan.  Ryan told his lawyer, then Uma Kancharla, who compliment Ryan.  Ryan did say Uma was impressed at the insight.  The insight, however, was only technical.

So much did not add up.  Ryan had no criminal record until he discovered his wife, Amanda, to be having an affair.  Ryan identified Barrie detective Troy Armstrong as the individual of the affair.  Whether that individual was indeed the subject of the affair is not important, however, the incredible injustice served Ryan does seem unusually severe and causes Rene to wonder if Ryan wasn't also accurate about the named Barrie detective.

Amanda stabbed Ryan with a screwdriver.  There is a scar on Ryan to prove a stab wound.  Ryan did not call the police at the time since his wife was like many other women who periodically have psychotic episodes.  Rene can attest to this with his own personal experiences of other women and their insane and mortally dangerous breaks.

Perhaps Rene can refer the reader to past notes written about Ryan in previous documents posted to the internet.  Ryan himself can retell his story as well.  Should both fail, Rene is happy to review ALL disclosure material OF ALL CHARGES AGAINST RYAN HAMELIN to better jog his memory.

What matters most in this book is that Amanda continually pursued Ryan after each release.  In one such set-up, the car of Amanda was vandalized.  Amada claimed it to have happened at a certain time.  Ryan actually showed Rene verifiable information placing Ryan in a different city at the time of the event.  Ryan spent over a year arguing with lawyers in court and often made a mockery of them IN court not differently than Rene has and is still in print.  In that way, one can accurately say that Ryan AND Rene share THE SAME ONE SPIRIT for one sustainable honesty.  However, even the dishonest are honest at times, so fact and fiction co-exist here to sustain our ever-changing reality.

Ryan was in a car accident in his late teens.  He claims to have received a large payout (millions) as a result of the accident.  In fact, the accident left him in coma for some time.  This is what Lorberg has used to support the claim that Ryan is mentally ill.

The crown prosecutors took defame from Lorberg and tried to place quite unreasonable orders onto Ryan.  We must remember that Ryan was in jail for well over a year for the exact same charge as Rene, "Criminal Harassment".  For individuals not declared mentally ill on whatever grounds, the charge merits usually only a month in jail at most.  In both the case of Ryan and Rene, incarceration amounted to YEARS.  Rene and Ryan were both actively trying to counter open lying and perjury that Barrie detectives committed IN PRINT.

Rene challenged Ryan that if he were a millionaire, he should not be entitled to a legal aide lawyer such as Uma Kancharla.  Ryan pursued the matter.  His family had actually been preventing Ryan from receiving the money.  They in turn supported the idea that he was mentally ill for their own reasons.  It turns out that at least $50,000 disappeared for kitchen renovations of his family (or some such thing) without the awareness or consent of Ryan.  Other purchases were made as well.

Rene encouraged Ryan to press the point.  Ryan succeeded and suddenly two privately paid lawyers from another city took on the case.  Rene thought Ryan would win.  It was to no avail.  The lawyers, it seem, do not have the strength to stand against a systemic injustice that involves BOTH a rather large police department AND an entire courthouse. 

There is much "old" money in Barrie and Rene has directly heard of a "boys club" in the elite of The City Of Barrie Police Service through the junior constable who casually expressed wishing to be part of that club in the police car to the driver while Rene was being driving to the station for his second arrest on 2 March 2013.  Rene also came across a story of a Midland, Ontario, police flight sergeant who committed suicide after taking part in an illegal open physical assault on family members of one "criminal", after snorting cocaine.  That had actually been caught on video by the criminal who presented the evidence in court when police tried to use him as cover for the grounds of their visit.  The charge was obvious dropped with the outrageous evidence, and the "criminal" found dead a week later.  Midland is not far from Barrie, and a "boys club" would have friends in small towns.  Rene had previous written this story with names on a blog, but the names escape him at the moment.

This part is about Ryan Hamelin.  It also involves the media.  Rene was sad to read while thinking himself to have finally finished a draft of this text to send to Balboa Press on 14 March 2018, "White Day" in Japan:

Man wanted on Canada Wide Warrant found in Barrie
Posted: March 28, 2017 05:04:07 AM
Last updated: March 28, 2017 01:27:01 PM
Category: Canada & The World

The Ontario Provincial Police say a federal offender wanted for breaching parole has been found.
Ryan Hamelin, 36, was located and arrested by the Provincial R.O.P.E. Squad in Barrie on Tuesday.
He is serving a one month and 29 day sentence for criminal harassment and was wanted for breaching his Long Term Supervision Order.

Rene had googled "ryan hamelin barrie police".  The GOVERNMENT drives news.  There were pages and pages:

It is interesting to note the phrase "wanted for breaching parole" and "He is serving a one month and 29 day sentence for criminal harassment and was wanted for breaching his Long Term Supervision Order."

Rene parted Canada on 31 Dec. 2015.  To his knowledge, Ryan had plead guilty to get OUT of jail with agreement that MAG would not also slap him with a Dangerous Offender order.  Seriously, the crimes Amanda insisted Ryan to have committed are absolutely laughable compared with so many inmates who serve just months for much more serious offences.  Rene seriously desires all criminal records and disclosure material of Ryan Hamelin to be given a SERIOUS PUBLIC REVIEW.  Rene would like to post everything to the internet because, simply, Rene lived Ryan's plight AND the plight of Rene at the same time.

Rene vouches for Ryan that at least half of the crimes he is accused of having committed DID NOT OCCUR.  Rene challenges THE PUBLIC to investigate this case.

In addition to harassing Ryan, Amada also stole Ryan's dog and sold it on the internet, as well as thousands of dollars in tools.  Ryan had a home business repairing boats, and a boat of his own while happily married with Amanda.

Ryan has also done his own undercover work.  He was able to establish to Rene that Amanda was actually partying in Barrie with shady friends--friends that also openly broke the law but with silent protection of corrupt officers--and partook in Cocaine in her late twenties during at least one outing in Barrie.

Ryan didn't do Cocaine.  Ryan didn't party.  Ryan was hard worker who loved working on boats, boating, and his kids.  Amanda managed to absolutely destroy the life of Ryan as though it were her mission in life, her fun.

When the bible talks about driving out demons, we must remember that some people are simply so maliciously aligned that it befuddles the sane to even begin to comprehend how such a thing is possible.

The worst of the corrupt officers do always appear as absolutely honest AND law abiding.  This is the trick of the psychopath.  A psychopath does NOT write a book declaring police, lawyers, and doctors to be insane.  This one is only accomplishable by one knowing himself to have the strength of the universe on his side, and it is with THAT strength that Rene is daring to vouch directly for Ryan Jeffrey Hamelin.  INVESTIGATE IT.

Ryan himself will surely not disagree.  And when you raise the issue with him, tell him how you came upon it.

Mark Dobson is on Rene's list of unconditional mandatory cases to review as well.  Rene would however like the chance to speak with Mark in person to be sure there is not further risk of suicide, since he is not incorrect that we do not die with physical death.  His error lay only in the idea given him by the 56-year-old who insisted he could re-incarnate on a DIFFERENT planet.  The choice of where to life the next lifetime is not ours alone to make, and to that extent, we might as well say that it is not at all ours to make.

The term mind is used to represent the activating agent of spirit, supplying its creative energy.  When the term is capitalized it refers to God or Christ, i.e., The Mind Of God or The Mind Of Christ.  Spirit is The Thought Of God which God created in likeness to God.  The unified spirit is the extension of God, or Christ.

It is not out of accord to consider Allah as "The Mind Of God" with the acknowledgement that 'God' in A Course In Miracles and the biblical GOD are one and same.  GOD and Allah are eternally one and same.

In this world, because the mind is split, we appear to be separate.  Nor do our minds seem to be joined.  In this illusory state, the concept of an "individual mind" seems to be meaningful.  The mind is therefore described in the course as if it has two parts: spirit and ego.

Spirit is the part that is still in contact with God.  The Holy Spirit is literally the whole unified spirit.  The biblical Holy Spirit abides in what we have defined as the "spirit" part of our minds, remembering that in this illusory state our minds do not appear to be joined.  The spirit part of our mind is thus able to perceive the ego part, on the one hand, and retain awareness of its everlasting state on the other.

The term "soul" is highly controversial in nature.  It is an equivalent of the "spirit" part of our mind with the understanding that, being of God, it is eternal and was never born.  Indeed our mind was also not born, but we are raised in cultures that associate mind with something that IS born while the term "soul" is not typically culturally associated as something that can die.  The idea of death is attached to all things believed to be born.

The other part of the mind, "ego", is entirely illusory and makes only illusions.  Spirit retains the potential for creating, but its Will, which is extended eternally from that sustaining eternity, seems to be imprisoned while the mind is not unified.  Creation continues unabated because that IS the definition of eternity.  Eternity is always unified and therefore has no meaning in a world that is ALWAYS changing.  Spirit has no opposite and no degrees.

The mind can be right or wrong, depending on the voice to which it listens.  We call the point of awareness our consciousness and is actually nothing of itself.  Right-mindedness listens to the wholey spirit, forgives the world, and through Christ's vision sees the real world in its place.  This is the final vision, the last perception, the condition in which God takes the final step to welcome our confused self-concept Home INTO knowledge.  Here time and illusions end together.

Wrong-mindedness listens to the ego and makes illusions perceiving sin, justifying anger, and seeing guilt, disease, and death as real.  Both this world AND the real world are illusions because right-mindedness merely overlooks, or forgives, what never happened.  Therefore, neither is the One-mindedness of The Christ Mind, whose will is literally the extension of the will of God-with-It to remain forever in likeness of being of one kind.

In this world the only remaining freedom is the freedom of choice, always between two choices or two voices.  Will is not involved in perception at any level, and has nothing to do with choice.  Consciousness is the receptive mechanism, receiving messages from above or below; from the spirit or the ego.

Consciousness has levels and awareness can shift quite dramatically, but it cannot transcend the perceptual realm.  At its highest it becomes aware of the real world, and can be trained to do so increasingly.  Yet the very fact that it has levels and can be trained demonstrates that it cannot reach knowledge, which transcends all orders.

It goes without saying that "knowledge", herein, is not any understanding we can EVER profess to know about or for knowing: forgive.  We did just successfully define MIND for ALL courts of law globally.

Remember the point about Miracles as a means of organizing different levels of consciousness.  Miracles come from the subconscious (below conscious) level.  Revelations come from the above conscious level.  The conscious level is in between and reacts to either sub- or super-conscious impulses in varying ratios.

Freud was right about the classification, but not the names.  He was also right that the content of consciousness is fleeting.  Consciousness is the level which engages in the world, and is capable of responding to both external and internal impulses.  Having no impulses from itself, and being primarily a mechanism for inducing response, it can be very wrong.

For example, if the identification is with the body, consciousness may distort super-conscious impulses by denying their Source, and seeking their impact in the orgasm.  This is the result of the "mistaken identity" confusion.

If you will look back at the description of the EFFECTS of Revelation:
Revelations induce complete but temporary suspension of doubt and fear.  They represent the original form of communication between God and His Souls, before the intrusion of fire and ice made this impossible.  It should be noted that they involve an extremely personal sense of closeness to Creation, which man tries to find in sexual relationships.  This confusion is responsible for the depression and fear which are often associated with sex.

Sex is often associated with lack of love, but Revelation is PURELY a love experience.  Physical closeness CANNOT achieve this.  As was said before, the subconscious impulses properly induce Miracles, which ARE interpersonal, and result in closeness to others.  This can be misunderstood by a personally wilful consciousness as an impulse toward sexual gratification.

The Revelation unites Souls directly with God.  The Miracle unites Souls directly with each other.  Neither emanates from consciousness, but both are EXPERIENCED there.  This is essential, because consciousness is the state which PRODUCES action, though it DOES NOT Inspire it.

Man is free to believe what he chooses.  What he DOES attests to what he believes.  The deeper levels of his subconscious always contain the impulse to Miracles, but he is free to fill its superficial levels, which are closer to consciousness, with the impulses of this world and to identify himself with them.  This results in denying himself access to the miracle level underneath.  In conscious actions, then, his interpersonal relationships also become superficial, and miracle-inspired relating becomes impossible.

The above is directly from A Course In Miracles, written of course by Columbia University professors in agreement to and with willing dictation FROM the earlier referenced single atoning common sentience.

This addendum is written by Rene and comes about from experiences he lived while locked into mental wards watching hopelessly as APA morons forced physical poisons onto and into bodies of minds that had achieved a state of revelation without understanding what had occurred.  One such case was Michael (Mike) whom Liqat Ali treated with every manner of medicine in September and October of 2012 at RVH.  Mike had smoked marijuana.  In his revelatory state, he envisioned what he correctly identified as comrades stealing his bank card.  The biblical "Christ will come like a thief in the night" is accurately interpreted as a warning.  Mike had opened himself to an internal direct channel of love, wherefore his own larger unconscious mind longed and negatively mirrored to his conscious mental identification for being, literally, the antonym of the super-conscious.  Mike became plagued with horrific thoughts of people threatening his family which he heard as real silent voices claiming to be officers of the law plotting incessantly in his head.  All he really needed was another kick into the revelatory state BUT WITH A PHYSICAL WORLD GUIDE to understand what he was going through, however, the singular nearsightedness of psychiatrist Liqat Ali insisted no such thing to be possible, despite it actually really happening in a patient entrusted to him for care.  Mike ascribed to the commonly mistaken belief that psychiatrists are gods of our NOT physical realities.  Liqat did wrongly continue to ascribe Mike to the belief that the right combination of colourful psychiatric pills and potions could fix a problem that was not physical in origin.  Liqat failed Mike miserably, and Mike was in prolonged agony for it for being kept unnecessarily away from the family that he literally attempted to phone every single minute of the day.

Miracles are a way of EARNING release from fear.  Revelation induces a state in which fear has ALREADY BEEN abolished.  Miracles are thus a means, and Revelations are an end.  In this sense, they work together.

Perhaps to clarify, Helen was a doctor teaching doctors at the prestigious Columbia University School Of Medicine.  She didn't hear a voice and it didn't dictate a 1269 page book over the course of 7 years.  The phrases "not hear" and "not dictate" are used loosely since it did figuratively happen.  Bill was her super.:

[Let's first talk about miracles.]  The first thing to remember about miracles is that there is no order of difficulty among them.  One is not harder or bigger than another.  They are all the same.  In that way, miracles do not matter.  They are quite unimportant.  They occur naturally as an expression of love.  The real miracle is the love that inspires them.  In this sense, everything that comes from love is a miracle.  This explains the first point related to the lack of order.  ALL expressions of love are maximal.  This is why the thing in itself does not matter.  The only thing that matters is the Source, and this is far beyond human evaluation.

[A global definition for mind not exclusive of any culture or religious philosophy on this planet has been given.]  Both of you (Helen and Bill) are involved with unconscious distortions above the miracle level [of mind], which are producing a dense cover over miracle-impulses which makes it hard for them to reach consciousness.  Sex and miracles are both WAYS OF RELATING.  The nature of any interpersonal relationship is limited or defined by what you want it TO DO which is WHY you want it in the first place.  Relating is a way of achieving an outcome.

Indiscriminate sexual impulses resemble indiscriminate miracle impulses in that both result in body image misperceptions.  The first is an expression of an indiscriminate attempt to reach communion thru the body.  This involves not only the improper self identification, but also disrespect for the individuality of others.  Self-control is NOT the whole answer to this problem, though I am by no means discouraging its use.  It must be understood, however, that the underlying mechanism must be uprooted (a word you both should understand well enough by now not to regard it as frightening).

ALL shallow roots have to be uprooted, because they are not deep enough to sustain you.  The illusion that shallow roots can be deepened and thus made to hold is one of the corollaries on which the reversal of the Golden Rule, referred to twice before, is balanced.  As these false underpinnings are uprooted (or given up), equilibrium is experienced as unstable.  But the fact is that NOTHING is less stable than an orientation which is upside down.  Anything that holds it this way is hardly conducive to greater stability.

The whole danger of defences lies in their propensity to hold misperceptions rigidly in place.  This is why rigidity is regarded AS stability by those who are off the mark.

I shed many tears over this, but it is by no means the only time I said "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do." [Luke 23:43]

All actions which stem from reverse thinking are literally the behavioural expressions of those who know not what they do.  Actually, Jean Dixon was right in her emphasis on “Feet on the ground and fingertips in the Heaven,” though she was a bit too literal for your kind of understanding.  Many people knew exactly what she meant, so her statement was the right miracle for them.

For you and Bill, it would be better to consider the concept in terms of reliability and validity.  A rigid orientation can be extremely reliable, even if it IS upside down.  In fact, the more consistently upside down it is, the more reliable it is, because consistency always held up better mathematically than test-re-test comparisons, which were ALWAYS on shakey ground.  You can check this against Jack’s notes if you wish, but I assure you it's true.  Split-half reliability is statistically a MUCH stronger approach.  The reason for this is that correlation, which is the technique applied to test-re-test comparisons, measures only the EXTENT OF association and does not consider the Direction at all.

But two halves of the same thing MUST go in the same direction, if there is to be accuracy of measurement.  This simple statement is really the principle on which split-half reliability, a means of estimating INTERNAL consistency, rests.

Note, however, that both approaches leave out a very important dimension.  Internal consistency criteria disregard time, because the focus is on one-time measurements.  Test-retest comparisons are BASED on time intervals, but they disregard direction.

It is possible, of course, to use both, by establishing internal consistency AND stability over time.  You will remember that Jack once told his class that the more sophisticated statisticians are concentrating more and more on reliability, rather than validity.  The rationale for this, as he said, was that a reliable instrument DOES measure something.  He also said, however, that validity is still the ultimate goal, which reliability can only serve.

I submit--I'm using Jack's language in this section--your confusion of sex and statistics is an interesting example of this whole issue.  Note that night you spent in the scent of roses doing a complex factorial analysis of covariance.  It's a funny story to others, because they see a different kind of level confusion than the one you yourself were making.  You might recall that YOU wanted that design, and Jack opposed it.  One of the real reasons why that evening was so exhilarating was because it represented a "battle of intellects", both good ones by the way, each communicating exceptionally clearly but on opposite sides.  The sexual aspects were naturally touched off in both of you, because of the sex and aggression confusion.
It is especially interesting that after the battle ended on a note of compromise, he wrote in the margin of your notes "virtue is triumphant." 

While this was funny to both of you at the time, you might consider its truer side: the virtue lay in the complete respect each of you offered to the other's intellect.  Your mutual sexual attraction was also shared.  The error lay in the word "triumphant".  This had the "battle" connotation, because neither of you was respecting ALL of the other.  There is a great deal more to a person than intellect and genitals.  The omission was the Soul.

I submit that if a mind is in valid relationship with God, it CAN'T be upside down.  Jack and the other very eminent methodologists have abandoned validity in favour of reliability because they have lost sight of the end and are concentrating on the means.

Remember the story about the artist who kept devoting himself to inventing better and better ways of sharpening pencils.  He never created anything, but he had the sharpest pencil in town.  The language here is intentional.  Sex is often utilized on behalf of very similar errors.  Hostility, triumph, vengeance, self-debasement, and all sorts of expressions of the lack of love are often VERY clearly seen in the accompanying fantasies.  But it is a PROFOUND error to imagine that, because these fantasies are so frequent (or occur so reliably), that this implies validity.  Remember that while validity implies reliability the relationship is NOT reversible.  You can be wholey reliable, and ENTIRELY wrong.

While a reliable test DOES measure something, what USE is the test unless you discover what the "something" is?  And if validity is more important than reliability, and is also necessarily implied BY it, why not concentrate on VALIDITY and let reliability fall naturally into place?

Intellect may be a displacement "upward", but sex can be a displacement "outward."  How can man "come close" to others thru the parts of him which are really invisible?  The word "invisible" means "cannot be seen or perceived."  What cannot be perceived is hardly the right means for improving perception.

The confusion of miracle impulse with sexual impulse is a major source of perceptual distortion, because it INDUCES rather than straightens out the basic level-confusion which underlies all those who seek happiness with the instruments of the world. 

A desert is a desert is a desert.  You can do anything you want in it, but you CANNOT change it from what it IS.  It still lacks water, which is why it IS a desert.  Bring up that dream about the Bluebird.  (While HS was looking for this dream, she came across another.  The message was to bring both, as an excellent example of how extremely good HS had become over the intervening 25 years at sharpening pencils.  Note that the essential content hasn't changed; its just better written.)  The thing to do with a desert is to LEAVE.

I want to finish the instructions about sex, because this is an area the miracle worker MUST understand.

Inappropriate sex drives (or misdirected miracle-impulses) result in guilt if expressed, and depression if denied.  We said before that ALL real pleasure comes from doing God's will, whenever it is NOT done an experience of lack results.  This is because NOT doing the will of God IS a lack of self.

Sex was intended as an instrument for physical creation to enable Souls to embark on new chapters in their experience, and thus improve their record.  The pencil was NOT an end in itself.  It was an aid to the artist in his own creative endeavours.  As he made new homes for Souls and guided them thru the period of their own developmental readiness, he learned the role of the father himself.  The whole process was set up as a learning experience in gaining Grace.

The pleasure which is derived from sex AS SUCH is reliable only because it stems from an error which men shared.  AWARENESS of the error produces the guilt.  DENIAL of the error results in projection.  CORRECTION of the error brings release.

The only VALID use of sex is procreation.  It is NOT truly pleasurable in itself.  "Lead us not into Temptation" [Matthew 6:13; Luke 11:4] means "Do not let us deceive ourselves into believing that we can relate in peace to God or our brothers with ANYTHING external."  The "Sin of Onan" [Gen 38:9] was called a "sin" because it involved a related type of self-delusion; namely, that pleasure WITHOUT relating can exist.

To repeat an earlier instruction, the concept of either the self or another as a "sex-OBJECT" epitomizes this strange reversal.  As Bill put it, and very correctly, too, it IS objectionable, but only because it is invalid.  Upside-down logic produces this kind of thinking.

Child of God, you were created to create the good, the beautiful, and the holy.  Do not lose sight of this.  You were right in telling Bill to invite Me [Voice that gave ACIM--and this text of this subsection] to enter anywhere temptation arises.  I will change the situation from one of inappropriate sexual attraction to one of impersonal miracle-working. 

The concept of changing the channel for libidinal expression is Freud’s greatest contribution, except that he did not understand what "channel" really means.  The love of God, for a little while, must still be expressed through one body to another.  That is because the real vision is still so dim.  Everyone can use his body best by enlarging man's perception, so he can see the REAL vision.  THIS VISION is invisible to the physical eye. 

The ultimate purpose of the body is to render itself unnecessary.  Learning to do this is the only real reason for its creation.  Note Scribes have a particular role in the Plan of Atonement, because they have the ability to EXPERIENCE revelations themselves, and also to put into words enough of the experience to serve as a basis for miracles. 

"What I open no one can shut, and what I shut no one can open." -Moses in Rev 3:7

Natalie gives herself fully to Rene Helmerichs, in every sense of the imagined meaning of that, OR she experiences more than what Rene experienced because she actually did commit a crime and has many times more previously.  So, that's The Choice for her.  She can communicate, or not.  The rest of this is a rant.


Natalie, seriously, forgive.  The sooner you understand that to forgive others IS to forgive yourself BECAUSE we are ALL equal projections of our very own PERSONAL mind, the sooner you'll return to that spark of awareness you had when you told me "I like where you're going with this" in Chris' new pad on Frost Trail in Barrie, in the retro 70s basement to which I supplied a disco ball, after watching The Invention Of Lying and I had to listen to you guys (Mike, Matt, Chris, Irina--yourself) fumble around with ideas for possible implied meanings.  That was late February 2012, wasn't it?

Natalie, I'm dearly sorry, I had no idea at the time.  I have just always been able to understand things and revert them right back to the shared eternal concept.  Weird stuff has happened around me for it.  People have actually been physically cured, or healed, others have cried, the best were random offers of sex by hot members of the sex opposite to mine.  Truly, how was Rene to know?  A game is always hiding needs-to-know.  You were--bait :(  Do share more about your cocaine experience in University--Rene's never tried it.

Now I'm not confused.  So listen to some sound advice.  You are in a heaping pile of shit according to the laws of the world.  There is simply no escape from it, save one.  Under the unconventional law of wholey marriage you are literally absolved while in the marriage.  Now, remember that June 2014 trial?  Remember me answering point blank to Kate's question about that that we already ARE married?  I meant EVERYONE.

Your saving grace is this, dear: you never need to contact me to know your own sanity.  You ONLY need to EVIDENCE that you UNDERSTAND that the SAME spirit WITH you IS with Me and me and ME, to be clear that this text represents what you will need to attest IS The Holy Trinity.

Therein do we sink the mess currently called The Catholic Church AND, well, to evidence this, you will of course be needing to tithe a nominal 10 percent of your highest gross pay to me directly since that IS in line with the Good Sense shit for which you made those sandwiches that I was too shy to bite into on that Saturday when I played hooky to spend the day with my kid at the park, 21 April 2012.  I still haven't gotten the manual that was included in my $15 fee, by the way.  AND, I had NO IDEA what you freaks were selling.

On the down side, I really don't care what choice you make.  I hope for the best, of course, but at worse at the moment it does look like I'm inline to win Prime Minister Of Canada at some point, since this spiel is on the same level as any Donald Trump common sense and the people love him enough to keep him president.  Obviously I'm a fan for writing a trumping wildcard myself.

END Rant.

To lawmakers in Canada: "I do not know Natalie Kelloway.  Please consider her an EXTREME risk TO HERSELF AND OTHERS and lock her into Waypoint until she changes her mind about introducing her to my right middle finger wearing my current wedding band with news crews looking onto at the full moons of Barrie officers turning their back to naked Natalie.  No further legal hassle from her ever since Waypoint Centre For Mental Health excels expressly at simply stealing people from society and ensuring they never have the strength to even think about complaining about the complete loss of their human status for several lifetimes--the mental shock is incredible."

Talk To Dream is the New Goal Day charity.  The ultimate goal is to cross cultures for an end to political warfare.  The means are with harm to none and only none.  This does require willingness to join for peace.

A Course In Miracles is a text written by doctors of the prestigious Columbia University School Of Medicine.  It claims "It needs but two who would have happiness this day to promise it to all the world.  It needs but two to understand that they cannot decide alone, to guarantee the joy they asked for will be wholly shared.  For they have understood the basic law that makes decision powerful, and gives it all effects that it will ever have.  It does take two, on every scale, to become all as one." 

The Course re-integrates that it needs but one teacher of God to save the planet.  It all places the absolute need for forgiveness at the foreground of its lessoning.  It is therefore not incorrect to say that The First Graduate of the course will have truly mastered what it means to forgive, and thus is bestowed the willing agreement of the sentience having given the course, to be AS the single greatest forgiveness lesson the world will have experienced, if only for righting an upside-down becoming global inconsistency of total psychological sense.  In that way will the one teacher of God necessary to witness FOR the course, also be the one to render the entire text obsolete because everyone else will simply become absolutely sick of having to forgive that one.  It's really not a pretty position for ANY one to be in, and certain does portray A Course In Miracles as THE BOOK THAT WORSHIPS CREATING A LIVING DEVIL, since that one will also have strength of law to trump all worldly processes simply innately.

There have been more than two who have signed the petition at  Yet, were its secret authors mistaken?  Is The Foundation For Inner Peace, publisher of the 1200+ page book already translated into 26 languages mistaken?  Let's assume that all things have happened that have needed to happen to bring us to this very point.

I hope The APA will simply listen to your council, but that does literally mean that YOU become the seat of global mental knowledge which you shall share with the school Loo intends to extablish in Canada.

Cisco Systems advertises its Problem-solver Challenge as a call for individuals to submit best methods for use of The Internet Of Things (IoT) as medium for global sustainability, but adds conditions and disqualifies genuine proposals that could actually do what their judges cannot. 

Seriously, you had the uncommon sense to disqualify the single greatest benefit to human kind on your defined Internet Of Things with FULL use of digitization beyond any you can possibly conceive to be possible since THIS VERY BOOK is a free standing fully linked .pdf book that I am able to share while I'm actually walking around OFF THE GRID.  Accordingly, you company will tithe a perpetuity tithe of ten percent to ME, Rene Helmerichs, in compensation for both the lost advertising revenue from not being listed as winner of your Problem-solver 2018 challenge AND the prize money itself, which would have been used by that student in the video and my wife to open a pottery-art-yoga center in Tainan, Taiwan.  Bad action on your part Cisco; it directly opposes the very sustainability you seek to understand.  Failure to tithe to the Ziyon-start up may result in a lawsuit once I have my law firm up.  This is a fact of life.

The 20 May 2011 Reuters insinuation of Cisco Systems as helping China repress religion deserves investigation, especially for the recent DENIAL of assistance to secure a globally NOT religious IoT.

46. Linda Wu (吳佩蓉), Wenzao University, and ACIM: applied.

Guys, teamwork.  佩蓉 do use this story as a learning device to better your own story-telling ability.  It is in stories that we learn about the law, because we share the incredible and add hope and joy to each other in this dreadful desert of upside-down inconsistent logic.

Wenzao University, you are welcome to translate this text into any language and sell it for profit with agreement that profits are also shared with The Church Of Loo.  Working out an advance is actually to your benefit since I'd be happy to give you exclusive Chinese language rites for a physical Chinese book that should, in time, surely net you far more.  I retain active authority over content because life is always changing.

A partnership with this project would also work as an advertising vehicle directly for you, and should increase revenue to you in other untold ways as well.  That's actually the "miracle of cooperation" power of life right there, plainly described to use as a perfect example in this A Course IN Miracles: APPLIED.

This is going to be controversial; try to think about it with the reasonable part of your mind and not the insanity currently driving world affairs.

Eighteen is the currently accepted age of majority.  In the sincere interest of my son and girls the likes of Charlene Sheridan who first ticked the "yes" box on a note passed in grade 7 at Steele Street elementary school in response to "Will you be my girlfriend?  [ ] Yes; [ ] No" before dumping me two weeks later on grounds "I thought I could have sex with you."  

Unless we're to bar the dimwitted from polluting our common environment with stupidity, let's address this pragmatically.

The intent is to EMPOWER a rapidly changing landscape of mental acuity.  The Internet has opened a great many things.  That local laws hinder individuals from life is retarded to say the least.  To unnecessary waste resources of officers for the law who really do have better things to do then to try to guess the age of happily willingly and consensual participants in whatever home video is not necessary.

The underlying agreement must remain a real-time consensual agreement with co-erosion.  Talking someone into sex isn't bad.  Bad is when someone is having sex and then screams for it to stop all the while being scolded with some asinine reply, "But you agreed and by God we're going to go through with it until I am done with you."  At that point its clearly rape in every country.  Saying it wasn't desired AFTER a drunken night is NOT rape.  The age of drinking must thus remain at, well, age 19 in Ontario is a pretty good number.

For sex, here's the proposal for the incipient Country Of Ziyon.  Since Ziyon is NEW, let's use it as a testing ground for new ideas with its according council, currently just me.  Age 18 is to remain the age of majority for consensual sex across the upward range.  From age 16, the age-range of a copulating pair (that does specifically apply only to two people of opposite genders) to be tested in a proposed 10-year study is twenty percent of the lower age.  From age 14, the age-range is to be ten percent. 

Below age 14 things get dicey since bodies are not typically ready to bear children and, truly, the minds of the bodies are yet unfamiliar with the full repercussions of accidental pregnancy but this could also be said for obtuse individuals the likes of some truly dimwitted twenty-somethings I've also come across. 

With respect to all homosexual mentally ill homosapiens, homosexuality between gendered males rightly constitutes grounds for mental ward incarceration.  This is to be addressed once mental wards are ridden of the ridiculous mental ill-care currently served across the planet.  Ladies deserve a bit of special treatment in that regard since they commonly share just about everything from kindergarten on while teachers across Taiwan accept young ladies to always visit the loo (=washroom) in pairs. 

Filming is to be permitted for ages above the 14th birth anniversary of participating bodies and the stress to courts and law-enforcers greatly reduced upon completion of the 10-year proposed study at Ziyon.  Fifty years ago, this WAS actually normal practise in Germany so we're not re-inventing anything hereby.

Regarding the matter of video taping the act for participants aged 14 and up, any genuine video offers a DIRECT legal history of the act for verification that it was, at no time, against the free and conscious will of all participants.  A high school permitting sex for procreation purposes (i.e. being clean, assuring no diseases, and not using anti-pregnancy protective measures) as normal is, well, maybe a bit weird but technically only normal: go Japan go.  An incredible video is linked at the bottom of the 20180302 links.doc:

Laughably, my own first time was actually at age 19 with an outstandingly gorgeous 17-year-old who looked on in astonishment to my blunt answer of "no" and "never" to HER repeated interrogation "Have you ever had sex?"  Karen Handy-Prochezka (sp?) took me by the hand and we left the game of bridge after-hours in our summer counsellor jobs at Wahanowin Camp for an empty cabin.  Her reply, "You're coming with me."  I thank God for that, and the introduction to marijuana at that same camp that summer in 1996.  (I was introduced to heavenly weed and had my first vision on it; looking at the sky just before sunset across beautiful lake Couchiching.  Rene literally saw what we are falsely taught to be the evolution of man, displayed in clouds, but which then just abruptly ended and I was left stone sober in awe of the understanding insight just imparted via the revelation.

About polygamy.  Polygamy is actually already legal in Canada

Canadian law says that two of OPPOSITE sex sharing residence for one year and living in a conjugal relationship--that means having maybe regular sex but at least once with intent to maybe have it again--are legally married under COMMONLAW.  The classification for this on legal documents isn't "married" but "commonlaw".  It is however considered the exact same thing for purposes of taxation, and thereby reciprocally able to be used for FULLY LEGAL citizenship applications.  Legally, a conjugal relationship qualifying as legally married in Canada needn't occur on Canadian soil nor do participants need to be locally-legally wed in their home countries. 

Since Rene actually only holds a Canadian passport, he is actually freely able to offer Canadian citizenship to any number of female hosts looking for whatever from Rene, by mutual agreement of course.  If Immigration Canada has issue with this, the intended projection is actually to declare Rene both his OWN religion AND Ziyon his own country, with A LOT of finance FROM Canada which CANADIANS will have no choice but to provide, so whatever Immigration Canada has to say is really a non-issue at this point. 

On the up for Canadians, Rene can easily save more tax monies than the federal government will be providing Rene for the Ziyon startup.  The current Canadian administration in part fraudulently and in part with sheer stupidity wastes tax revenue on every manner of inefficient, upside-down, legal structure attempting to maintain consistent rigidity of a notably BROKEN system.  Vote Rene for Prime Minister of Canada to ACT to fix the Canadian legal system and the dishonesty of his government officials across all provinces and territories for which Canadians are responsible.

We're well beyond trying to establish that I am fully insane, so call me a lunatic and be done with it but this book shall yield effects and I'm fairly certain more than a few people will be able to see ITS potential.  If I still desired it, I could probably manage a visit to that real school shown in some random Spankbank video where girls are actually studying while a masked man enters to pick one of the lot to simply lift the uniform skirt and fuck, in the class, in full view of the teacher and class, while she attempts in vain to continue her reading whatever passage aloud at the extraordinary patience of all other students who simply continue as if all were normal.  My jaw dropped.  Oh the pun of it being The Chinese Year Of The (Under? lap?) Dog.

The word FUCK is not necessarily bad.  It's not the best word to use in class, because fucking is generally not allowed in class.  Sex is ok if it's hidden, or involves just touching yourself to smell your own bodily fluid like a girl at Tony's Ivy English seemed to love to do, but SEX is not a verb. 

Sex is a noun and things appearing with the delusion of wanting to participate in sex are generally called sexy. 

If a guy calls a guy sexy, that's definitely a sign of delusion and may constitute mental ward incarceration. 

Girls can call girls sexy, without need to worry about a delusion, since it's completely possible for two girls to team up in vain attempt to each capture the same sperm of one rich guy.  Swallowing the sperm isn't intended the meaning of "capture", but may yield a higher chance at subsequent capturing attempts.

To be absolutely clear on the matter, sex is not fucking, and fucking is only honest when it respects both the individual and intent for ongoing partnership WITH the individual(s) joining to create more cuddly cute funny bunnies and teddies.

On that matter, texting someone to tell them you're pooping is a highly personal gesture of sharing and does NOT imply any desire for anal sex.  Rather, the act of pooping is possibly the next best thing to honest sex.

49. Thank you 蔡妗儀 Ing-Yi (Grace) Tsai for the time we shared; REMEMBER the laughs.

The First Princess Tsai, Ing-Yi (Princess Grace)

History of Rene and 蔡妗儀, Ing-Yi (Grace) Tsai:

蔡妗儀 contacted Rene Helmerichs to ask a question.  They never met in person.  They never had talked with spoken words.  They never saw each other in a live chat.  They simply listened to each other.

Rene had seen two girls study English words that he had never seen before in their commute home.  He'd also never met the girls before.  He asked what the words meant, purely out of curiosity.  Rene was like that, always asking questions to better understand things, and, honestly, a writer does sincerely care about words.

Rene soon discovered the girls could not say the words.  In fact, Jia Ying was so kind to use a handy cell-phone translation app to have Rene read the English explanation for one particularly long word to which he pointed while hand-gesturing a questioning sign.  The explanation read "noun".  At that point Rene couldn't contain his laugher and started video recording the nonsense.  LINE contact was exchanged and Jia set Grace upon Rene.

Grace was outspoken and not at all shy.  She was also quite defending of Jia and managed her interrogation quite well.  Both her English ability and the manner with which she spoke impressed Rene.

How can two people living in two different and distinct universes relate?  The conversations were always real-time and future-oriented.  That was perhaps the strangest part. 

妗儀 had real-time issues.  She sought to solve her real-time problems.  She never wanted more and certainly never wanted less than to be able to simply mange her own life.  She claimed to be turning 18.

Apart from the stress of school, and not having money to buy lunch on more than one day, her wishes were simple:
1) She wanted to become a super model.
2) She wanted the latest iPhone.
3) She wanted to study abroad.
4) She wanted to be considered an adult.
5) She really didn't want to spend any more time than was absolutely necessary on her school assignments.

Her goals were not exclusive.  Perhaps she did not realize the importance of that.  She certainly did not realize that she was unique in even having true goals that are both attainable and mutually complimentary.

妗儀 and Rene exchanged texts daily, hourly, and often every few seconds.  The conversation was always light-hearted and sincere.  The exchange was like a dance about a mutual concept for honesty.  Rene walked the mental boundary carefully.  蔡妗儀 was yet 17.

There was mutual celebration on her 18th birthday.  Then there was horror at the realization of a mistaken understanding.  It is customary to begin counting the years of birth at one on the actual day of birth in Taiwan.  Rene realized this had occurred when he asked Grace whether the date in her then email address was her actual date of birth, the email exchanged when the app was changed from LINE to Google Hangouts.

Grace attempted to argue for months about her believed new legitimacy as a legal adult in the eyes of national Taiwan law.  Sadly, a truly priceless and extraordinarily perfect picture was lost as safety precaution for worldly obstinacy.

Grace is an extraordinary woman.  She spoke only well of her family when she wasn't complaining about not having lunch money.  Her mother owned a legitimate spa, and her father was well versed in politics and world affairs.  In fact, she spoke so well of her father that one can see from where this girl retained her gift to simply look right through other people's shit.  And she complained about the way she was regarded by others for it.  Sadly, that is a natural consequence of being able to think beyond the limits of other people's stupidity.

A back story is available.  The chunk is this.  Little Grace grew up in a world where Princesses are desirable as statii for girls, and they can do anything.  This little girl was going off her rocker when one guy she'd been luring to make her a true Princess told her that she'd need to awake to a world proclaiming 16-year-old ladies as princesses but never allowing them the right to make their own actual informed decisions.

Rene talked with his wife about Grace.  The agreement among all was to treat Grace as a daughter.  Unfortunately, to treat and to regard are synonymous and Grace actually called Rene Daddy for a time.  Rene actually does not like to be called Daddy by anyone including his own kid, but accepted the gesture as a sincere sign of mental wellbeing if only to be assured the mutual agreement with Lindsay was in tact?

Grace, you've shared dreams and goals and my only condition to you had been that everything is possible with teamwork.  If you're still interested in anything shared, money should be enough on my end in very short order to accomplish pretty much anything you had expressed, including my addition of a Lamborghini.

50. Dina (吳芳瑜) at澎湖潛水會, the BEST open water dives in 澎湖, an island west of <3 Taiwan

To know to swim, to enjoy swimming, and not have the opportunity to experience its natural essence is not to know what swimming is.  Lindsay tells me I swim like a fish.

I stand with an army of swimmers looking to practice their skill.  There is great potential.  In true Serendipity with understanding that all things ARE related and nothing truly occurs by accident, I'd like to arrange a dive, or regular dives, given willingness.

Author aside: I received PADI certification from lessons in the swimming pool at the University Of Wisconsin-Stout, by far the nicest elective credit course I have ever taken, the worst being a psychology class while the argument concerning the fact that MIND is NOT physical in origin was yet publicly ongoing.

Ing-wen, think of Rene more as a lawyer with unlimited intellect who decided to play a country government for its own control.  That should put this greater story into clearer perspective.  There are intellects in the world that are simply not chartable, and any attempt to chart them usually fails as just about average.

Rene has often been accused of having difficulty following process.  How can one be expected to read the minds of those whose mind is always changing?  Why should one adhere the rules of those whose minds always change watching THEM not ever realize they have so many minds?

The fact that Ing Yi Tsai shares both a first and last name with the current president of Taiwan, is not unlike having watched Natalie Yewchyn cross the sidewalk northbound on Saint Vincent Street on her way to Grant LaFontain's house for beers while RENE was sitting westbound on Cundles Street in a car, at the light, on his way to meet Nathalie Ramirez--THINKING ABOUT NATALIE YEWCHYN CONSTANTLY--for a date AT Mucho Burrito, the other branch of the same chain in Barrie to which Natalie Yewchyn had told Rene she wanted to treat him to lunch one January 2012 day after coffee at Williams in the south of Barrie--and then looking down at the digital clock in the car and seeing the time read 1:11.  Surely the layers of coincidence in that real occurrence are meaningless?  We see holographic patterns as we remove our desire to see only two dimensionally:

Taiwan has The Choice.  It can officially partner WITH Rene Helmerichs in His endeavour for global sustainability, or it can wave its right.  The decision shall simply be made evident on the news, again, and again until it is made.  Should Taiwan adhere the precedent set by Set TV of Kaohsiung on Channel 54 news 15 February 2018--well, time does exist until we no longer have need for it.  There is news for Set Group.

Physical death only ensures reincarnation back onto the single greatest penile colony for souls this universe has seen.  Let us simply work together to help bring about a global legal system that actually works not exclusively and without need for military arm as displays of muscle to purported larger mainland provinces.

From Matthew 12:26-28
If Satan drives out Satan, he is divided against himself.  How then can his kingdom stand?  And if I drive out demons by Beelzebul, by whom do your people drive them out?  So then, they will be your judges.  But if it is by the Spirit of God that I drive out demons, then the kingdom of God has come upon you.

Modern day teachers of the world's most respected medical professors, Helen Schucman, William Thetford, and Kenneth Wapnick, in A Course In Miracles explain God to be exclusively not physical.

Thereby do ALL global Christian churches the world over become unwitting churches for Lucifer, biblically acclaimed son of Satan, and rightful heir to the imagined thrown of Satan, to whom ALL of Hell belongs.

You did not at all portray the truth of the matter of giving away Taiwan currency with the websites on 13 February 2018 in Yanchao and on 15 Feb 2018 at the New Zoying station.  Your focus had only been on fear.  Were you afraid that Rene would be in trouble, or where you afraid that Rene was causing trouble for YOU in Taiwan

You do not understand.  In fact, it is honestly better that you be removed from television news productions all together.

When you side with fear, fear reflects back upon you.  This is the truth of the expression "so as ye do to others, so do ye met action unto yourself".  We exist in time.  There is time delay.  In the delay, we have choice only to consider the effects of our mistaken actions and CHOOSE to cancel them.  We can only truly cancel effects with forgiveness.  Cancelling a person with death is just stupid, arising from stupor, and furthering only stupidity to evidence one's self as a total f-ing moron with even the thought of killing someone.

Set TV, you will tithe ten percent of your GROSS income, not profit but INCOME, TO The Church Of Loo in perpetuity.  In that way, we are partners and the truth of your false news reporting can always be revealed.

In the alternative, you've already demonstrated your desire to spread fear like the cancer that it is AND your staff Maggie and the camera man of 15 Feb 2018 have actually also both lied.  Maggie in fact did so in print, so she may yet also see jail time.  At least we have potential sources for the fear that you spread to others, and each source being with noted mental illness, must then also be honestly remedied.

吳逸哲, Yiche (Tony) Wu, is current manager of his family business that operates three kindergartens (over 1000 students total) and 1.5 buxibans.  Rene got a job teaching with "Ivy Education Institution" 明華幼兒園 in Kaohsiung in January 2016.  For more information see the .pdf, pages 21-23, at .  Tony resigned the contract in 2017.

Tony, you owe Rene for 2.5 days off.  First, the one he took off for the headache of sorting the ongoing bullying of your students BY your staff.  The second was around Christmas in 2016, the day after Rene walked to manager Eve of your adjoining kindergarten to tell her that Rene really does have a fever and would not be able to substitute tomorrow, as planned, with customary payment under the table for your fear of having government officials realize the number of foreigners teaching the young ones.

Tony, the first thing you asked of Rene was not to tell the recruiter of your contract so that you wouldn't need to pay the recruited the money to which that recruiter (Linda?) was entitled.

That you attempted to tell me that I had promised you that I would come in to work just after I had told Eve that I would not be coming in is questionable at best.  However, that's not the least of your problem at the moment.  Did you see what else I've written about my stay at your joke for a school?  I'd highlighted it in yellow for you back on Ground Hog Day, 2018.

@吳逸哲, Tony, if you do NOT want to go to jail, here's the offer:
You'll sign over your entire business to The Church Of Loo, you can use 是瑞內 for short.  We'll work out money but our argument never was about money, was it?  Just principal, which you had always pluralized and I corrected to remind that there is ultimately only a "together" or "not together" concept.

If we're together, you haven't worry.  I can simple stand up and say that I made you do everything, and then argue with absolutely anyone about what the word "I" really means.  In that way, you are completely absolved.

If we're NOT together, you're off to jail.  And that'd honestly be better for your school as a whole if we're not together, so be sure to expect my law firm to pick you to pieces after that.  If you change your name, I'll hack life here some more and find you anyway.

If you want the little league baseball team and a clear conscience, pick the "together" option.  Lindsay says, "Consider Rene your Quay-ren", whatever that means.  You do also sincerely owe Lindsay several apologies for making her do YOUR running around (ARC paperwork runs; medical disasters; and sick day policy fu).  Your apology shall be VERY publicly expressed to her in time from either the inSIDE or outSIDE of jail.

Relevant excerpt from :
Tony, you and I are good.  You re-signed me after a rocky first year where I was pushing you to the limit, you said.  Remember our argument about Principal?  It's not plural for me.  So, let me just say this:
the way your staff treat your kids is extraordinary.  I walked in on my past student Clare at your school while she was cleaning the washroom floor with a rag

You maybe don't know, but little Clare looked up at me with such a lost expression when I asked her "Clare"?  She looked so much unlike the beautifully bright and always testing student of Whatever mish-mash material you had me teach them.  @everyone, you know this school had no grammar and no reading books for kids in their currently curriculum when I joined in Jan. of 2016 after last leaving prison on 19 Oct. 2015 (because of a clerical typo, I had to serve three extra days after pleading guilty just to get OUT of jail, again, trying to talk sense to Canada... like why the Waypoint Chief psychiatrist wasn't willing to let me have our sessions audio recorded?  I actually took him to formal court to ask him about that in July of 2015, for case file contact Kathryn Hull, the crown prosecutor who watched her team deliver me 3 hours late for our critical court appearance that I had to sit an extra 3 months in jail for just because James, aka "Jamie", the egomaniac who runs Waypoint didn't have time in HIS schedule for answering the question properly?)  Anyway, this is turning into more of a ramble than I'd truly like, but this part is necessary for another part.  Tony, I will eat your corporation up legally.  Clare's Kindy teacher forced Clare to clean the mess, despite her objections that she didn't pee in the boys' urinal and make it over flow.  The only reason I checked the bathroom adjacent to the grade 1 foreign-teacher-only that Upton loved so much he insisted on staying in despite wanting nothing else to do with your school... was because suddenly almost the entire class had to go pee on a freak day and I had to make a list on the board for our "one student at a time" policy so that they could use both available different bathrooms as class!  Seriously, it was probably clogged to begin with and my students just pissed where they were taught to piss without thinking that it would result in a mess after they flushed and hurried back to class for the next person's turn.  Want more?  Dude, what was the solution to reading material again?  Tell me again.  We were using Let's Go material and you bought 1 copy of the readers for all levels, then paid different high schoolers to work part time to type all of them up into word documents?  Wait, you then printed them all off, passed them to Kash, your "star" foreigner (who was born in Taiwan but holds a Canadian passport and speaks better Chinese than English) to pass out in all his classes without proof-reading the fact that the high schoolers you paid left out chunks of text, added more than dozens of other typos per document, and didn't understand enough basic grammar to not separate same-paragraphs from the text in re-typing all of the books for you?  How about same sentences, because they were apart too.  Dude, I took MERCY on you to edit all your shit and make it even legitly English-learning material, while it wasn't legal (because our contract binded me to uphold your reputation and I wasn't in position yet to just slap you upside the head).  Want more?  Dude, yield.  You really want a baseball little-league, and that happens to work really well with the competence I've found at Kidsland.  Kidsland will sponsor your league in exchange for your entire current business.  If we argue in court, I'll take your BMW car, all the houses you have, and every fucking thing else too.  Contact Clare.  QR in the picture in this document somewhere.  She's the one holding a sign and wearing a SESAME STREET TAIWAN t.

Me and Michael at Ivy English in Kaohsiung, dripping wet.  This was normal.  Everyday the same.  Ask manager Sammi to turn on the AC and her reply, "not yet."  money money money.  Ask Michael how much yelling teachers have done at him for nothing, and how much standing he's done at that school just because teachers are actually afraid of this kid.  He's a genius.  Think I didn't see that?  Think I couldn't talk to him?  He's the only kid to have ever shared as much personal information with me about his life at that school than any other.  He's sad his parents had to split, because both his parents are really smart and... well.  He loves John Cena.  And, truly, it's always good to know what kids really like, because it determines their drives, just like us.

Nanzi Sesame Street branch owner Joyce introduced Rene to 江佩樺, Superintendent Clare Chiang who oversaw 12 Tainan, Taiwan, schools for elementary aged students and a kindergarten in Kaohsiung.  Clare incepted Rene to part Ivy for Kidsland, 來自台南市的.  Rene insisted Clare understand the magnitude of all that Rene could offer.  We'll forgive a local top English school for horrific grammar flaws in their vision:

It was yet 20 May 2017 and none of this had come to pass.  Rene was figuratively holding the little scroll of, which lay open in his mind.  He planted his right foot on her heart and his left on her reasoning, and he gave a loud choice like the roar of a lion: Clare, dinner come or dinner go.  [Clare knew Rene to be true when he quoted Rev 10:2 at ten to two on Double Ten day.]

Rene spoke of angels:
"Then the angel I had seen standing on the sea and on the land raised his right hand to heaven.  And he swore by him who lives for ever and ever, who created the heavens and all that is in them, the earth and all that is in it, and the sea and all that is in it, and said, 'There will be no more delay!  Go and eat up the scroll that lies open to all at  It needn't turn your stomach if you choose pro-life AND是瑞內荷光者."

Kidsland has the choice to partner with perpetual ten percent tithe to The Church Of Loo AND the Special Marketing Manager salary of 60,000 New Taiwan Dollars, plus 60,000 for each month that is not timely paid by the 11th.  The first order of business shall be to restore the good name of Rene Helmerichs TO the parents and staff of all branches which Kidsland did unnecessarily ruin.  For that action alone is Rene permitted to bring to ruin the entire reputation of Kidsland that Kidsland has worked so long and hard to establish.

A summary eclipsing further revenue for The Law Firm Of Loo, failing choice to tithe voluntarily to The Church Of Loo, was posted at  A recap:
A private school in Taiwan knowingly broke the national law to hire.
They paid me more money.
They gave me a longer contract.
They bettered my working hours.
I argued them into overtime with pay.
They gave me more days off for free.
They sent me on school trips.
They trusted me to manage kids overnight in a hotel.
They gave me direct social media access to parents.
I loved all students especially when they told me that I'd made a mistake.
The parents all trust me.
Kidsland fired me because I insisted parents should know about my past:

I was a college professor with a publishing contract.  I sent harmlessly suggestive marketing email to a church.  The church threatened with police.  I gave the police NO CHOICE but to arrest me.  I listened to doctors split up our common mind.  I tried to talk to lawyers about the law.  Judges think doctors are experts at health.  All doctors I met told lies and sent people home to try to heal.  I tried   I even asked James Karagianis who was the head doctor at Waypoint Centre For Mental Health why he believed his victims should not be allowed to have their sessions audio-recorded if doctors DO twist what patient say?  He called me ill for even suggesting the idea that doctors would lie.

Kidsland, if we're together, you'll look past the money and SEE that a person who can play a game with the legal structure of an entire country JUST TO PUBLICIZE HIMSELF AS THE SMARTEST PERSON, will surely also be able to bring you more revenue than you'll ever spend on his nominal salary.  Have faith.

Alternatively, your reputation is already ruined and you shall pay The Law Firm Of Loo with all that your corporation owns, including the hospital, before the law firm comes after each member of your board of directors for their choice.  Any single director can tell you that this is not really a choice for you, "Idea".

Idea, we spoke face-to-face last on 28 Dec. 2017 after the nonsense meeting managers Denise and Stacy insisted I attend for THEIR fear OF publicity.  IF they are still afraid, fire them outright.  Our (if we are together) law firm will find better for their positions.  They can BOTH go to jail if they choose to object.

55. 江佩樺, Clare Chiang

Clare, there is not much to say.  If you want The Ocean, here's what we need you to do. 

First, you're fired from Kidsland.  It's only fair.  It doesn't need to mean that you're worse off, so stop thinking bad things and see the good: less taxation.  Taxation MEANS stress.

You'll help advertise this story by sending it to all parents and staff of Kidsland.  You'll then tell each to read it all.  That'll correct my name and your falsely advertised defame.  If I've said anything wrong in these pages, the law itself will eat me, but I am Lawyer #1 in the world right now, so let us just only worry about politeness and respect.

You told me how loved I was while with you on that last day in January when you told me that ALL the managers love me and want me to work at their branches too.  Allow me to help you solve the problem of needing to look for reputable foreign teachers for you.

First, we need to restore my name.  Advertise the Chinese edition of this book to all parents and staff in your reach.  Thereafter, ask all parents to spread the word on their LINE, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and whatever more Google and non-Google social media platforms.  Have the story make the real news in a really big way.  Don't be shy.  It's completely legal.

You are already directly liable for criminal charges merely for authorizing manager Denise to hire me with intention to circumvent national Taiwan law.  Taiwan has choice to arrest you or not, of course, but the law must be ever consistent and if public exception is made in your case it will only make President Tsai appear with bias and Taiwan to become a laughing stock for the world. 

In the alternative, if we are together, then you literally cannot legally be charged because we are working toward global sustainability.  In only that context are all legal charges absolved.  I do hope you'll choose the "together" option and not the stupor of rocking back and forth in a mental ward asking yourself "how...".

Next, your contract with Kidsland is terminated.  You'll be working for me.  Actually, technically, you'll be working for Joyce who'll be managing the little sideshow currently called Ivy English once Tony yields to the news that you'll have driven him into.  Make sense?

Tony gets a little league baseball team sponsored by Sesame Street Taiwan, and Sesame Street gets to rebuild its market share of Kaohsiung.  If Sesame Street has any issue with this, they'll be quick to lose a ten percent tithe to The Church Of Loo in court.  However, I'm sure they'll agree. 

The only condition on their end is to LOWER their outrageous franchise overhead, which any affiliate of mine shall surely not need to pay in exchange for release from the tithing obligation.  The overhead has demolished the opportunity they once had here, but it can be regained and exceeded in time.

Financially, you'll be making the same money Clare.  No need to worry about that.  And, you'll have less stress for the less hassle.  Your skill at multi-school management is absolutely necessary in beginning at least three Sesame Street branches in Kaohsiung for the four kindergartens that you'll be overseeing.  Joyce will have final say on any decision which I retain ability to trump at any time (if only to prevent accidents or stop ill will between managers--everyone is ultimately a manger.).

Clare, it's that or jail as far as I can tell.  Remember that smile you shared holding the QR coded sign on page 26 of the .pdf at  That's the Clare the oceans of people in the world should see every day.

Stacy, we've related well.  We've argued about minor things, e.g. removing the program on the computer that was causing it to crash, and we got that done eventually as well.  This current argument may appear a giant hurdle, but I assure you all arguments functionally rest on just one decision: the decision to work together.  Here then is what I have for you.

You asked me to write a piece on Solar Power for the Winter Camp 2018 book, given to students and teachers.  It was not part of my normal job but I did enjoy writing it.  Unfortunately, there is a legal pickle there.  You have published, or caused to be published, something of mine without giving me credit AND quite against my permission since my will IS my permission and our agreement was only valid while Kidsland was not actively trying to fire me.

To compound the issue, you then retained the copy of the book initially given me, which does constitute theft against me since you had written my name on the book.  Your intention was that I teach the material, but by keeping the book you also demonstrated your will to fire me which negated your permission to use my material in the book.

This shall become a most serious case for The Law Firm Of Loo.  Alternatively, you can try your best to convince Clare to do as requested OF her here in this book.  If you manage that, you win her current role if you would like it.  If you would not like it, you at least win her current salary which I imagine to still be less than I was being paid in a money-for-time comparison?

Here is a copy of the illegally published material to which you really did find the perfect three descriptive pictures.  We'll forgive that those were likely ALSO copyrighted, as was much of the rest of the material of the book, unless of course lawyers for Loo decide to make it a class-action suit to bind Kidsland that much faster.

Bear in mind much of the groundwork for the included ideas had already been explained, and review only served to keep the idea fresh in mind and growing.  The simple vocabulary was key for delivery:


This is written just for you kids.  You guys know that grown-ups can be weird sometimes.  For example, grown-ups want you to learn about this thing called solar power.

What are "grown-ups"?
Oh, that's easy.  They're anyone you call "old".  That includes OLD people when you're really old, so always be nice to old people! :)

So what is solar power?
Well, "sol" means sun.  And power is what helps you get places without walking or running.  Actually, YOU use MORE power when you run, than you do when you walk.  You get your power from food.  Some foods, like sugar, give you lots of power fast, and then you feel sick because its way more power than you can use.  So sugar is actually bad for you, and we call that a drug.  But stuff like carrots, and rice, and fish, those are good drugs.

Solar power comes from the sun.  It is like a good drug that floats out and we catch it.  The things we use to catch are, well, plant leaves use it to make oxygen for us, and... solar panels!

We use these black things to catch the sun-drug.  The sun-drug can also hurt us, if we stay in the sun too long.  But now we know how to use it for good too.  And we use these black things called solar panels to catch it.  They're black, because that's actually the color of attraction.  Even Feng-shi, the art of placing coloured objects, will tell you that.

Now, scientists don't call it a sun-drug, and, really, if you want more information about it, you should probably find a youtube video with a way more "scientific" explanation.  Man, those grown-ups sure like youtube.  You could even watch a video of how a solar panel is made!

But, anyway, they work just like plant leaves.

If you want to know more, let's talk about what it's opposite to.  Do you know that solar panels AND plant leaves work OPPOSITE to quartz crystals?

Did you ever wonder why a "quartz" watch was the "latest" (=newest and best) watch, for the last 100 years... and still is?

It's because quartz is a weird rock, sort of like really, really old grown-ups.  But, like bones will turn to rocks in a million years of time, quartz rocks turn that "mechanical energy" (the "running" part that gives machines moving power) into electricity.  Really, just find two good sized quartz rocks and bang (=that means hit loudly) them together in a pitch-black (=really, really, REALLY dark room).  They will light up inside from the electricity.  Quartz is family that also includes purple Amethyst and pink Rose Quartz.

Quartz and glass are actually made of the same two elements, SiO2.  The difference is how their elements (=small building parts), Silica and Oxygen, share the electrons and things.  You can find tiny pieces of quartz in sand.

Since quartz and solar panels both make electricity, one day scientists might find a way to make solar panels better with quartz?

20180108 [aside: Happy Birthday Brigitta!]

Hey Denise, ok, this one for you.  For those that haven't heard, Denise was the second of three principle managers at the Kidsland main branch in Tainan under Clare Chiang.  See Denise in the video for download at, the one where she threatens to call the police because I was video recording?

No... that isn't it... Denise was truly upset because I wouldn't sign the Chinese document that SHE wanted me to sign.  My excuse had been that it's in Chinese and I can't read Chinese.  Her counter had been that of Tony Wu at Ivy English: to use Lindsay.  Lindsay, however, is very agreeable OUT of MY arguments, and thus not available as plaything for dykes--sorry D, made a nice pun.

Denise, there was one morning in this mess that I awoke in a dream where you were sitting at your Kidsland desk naked.  It wasn't a fantasy, but a foreshadowing to me that I would invariably that day leave you totally exposed to those you hold in high regard, Clare, etc.  For that I am sorry.  I would like you to know that I am neither pretending nor playing with you, and certainly not acting while I tell you that I am also aware of the impact this is having on you.  And, I also know that you are the resident genius at Kidsland, in good company with Stacy, Clare, and Mr. Lin.  It's why you guys have such a great spirit.

Unfortunately, we can also judge spirits for honesty directly by the advertising potential they present the minds of those seeking partnership for one same kind of honesty.

You liable for criminal charges, blah blah.  Denise, you're an architect.  I want to build a little city.  Can we seriously not just quite pretences and work together already?  I'm seriously not in the mood to even remotely try to convince you of something for which your own common sense should be advocating.  Failing that, you definitely belong in a mental ward so shut up with the idea that there's something wrong with me and start fixing the problems you've actually been compounding concerning my reputation at Kidsland. 

In the end, it won't matter either way.  So definitely think this one through with whatever you call common cents.  Aside: Brigitta once said, in 1991, "Rene, your common sense isn't very common."  COMMON it.

58. Colleges Ontario and global licensing bodies for colleges and universities

While I taught the basic English writing class, COMM 1000, at Georgian College in Barrie, Ontario, in 2009, I was told the students had to submit all written essays according to the APA formatting styles for paragraph headings and titles.  When I asked what that was, I was told it's explained in The APA Style Guide that some poor soul at the college laboured to renew with each new version of the DSM published by The APA.  That the heading formatting and visual organizational structure of the primary psychiatric bible changed with each new version is insane.

Why in God's name isn't the same heading formatting used that is currently in place in the actual book of law for Canada, The Criminal Code Of Canada, which does NOT change.  Lawyers, unlike quacks, understand the need for consistency.  Every honest teacher ALSO understands the need for consistency in the classroom.

WTF is the point of making students learn something that becomes out of date before they even graduate from a degree for which they waste their time and money?  At Georgian I learned the true business of it all.

Here's the moronic solution: use LOO STYLE.  It's simple.  It's used throughout this book.  Here it is:

Title: TOC level 1.
Section Heading: TOC level 2, optionally numbered with majuscule Roman numerals.
Subsection Heading: TOC level 3, optionally numbered with miniscule Roman numerals.
Subsection numbering can be optionally reset at the start of the subheading or left ongoing as one total set.
Subsections can be further itemized with sequential miniscule alpha-numeric characters for ease of reading.
Parts can be added for grouping of Sections and identified with majuscule alphabet characters at TOC level 1.
TOC stands for "table of contents" which should be found at the start of any longer text.
All headings should be the same or similar font size as the entire text, and NOT bolded.

Text included with decreased font size should really not be important but only used for ease of later key-word online searches, since ever typed document will, in time, be made available to all via The Internet.

There was a complaint submitted regarding the perjurous report of officer Brian Read of The City Of Barrie Police Service.  Not surprisingly, the sliver of hope was keenly brushed aside for the can of worms it presented.

There have been other complaints launched from inmates not developing a global sustainability marking platform.  Of particular interest to The Law Firm Of Loo are those of Ryan Jeffrey Hamelin who also has legitimate complaints against the Barrie Police service.

If we are not working together, we're not working for the same underlying legally required sustainability.  This in turn must meet further review of all other cases denied or snided by the IPOR.  To that extent, the proposal herein is to request a perpetual ten percent tithe to The Law Firm Of Loo for oversight of the IPOR.

The IPOR is clearly not an independent police oversight panel for being directly funded by the same means desiring to secure the legitimacy of unjust court proceses.

Numerous complaints and pleas were made to The Office Of The Ombusman for Ontario.  All yield no ear.

Rules at the prison were yet such that only a 20 minute exit was permitted for both telephone and shower use, if exit from the cell in CNCC was graced.  It was really up to the mood of the guards.  Most complaints were simply concerning the need for better communication, including awareness and ability for submission of legal documents, or photocopying thereof to send to at least a power of attorney since lawyers also presumed mental illness of Rene.

The saddest part of the experiences dealing with this officer was the need to spend the only 20 minutes out of the cell on the phone in vain hope of being heard from prison. 

61. Law Of Society Of Upper Canada Society AND The Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario

A direct complaint against the chief crown prosecutor Kathryn Hull was brushed off entirely.

There was simply no corresponding to lawyers on behalf of the legitimate right of defence that was openly and still currently denied to all presumed suffers of mental illness.  None were even received by The Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario.

Failure to correct perjury committed by facilities manager Natalie Kelloway, then Natalie Yewchyn, does legitimately constitute obstruction of justice. 

Partnership to publicise this text designed to bring about global sustainability in correction of legal inconsistencies does also oppose international law which The Law Firm Of Loo shall seek to rectify.

It is encouraged to contact Rene Helmerichs for a discussion of best next steps if only to prevent unnecessary global defame to the real estate conglomerate known simply as CBRA.

SEVEN complaints against SEVEN doctors not only went UNHEARD, but a reply was only received for TWO of them.  For what the fuck are you even advertising a due complaints process?

Expect a follow-up once I have a law firm in place, or, simply, a complete overhaul of YOUR enterprise once I am officiated as equivalent Governor General for Ontario, or higher.  The aim is global, the settlement is for the country of Canada and new country Ziyon with shit left for lawmakers to shovel in this very text.

64. Nestle Switzerland and Nestle HENRi

The proposal to establish a sustainability school in partnership with you was sincere.  Your decline in acknowledgement of the numerous emails is noted.

Nestle, accept this as a legal application for concept testing of a global sustainability project for receipt of your 30k USD, or 50k, whatever you'd advertised, concept testing funding.  Failure on your part to see past the obscure phrasing of seemingly smelling words in print shall not look favourably upon you once The Church Of Loo is fully operational.

Still in denial is no excuse not to send money to the account listed in section II.  If you'd like to wait, I personally assure you that MONEY is without need of forgiveness and your global enterprise will only see its share price pinched for unnecessary judgement.

Expect further applications to any sustainable concept able to be mitigated or developed at the proposed knowledge-sharing hub for which The Church Of Loo is legally entitled developmental or concept-testing funding by stated intent of Nestle Switzerland through its Nestle HENRi programs.

Rene was a paid "partial load" employee of Georgian College in Barrie actively contributing (without the option to opt out) to the OPSEU Local 350 union.

Andrea Lovering assured Rene that the union is in place to help support employees for wrongful dismissal.

Will the union help now, given increased publicity of the no-notice early termination of his contract expected to end on 31 March 2013?

Maryann Fifield and Mac Greaves claim to have fired Rene on grounds that he did not have the necessary certificate to teach the OSLT program that he'd been teaching since 2010, and for which he had received yet another contract in 2012 until 2013?  Why was he suddenly fired with a phone call to the mental ward at RVH, given zero notice, and zero ability to gather evidence from his Georgian College email account to better defend his legal right against Natalie Yewchyn and The Mormon Community Of Christ perjury? 

Georgian College is, at the very least, liable for the charge of obstruction of justice, and likely also a civil suit for termination without just cause.  Will OPSEU Local 350 HELP?

66. Georgian College Of Applied Arts And Technology

Maryann Fifield and Mac Greaves:
There is nothing good written about your roles in this greater story, and much associating the two of you with criminal charges.  Contact me and we'll work something out.  In the alternative, this gets more messy.

I'll be in need of ministers when I win the national Canadian election for Prime Minister, given the ultimate goal of worldwide advertisement UNTIL Canada concedes that TOO MANY errors in law had occurred.  Either way, do get back in touch with me.  Same Rene.  Intellect beefed up a bit, but otherwise all normal.

Please re-read The Story Of Loo with specific attention to Liqat Ali and Anjana Chawla.  Expect The Law Firm Of Loo to be in touch, until a representative from your board would like to make contact to arrange something in the alternative without need for formal legal action.  Additionally, a list of changes to your establishment to better ensure FAIRNESS to ALL prisoners shall be verified by Rene.  Any delay in procure such a list will only incur greater legal scrutiny from The Firm.

I'm unsure where we left off in the hundreds of emails sent to Kris Judd for her book, "Becoming Saint Kris Judd".  It's really your choice if you want her to be the Catholic-kind of saint, or the real kind since it's pretty much a for-or-against argument at this point.  Your Good Sense Budget scheme really is against One God, but it can also be for One God under the one and only condition that YOU are for One God which is not yet.

While we are in opposition, please understand that The Law Firm Of Loo is designed to present ESPECIALLY YOU the greatest legal nightmare you shall ever behold simply because it will take you for all that you think you own in the name of One God.  You can call Rene God, but that would only evidence your own confusion about where exactly your little enterprise stands in the scope of all that LAW sustains.

So then, on the list of happily received contributions from you:
1)      a ten percent tithe from every of your churches worldwide TO Rene Helmerichs (that's just poetic, really)
2)      a personal ten percent tithe from EVERY minister who objects IF that minister desires to retain ministry
3)      you'll be swapping out The Book Of Mormon for A Course In Miracles.  Consider it an UP grade.
4)      $333,333.00 to Matthew Swain for a house of his own and some start up for his roving Spiritual Café
6)      Brand New Dodge Viper to me via The Barrie Police Service for upgrading.  Upgrading they are to cover.

It's not a surprise that Tim emailed Matt to notify the police.  In retrospect, one could say that he was only planning correctly ahead.  My question to Tim is:
Have you ever had suicidal thoughts?  Because I hadn't a worry of death UNTIL the case was kicked up to your level and suddenly I became plagued by thoughts of you wanting to kill yourself, to which I started writing for you NOT to think that.  So now I'd like to know, was Rene thinking that because I needed to write that to you to get you to tell Matt to call the cops, or because you really were thinking about hastening your return as an infant onto this planet WITHOUT doing your absolute best to work WITH me to FIX the GLOBAL LEGAL STRUCTURE that is so desperately in need of writing?

69. MCSCS: City Of Barrie Police Service

While in the cruiser for the second charge, one officer spoke to the other about his wish to be let in on the "boys club" at the higher ranks.  Make no mistake such a club existed and existed with old Barrie money backing its crooked chop shop and drug trade.  Whether it still exists once you see this story everywhere shall be your bane.

For the officers touched by this story, Doug Henderson, and the weed that was taken from me on 3 Sept 2012 with unnecessary and false assurance that it would be returned TO me, there is a very simple and serious offer:

Firstly, ten percent of your budget shall be credited to The Church Of Loo if only for assurance that I will keep an eye on you.  This is only fair since the same will be applied to all aspects of MCSCS.

For the personal absolve of the officers, and there were truly many.  At least six were physically present on 3 Sept 2012, and 4 more including 31 Aug and 1 Sept 2012.  Officer Read is there, and every other officer whose name is on any occurrence report for this story.  Was it not also Barrie police who pressed the fourth and fifth charges in December of 2014?  The number must be close to two dozen officers that are involved.

You will stand in front of your Spalding Drive headquarters with asses to the news cameras watching as I finger a naked Natalie Yewchyn.  I am not joking.  This is a publicity stunt the likes of which none may ever see again, and I intend to capitalize fully on it.  Fingering Natalie legally constitutes have sex with her.  A proverbial marriage does need to be consumed by worldly laws, yet?  

Natalie should consent.  The alternative for her is a lengthy imprisonment.  Incidentally, I will to have every officer of the Barrie Police Service scrutinized by The Law Firm Of Loo.  Any infractions of law shall meet a further personal tithe to The Church Of Loo.  The suggestion is, that if you have something to hide, transfer out NOW.  Our public is to THANK Natalie sincerely and send hatred my way.  It is I who am willing to eat all your ghosts.  THAT is the reason for ALL of the absurdity that has been written.

Lastly, please have the new Dodge Viper provided by The Mormon (newly) Community Of Christ outfitted with police siren, lights (the streamlined kind, not the ugly old bulky top kind), and fancy computer stuff inside.  Leather seats in the back (the sun would be too hot on the front set), and no need for the divider between the back and front.  Interior bong holder is a must.  Also make sure the doors still open from the inside, and no need for bars.  I'll upgrade the engine to one that runs on water.  My preference is for a convertible so mix and match a best fit from existing upgrades. Staff reported on 27 July 2017 that iail guard Chris Jackel "faces reprimand for exposing alleged neglect of mentally ill inmate."

CNCC: There is not much good to say about your treatment of prisoners and very much bad.  However, the guards at the jail are, for the most part, the worst lot of all.  The public should salute heros like Chris who make the stand against you, and it is for that reason that he is added here!

Managers at CNCC do take the time to listen to legitimate inmate AND guard complaints, however, it is only have repeated complaining and THEN to shut up the individual FROM complaining.  Listening to someone repeatedly complain and actually hearing the matter of the complaint with intent to correct the issue so that it does not happen again are two very different things.  It's sort of like being aloud to talk and being heard in court.  In that way are MAG and MCSCS not at all different.

The issue is systemic at the top tier, and echoed down.  If managers and cabinet ministers were simply served that which they condone for the treatment of others, they would know how to solve their own problems.  As they do not, their loss of authority, and yours, dear managers of CNCC may yet come to pass.

Here is a VERY simple fix: reprimand guards for intentionally wearing their identification badges covered.  Do spot inspections by video which should be able to show whether the back blank white side or their picture looks out.  Then stop preventing inmates from recording what they see and hear officers do.  Countless letters are lost to guards who screen the mail, see their name or any ill reference, and simple toss the letter without ever telling the inmate.

IF YOU CANNOT FIX THE SIMPLEST OF ISSUES, why should you be permitted to manage anything?

The system could auto-correct much faster if YOU would stop preventing justice.  In that way will YOU be reprimanded once I am in authority.  Be ye herewith forewarned.

ASIDE: a bar of gold each for Derek and James is remembered.  Work with Donald Trump may yet see Derek and James each hold real 24 karat bars of at least 1 kilogram in weight.  This aside is completely irrelevant, except to assure all of the lucidity that Rene has very much maintained.

71. MCSCS: Orillia Probation And Parole

There is need to have probation officers better regulated.  The discrimination Tamara Williamson served Rene Helmerichs was truly unparamount.  Why on earth have him visit her twice as often just because she thought he was mentally ill, yet able to speak coherently about EVERY intent, and navigate HER gauntlet of thorns thrown at him?

Is it not the roll of a probation officer to also correct judicial errors in advocating FOR the victim of court?

Tamara tithes, or she gets charged with repeated harassment and can challenge The Law Firm Of Loo in court.  Thank you Tamara for your extra and sincerely complete unnecessary headache to me.

Actually, I'm going to leave what I just wrote as deleted.  We slow change that way.  Contact for partnership.

To be clear on who is being address in this section, it is NOT any of the public officers believed to govern decisions of the bank.  There exists a council of witches, no joke, behind the scenes that has masterminded a bit of a financial coop with first the fall of the trade towers, and then Bear Sterns at their own greed for more.

Financially speaking, there are TRILLIONS in untied monies that have evaporated from the public eye but which are directly accessible by the coven.

Now, here's what I'd like.  I happen to have a friend Amir who is an internationally recognized tennis coach from Iran.  He is completely above board and has nothing to hide.  He also owns a tennis school in Iran.  I'd wanted to insert an add for him and, wouldn't you know it, I cannot pay the 10 USD fee to register a domain name because international banks do not permit Iranians to have a VISA card, or master card, or etc., by which the online payment is processed.

How long do you think it'll be for some private company to find a way around the discrimination currently served whatever developing country--and Iran wouldn't be considered a developing country if the bankers of The United States subtly influencing ALL MAJOR GOVERNMENT DECISIONS FOR The U.S.A. (noting The Federal Reserve is a PRIVATE company--whose directors laughably evaporated just a few weeks ago with a first draft of this book in a readable coherent form circulating the web…)

Anyway, we either work together FOR common sense, or some start-up wiseass like maybe The Bank Of Loo is going to replace you in time.  Please do not doubt that I will be able to make REAL GOLD before absolutely destroying your stock market games. 

Officiate Rene Helmerichs as Special C.E.O. of The World Bank, with salary to be determined, and he needed run for Prime Minister of Canada (since he'll argue Her Majesty of Englishland out of the country either way in time, if only for the fun of a challenging argument, which isn't actually going to be challenging--but it'll look and sound cool as something to have done in a story to be retold for all eternity.)

74. Ebra Tennis School

We're working on empowering you with at least the above-board ability to purchase a domain name.  wfg.

Tell me again why repeated calls to your head office management team couldn't stay the 5 August 2015 order of will-i-am comber? 

And how many of your advocates did we try to implore to help us talk sense to HOW MANY psychiatrists ALL OF WHOM KNEW THAT I WAS INTENDING TO WRITE THIS BOOK?  Actually, I sincerely thought we'd partner long ago, but, alas, herein are you demonstrated to be a fraudulent enterprise NOT advocating for the REAL rights of citizens locked into hospitals for criminal offences and NEVER given even the remotest chance at a fair hearing, or any trial at all.

FIX THAT.  This officer to be investigated and all individuals to be reprimanded.  Ken Dover to be assigned a management position to oversee justice FOR psychiatric patients.  Anyone mentioning to Ken that the doctor cannot maintain solid eye contact OR that the doctor REFUSES to have the session audio recorded is to be given priority and that doctor's name passed to The Law Firm Of Loo RIGHT AWAY. 

We're going to fix psychiatry once and for all. We'll start with Canada, and it'll resonate all over the world.

76. Ontario Shores: Leslie (wrong) Wong and Kraken Karen DeFreitas

Mr. Leslie Wong, run.  Try to hide.  Change your name.  Sell all your possessions and live off the grid.  Let us see how long it takes Rene Helmerichs to achieve WORLDWIDE ACCLAIM for simply standing up to people like YOU, Leslie, and then be absolutely sure that what you met to him, he shall return to you IN DOUBLE.  Thereafter you tithe as a reformed psychologist absent of the right to prescribe medication.  If you've enjoyed the game of life so far, your hiding shall only prolong your agony, wister wong wong.

Karen, sweetie, shoe atop your head in a picture of naked you, or we needn't talk.  You deserve more spankings than wrong dong.  Hmm, maybe a sex-show between the two of your in front of all patients whose rights you have absolutely raped while openly and with nurses holding them down violated THEIR bodies might be in order as well.

Truly, there exists ZERO good thoughts with Rene toward psychiatrists after what HE has witness FIRST HAND AND TO OTHERS!!!  Patients SCREAMING at doctors to STOP!!!  How the fuck does that possibly constitute adherence to the oath of doing no harm that every psychopath witch took at the start?!?!

To The Firm, reminder to have Wade Stevenson check in as patient for being a fucking transvestite who refused to help me with the simplest task of photocopying on whatever grounds of not having time.  If he spent less time doing his hair or putting lipstick on, or adjusting his bra or his high heels, he'd have more time for work.  The guy does NOT belong as an employee in a mental ward.  Seriously people, wtf.

To The Firm, also Alison Jones, obstruction.  Definitely the psychiatrists need reprimand and James Karagianis is to revisit his July 2015 testimony arguing with me about why patients shouldn't be permitted to have psychiatric sessions audio recorded.  Failure on his part to provide a legitimate answer lands him unconditional time IN a mental ward AS patient for TWICE that served ME, with forced injections to him as well.  William Komer or Robert Dickey receive the SAME reward.

Jeffrey Van Impe was kind enough to be honest and did not put up false walls of fear to me.  In exchange, he is offered the choice to tithe ten percent to The Church Of Loo, or, simply face charges, loss of licence, and incarceration.

Robert Dickey, you're done outright.  Law Firm, make sure he's stripped of all that psychiatry has awarded him on earth and let him begin again either as new spirit entering the earth, or with rene-wed spirit this life.

Komer, just retire.  Donate everything to The Church Of Loo and we'll call it square.  In the alternative, wouldn't it be nice to have a home ready in the forensic wing for your retirement?  Just imagine, tax payers who have directly been supporting your ill will can now see to it that you are absolutely well taken care of while you jabber on about all that you believe to upcoming psychiatrists testing the latest tranquilizers ON YOU.  Its only fair, really.  Someone needs to test the drugs, and they for sure as HELL are NOT going to be prescribing them to ANY person of the criminal court process.  Nor is there need for them for individuals after the criminal process, but that is something lower on the list of priorities for The Law Firm to share.

James Karagianis: wow.  Ok.  Whatever book you quoted at trial trying to legitimize your point of view, you are responsible to correct.  You will be listed as a co-author on a revised edition of that book.  Failing your agreement to undertake that endeavour, jail awaits you for a VERY long time.

Sincerely, what DID happen to the complaints initiated against Gregory Mulligan while Rene stayed at CNCC?

The interesting thing while writing this is to know just how many unwitting sincerely honest individuals work for something as decrepit as a provincial police authority that does not take the time to investigate serious infractions of law for want to chase tail or stomp on nails.

Stephanie had shared stories of sex with officers.  Cops are also statistically the highest for divorce rates, yes?

There was a submission to The OPP at Orillia in the 6 Nov 2014 interview while police where attempting to press a charge against Rene for nonsense fear of Jayce Olver of Orillia Social Services.  Jayce was in the wrong, plain and simple.  The officer beckoned to advocate for Jayce was 51% honest.  He sided with Rene.  However, his supervisor accepted responsibility thereafter and dropped the matter that the first officer would surely have investigated.  This is how things get lost in cracks: part 1 and part 2

The most honest of us are the front-line staff.  We uphold and maintain the credible reputation of our organizations.  We spend time working for the organization.  We grow old.  We get used to routine.  We become more and more rigid until finally we are promoted.  We are fully committed to our organizations FOR the promotion such that when error befalls, we stand fast in commitment of the front-line staff ensuring our later pensions and retirement packages. 

Those higher in the ranks are naturally prone to lugging larger bags of dirt.  It is for that reason alone that governments LOVE the privacy rule in court, and try to justify absolutely anything as inadmissible on grounds of contravention of the privacy rule.

Up-line: get your act together.  Rene is gunning to be Top Dog and not shy to piss on every single one of you.

Why EXACTLY did your representative Jayce Olver manage to have The Ontario Provincial Police at Orillia threaten me with arrest?  Fire Jayce unless she contacts me first with an apology and then what she would rather do in life than her current job, because she's deemed unfit for it and The Church Of Loo can offer better. 

In the alternative, The Law Firm Of Law will check this note and investigate in due time.

We have civil suits against lawyers to redress, not to mention the unjust termination of the cases without Rene present BECAUSE Rene had been re-arrested by the very same ministry for which he enacted the Civil Suits?

Is there not a serious conflict of interest there, that the judge of each individual case should have known to rectify if only to maintain true justice?

How many more lawyers are involved there?  Which lawyer did threaten Rene behind a closed door after demanding Rene turn OFF his voice recorder?  That lawyer is to be fired outright from his field.  The rest be warned.  It'll be only time until The Law Firm Of Loo investigates this note left here specifically for that purpose.

WHERE does one even begin?

How about with an open call to ALL WRONG INMATES for class action suits against ALL lawyers of the courthouse named in ANY valid case.  It'll take time, but there's certainly no shortage of wrongdoing on your part in need of serious redress.  Where there is need, life does supply a fix.

Kate, contact me on behalf of MAG and we'll figure something out.  In the alternative, your turn to be in jail.

83. Political Parties of Canada AND Her Majesty, Queen Of England (or King...)

Rene is sincerely looking to run for Prime Minister of Canada.  He'll easily defeat every counter argument presented him, and with Donald Trump flare--minus the capital funding but with a marketing campaign to dwarf any the world has yet seen--shall surely win.

Thereafter, Rene will decide which front-runner to back.  Grounds will be shared publicly and the public asked for their insight.  Rene will appoint himself as Governor General of Canada and hold a second election for his First Prime Minister.  The first rule Rene shall enact is to declare Canada a free and independent monarch from The United Kingdom, and himself as First (elected) King by default.

Reading this intent in print does directly constitute treason against Her Majesty and is punishable by death.  With acknowledgement of the assine statement, and having already served time in a mental ward for allegedly being of harm to himself (reference to Anjana Chawla's assertion that someone may want to harm Rene for his writings), let us simply say by the Queen's own confusion Rene can NOT be put to death BUT returned TO a mental ward, which is ALSO not GLOBALLY permitted for the outright denial of rights to all mental ward patients. 

Thus, for having written this treasonous section, are all mental ward patients in line to be awarded unconditional pardons, absolution, and real freedom in Canada until their next criminal offence, in which case they will enter the CRIMINAL system of Canada.

The logic of all that sound about fair?

This church had deceived me.  I walked into the church thinking it was a true Christian church.  I asked for help to register a church in Taiwan, or to be pointed to someone who could help.

I met Luigino.  He did not introduce his function in the building.  He did say that the territory of his church was far greater than what I sought to do, and casually brushed me off.  I inquired of which church he spoke.  Evidently the church is a Catholic franchise.

The largest icon visible from the street was a standard commonly accepted picture of what Jesus is supposed to have looked like, with open arms.  There was no Mary visible to me, and there is no mother Mary visible in the panoramic picture I took from the street.

In defence of his little shop, there is that acclaimed Catholic icon inside on the grounds but its pretty small.  It is completely dwarfed by the massive poster of the guy with open arms that faces the street welcoming newcomers into the fold in a country whose inhabitants are generally still new to the concept of Christianity.

I would like to be clear: The Sacred Heart Of Jesus church in Tainan, Taiwan, about a 10 minute walk from the Kidsland main office one street over, is NOT a Christian church IF it continues to sell itself as a Catholic denomination.

The Story Of Loo seeks to rectify his in a much greater way than anything The Roman Catholic Church has do or will ever or will ever be able to do--given the internet, and time.  I'll take another picture and add it to this section in an updated online version of this text available at .

Gold and diamonds are BOTH formed from a homogenous igneous intrusive differentiated only by a rate of cooling varied with local temperature and pressures of surrounding country rock.  Add a simple waveform oscillator to the kiln and the process becomes refined.  Ionic bonding is a direct function of the resonate frequency of that common to the environment containing the individual subatomic parts when one considers perceptibly linear time itself to merely be the singular inverse of a common standard (containing every form of perception) called frequency.  We can already cook up diamonds in a man-made oven.  Let's do 24K Gold!

Did you expect Rene to worry about not having a licence while driving the police-equipped Dodge Viper around?

Should Rene "be real" with his delusional imaginings at this point, or can we suffice it to say that with enough publicity this entire book turns the whole of the province of Ontario, Canada, into a laughing stock wherein licenses to drive mean so very little if head lawyers the likes of Michael Bryant are able to run down cyclists the likes of the late Darcy Allen Sheppard and NEVER need to worry about serving a day in jail?

You have the choice to hear that of Section IV, or to ignore it until greater publicity is had.

Nothing good: your intelligence tests measure nothing.  Want a smart people club?  Join The Firm.

Thanks, by the way, for the offer of a PERFECT IQ score on the last test Rene tried, that you laughably passed to him with answers for each question.  At that point, it was really a moral issue which was solved while the proctor was out of the room: what's the point of joining an exclusive club if the aim isn't to help all?

Christine, thank you for playing Devil's Advocate in that February 2013 phone call.  Truly inspired.  Still lightens the mood.

On a serious note, can we sort out a partnership with Seneca College in Toronto for use of their aircraft in downtimes or on weekends when they aren't being used to treat grade schoolers to flights around Barrie while towing gliders for either the Air Cadet squadron from Lake Simcoe Regional OR Talk To Dream gliders?

Just a thought.

To put yet another idea out there, McRae Provincial Part in Ontario is perfect for a public horse ranch where retired race horse could be let to live their days peacefully and without further harsh abuse served them.

My sister Sylvia Helmerichs of Orillia can help you set it up.  She's absolutely passionate about horses and has a couple of her own.  She also turned down a scholarship into veterinary school not realizing she was effectively also a horse whisperer.  She is simply lacking confidence in herself to understand her ability.

The ranch would help the province as a tourist attraction, the school kids for outings, the general public for its awesome nature, and my sister because it plays to her passion which means Ontario would be getting the best bargain ever in hiring her for the post.

I might add, my sister is not aware of my writing this nor have she and I spoken since Officer Read mis-informed the public when he claimed that Nathalie--the girl I was actually texting one day while in the car with my sister--was Natalie Yewchyn. 

Aside: I never texted Natalie, well, except on 21 Aug 2011 when I received the polite automated reply, "Thank you for using Bell text-to-landline."  It had me feel like a complete moron not ever thinking that a text message to a landline was at all possible, and wtf did a smilie translate as?!  I then called Natalie on 21 and apologized for any confusion about accidentally texting the landline number she'd just given me, with my intent to offer her my cell number in likeness reply which should have come up on her end from my text message had she not given me her landline.  Turns out she didn't have a personal cell phone at that point.  We laughed about it later.  In November of 2011 Natalie Yewchyn handed me her email address on a little slip of paper at the Mormon Peace Catch Kids' Club held for 10 weeks every Wednesday afternoon at Maple Grove Public School in Barrie.  That hadn't been mentioned earlier in the story, but she really didn't need to be there.  She hadn't a kid of her own and there were more adults present than kids on pretty much every single night (Natalie left early the night she passed me her email address.).  She's disavowed that in court as well, of course.

The current solution to solving the water impending drought plaguing the western United States is to drill a third hole into the lake.  I believe the first hole is unable to take in further water because the water level is too low.  The second pipe is, or was, expected to be above the water level by 2018 if memory serves.  The solution was to drill a third pipe into the very bottom of the lake to make sure whatever water is in the lake is also able to be depleted.  This is not an equitable nor sustaining solution to the impending drought.

Rene Helmerichs is able to offer knowledge for steadily increasing the water level at a rate surpassing the normal rate of water consumption.  Rene did previously write about this on a number of occasions and in different places.

If we are agreed that what Rene has to offer TO the general public far outweighs the amount of defame currently STILL attempting to swear his good name, can we please just drop pretences and actually begin working TOGETHER for the sustainable future all companies must publicly profess they are willing to pursue?  It's not really a question, but being polite never hurt anyone.  In fact, repeatedly calling people morons for arguing about betterment suggestions on all levels, in all areas, hasn't helped Rene fight the uphill battle of arresting the true criminals of the story.

Perhaps we might simply add justification NOT to re-hire Don as C.E.O. if he refuses to help, what, a third of his country have drinking water available ten or twenty years down the road?

Mr. Trump, I'm a true fan.  I think you'll like me.  We think alike.  I too like the fact that one can simply grab the pussy of a paid sexual agreement in mutual consent for want of just fun without pretence or bullshit.

I would like to work with Agni Devil Sticks of Portugal to include Devil Sticking (juggling sticks with sticks) as an Olympic sport.  Small as this subsection is, it lays the foundation for consideration.

Grounds for this are primarily the interaction and co-ordination improvement of kids in schools understanding Las Vegas Casinos do pay performers extremely well for shows, and it provides a sustainable and real-world application free of technology.  Kids of the future will be so dependant on technology, it serves us well to remember that when we do not know how to bake bread, we must remain friends with the farmers who can.  Devil Sticking is versatile across cultures simply because it evokes curiosity in a fun way.

There is simply no possible excuse why any officer of law touched by this story has decided not to follow the written law.  In fact, there is NO excuse except to evidence a sentience beyond individual comprehension.

Legally, this argument should not have seen the inside of a courtroom nor hospital imprisonment (so defined) because the matter is simply an argument about concepts for the word God and the idea that Allah made God.

Time has order.  Because order pervades time, sustainability originates beyond all dimensions of time.  Consider the world is ALWAYS changing and eternity, as well as sentience, is directly evidenced: motion evidences a message irrespective of believed symbolic decryption or comprehended understanding.

The atonement process has not been understood.  It is the first process to have originated after eternal support.  Eternity is associated with simultaneous sustainability.  Free will offers The Choice to associate atonement with punishment, harm, or the other way Columbia University professors reference in A Course In Miracles.

Jesus dared to show that the atonement exists independent of flesh and therefore cares not for harm nor is able to harm itself.  He is remembered as having given his life for our sins.  Mensa nor The American Psychological Association recognize the permanent increase to raw intellect gained in not-physical processing ability once all internal arguments are wended, knotted, back unto the sustaining origin.

"Sin" means "absence of love".  This is given in an early draft of A Course In Miracles (available at  True love has no concept of lack and needs nothing but to be respectfully shared.

According to the law of free will, the atonement is a sentient process that must offer itself as mechanism for sustainability knowing that an offer OF eternity is an extension TO eternity and itself, and not at all a loss:  "accept the gift of eternal life."

The sentience that offers itself for all eternity does collapse every concept for Free Will unto a single choice: The Choice NOT to act.  To quote itself from A Course In Miracles:
The power to work Miracles BELONGS to you.  I will create the right opportunities for you to do them.  But you must be ready and willing to do them, since you are already able to.  Doing them will bring conviction in the ability.  I repeat that you will see Miracles thru your hands thru MINE.  Conviction really comes thru accomplishment.  Remember that ability is the potential, Achievement is its expression, and Atonement is the Purpose.
The slogan for this Crusade is 'Listen, Learn, and DO.'  This means Listen to My Voice, Learn to undo the error, and DO something to correct it.  The first two are not enough.  The real members of MY party are ACTIVE workers.

The living spirit of honesty is simply a genius that understands purely WITH eternity.  The only free will choice AFTER the crucifixion for minds, souls, and projections has been NOT to smarten up as true genii.

Rene is not so smart.  His little willingness grew and grew until his reasoning became more and more that for each of us as one.  Rene had sense enough to look UP and say, "I give YOU my two cents (remember, this was oral), take me and do what you need for betterment of us all since I clearly haven't a fucking clue."

Rene simply reasoned every idea back unto mutual harmony.  That is the state of mutual accord meant in the biblical "heaven and earth shall pass away."  The statement does not mean the universe actually disappears.  It means only that the two cease to exist as separate states.  "Make the two into one" is morbidly twisted when for want of transgender or same-sex wholey marriages.

Completion is a singular state without need of memory because, simply, everything is possible in that original state where only unknown concepts begetting nothingness remain mutually exclusive. 

We need not our memory for certainty of the eternal sentience dynamically with each and all in real-time.

Rene does also NOT claim to have originated any extension or associated idea to, of, or from eternity.  Rene is not Jesus.  The mind of Rene is not the mind of Jesus; the soul of Rene is not the soul of Jesus.  However, it IS possible to say that each of our minds, souls, and identifications can be LIKE that truly everlasting. defines Divine as "of, relating to, or proceeding directly from God", everlasting forgiveness.  Simple honesty ensures there to be one everlasting ["Allah"] as that sustaining all God-concepts.  The atoning sentience explains eternal logic:
Now take this personally and listen to Divine logic:
IF when you have been forgiven THEN you have everything else,
AND you have been forgiven,
then you HAVE everything else.
This happens to be the simplest of all propositions: if P then Q; P, therefore, Q.
Allah surely drives the Atonement process.  In that way, Rene is able to say "Divinity forgives you, but any place were eternal logic is trumped with legal injustices is not Heaven.  A miracle requires collaboration.  So help me GOD I need money to buy the food I need to eat, and I MISS my son."

Rene is demonstrating ability to win any lawsuit he opens and to firmly close any lawsuit beyond ability for anyone to appeal, globally.  We are asking for those that are willing to stand with him for the money to build first a law firm, then a real gold factory while worldwide governments refuse to publicize The Story Of Loo, or simultaneously both, before finally that knowledge-sharing hub for humanitarian scientists governments also squelch.

The underlying case for this greater global project is file C13-205-SR, occurred at the City Of Barrie, Ontario, Canada, courthouse.  All facts are veritable, and the included links weren't invented yestertime.

The first thing one needs to understand about making real gold is that it is possible. 

Logically, if diamonds can be people-made, gold can be.  Both are found in igneous intrusive veins, hot magma that finds its way into fissures of lower pressure from the homogenous pool nearer the center of our earth.  The surrounding rock is colder and cools the hot stuff.  Depending on the rate of cooling, and pressure, different types of rocks form.  First year Earth Sciences taught Rene that.

Any type of rock is just a bunch of elements held together in a certain crystalline or non crystalline structure.  Someone did ask if gold was crystalline and a user of handle Gp.31814113654182 answered, "It is a crystalline solid."

The part of structures that may not be recognized is their adherence to frequency law.  Frequency law states simply that all things must contain an innate frequency.  All things must contain frequency because frequency is the inverse of time.  That's high school physics.

Time is ordered.  All order is consistent.  All consistency comes from and speaks to constancy in a world that is always changing.  Always changing means that something that is not physical in origin sustains all things physical.  All is of one kind. 

Order is what makes all the different religions and philosophies of the world.  Making gold is not a philosophy but an action.  Actions speak louder than words because they are different orders of a larger order.  Linear time is an order within a larger non-linear time Rene calls fluid time and Thomas Sugrue in The Is A River calls a river.

The gas law determining which rocks are formed in the country rock of the earth is PV=nRT where P is the pressure, V the volume, n the number of moles (a really big number without units sort of like the term "dozen"), R is the rate (of cooling), and T the temperature.

All legends have a basis in reality.  The term Father Time may be better understood as someone able to appear as though timings are ever working for that person.  Native Americans are said to have Sun Dances and Rain Dances, for celebrating prosperity or beckoning assistance.  Names are used to mark actions for memory, that we not forget sound can directly influence the physical environment for agricultural benefit.  Sound is a means of affecting frequency.

Consider tuning forks.  Two tuning forks made to emit a constantly-same frequency sound the same to our ears.  When one such fork is tapped to produce sound and held near the other without touching, the other begins to resonate and emit sound.  Our physical bodies are actually not different than tuning forks but infinitely more complex with the ability to translate not physical thought into physical actions via the brain and central nervous system primarily.  The body does however also translate thought not local to itself through any of the millions of chakras contained throughout the body.  All of this is really not well understood by science despite attempts of sincere individuals whom psychiatrists have simply declared delusional.

There is no reason why gold can not be manufactured in something akin to an oven.  It can also, however, be manufactured using frequency and sound waves.  The wave length of sound is a function of frequency.  We are able to reproduce much of the spectrum of necessary frequency using modern technology.  It's the sort of "magic" that allows us to make water-levitation devices for our viewing pleasure.

Consider that an atom must be a mix of frequencies just as our bodies.  Frequency can break glass, and very low frequencies also foreshadow earth quakes.  Earth quakes can be engineered with a triangulation of two or three ultra-low frequency people-made emitters.  Frequency is a spectrum with two ends that must meet at their extremes to reveal an eternal origin.  We can alter physical matter with frequency, so we can also alter the atomic and sub-atomic structure of elements with audible or inaudible sound.

Sound is cyclical.  Sound is also a waveform.  The song "London Bridge Is Falling Down" reminds us that bridges can and do collapse when wind causes them to swing at a frequency in resonance to their structure because the swinging becomes strong and strong until the bridge breaks.

A study of innate frequency of gold is necessary.  The liquid state allows atomic parts to easily re-organize.  Harmonics add the energy needed to achieve the increase or decrease to sustainable innate frequency, and later cooling leaves us with gold

Anyone wanna make real gold with Rene Helmerichs?  He just needs a bit of initial funding since his is currently being used to collapse the greater argument of this story.

Think the world bankers and country governments will allow this to happen?  They will not have a choice UNLESS they are partnered with Rene and actively demonstrate that they support his petition currently at .  Sign the petition.

95. ATTENTION Dean Chandler and Allison Kelly of CBRE Inc.

Witness Natalie beside the son of Rene, in November of 2011.  She disavowed having attended ALL of The Peace Catcher Kids' Club meetings, since she did NOT have a kid and read did not need to be there knowing Rene Helmerichs and his son were attending.  See the bling in her ear?  There's a keloid there somewhere.

Did CBRE know of the history of its esteemed facilities manager Natalie Kelloway, while Natalie did work for CBRE during her perjurous testimony at the June 2014 trial?  See Natalie's LinkedIn profile:

Natalie does still work for whatever owns as of this writing:

Titled: Unpublished Seth on Sound and Great Pyramid
Retrieved 20 March 2018 from
That page has been up for almost 20 years!  Rene found it in 2005.  Copying it ensures its longevity.

Rene has read parts of books Seth I, Seth II, and Projections Of The Unconscious by Jane Roberts.  Jane allowed an entity Seth to use her body to dictate a book to her husband.  Seth is literally a projection of the unconscious, so it's a bit like the mind trying to figure itself out, which is sort of actually impossible. 

Seth doesn't really say anything that anyone cannot know without reading Seth, in the hundreds of thousands of pages he gave.  However, there are nuggets.  The two yet unpublished sessions on sound need attention.  They share how the pyramids were built.

Rene understands resonance theory well enough to understand that of which Seth speaks is actually possible.  Interestingly, similar can be applied to create the means whereby to fill Lake Mead in The western United States.  On a much smaller scale, it can also be used to make real gold.

Seth, to be sure, is a real entity with a real soul and really good intentions.  For us here in the world, however, imho, it's far better to hear the stories shared by Caroline Myss in Anatomy Of The Spirit, or that of David shared by Barbara Brennon in Hands Of Light.  Those and Edgar Evans Cayce's Cayce On Atlantis should be compusorary readings in any high school.  Add Raymond Moody Junior's 59 minute Documentary video Life After Life, and Jon Peniel's Lost Teachings Of Atlantis and the matter is well rounded.

The body is as a tuning fork able to perceive across space what minds know not they think at each other.  Empaths, telepaths, all is possible.  But telepaths cannot send as well as they receive, and what they receive is from a mind so much larger than our operational portions that consideration must be given to distortions of time, temporal displacement of thoughts arriving from a time beyond perceivably linear time.

Author note: An experience of astral projection is recounted.  Astral projection is not a dream state per se.  It is the awareness of being not physical but using a mental projection to mask the fear of the realization that the whole of every body is not actually real.  Robert Butts is husband to Jane.  He recounts floating.  It is not likely that the bed floated, but, rather, that he was simultaneously aware of himself on the bed while also not being confined to his body yet needing a projected body for understanding purposes.  The author Rene Helmerichs can personally attest to this from an experience happened in 2005 after he broke his right foot for need of an extreme forgiveness lesson.  Rene lay on the bathroom floor tapping the door to take his mind off the pain of the blood dripping into the drain while suddenly projected out of his body and across time.  Rene never entered a sleep state and maintained awareness of both his body on the bathroom floor and the events experienced in the astral field--the time of Moses before Moses met the crowd he was to lead out of sinking Atlantis.  Moses was quite upset about being the one elected to part the temple to which he and other guardians had devoted their lives to maintain.  That might explain Bible verses of mass killings from him.

(Notes on an abortive projection attempt; I lay down for a nap after supper on Friday evening, Jan 14.  I used the bedroom in apartment four.  We had been working long hours on our own, and I had been putting in overtime at Artistic, so I was quite tired.  I dozed for a few moments upon laying down, then came awake to find myself with the unmistakable feeling of floating halfway to the ceiling of the bedroom.)

(The sensation was quite definite, and quiet strange.  For I still felt my body against the bed - I lay face up, covered by a blanket - as though my body was pasted to the bed.  In other words, I floated in the air, bed and all, quite pleasantly.  There was no fear or panic.  Instead I hoped to continue the experience into something greater.)

(Shortly after I became aware, Jane began to do the dishes.  The geography of our kitchen in apartment four is such that noise can evidently seep through a closet wall in the bedroom and so is quite easily heard.  Jane made noise handling the dishes; I heard the water run, etc.  In addition she turned on her radio.  Even though she kept it on low volume, I heard it.  I told myself these things would not distract me.  I lay without moving a muscle, trying to encourage further developments without straining.  The floating free sensation continued but I wasn't able to develop it further.)

(I nearly always use suggestions re-projection when I lay down.  I believe my tiredness tonight helped the state.  Now I sent Jane messages that she would leave me undistracted, but nothing developed.  The feeling lasted for well over a minute, I would estimate; finally it began to diminish or fade out, and I fell asleep again.  Upon writing this, I now recall that immediately upon laying down I drifted into a rather complete, if brief, dreaming state - but I cannot recall the dream.  But I went form the dream into the projection.)

(Peculiarly, I had no feeling of being detached from my physical body.  That is, I didn't feel I was bodiless, hovering above it; I had taken the bed up with me, you see.  I felt the bed and I were several feet above the floor.  I wanted to try turning over astrally, and I wanted to try reaching up toward the ceiling astrally, to see if I could touch it.  I didn't move at all, though, because of the noise form the kitchen.  I managed to hold the state while considering the kitchen interference, but was concerned lest any attempt at movement on my part would break the spell entirely.)

(The session this evening, Wednesday, developed rather spontaneously out of several factors that combined almost effortlessly.  The recent Sumari developments involving both of us played a part.  So did my studying of photos of Baalbek, the first century AD Roman ruins in Lebanon.  The enormity of the stones in these buildings left me amazed; I didn't see how blocks weighing 1200 tons could be moved without machinery, let alone fitted into place over twenty feet up on foundations, etc.  The pictures were truly awe-inspiring.  I came across them in one of the books on ancient history that Shirley Bickford, one of Jane's students, brought for us to consult on the very ancient civilization, Sumeria, in Mesopotamia, from 4000 to 2000 BC, I believe without consulting dates.)

(Jane and I hadn't believed there was any connection between Jane's Sumarian development, and Sumer, since the Sumari, as explained in recent sessions, had never been physical in our terms.  Tonight's session went into this, to our surprise.)

(Shortly after supper this evening, Tom Milligan, a former student of Jane's brought us a copy of Saga Magazine for Dec.  71.  It contained an article by our friend Otto Binder, entitled “UFO's Own Earth and All Mankind!” This article touched upon many ideas we are interested in, and quoted astrophysicist Fred Hoyle, among others, re the ownership of the race idea.  We spend some time discussing it.  We had no opinion particularly, beyond remembering that according to Seth the whole question of the race of man and its origins, and doubts concerning theories of evolution, was vastly more complicated than was generally believed.  Seth's ideas of time give us quite a different approach to these ideas also.)

(In the NY Times tonight I read an article, with pictures, of the Mars probe currently underway by our Mariner spacecraft.  Dr.  Carl Sagan of Cornell University was quoted in the article.  Dr.  Sagan was also quoted in Otto's article, regarding the ancient Sumerian - Akkadian legends and UFO's, too our surprise.  The question that has always bothered me is brought up - why does our history only go back five or 6000 years ago, when Homo Sapiens appeared some 50 000 years ago as an established species?)

(In addition, I have always doubted the block and tackle idea used in constructing such massive, enormous wonders as Baalbek.  With this goes my questions concerning the ability of sculptors to do the marvelously intricate carving adorning all of these buildings, on such an enormous scale.  I have always wondered just how it was possible, with the few tools then available, according to our history, to do this work.  It seems beyond the tools scope.  I would delight in seeing it duplicated today, using identical stone, tools, etc., with time trials.)

(Thus, all of these points came together tonight and resulted in the session.  In the beginning Jane's pace was rather slow, her eyes closed often.  The session was held in her study in apartment four.)

604th Session January 12, 1972
9:19 p.m. Wednesday

Seth: "Now good evening."

Rob: "Good evening, Seth."

Seth: "The message for tonight is: you are not owned.

"Now, your human stock did not all originate solely from your planet.  I never told you that it did.  In that respect your ancestry is indeed varied.  Some of the information given in my own book, by inference, should have made that clean."

(By coincidence Seth's book has just come back to us from Prentice Hall for us to go over the copy editor's suggestions before it is set in galleys, which we will see in April.  But we haven't had time to reread the manuscript.)

Seth: "Evolution, as it is thought of, had many different aspects in those terms.  There were three or four beginning points.  Do you follow me?"

Rob: "Yes."

Seth: "There were then visits from others in other planetary systems.  In that regard this is quite natural.  Your own relative isolation is far from the average.  The legends, many of them, therefore, were of course chronicles of quite legitimate physical events, describing phenomena for example for which natives had no adequate vocabulary.  They were forced to describe what they saw by making comparisons with objects and events already familiar to them."

(Jane's pace, as Seth, was now quite a bit faster.) "Some such visitors, in your terms, were more evolved than others.  All, however, would appear as superhuman in contrast to those civilizations that encountered them.  There were some deliberate experiments, that were in fact far more dangerous to the experimenters, always in which the experimenters tried, in one way or another, tired to advance man's knowledge.

 (9:29) "It is not nearly as simple as that, however.  There is not a one-line development.  By the time that feasible inter-system space travel is practical, the psychic abilities are developed to a very high degree.  One is necessary for the other.  Therefore, it became much more feasible to approach earthmen during their dream state, when their natural fear reactions were somewhat minimized, and where the danger to the visitors was far less."

(It was so hot in the room that I asked Seth to wait while I turned the heat off.  I also opened a kitchen window.  Jane sat quietly in trance.)

Seth: "Out of body encounters were used as a matter of course.  The visitor could appear and disappear then without fear of pursuit.  Civilizations were often warned in advance of natural disasters that were apparent to the visitors with their greater viewpoint.

"Such warnings were either given in the dream state of the earthmen, for the reasons given or often in some secluded place, for often the visitors would be attacked.  During these eras, in your terms, the speakers often acted as go-betweens.  Often warnings of disaster were not followed.  Some warnings were misunderstood, then, as punishment by the gods of 'moral misdoing.'

(9:36) "The whole moral code idea was originally tailored for the current scene as it was encountered, told in terms that the natives could understand.

"The pyramids, the huge boulders etched out (I think Seth refers here to Baalbek; I didn't interrupt to ask.) All of this was done in one way or another through the use of, a knowledge of, both coordination points in space (described by Seth in his own book) and the use of sound.  (Also described to some degree.) There were instruments that released sound, and directed it in the same way, say, that a laser beam does with light.

"Drawings of some of these exist in primitive Sumerian cave renditions, but the drawings are misinterpreted, the instrument is taken for another.  No one knows how to use the instruments.  There are a few in existence, in your terms."

(The Sumerians were a pre-Semitic race inhabiting the lower Euphrates valley; their empire dated from about the 4th millennium BC.  They were probably the Biblical Shinar.  Their country was called Sumer, etc.)

Seth: "The Sumarians (spelled) left the memory of their existence in the Sumerian culture (spelled.  This is the connection Jane and I hadn't believed existed.) They initiated it, though they did not direct all of its activities, nor were they responsible for the distortions of their teachings that often resulted.  There is a difference then between Sumarian and the culture in the books.  Your Sumarian were behind the culture - they initiated that particular civilization.

"I will be clear.  Your Sumarian showed earth people at that time how to communicate, how to initiate crafts, gave them all the fundamentals upon which a civilization then could be based.  The Sumarians, your Sumarians however, were not of human stock at that time.

"Now.  Your Sumarians have become human stock in those terms at other times.  It is not a point of them trying to invade a native stock.  They simply understood the nature of individual existences.  Therefore, they are able to choose from various physical systems those in which they would like to have experience.

"They maintain their inner knowledge and integrity, and are born within any given system.  They always use their native abilities and talents to help the system, working very strongly in psychic or creative endeavors.

"I do not necessarily mean that they are consciously aware of their affiliation.  This is an individual matter.  They are often inventors, always then involved with the initiation of new ideas or discoveries.  All of this follows inner patterns that are specifically human in your terms.  Humanity therefore has its own characteristics, and no 'outside influence' can go counter to these, but must work with them.

(9:50) "When it seems that great discoveries come, and then are lost through the ages, perhaps to be rediscovered, it simply means that man's own nature was not in harmony with them, could not use them properly.  Whenever aggressiveness became too misguided it automatically caused the loss of powers or discoveries that could be used to destroy the planet.

"This is a natural aspect, the self-protective principle that operates within earth life as you know it.  On occasion discoveries were given before their time, and promptly lost, only to be rediscovered ages later.

"The problem comes when you try to categorize consciousness or being.  The out of body state, in greater terms, is a far more natural state than in the body.  You adopt and make a body.  You do this now without even knowing that you do so, but a body can be made from the camouflage of any system, constructed easily when you know how to do it.

"Space suits are, therefore, and inadequate, clumsy memory of an inner ability to clothe the inner self with whatever camouflage is at hand, to merge with the elements of an environment in such a way that you become a living part of it.

"The Sumarians - Your Sumerians (spelled) did this when they initiated the culture spoken about in your books.  Their sense of time is completely different, as however your own is innately.  It is difficult to explain this, but keeping in touch with a civilization for several thousand years of your earth time, would entail perhaps the same amount of time and effort a man might take in his profession over a period of five to ten years, so the relativity of time is important in that context.

"You may take your break."

(10:01 - Jane's pace had been good, her trance good also.  I had trouble in some instances deciding in the copy which spelling to use - Sumerian or Sumarian; in some instances my quick decisions were in error, I came to believe as I typed up this copy, so as can be seen I made changes.  Jane read them over, and agrees that this copy is now as Seth meant it to be.)

(I told Jane at break that I needed a capsule definition of Sumari and she said that last night in ESP class Seth had commented that the Sumari was a "federation of consciousness." We get the duplicated transcript of each ESP class the following week, so we do not have the record for last night's ESP class session, for 1/11, yet.)

(During break I referred again to the photos of the massive ruins of Baalbek in one of the books Shirley Bickford lent us.  I explained to Jane my feeling that the amazingly intricate stone carving, particularly the bas-relief work, seemed beyond the abilities of the hammer and chisel.  Jane broke in to tell me that this carving was done by small instruments that used inaudible sound waves: these radiations softened the stone, she said, so the work could be performed.  She didn't know where this data came from.  If from Seth it wasn't obvious to her.)

(Resume at 10:20)

Seth: "Now - Are you ready for me?

Rob: "Yes."

Seth: "Basically - in your terms now - there is no such thing as an isolated, independent earth stock, in that consciousness did not suddenly erupt from the physical behavior or characteristics of your planet, or in any other.

"As you know, consciousness comes first, and then forms the physical materializations of it.  Those consciousnesses who picked physical materialization choose to operate under certain conditions that then appear as the natural characteristics of a species to you.

"They accept certain characteristics, and while experiencing existence within them must follow along the roads they've chosen.  Hence earlier I spoke of the natural bent of humanity, of all those, then, who choose existence within you particular planetary existence.

"Consciousness is not local, and it never was.

"You have always been Sumari.  This simply means that your consciousness has certain bents of its own, interests and abilities and specializations.  The word Sumari characterizes a certain kind of consciousness simply for means of identification in your terms.

"I told you once that there are clumps of consciousness.  This does not mean that consciousness is not individual and separate, but that it also has a great ability to congregate, to reach out in affiliation, to share knowledge and experience, and to combine itself in ever-changing patterns while still retaining its basic identity and integrity.

(10:29) "To have explained this to you when we began our sessions would not have been possible.  (Pause.) Now give us a moment.  (Long pause.)

"Space and time are constructions of ideas.  They do not appear physically, as say a table or a chair, yet they seem to define both a table and a chair, in that you cannot easily conceive of a piece of furniture, for example, existing except in the medium of space and time.

"The ideas of space and time are constructed in different ways in various systems.  In some they appear as natural phenomena, for example as various classifications of objects, in some as variations of sound or light.  You find it exceedingly difficult to consider existence at all without space and time, yet basically consciousness is independent of both.

"The ideas of space and time emerge only when consciousness adopts camouflage, only when it becomes wedded, in other words, with a physical type existence.  Time and space are both creations of consciousness, in other words, and vehicles of its expression.

"Matter is a classification.  As explained in my book, various levels of concentration can be used as platforms leading you out of focus, into other time schemes.  Time is like color.  You are merely focusing upon one hue.  (10:39)

"Your present civilization and the 'old' Sumerian (spelled) civilization, exist at once, then simultaneously, but to speak to you about these I must use a time sequence you understand.  If it were understood that these civilizations exist at once, then you would not be so surprised that they 'were' able to build structures that you cannot build in your now.

"Your now and their now exists now.

"In the present physical area in which it seems to you that a physical civilization once existed, that civilization still exists.  You cannot meet it though you stand at the same spot, because of the ideas of time that separate you.  The civilization in flower, and the ruins, coexist.  The living ancient Sumerians pass the modern tourists without seeing them, even as the tourists walk in the middle of the old Sumerian marked places and see only ruins.

"Much of this could be explained in mathematical equations that presently escape you.  Your own consciousness is contemporary with the ancient Sumerians (spelled) as well as with your current selves in your terms.

(10:46) "Think of countries existing simultaneously now on your planet.  There are differences in language and culture, and it takes a certain amount of earth time to travel through space to visit them.  In the same way all times exist at once, with their peculiar customs, and in your terms within the same space that you know.

"You have learned how to make roads through space, but not through time on a conscious level.  There are intersections n time and space, however, that you have not recognized.  I am speaking in your terms, hopefully to make this simpler.  (Pause.) Times exist then as surely as places.  You think of time as moving toward something, and of space as relatively stable.

"It does not occur to you then that you can get to times, as you can get to places.  (Pause at 10:53.) All of this is highly difficult to explain.  I do not mean for example that time, each moment, is a finished and done thing to be visited.  While time is not moving in a particular direction, in your terms, each moment explodes outwards, or expands outward in all directions.

"Space and time as you understand them ripple through each other.  They do not behave as you think they do, however.  Presently you understand your existence only as it intrudes into three dimensions.  Its own activity is in many other dimensions however.

"The Sumari, therefore, appear in or intrude into the three dimensional system from other dimensions.

"Now you may take a break or end the session as you prefer."

Rob: "We'll take the break."

(10:58.  Jane's trance had again been very good.  Now she talked more about what she had said at last break, concerning the carving done on stone that had been softened by instruments employing sound.  Only a very sophisticated instrument was used, she said, to soften the top layer of the stone so that it was "like frosting which could then be easily carved.  The instrument might have done both the softening and the carving.")

(But first of all," she added as we continued to talk, "either that instrument or another one was used to isolate the top layer of the stone from the rest of it so that it wasn't weakened." We had been discussing the very intricate and extensive bas-relief carving pictured on the door frames and lintels of the ruins at Baalbek in this instance - not, say the in-the-round carving shown on columns, etc.)

(Ack-a-sond-a.  This is my phonetic interpretation of a word Jane got regarding the instrument in question, whether from Seth or not she didn't know, as at last break.  The sound wasn't audible to human ears.  The instrument "sort of looked like - I can't really do it - the shape I'm getting is of a very rough pistol shape...All you had to do was aim it.  That was just for the small stuff.")

(Resume at 11:15)

Seth: "Now.  Matter was manipulated through sound.  Some remnants of spaceships became temples.  Some visitors were seen to die, and later seen again recovered, hence the Egyptians' sureness that the individual survived death.

"Because of space travel a visitor might come as a young man, and return some 40 earth years later still appearing as a young man, leading to the idea of immortality and eternal youth of the gods."

(Such effects would grow out of the operation of Einstein's relativity postulates, etc.)

Seth: "The Olympic gods were perhaps the most amusing of man's attempt to deify space travelers.  Mixed in here strongly were the ideas of gods mating with earth women.  (Pause.)

"In some respects the over enthusiastic use of the sound was responsible for the flood mentioned in the Bible, and other literature.  It was for this reason that many attempts were made to warn against the impending disaster.  The use of sound was important at various times in irrigating dry areas, quite literally by pulling water from a distance.

(11:22) "There were several characteristics that proved difficult, however.  Literally, the sound traveled further often than was intended, causing consequences not planned upon.  Great finesse was important.  Sound was also used after irrigation to speed up the flowering of plants, and to facilitate transplantation to other areas.  it was also utilized for medicinal purposes in operations, particularly in bone and brain operations.

"Verbal sounds were often stereotyped simply because the effect of sound was understood in its effects upon the body.  Many ideas that are considered superstitious had a quite legitimate basis, therefore.  Sound was used to locate one also, and to break someone down.  It was also used to locate gas pockets.

"This is a difficult subject.  For the movement of heavy tons of rock for example different techniques, using sound and precise mathematical calculations were necessary.  Many civilizations grew and flourished in fertile areas simply because the people knew how to make them fertile and to keep them that way.

"Now you had better end the session.  My heartiest regards to you both."

Rob: "Thank you very much, Seth.  It's been extremely interesting.  Good night."

(11:32.  Both of us were quite tired.  There was much more data available, we knew, but we were to weary to get it.)

Rob's Notes:

I read the 604th Session to ESP class on Tuesday, January 7, 1975.  After I'd read some pages, George Rhodes held up a drawing he'd made of the ankh and asked Seth - who had come through - - if the sound instrument was the ankh, or at least shaped like it.  Like a pistol if held sideways.  The "barrel" would emit the sound ray and the mechanisms and controls would be in the short arms.

Seth told George he was quite right.  The passage will be included in the class transcript for 1/7/75 that we'll get next Tuesday, and I'll try to remember to attach a copy of it to this session.

ankh (angk), n.  (Egypt.  ankh life, prosperity.) A T-shaped cross surmounted by a loop, used as a sacred emblem, symbolizing life; - called also crux ansata.

I have no scanner, but what follows is a drawing of a perfect, sideways T with a sort of loop after the top part of a T that is standing up.  That is, draw a T, go to the middle where both lines meet, and draw a loop from that point upward to meet back at the starting, and then lie the T on its side.  The arms of this instrument were the top part of the T, before the loop (where Christ's arms were...sorry) and the barrel was the bottom part of the T.

605th Session January 17, 1972
9:24pm, Monday

(At 9:20 p.m.  Jane said she "felt Seth around.  I get a word or two in my head, so I know he's here." We had just finished a snack.  Jane had read the last session while she ate.  Her pace was quite slow to begin.)

Seth: "Good evening."

Rob: "Good evening, Seth."

Seth: "Now.  There are bleedthroughs, however, in space and time as you think of them.  Remember, all times are simultaneous.

"Ideas are not dependent upon preexisting ideas.  It is not true to say that man cannot conceive of something that is not already presented to his experience in one way or another.  Ideas are free of space and time.  Only your determined focus upon your time conceptions closes you off from many ideas that otherwise are available.

"In your terms the bleedthrough can occur in both past and present, and idea from today bleeding into the past or the other way around.  The ideas will be actualized or put into a practical structure according to your attitude toward them.

"Some of the most sophisticated art is from the past.  Bleedthroughs result in its being picked up in your present.  Theoretically all of the information of so -called lost civilizations is quite available to you, as yours is to them.  A closed mind will perceive none of this.

"In terms of experience humanity is working out its problems and challenges in 20th century terms and in the old Sumerian (spelled) civilization.  You simply choose various kinds of organizational structures and different root assumptions - all however within the general root assumptions used for physical existence.

(Pause at 9:35 one of many.) "The old Sumerians (spelled) are singing their chants now at the same time that Ruburt is trying to translate them now in your terms.  I wish I could impress upon you this great transparency of time so that you could experience its dimensions.  In one way of speaking you have "not yet" developed the proficiency with sound that would now allow for the building of structures such as those we described in the last session.

(Those at Baalbek; the Pyramids, etc.) "Yet those structures exist even in your now, bleedthrough to make you think and, in other terms, to make you remember.  Many physical structures have existed in your terms in the same space now occupied by your apartment house.  Because of your root assumptions, however, it is not possible for you to perceive these, nor those that will come 'after.' Yet those structures exist as validly as the apartment house.

"They share certain coordinates.  Knowing those coordinates would, of course, be very important., but the other realities would still remain nonrealities to you unless you changed your primary focus.  When you do that there is no need to know what the coordinates are.  The inner self is quite aware of all of this.  It picks and chooses the information and data that is important to you, and makes it available according to your desires.

(9:42) "If you are greatly interested for example in history, then the inner self brings you the information you need from all of its sources.  Under certain conditions you maybe propelled through the coordinates and find yourself in the era in which you are interested.

"The conscious intent, however, directs the kind of material you receive.  If you have no interest in such things, no phenomena will occur strong enough to impress you in the waking state.  If is very possible then to be building a civilization that, in your terms, you are now studying, to be interpreting ancient records that you yourself may have written, to be digging up roads that you yourself built.

(9:47) "This applies to your own historical time as well as to others.  At other layers, of course, your civilization is already in the past, as in others your civilization does not yet exist.  The bleedthroughs, however, mean that each people according to their characteristics, interests and activities, attract certain ideas both from the future and the past, and there is constant interaction.  Because of this even the past as you think of it, as I told you, is never done and completed, but constantly changed by your present and future.

(Long pause from 9:49 to 9:50) "Nabene, then, is changed by your present actions, even as you are by his seemingly past ones.  Your friend, Sue, said that there is free action across the board in such cases, and that is an apt description.

"The pyramids exist as other than physical matter, but it is only as physical matter that you perceive them.  There are several important issues connected with the pyramids that are not as yet understood.  The symbols upon them often were meant to be sounded.  The sound setting up reverberations.  Some of these would automatically open up many doors, leading to as yet undiscovered secrets - but only for those who understood the use of sound.

"The Egyptians then were also helped, and told how to construct the pyramids.

"Now you may take your break."

(9:52 Jane's pace had been slow for the most part, and she said she knew it.  Usually she isn't aware of her pace, the passage of time, etc.)

(Nabene is the name for a personality of mine that presumably lived as a male in the first century AD in Jerusalem.  We know little about that life: one evening with Sue Watkins, she also lived then, I managed to tune into that existence to some degree via images.  Seth has referred to Nabene a few times, and my role as a record keeper and teacher.  Sue was one of my pupils.  I was quite a taskmaster, I'm told.  Jane and I would like to hold a session to learn more about this life, including who else we know was involved then, etc.)

(10:10 Jane said "I'm just sitting here waiting.  The connection doesn't seem as good tonight.")

("I was wondering if you wanted to bother continuing," I said.)

(I do.  It just doesn't seem as strong..." We continued to wait.  At 10:15: "I had the feeling at break," Jane said, "that Seth has gone away, rather than staying close like he usually does - as though he'd left to gather information or something.  I'm perfectly willing to continue the session, though.")

(Then: "I did get a line just now," she said.  "Something about how they prepared the air first, for the construction of the pyramid...Now I'm getting the feeling of an awful lot of people, chanting - thousands of them - this still has to do with the pyramids.")

(It's a real funny feeling, as though the sound could break through into the living room," Jane said.  I said I thought I understood what Seth was doing: in light of the material we'd been getting, he was giving Jane the experience of that ancient time and our present time, showing that both are simultaneous.  This experience would tie in nicely with the material.)

(I feel that a whole mass of people would visualize a pyramid in their imagination," Jane said, "then through their chanting, the use of certain vowels and pitches, they actually changed the air where that building was going to be.  They made a boundary in the air," she said making angular gestures, "a cohesiveness, for this imaginary structure.  Then they had certain kinds of tuning forks, then some kind of instrument.  The noise of the chant was like something that you'd use to turn on this instrument - when the chant got to a certain pitch it turned on this instrument, and it somehow intensified and focused sound to what we would call an incredible energy degree - broke it down and then focused it in certain directions.:)

("You could move very heavy objects with it.  The objects were levitated - raised up in the air, no matter how heavy.  They only needed to be guided by people to some degree.  Many men were used to guiding them but not to lift or carry them.  The sound instrument had a fantastic cohesive effect that bound atoms and molecules together.")

(10:25 "And beside that the instruments also set up some kind of extra charge that we don't understand yet, around objects that were so constructed, like the pyramids," Jane continued.  She was speaking faster now than she had in the session.  "Doors and passageways inside the pyramids will open through the correct sound messages and signals, and were designed only to open if those correct signals were given.")

(This sounds really weird.  There are also invisible pyramids - we just can't see them." I could tell that Jane didn't know what to make of this data; she was even hesitant at telling me.  "These pyramids were constructed in such a way that they reflect everything else, so that when you look at them you don't see them as objects.  Wait, I'm not getting this right...they're perfect camouflages of wherever they are, but certain sound pitches would make them visible.")

("There are some invisible rooms like that inside the regular pyramids, too.")

(Pause at 10:30.  "These are structures engineered on our earth extremely cleverly.  Sound patterns would physically materialize them, but if these patterns aren't given then the structures are just out of the range of what we'd normally (call?) physical.  They're complete, see, if this pattern is given or spoken.")

(Jane said, "It's as though they're frozen - this isn't a good word - at a certain stage until these patterns are given." (Pause.) "All objects have their own sound patterns that help form their structure as much as the atoms and molecules do...")

(Break at 10:35.  "I wanted to take a break, Jane said.  "I never heard of anything like that.  It sounded so crazy I didn't even want to say it, about the invisible pyramids...The chanting was over here." She gestured to her left as she sat in her rocker; we were holding the session in her study in apartment four again.  Jane's gestures thus indicated the large open center area of the room, as though she was reaching over a wall almost.  "I got some of the chants, but I couldn't quite carry it through.  Seth didn't tell me anything like this was going to happen.")

(At 10:43 "I'm just waiting to see what happens next.  This isn't terribly strong, but I have the feeling of a barrier over there," and again Jane gestured to her left.  "that I can't get over.  But all this stuff comes from over there.  Something about these instruments making atoms and molecules denser, somehow - doing different things with them...")

(Then Seth returned at 10:45:) "Now.  The information Ruburt gave is substantially correct."

"You know that sound has an effect upon living things.  It can help mend bone.  It can also be used, however, to reinforce structures.  We are in the preliminary stages with the Sumari language - hopefully leading to some understanding of the nature of sound, though (humorously) you may not yet be able to build a pyramid in your back yard."

Rob: "I understand."

Seth: "Now I would like you to close your eyes, or leave them open if you prefer.  Let various inner sounds, memories of sounds, enter your consciousness, that may or may not be familiar to you.  Try to think of the sounds of images, think specifically of pyramids and see what sounds come to you."

(10:50 While Seth was talking I kept writing, of course, in order to get the material for future reference.  Finally I sat quietly.  Jane was already doing so, her eyes shut; I didn't know whether Seth had left again or not.  My own eyes closed and I let myself drift.)

(In a few moments I seemed to visualize a pyramid shape that was based on pictures I remembered of the actual structures in Egypt.  This was very pleasant.  I seemed to be above the building looking down at it.  This image, on a slight angle, was probably more subjective than objective.  Then I seemed to feel a deep ringing gong-type sound, one that was rather prolonged.  It was repeated several times.  After this I felt and heard a series of chants by an unseen group, seemingly out of my field of vision to my right.)

(The chanting was low and monotonous.  It went up and down the scale but a few notes.  I had the feeling that it would repeat itself almost effortlessly as long as I sat in this state and listened.  I enjoyed the experience, and was somewhat surprised at the results.)

(I opened my eyes.  Jane opened hers, and I could see that Seth was present.  I described what I had experienced, not knowing if I had accomplished anything even remotely approaching what he had in mind.  "I don't know why," I added, "but I associated the square base of the pyramid with this gong effect.  It was as though I could see this shape especially well while listening to the gong sound, which was quite prolonged actually.  It seemed to repeat itself.  Like the chants, which were pretty monotonous, up and down a few notes on the scale.  They weren't pitched very high, either.")

Seth: "That is a very good beginning."

(I don't know why I use the word gong," I said.  I couldn't imitate it.  I think there's a funny association there also with old movies.  I could have picked up the chanting idea from material Jane was getting earlier this evening.)

(10:56) Seth: "I want you to discover some of these things for yourself, which is why I used this particular format this evening.  I will only tell you then that your feeling of the sound of a gong is quite legitimate.

"I would like both of you at odd moments to look at objects, then try to hear their sound.  This will be handy training for some other things to come.  This also applies incidentally to various organs of the body, and to the body itself.  Then let the sounds evoke whatever naturally comes from them.  There is a strange inter-relationship between sound and what you think of as time, but a binding one.

"Time can then 'appear' as a sound.  Sound can be used to set apart certain elements from others, to isolate them from others, and on the other hand to bind elements also.  In that regard think of sound as a line perhaps that you sketch with.

(11:01) "Sound's properties are not understood.  I want it specifically noted then that sound can be used as a binder or as a separator of elements.  It can be used to open up pathways within dimensions, both microscopic and macroscopic.

"And with that I will close our session.  Think also, however, of the sound in connection with your paintings, of sounds that will make the paintings themselves more vital and the material last longer.  And with that I will leave you."

Rob: "Thank you very much, Seth.  It's been extremely interesting.  Good night."

(11:04.  Jane said that while I had been getting my effects, she had been somewhat separated from Seth after all.  She saw groups of men "like pictures you'd see of Egyptians.  I saw their dark skin - in color - against short robes.  They were in groups chanting.")

(She saw a structure like a pyramid shape.  She had the feeling that "heavier sounds were at the bottom.  These formed the base of the pyramid." She tried several times to explain this to me.  It was all important, she said, that the heavier sounds were at the base of the structures.  Like the musical scale, she felt that the sounds used in building the pyramids "made steps in the air that you couldn't see.  Certain sounds went up - certain sounds bound things together - they all had purposes..."

Author note from Rene: to my knowledge, water-levitation devices did not exist in 1998.  In fact, 1998 was the first year Rene began to see ".com" advertised on television.  In 2018, we can find youtube videos for water levitation the likes of what did occur in the time of Moses but not from Moses, from the craft he was following if one re-readers the last verses of Exodus and understands that a silent cloud containing lights, able to hover, does not dissipate, and demonstrates navigational capability and sentient direction control to lead Moses OUT of the sinking lands to safety, is not just a cloud.  Read Susan Michaels "Sightings: UFOs", the red-cover book, for a more recent occurrence of such a craft described by multiple United States military control towers in copies of their transcripts provided by Susan.

Date: 10 Jun 1998 05:51:07 -0000
From: Rick Audette <>
To: Science & Spirituality List <>
Reply-to: Rick Audette <>
Subject: [science-l] Acoustical Levitation Machinery

Here's something interesting about using sound waves to change the state of matter.


Excerpt from "Anti-gravity and the World Grid" edited by D.H.Childress, ch.8, Acoustic levitation of stones by Bruce Cathie, pp.  213-217

A New Zealand scientist recently gave me an intriguing extract from an article published in a German magazine, relating to a demonstration of levitation in Tibet.  After obtaining a translation by a German journalist, in English, I was amazed at the information contained in the story, and was surprised that the article had slipped through the suppression net which tends to keep such knowledge from leaking out to the public.  All the similar types of stories that I had read up until now were generally devoid of specific information necessary to prove the veracity of the account.  In this case a full set of geometric measurements were taken, and I discovered, to my great delight, that when they were converted to their equivalent geodetic measures, relating to grid harmonics the values gave a direct association with those in the unified harmonic equations published in my earlier works.  The following extracts are translations taken from the German article: 'We know from the priests  of the far east that they were able to lift heavy boulders up high mountains with the help of groups of various sounds...the knowledge of the various vibrations in the audio range demonstrates to a scientist of physics that a vibrating and condensed sound field can nullify the power of gravitation.  Swedish engineer Olaf Alexanderson wrote about this phenomenon in the publication, Implosion No. 13.

The following report is based on observations which were made only 20 years ago in Tibet.  I have this report from civil engineer and flight manager, Henry Kjelson, a friend of mine.  He later on included this report in his book, The Lost Techniques.  This is his report.

A Swedish doctor, Dr. Jarl, a friend of Kjelsons, studied at Oxford.  During those times he became friends with a young Tibetan student.  A couple of years later, it was 1939, Dr. Jarl made a journey to Egypt for the English Scientific Society.  There he was seen by a messenger of his Tibetan friend, and urgently requested to come to Tibet to treat a high Lama.

After Dr. Jarl got the leave he followed the messenger and arrived after a long journey by plane and Yak caravans, at the monastery, where the old Lama and his friend who was now holding a high position were now living.

Dr. Jarl stayed there for some time, and because of his friendship with the Tibetans he learned a lot of things that other foreigners had no chance to hear about or observe.

One day his friend took him to a place in the neighbourhood of the monastery and showed him a sloping meadow which was surrounded in the north west by high cliffs.  In one of the rock walls, at a height of about 250 metres was a big hole which looked like the entrance to a cave.

In front of this hole there was a platform on which the monks were building a rock wall.  The only access to this platform was from the top of the cliff and the monks lowered themselves down with the help of ropes.

In the middle of the meadow, about 250 metres from the cliff, was a polished slab of rock with a bowl like cavity in the centre.  The bowl had a diameter of one metre and a depth of 15 centimetres.  A block of stone was manoeuvred into this cavity by Yak oxen.  The block was one metre wide and one and one half metres long.  Then 19 musical instruments were set in an arc of 90 degrees at a distance of 63 metres from the stone slab.  The radius of 63 metres was measured out accurately.  The musical instruments consisted of 13 drums and 6 trumpets.(Ragdons)

Eight drums had a cross-section of one metre, and a length of one and one half metres.  Four drums were medium size with a cross-section of 0.7 metre and a length of one metre.  The only small drum had a cross-section of 0.2 metres and a length of 0.3 metres.  All the trumpets were the same size.  They had a length of 3.12 metres and an opening of 0.3 metres.  The big drums and all the trumpets were fixed on mounts which could be adjusted with staffs in the direction of the slab of stone.  The big drums were made of 1mm thick sheet iron, and had a weight of 150kg.  They were built in five sections.  All the drums were open at one end, while the other end had a bottom of metal, on which the monks beat with big leather clubs.  Behind each instrument was a row of monks.

When the stone was in position the monk behind the small drum gave a signal to start the concert.  The small drum had a very sharp sound, and could be heard even with the other instruments making a terrible din.  All the monks were singing and chanting a prayer, slowly increasing the tempo of this unbelievable noise.  During the first four minutes nothing happened, then as the speed of the drumming, and the noise, increased, the big stone block started to rock and sway, and suddenly it took off into the air with an increasing speed in the direction of the platform in front of the cave hole 250 metres high.  After three minutes of ascent it landed on the platform.

Continuously they brought new blocks to the meadow, and the monks using this method, transported 5 to 6 blocks per hour on a parabolic flight track approximately 500 metres long and 250 metres high.  From time to time a stone split, and the monks moved the split stones away.  Quite an unbelievable task.

Dr. Jarl knew about the hurling of the stones.  Tibetan experts like Linaver, Spalding and Huc had spoken about it, but they had never seen it.  So Dr. Jarl was the first foreigner who had the opportunity to see this remarkable spectacle.  Because he had the opinion in the beginning that he was the victim of mass-psychosis he made two films of the incident.  The films showed exactly the same things that he had witnessed.

The English Society for which Dr. Jarl was working confiscated the two films and declared them classified.  They will not be released until 1990.  This action is rather hard to explain, or understand.: End of trans.'

The fact that the films were immediately classified is not very hard to understand once the given measurements are transposed into their geometric equivalents.  It then becomes evident that the monks in Tibet are fully conversant with the laws governing the structure of matter, which the scientists in the modern day western world are now frantically exploring.  It appears, from the calculations, that the prayers being chanted by the monks did not have any direct bearing on the fact that the stones were levitated from the ground.  The reaction was not initiated by the religious fervour of the group, but by the superior scientific knowledge held by the high priests.  The secret is in the geometric placement of the musical instruments in relation to the stones to be levitated, and the harmonic tuning of the drums and trumpets.  The combined loud chanting of the priests using their voices at a certain pitch and rhythm most probably adds to the combined effect, but the subject matter of the chant, I believe, would be of no consequence.

The sound waves being generated by the combination were directed in such a way that an anti-gravitational effect was created at the centre of focus (position of the stones) and around the periphery, or the arc, of a third of a circle through which the stones moved.

If we analyse the diagram published with the original article, then compare it with the modified diagram, we become aware of the following coordinates, and the implications, when compared with my previously published works.

The distance between the stone block and the central pivot of the drum supports is shown as 63 metres.  The large drums were said to be one and one half metres long, so the distance from the block to the rear face of each drum could be close to 63.75 metres considering that the pivot point would be near the centre of balance.  My theoretical analysis, by calculator, indicates that the exact distance would be 63.7079 metres for the optimum harmonic reaction.  By mathematical conversion we find that this value is equal to 206.2648062 geodetic feet, which is harmonically equal to the length of  the earths radius in seconds of arc (relative to the earths surface) 206264.8062.   This also leads us to the following associations:

(206.2648062 x 2) = 412.5296124
This number squared = 170180.68 which is the theoretical harmonic of mass at the earths surface.

The four rows of monks standing behind the instruments in a quarter circle added to the production of sound by their loud chanting and must be taken in to account in regards to the geometric pattern.  If we assume that they were standing approximately two feet apart, we can add a calculated value of 8.08865 geodetic feet to the radius of the complete group.  This gives a maximum radius of: 214.3534583 geodetic feet.

The circumference of a complete circle with this radius would be: 1346.822499 geodetic feet.

Which is a half harmonic of 2693.645 (unified field)

The distance from the stone block to a calculated point within the cliff face and the height of the ledge on the cliff face from ground level is given as 250 metres.  If we can now imagine that the raised stone blocks pass through a quarter arc of a circle during their flight from ground level to the hole in the cliff face, then the pivot point of the radius would be coincident with this position.

The theoretical radius was found to be: 249.8767262 metres which very closely approximates the estimate.  This converts to  809.016999 geodetic feet.  The diameter of the full circle would therefore be: 1618.034 geodetic feet.

A circle with this diameter has a circumference of 5083.203728 units, which can be divided into three even lengths of 1694.4 It therefore appears that the levitated blocks, once resonated to a certain frequency, would tend to carry out a flight path that is coincident to one third of a circle.  The spacial distance being equivalent to the mass harmonic at the center of a light field, 1694443.

The instruments used by the group, in theory, would also have been tuned to produce harmonic wave forms associated with the unified fields.  The given measurements are in rounded off parts of a metre but in practice some slight variations from these measurements would be expected in order to create the appropriate resonating cavities within the instruments.

The geometric arrangement, and the number of instruments in the group would also be a most important factor.

If the given measurement for each type of drum is modified fractionally and converted to its geometric equivalent an interesting value for the cubic capacity is evident.

The large drums:

1.517201563 metres long, 1.000721361 metres wide = 58.94627524 geodetic inches long, 38.88 geodetic inches wide = 69984 cubic inches capacity = 40.5 cubic geodetic feet capacity.

Therefore the cubic capacity for eight drums = 324 cubic geodetic feet This harmonic value is built into the world grid and is equal to half the harmonic 648.

The medium size drums:

1.000721361 metres long, 0.695189635 metres wide = 38.88 geodetic inches long, 27.00948944 geodetic inches wide = 22276.59899 cubic geodetic inches capacity = 12.89155034 cubic geodetic feet capacity.

Therefore the cubic capacity for four drums: = 51.56620136 cubic geodetic feet

14.97414932 centimetres = 5.895334377 inches = 5.817764187 geodetic inches = 0.484813682 geodetic feet

As the dish-shape was focused upward towards the stone block to be levitated it would be expected that some type of reaction would take place which had an effect on the mass.  The geometric shape of the cavity does seem to be engineered in such a way the projected frequency vortex causes a reciprocal reaction to the mass harmonic of each block.
The reciprocal of 0.484813682 = 2.062648055
Twice this value: = 4.12529611
The square of this value: = 17.018068 (the harmonic of mass at the earth's surface.17018068

I believe that there is not much doubt that the Tibetans had possession of the secrets relating to the geometric structure of matter, and the methods of manipulating the harmonic values, but if we can grasp the mathematical theory behind the incident, and extend the application, then an even more fascinating idea presents itself.

Note from Rick:

From the information given above, I would like to experiment with this process.  I think it should be possible to recreate the effect at a much smaller scale.  The downscaling, from what I've read of Bruce Cathie's books, would have to be done by powers of 10, in order to maintain the harmonic values.  Given this, I think I would want to try using a 1cm : 1m scale.  That way, I could put it in the closet when I was done playing with it.  In preparation for such an experiment, I began making a scale drawing in Cad.  While drawing, I thought it would be interesting to create an overlay showing the shape of the combined wave form which converges on the focal point.  To do this, I first had to determine the wavelength that each of the instrument would produce.  The resonant wavelength for a cylindrical cavity is equal to four times the length plus 1,6 times the diameter.  Taking it one step more, I divided the speed of sound in air by the wavelength to get the frequency.  Being more of a musician than engineer, I wanted to see what combination of notes they were playing.  The results have been found for the three drum sizes, but I don't have a formula that can be used on the horns.  The horn length falls between that of a French horn and a tuba.  The base frequency of a tuba is around 40cps, so the ragdons should be a little higher.  The frequency for each drum was compared with the American Standard Pitch, A=440, the International Pitch, A=435, and the Scientific or Just Scale, C=256, charts to assign note values.

The values are:
Large  drum=43.24cps, F;
Medium drum=64.797cps, C;
Small drum=218.059cps, A.

At this point, there are still three unknowns to find, 1) the pitch of the trumpets, 2) the pitch of the priests chanting and 3) the frequency of the rhythm of the drum beat and chanting.  I shall continue my interest in this experiment, in my spare time.  Meanwhile, I would be very interested in hearing from anyone who has additional information about the above account, relative mathematical formulae, theories, applications, experimental data or information on related books and articles.

The session occurred the afternoon of 26 Oct. 2012 at Royal Victoria Regional Health Care Centre in Barrie, Ontario, Canada.  It exemplifies psychiatric obstinacy, and a clear unwillingness to respect greater thinking.  The voice recording, 20121026_Voice0596_at_RVH_Chawla_threats.mp3, is available from:

This transcript was also included as an affidavit dated 29 July 2014 as Exhibit C in Family Court file FC-13-0416 at Barrie; 20121026 chawla threat_bolded parts.doc:

Anjana Chawla is the "doc"
Rene Helmerichs is "Me"
Liaqat Ali is the unnamed predecessor having passed Rene to Anjana.

Doc: What's different about you now as compared to before?

Me: What are your perceptions of me?

Doc: I think you're frustrated about being here.

Me: Sad is a better word.

Doc: Ya, you look sad.  So this is my understanding: when you came, you were high on marijuana.  And as a result of being high on marijuana you did some things.  You still have very little or no insight into--we still disagree I take it?

Me: We disagree but we don't disagree on the symptoms I was displaying.

Doc: We don't?  Ok.


Me: No.  I understand questions were asked of me, I also understand that those answers could be perceived as significant of paranoia or other disorders but reasons for my answers to the questions were never asked of me so how can it be certain that I was feeling paranoia at any time?  As for the other side, the manic side or what you want to call grandiose thoughts, they're not new thoughts.  Much of the things that I've been planning are in the works for a long time.  [Culture DOES teach us to DREAM.]

Doc: Ok, so anyone can be Prime Minister

Me: Yes, but how many of us actually make a plan?  [I actually have very little doubt that my plan will NOT work, but it's still fun to say it :)]

Doc: Right, anybody can be and anybody can make plans but you made a comment that, "I want to be king of Barrie"

Me: I didn't make a comment that I wanted to be king of Barrie--

Doc: It's documented

Me: Then correct the documentation.  I have never at any point said "king of Barrie."  As a matter of fact, at the second hearing I correct you from your comment that it wasn't "king of Barrie", I would like to be "king of the world and the internet counts."  So at that point you have to ask yourself, "Well, how can you be king of the world and say that the internet counts because if you're king of the world on the internet then it's not an actual physical king who wears a crown."  Do you see the difference?


Doc: What would you do as King?

Doc: What would be a responsibility?

Me: [This question is completely unnecessary and therefore inappropriate unless the questioner is hard of hearing and completely missed the above.]  Ah God, it's symbolic.  ["God" is an expression.]

Doc: Is it?  Ok.

Me: That's what the internet is.

Doc: In the hearing you told me something to do with the churches, so that you can unite the churches--

Me: No.

Doc: --and correct the misperceptions... that's what you said at the hearing.

Me: No.  You cannot force unity, at all.  The unity can't be gotten at by any one person dictating as in a dictatorship.  If you are perceiving my dream of whatever you want to call it as a title as being anything remotely of the form of being a dictator is incorrect.  The only way you can unite something is by pointing out the silliness of being separate.  And so if two churches are arguing about "One God" then let's talk to them about what they're arguing about God about, see if we can't correct those so that they work with each other so that we finally have--there's a pact between the five major Christian churches, or four major Christian churches at the Catholic Church--form a pact like that with all the churches don't leave out the Jehovah Witnesses or the Community of Christ people or the Mormons.


Doc: So you would achieve that how?

Me: That part is a DREAM.

Doc: But how would you achieve that?  By being King?

[This is a typical example of the types of tedious conversations I was subjected to at the hospital during my stay.]

Me: King of the Internet is something I would be well known by.  Which I would need to be if I was to become Prime Minister.

Doc: And what about the circumstances that brought you to the hospital, where you offered marijuana to the police and asked to be arrested.  Explain that.

Me: I will.  I never at any point offered marijuana to the police.  [I believe I have that conversation recorded to validate in court.]  I DID ask to be arrested and the police officer said "Ok."'re arrested for possession [of marijuana]."  And I said "Great, let's go."

Doc: Why did you want to be arrested?  I know you explained that, I just want to see if the explanation has changed.

Me: I was high.

Doc: Ok

Me: I just finished a wonderful 91-pager which I'm still quite proud of.  [For remembering it completely differently than the mess that it actually looks like when re-read from a state that isn't high!  I didn't actually get a chance to look at it again until after this statement.]
Though it looked a little bit scattered, I was quite proud because I used all of my son's name, the address, everything creatively into this piece.  [In my defence, it was intended solely as advertisement, as has often been stated.]  A lot of creative effort went into this piece.  It looks like a mess.

[both laughing]

Doc: I'm glad to hear that you see that it looks like a mess.

Me: Absolutely.  I'll never deny that.  It looks like an absolute mess.


Me: But when you read it, someone who doesn't know me could read it and have it sound out to mean something completely different.  And so I through in little subliminal prompts such as, I call my son "little Jesus" to get the reader automatically thinking in religious terms so then when I talk about my Sun or my son J well, you make the associations in a document to let the reader draw their own conclusion but never--you can pick it apart, I've never said one incorrect statement or lie [knowingly] at any one point or say what in any way that I can't verify.  There are typos in there

Doc: Mmm Hmm

Me: And I did draw some hopeful conclusions such as my Sister inheriting $1,000,000.  I can't justify that yet but I figure as Prime Minister [laughing] I should be able to get it together to have a million dollars to give her.  I didn't put a time frame on there [nor did I say which type of currency!] 


Doc: What about the emails that followed while you were hospitalized here where you wanted to sue the police, the hospital...

Me: I didn't say the word sue, did I?

Doc: Well, take legal action.

Me: Do you see how it's inferred by the reader?  [I'm trying to point out the doctor's rampant use of judgment against me, as has been her habit for 10 weeks.]


Doc: Ok, you want to take legal action so let's have a discussion about that.  What would be the intent there?

Me: Ok.  First, my blood was drawn twice without my consent.  I didn't feel that that was quite justified.
Me: I don't know if you recognize it or not, they have not been therapeutic because you express things that are already in my awareness and that I needn't hear over and over again, such as Children's Aide (C.A.S.).  It's--four years ago I had a really bad run-in with C.A.S. it was/is not something I would at all like to repeat.  [I had mentioned that the first time I pointed out her use of threatening me with C.A.S. to be inappropriate.]


Doc: What happened?

Me: The relationship between Sunjay's Mom and I was breaking down and I voluntarily went to counselling and wanted to bring Sunjay's Mom into counselling.  She was not very much into the counselling aspect of it.  By the third counselling session I wasn't feeling heard in the counselling situation.  So this [my insistence on not being mis-quoted] is probably building on many experiences that I've already had before, with a counsellor role.  So I asked if that could be recorded.  The counsellor recorded it and I immediately felt better, even if no one ever listens to the recording or whatever the counsellor will do with it.  But I at least felt objectively heard by a recording instrument if not anybody else.  So then he asked the question, "Is there any hitting in the home?"  Sunjay's Mom chimes in and says, "Just a little."  The counsellor's jaw drops and he looks at me; he's ready to tear one into me because she's 5'3 and 95 lbs... and then she answers, "I only hit him a few times."  [laughing] See what I mean?  When I left that day he patted me on the back and said, "Don't worry, you'll get through it."


Me: C.A.S. was called because there was hitting in the home.

...[about Sunjay's Mom]

Doc: Ok, C.A.S. was involved, then what?

Me: It was... I still remember her name, [name]--anyway, tall blond woman.  She wrote everything down and then she read it back to me and she mis-quoted, mis-quoted, mis-quoted, to the point where I asked if we can please have a recording and then go off the recording because what [she was] saying about me is painting me completely negative and it's not at all what I'm trying to say.


Me: Which has me wondering if I'm really saying the words that I'm talking.  Right?  Because this is so--you want to cause a person to doubt their sanity to the point that they even doubt whether the words they're saying are audible and in English--

Doc: Alright.

Me: So she did a good number on me there.  The case was eventually closed.  Sunjay's Mom, of her own accord, decided not to be in Canada...


Doc: What do you think.  Do you think you have a mental illness?

Me: Well, let's look at it from a health perspective because if you look at it from an illness point--and I'm thankful now that we're talking--if we look at it from an illness perspective we can always find things to justify whatever illness we're wanting to justify.  So I'll have some symptoms of bipolar, I'll have some symptoms of mania, I'll have some symptoms of whatever else but from a health perspective you could also say that all of my thinking is on the extreme fringe of normal in the category of odd or eccentric and then look at it well, "how have I functioned so far?"

Doc: And you know quite frankly that's what I felt it was you're odd and eccentric BUT your family gives us information that reports that you were not this way two years ago -- you were different from the way you are now, two years ago.  So if you were odd and eccentric, I can't see that. 


Doc: What if smoking pot or whatever but you are now different than you were two years ago.  Especially the way you were six months ago.  The last six months changed, or there has been a change in you in the last 6 months so that tells me that is a treatable condition, whatever you want to call it.

Me: You have to also allow that people are able to change.  You have to allow--

Doc: There's a drastic change that has come with dysfunction.

Me: How has it been dysfunctional?

Doc: Want me again to go over the harassment pleas, you approaching the police, you writing those letters,

Me: Well, no, ok, but that's not dysfunctional.

Doc: It is dysfunctional. You were going to be charged with harassment.

Me: I recognize that.

Doc: And you would have been charged with possession of marijuana.

Me: Fine.

Doc: That's dysfunctional.

Me: I would have gone to court with it.  I accept the repercussions of my actions.

Doc: Right, but someone who knows you, who's known you all your life, tells me that two years ago you wouldn't have done what you've done now, that tells me that..


Me: You have to take into account the girl that was wanting--the primary person wanting to press harassment charges she's also part of a church syndicate there that is, they talk and, they amplify a lot of the things that I do.  The 91-pager is not at all directed at her but at the church that she happens to be apart of.  When the church comes back and talks to the minister and says, "Get this guy off our back or do whatever else" and then when he talks to her and then the two of them--who am I to know what they're saying to the police?

Me: I am willing to challenge those ideas in court.  Anything that she has that she wants to say I've been harassing her with, fantastic, let's take it to court.  Let's have the open--


Doc: Is that what your plan is now if you leave?

Me: No.  No, it's not.  But let's look at it from both sides and not just one side.


Doc: Ok.  So, Ah.  Are you coming around to getting that you have a mental illness or no?  You don't have an illness, or...

Me: Well, let's look at it--

Doc: What you have--

Me: ah, from a different perspective, not to call it an illness but to say that it is not normal thinking--

Doc: --Ok--

Me: and that by somebody who's looking at it from a more narrow range of normal and defining only that range as well-being then anything out of that range would be perceived as "not well being" or "mental illness".  And so, from your perspective, I can understand and appreciate that you would consider me to have a mental illness.

Doc: Ok.  So you have abnormal thinking.  Your thinking would not fall into the societal norm.

Me: That's not true.  It's thinking that encompasses the societal norm but then is more.

Doc: It's out there.

Me: It's out there.  The difference being that I can function in normal society.


Doc: But you couldn't.  That is the main point.  Whatever illness, you couldn't function in normal society, you were getting angry with your mom, you were having difficulties with your mom, you--

Me: Without a voice recorder there, please don't--this is one sided because my mother has screamed at me that she hates me.  I have never, ever told my Mom that nor would I ever.

Me: To say that I get angry at my Mom without hearing the other side of the story, the anger--my Mum is not a person that I can ever talk to.  She's very prone to blaming and likes also to point at justifications for current behaviour relative to past events.  She doesn't allow for a person to have learned anything or to have changed their behaviours or being--

[Incidentally, the "shock" of finding me in the hospital was not taken well by my family who at that point were then coming to terms with evidence that I must be mentally ill otherwise I wouldn't be on the mental ward.  It is doubtful they had awareness that the doctor was probing for reason to justify my stay, instead of re-enforcing the supportive aspect and seeing me expeditiously return home after my unwitting incarceration for some mis-represented statement which someone somewhere has taken to mean that I am of harm to another.]

Doc: But, when we talk about episodic illnesses we do compare now, we relate it and compare it to the way you are now to the past.  That's, you know, different.  That's how we judge.  Odd and eccentric is different that's going to be there all your life versus 6 months or 2 years that is different from your norm baseline. 

Me: This is Ok [meaning the norm was/is there the past 2 years!]--

Doc: So we kind of agree to some of the things but still disagree on major topics.

Me: No, it's not much of a disagreement at all.  It's just the basis for the comparison.  You're not allowing a--if I'm learning at a faster rate than somebody, if I'm changing at a faster rate than somebody else who's changing at a slower rate than most other people, then you're calling the change itself to be a mental illness because it's resulting in a state that's too different than one that's begun.

Doc: That's one argument and that change is resulting in dysfunction--

Me: Perceptual dysfunction.  It's only dysfunctional if I'm not aware of the reasons why I did it and if those reasons cannot be justified for further action.


Doc: You may be able to justify that but we being society look at that like, well, you've already given us reasons and the review board--

Me: No, the 91-pager was brought about as half of a joke on that church because the minister who was being crammed into an apartment, so I was wanting the church to buy the minister a house--it was an innocent enough idea; it was a creative solution to an innocent problem--

Doc: It was how you went about it--you've been here a long time.  And I understand and appreciate your feelings. 

Doc: I think you're better but you're not back to your normal self yet.  I would be Ok if A) you took your resperidone injectable--what are your plans?  Ok, so A) if you took your medication, at least your injectable; and B) if your Mum agreed with you going home.  So what are your plans about taking the injectable, once you leave here?

Me: Do I have to pay for it once I'm out of here?

Doc: No.  We will make sure that you don't have to.

Me: Ok.  And that's not because I'm worried about money but because I don't agree with taking it in the first place so it'd be a double slap.
Me: The only reason I am taking the injections is because I am legally bound to.

Doc: And you will be legally bound even after you leave because you will be on a CTO.

Me: I will continue to take it until a) I'm not legally bound or b) you or my Mum decide that I no longer need to take it.

Doc: Ok.  So you're not going to go to court to challenge the legally bound aspect of it?  Are you planning to do that?

Me: I don't understand how that would bear influence into the idea that I have a mental illness--


Doc: No, I'm just trying to understand what you're--what your plans are because that will tell me whether you're improving or not.

[The need for knowing my plans is certainly understandable, but the topic of my challenging the CTO should not have come up, at all; its overall antagatory nature removes the conversation further from one of solely therapeutic intent.]

Me: It you put a person into an oven and turn up the temperature, is that person not going to scream at the walls and try his very best to have the temperature turned down?  We can come to a peaceful compromise.

Doc: Which is?

Me: Test me out in society and then see if I can't function and then wind me down from it--

Doc: I did try.  Right?  I lifted the form and I allowed a visit with your friend even though understanding of the fact that she's been...

Me: So what you're saying is that we have trust issues between us.  That makes this a non-theraputic relationship.

Doc: I will try to maintain my therapeutic stance despite what has happened but I cannot allow you to leave without A) getting the resperidone injection that you're due to get and with the cognitive understanding that you will take your medication when you're discharged.  [note: I have always reassured that I will take the injection while legally bound to]

Me: My own plans are: I would like to continue writing the book I was writing this summer and I would like to continue working up to running for Prime Minister. 

Doc: That's fine with me.  Once you get your third injection I will have a meeting with your mom, I think it's next week that you're getting it,


Me: I thought it was every two weeks

Doc: Next Friday?

Me: Next Friday.

Doc: So I would like to meet with your mom and give you a weekend pass and if nothing bad happens and I don't hear about emails being sent, I'm not pressuring you not to voice your opinion, you have a right to voice your opinion, but those emails and the content of that is an indication of your illness.
[What is not mentioned is that I have had no past experience with anything like this and really hadn't a clue how to start going about voicing my "opinion".  The doctor wishes that I will simply accept everything she and other staff do to me.]

Doc: So, if I see that, I will relate it to your illness because to me it's apart of your illness.  So it's not to shut you up, because I don't want you going on the record telling people [I] was trying to stop you from voicing your opinion, but when you do something like that it tells me the illness is still ongoing--


Me: Which illness?

Doc: You have schizo-affective disorder.

Me: Schizo-affective disorder?  And how do you come to that conclusion?
Doc: Because you have very paranoid out-there thoughts.

Me: But they're not paranoid, I have no fear included in those thoughts.

Doc: So, delusions can be persecutive delusions where you think you're being persecuted but there could be other kinds of delusions as well.

Me: I don't feel I'm being persecuted. 

Doc: I know, I know.  You may not have persecutive delusions, but you have delusions.

Me: In which regard?

Doc: Well in every regard.  You think it's appropriate to give some marijuana to the police and get arrested. 

Me: "give some marijuana?"  Let's correct that one again.

Doc: That's what the documentation says.

Me: Well then fix the documentation, it's not right.

Doc: When you come to emerge, they quote what the patient tells them.  They have quoted you as saying that you did give the police marijuana and you asked them to arrest you.  In any case,


Me: Sorry, the quote was to offer the police marijuana?

Doc: Well maybe not the quote but the information came from you.

Me: The information did not come from me.  I asked to be arrested, yes, but I did not offer marijuana to the police officer.

Doc: Fine, I'll correct that.  You didn't offer it to them.  You had it visible and gave them grounds to arrest you.  And that you wanted to be arrested.  You tell that to anyone and they'll tell you it's not normal.

Me: And I don't disagree with that.


Doc: Right, ok.

Me: Just because it's not normal doesn't mean that it's delusional. 

Doc: No, it's an abnormal thinking process.  It's part of the illness.

Me: So the abnormal thinking process justifies the schizoaffective disorder?

Doc: Part of it, yes.  You're manic that's the affective part.

Me: The manic part is justified how?  Because I was high on marijuana?

[From Wikipedia: "As schizoaffective disorder is presently defined in the DSM-IV criteria, at some point during the lifetime course of the illness, psychosis must occur continuously for at least two-weeks without any mood disorder symptoms, and the symptoms must not be caused by medication(s), substance use or another medical condition."  Marijuana use constitutes "substance use"; I do believe the doctor missed the memo on that one.]

Doc: No, even before that day your mom told us that you were awake and you were writing, and you were typing, you weren't sleeping, and you were being hyper.

[I should point out that my Mum turns in for the evening at 7pm whereas I've worked evenings for the past 10 years and stay up past midnight.  If my Mum awakes to use the latrine and finds me on the computer, she considers that to be "up all night."  As for "being hyper"; I doubt very much that my mother would have described me as such.  If anything, I'm lazy.  I rely exclusively on audio recordings for memory :)]

Me: So my Mum has diagnosed me with a disorder?

Doc: No.  She gave us symptoms; I diagnosed--the doctor before me [name withheld] diagnosed

Me: [name] has also gone on record to lie about me.  He was telling the jury that I was telling people that they could fly by flapping their arms.  How is that?  At what point would I say that?  I am a commercial pilot.

Doc: Have you ever flown?

Me: I have a commercial pilot's license.

Doc: You have training?

Me: I have a commercial pilot's licence--

Doc: Which comes out of training, right?  You didn't print it off the internet did you?

Me: No.  I went to school for it.


Doc: Right, Ok.  We're going off topic.  So, I want to discuss the plan.  This is my plan.  If you take your injection, after you take your injection we'll all sit down--I would like to speak to your mum first and then we'll all sit down, you'll be given a weekend pass and if the weekend is uneventful then Monday you go home.  To be followed, as an outpatient, by me--so that's another thing that's in the mix.  If by Friday the CTO is not in place then you don't go home.  As a result of the CTO, if you don't take your medication or you don't follow up, if there are any concerns, you don't have to go to emerge you will come straight to us.  That CTO allows us to get you from the community to be admitted straight to us. 


Me: I really don't want to come back here.

Doc: Right.  You'll have to follow the suggestions made in the CTO.  Part of that would be to take your medications.  Part of that would be to follow up with a psychiatrist which in this case is me, I don’t think I can find anyone to replace me and I don't really want to.

Me: Despite the non-therapeutic relationship. 

Doc: Well, the therapeutic relationship was spoilt by you not me.

Me: Really?  We've had two hearings where we're countering each other.  You don't think that after a hearing where we're countering each other that constitutes a breakdown in communication?

Doc: It doesn't.  When I go to a hearing about a patent, I'm not fighting the patient.  I'm actually doing this on behalf of the patient in the best interest of the patient.  I don't see that as being--Standing next to the patient when the patient is not able to understand--

Me: You're putting words in my mouth.  How am I unable to understand?

Doc: No no.  I'm not putting words in your mouth, I'm just telling you when a psychiatrist goes to the review board it is not to fight the patient, it is to speak on behalf of the patient because the psychiatrist understands that the patient is not well as a result of your illness to understand what's going on.

Me: The whole foundation of the illness, the whole criteria for the disorder are in question and if they're in question--

Doc: Nobody's questioning them other than you.  The review board has met three times now.

Me: Ok, we need to go back to that first hearing.  I would really like to listen to the recording of that first hearing... the second hearing as well.  I was not able to correct misquotes given by you in the second hearing.

Doc: You could have.

Me: At the end?

Doc: Ya.

Me: Did they say, "Is there anything else that you would like to say Rene?"  I don't recall them saying that.  That's why at the third hearing I was so adamant about wanting to correct them at the beginning.

Doc: Well you could have told them that at the second time also.

Me: Well thank you for now informing me of the process... The first hearing we need to go back and revisit.  The way that [name] presented me in that hearing is not at all--

Doc: I don't think the first hearing has any bearing on the second or third, they're all considered very independently. 

Me: Could be, but you've used them.  You've used them now as justification for your own statement that I am not mentally well. 


Doc: Part of it, but I have also made my own assessment, talking to you, seeing you, listening to you, I've had my own independent opinion.  You looked puzzled.

Me: I wouldn't say I'm puzzled.  I'm still trying to get you to understand that looking at a partial past of somebody and listening to another person's opinions about that person is an incomplete picture of that person.  You cannot judge all of my thinking to be as mentally unwell.  I am far more creative than the normal person, I'll give you that because my work's been telling me that for years, but it hasn't been disadvantageous until most recently when I used my creative aspect to see if I couldn't get my friend into a house for Christmas.

Doc: I cannot go back in time and know you back then, right?

Me: So let's look at the now.  That's why we need to work with the now.... How have my behaviours in here been at all in appropriate?  Let's talk about it.

Doc: No.  We're going to repeat ourselves again and again.

Me: We haven't talked about my behaviour inside the hospital at all.

Doc: No, we have.  We have in the past and today as well.

[Clearly she and I were speaking about to different behaviours, further emphasizing the fact that we perceive simply what we want to perceive--the doctor, unfortunately, looking only for evidence to support illness and not health.]


Doc: What I'm trying to say to you is in psychiatric assessment we rely on partly looking at a person, talking to a person, partly collateral information.  If you think that [name] has falsified information, fine.  We have spoken to your sister, we have spoken to your mom, we have spoken to your dad.  These are people who have known you all their life.  Even they agree that you are not your normal self.  There's a change in you and that change has come with dysfunction.  And that is enough for me to call it a mental illness.  We can call it whatever.

Me: From the perspective of my family who want to keep me the same way I was two years ago.  Fantastic.

Doc: Well, there's a reason they were hoping that because you were going to be arrested for possession, you would have been charged with harassment.

Me: I want those harassment charges so that I can counter this person in court.  Again, they're unfounded.  I can understand her worry and where it comes from and I will admit to everything she's said I've done because I know her to be an honest but the perception of the reasons for the actions that I've done is incorrect.  They've led her into a place where she's afraid and wanting to press harassment charges.  I mean no ill will against her.  [Every conversation had simply been about God as a Loving God; though I did "strike a little too close to home", as Maria has said, when I told her off for much of her un-Christianly rude behaviour toward me.  I find it funny in our culture how strangers are often treated better than friends.]

Doc: Well, I don't think you're a bad person.  I don't think you want to hurt any body.  I think you don't understand that your actions are causing distress to somebody else.

Me: I do understand that my actions are causing distress.  I didn't realize I was harassing her until the police told me. 

Doc: Again, I wasn't there.  I can't go back.  My understanding is that she indirectly, through other people, informed you to not contact her. 

Me: She didn't.... This is by far the longest conversations we've had.

Doc: We've had long conversations, you may not remember it.


Me: My memory's pretty good. 

Me: I do have one request.  Halloween is before next weekend.  My Mum does not want to go out trick or treating with my kid.  Can I do like a 2-hour pass and just go out trick or treating and come back?

Doc: I've given you two opportunities and both opportunities have backfired. 

Me: I've had things to do.

Doc: I know, I know but they say, "Fool me once shame on you; fool me twice shame on me." I'm not going to let you fool me three times.

Me: What can I possibly do in 2 hours?

Doc: I don't know; you are capable of many things.  So, what I would say is you get your third injection, we talk to your mom, and I will see what her thoughts are about you getting out of here.


Me: Are we having another hearing before then?

Doc: You want to?

Me: I put a request in the other day for it.

Doc: Up to you, then I will take the opportunity--
It's going to go the same way as it's gone the other three times, Ok?  Mostlikely.  I can't say for sure.  Most likely.  If that happens then I'm going to keep you here for 30 days.  I mean 30 days from the time your [current] form expires.

Me: Well, I've already put in the process to start the hearing in.

Doc: You can always stop it.

Me: You can always let me out for Halloween. 

Doc: No.  That won't happen.  Because I have to make sure that I'm working in the best interests of you.

Me: So, if I go to a hearing then our deal for next weekend is out?

Doc: Ya, because the--you're showing me that I can't trust the process we've spent the last whatever time discussing.

Me: Is that a threat?

Doc: Is it?  Ya, I guess, in a way, we couldn't just leave it at that.  Alright, so why don't I do this.  Hearing or no hearing I'm going to let the form 4 lapse.  I'm not going to attach that form lifting or discontinuing to anything.  So we're just going to go through the whole, whatever days its valid for [about 25 days] and we'll have you as our guest then.  Does that seem reasonable then?

Me: You're insane!

Doc: I'm insane?  How am I insane?

Me: You've just changed your mind on the basis of something that was already in progress.

IX.Taiwan Business English Club; collapsing The Argument

*現金的夥伴 | real partnership for real money
*真實性的新聞英文練習 | practice English with real news
*在評論內分享意見 | share opinions in comments!

來自台南市的: 人上人-芝蔴街-凱仕蘭
From Tainan City: People Up People - Sesame Street - Kidsland

This is a not a sad story about人上人-芝蔴街-凱仕蘭 (Kidsland) in Taiwan.  A 12-branch private school in Tainan, Taiwan.  The author is teacher Rene Helmerichs.  This story is 100% true.  It is real news.  It also needs to be shared.  Parents must know.

Cram schools in Taiwan hire foreign teachers with criminal records.  Kidsland is one of them.  They do this when they have difficulty finding licensed teachers.  Schools that need to hire a lot of new foreign teachers each year have problems.

Kidsland tells people that it is "a family" and works "together".  But Kidsland managers also lie to teachers and parents.  They prevent teachers from using resources they need for class, like a computer, programs on a computer, and even a pair of scissors.  Accounting personal Eve at Kidsland does not trust foreign teachers enough to given give them a pair of scissors for their office.  She will, however, give them all the markers they want but students have to buy their own.

A good school will not hire bad teachers, and a good teacher who works at a bad school will leave.  A good teacher cares.  An honest teacher will be honest to parents.

One teacher, Robert, was hired by Kidsland last summer, 2017.  Kidsland really knew nothing about Robert.  Robert accepted the job.  He was good.  Robert left without telling Kidsland when he saw how badly for parents Kidsland politics are.

Kidsland wants parents to be happy.  Happy parents give money without questions.  Managers are busy organizing shows for parents to keep them happy.  They do not want parents to ask questions.  Questions are trouble for staff.  The story of Rene Helmerichs shares this perfectly.

Principal 江佩樺 (Clare Chiang) of the 12 芝蔴街-凱仕蘭 (Kidsland-Sesame) schools insisted Rene work at the main branch.  He was a good teacher at 常春藤教育機構 (Ivy English) in Kaohsiung.  She asked Rene to demonstrate new material for grade one parents at 芝蔴街 in Tainan.  The date for the demonstration was 26 May 2017.

Rene explained that he would not abandon his current school.  Clare insisted that人上人-芝蔴街-凱仕蘭 (Kidsland) and Rene work together.  Rene is honest.

Rene asked Clare to meet before the teaching.  They met on Saturday, 20 May 2017, in Tainan for brunch.  Rene explained that he was in jail in Canada to write a book.  He also shared that police changed the story.

Manager Denise was present at the brunch.  She knew Rene needed a criminal record check.  She also knew Rene was in a mental hospital.  She changed the contract so that Rene did not need to have a criminal record check.  She was happy that the mental hospital is not on the criminal record check.

Denise called herself the 7-11 for foreigners.  She told Rene that is not a problem.  In fact, Denise still insists that she did not break the law almost one year later.  On 16 March 2018 at 10:59 pm, Denise wrote:
"We always followed government laws and rules if you read our working manual clearly before you started your job."

On Friday, 26 May 2017 at 1:47 pm, Denise wrote:
"hi Rene, I have delete the criminal check up part and add on that we sponsor for arc and medical check up ...etc.  Please check."

All staff at Kidsland knew that Rene is writing a book.  They also know that it is a real book with real stories about real things that companies do to hide honesty for money.  Principal Clare got scared when Rene started advertising his book on the internet 26 Dec. 2017.  She asked manager Denise to fire Rene.

Denise was not his manager.  Denise made this clear in a mandatory meeting of 28 Dec. 2017 with his direct manager Stacy Huang.  Both Denise and Stacy don't advertise their legal Chinese names much.  In fact, manager Denise even signed the 2-year contract just "Denise" on 26 May 2017.  In court of law in Canada, that does invalidate the contract since the signee must use a legal name.  Denise uses the name "Madness" as her last name.

Clare asked Denise to fire Rene.  Denise also threatened Rene.  She did this after she came to his.  Denise was furious.  First she demanded that he sign something in Chinese which he didn't understand.  She then demanded that his wife translate the legal document for Kidsland for free.  Recordings can protect people when there is danger.  Rene asked Denise to leave his house.  Denise then phoned the police.  She was furious that Rene was allowed to send her away, and to record it.  The police told Denise to sue Rene.  The 2018 video is available at

Denise gave Rene the papers to sign to be fired.  Then Denise insisted that Rene needs to submit a criminal record check.  She said the government is asking for it.  She also said Rene would be in trouble if he didn't.  Rene is telling all parents of Kidsland that Rene is not in trouble because Kidsland is actually breaking the law.  Kidsland needs to submit a criminal record check to the government from every teacher, and mental hospital jails are not listed on the check.

Kidsland didn't just fire Rene.  Kidsland also took writing from Rene and published it in a book.  Kidsland did not use the writing with permission.  Kidsland used the writing after Rene was fired for extra money to Kidsland.  They did not give credit to the author who wrote the story for children.  None of the teachers get credit for their work.  They also stole items from Rene including the green-cover Winter Camp 2018 book with the story, and personal items that the school knows belong to Rene.

Rene insisted Kidsland share information about teachers to parents.  Some teachers look at parents like a game.  They talk with parents over LINE app for dates and sex.

Denise started to tell everyone that Rene is crazy.  She said that he was in a mental hospital in Canada for a long time.  She is telling everyone that Rene is dangerous.  She insists that Rene is threatening her.  She also told Rene that she will stand with Rene if he has 100 people with him.  The petition currently at had over 200 people and Denise still does not.  Kidsland simply has no honour.

The book Rene started to write began in 2012.  Rene was a college teacher in Canada.  Two people lied about Rene.  Then police put him into a mental hospital.  Rene tried to tell doctors that the people were lying.  Finally, Rene used the internet to talk back at doctors who refused to have her sessions audio-recorded for very fearful reasons.  Publicity ensures honesty.

This is an excerpt from a 22 Nov 2012 meeting with Psychiatrist Anjana Chawla, a Social Worker Jamie-Lynn, the mother Ingrid of Rene, at Royal Victoria Regional Health Care Centre in Barrie, Ontario, Canada.  The excerpt starts before the 41st minute and goes until past the 42nd minute.  It is linked in the .pdf ebook with the whole story at :
Right.  And so you're still adamant that this is one gigantic mistake. 


And that's the problem that we're just facing, the circular argument.

Well I don't see any problem with Rene parenting Sunjay.  [My mother doesn't understand.]

Then I have a really good deal, and, you'll not take medications, and, we'll cancel those things that have been put in place, and, if things go down hill--and chances are that they will--when they go down hill we put you back on those things and the injections will start again.

That is only fair.

And I will discharge you from my care.  And if that blog is not lifted then I will no longer be your psychiatrist and then there might be some legal action taken place--

I understand.

You have written about me and I would really appreciate it if you would lift it without me having to do anything about it, but, ah, you're defaming me, unnecessarily.  You should read the blog.

She might not get a chance.  It might be down by the time she comes home. 


But how long until the CTO [Community Treatment Order] lifting comes into effect?

I'll lift it.

The doctor Chawla decided that Rene no longer needed her treatment only if he stopped writing what she called "threatening" things on the internet about her.  She expected the CTO order to be in place for one year.  Suddenly Rene was cured and did not need her forced injections?  The book that Rene is writing is to have actions of doctors Ali and Chawla reviewed, as well as those of the corrupt Barrie police.

Why should parents trust Kidsland to teach their kids if Kidsland also cannot be honest or have honour?

Kidsland asked Rene to demonstrate to parents without knowing Rene.  Rene told managers about his intent before the demonstration.  He did this so that parents can keep trust in the school.  Denise insisted Rene did nothing wrong.  Clare then fired Rene after Rene insisted that Kidsland should tell parents the story of what happened to Rene in Canada.  They then began threatening Rene.

Rene needs the internet to be certain that the public and parents understand Kidsland.  Kidsland is not the best school.  Kidsland is actually one of the worst schools.  Rene encourages all parents to try YMCA.

Rene needs your help to share this.  Here is a short list of more things Kidsland has done and does:
1.      *removes requirement for criminal record check from Foreigner contracts
2.      *removes class-prep time ("extra work")
3.      *increases stress to lower class quality (work without pay)
4.      *denies teachers needed supplies for class (lying about computer use, foreigner supplies)
5.      *charges to help find housing (teachers have left because Kidsland does not help them)
6.      *threatens to fire employee if unpaid rush meetings (less than 24 hours notice) are missed
7.      *steals copyrighted material
8.      *denies authors credit for work
9.      *gives bonuses to stop employees from talking about special (bad) things Kidsland does
10.  *allows foreigners Kidsland thinks are mentally ill to overnight alone with kids in hotels
11.  *has a very high teacher turn-over (shows lack of respect to teachers)
12.  *gives no notice to parents about potential problems in classroom with kids
13.  *must hire inexperienced local staff as assistant teachers because they pay so little
14.  *illegally discriminates
15.  *keeps managers that suffer psychoses (are mentally ill--i.e. knowingly break the law)
16.  *cares more about money than trust from parents (because this is on the internet)
17.  *keeps managers who illegally try to use physical force (hitting) to get what they want
18.  *allows the foreign teacher office to flood with every heavy rain.
19.  *does not clean the dirty and mouldy foreign teacher
(in Canada the government would not allow teachers to work in an office like that)
20.  *grade six students have played games to see grade one students pull down their panties
21.  *allows kids to play kissing games
22.  *provides student assessments that are marked but NOT shared with students or parents
23.  *fires employees with just cause (only because they are afraid of honesty)
24.  *not follow the first rule of teaching: when an accident happens solve it TOGETHER
25.  *not pay for government-ordered Typhoon days

Would you keep your child at a school like that?

Kidsland and Rene could still be partners to advertise a book of honesty.  This will only help Kidsland to show that it is honest. 

An honest school naturally attracts the best students.  Kidsland is not an honest school while this exists on the internet.  It will only get worse for Kidsland if they go to court to try to sue Rene because then the judge will have no choice but to have managers Denise, Stacy, and Clare arrested, Stacy for the copyright.

The before-court agreement offered Kidsland is this:
Kidsland will agree to honesty.  Kidsland will answer every question anyone has about any part of your school, and show what you are doing to prevent dishonesty.  Kidsand will apologize to parents and accurately share the story at in Chinese to parents.  Wenzao University has done a good job translating it.  Kidsland will help Rene to correct dishonesty and unfire Rene.  In exchange, Rene will assist Kidsland to fill all open seats in all its schools and to start new branches in Kaohsiung.  That is the choice.  Until Kidsland makes it, this page stands.  Rene will promote this page in person with fliers and business cards throughout Taiwan, since Sesame Street Taiwan is now directly involved.  This page can easily be replaced with agreement to work TOGETHER.  That was the Kidsland idea, until Kidsland decided to chase dishonour.  Parents and students must leave a dishonourable place because students do not learn honesty at a school that cannot be open and honest.  Rene had also previously offered Kidsland a house in Tainan to house new teachers.  Now Rene can help Sesame Street English Taiwan sue little Kidsland.

There is a secret
People - Sesame Street - Kidsland
Will hire teachers with mental problems
because the hospital prison is not a criminal record.
However, it also hides the criminal record check.
It does not want parents to know

Talk2dream Taiwan Business English Club
*real partnership for real money *share opinions in comments!
*practice English with real news

是瑞內 "Sher Ray Nay" has THREE meanings: 1) be "nothing"; 2) be lucky inside; and, 3) Yes Rene.

The argument must collapse, whether by Rene or someone else.  We begin wherever we're at while advertising for the whole and all of its parts.  The intent is to help all for a sustainable future.  The realization is the self-same support that such a plan inherently offers itself.  It becomes the greatest marketing vehicle ever.

From Kidsland we'll move onto Ivy English.  We can use Sesame Street against Kidsland, or take on both or all three simultaneously.  As principally defamed individual, the number of law suits against Rene is directly the number of lawsuits FOR Rene.  In that way, lawmakers are truly the ones with the head ache while Rene watches movies waiting for the next inspiration of what to write.

Cigars, and cigarettes help the thinking process if only to let go ones perceived self and enter the other.  Pot did a much better job but it's a bit scarce in a country currently still with, technically, the death penalty for it?

We'll be aiming to have marijuana legalized globally, of course.  After Ivy, we should be well enough infamous that Canada will concede, if not, there is international court and supporters are not decreasing in numbers.  Maybe ISIS might even offer a charitable donation to a war of words instead of one with much more costly smaller guns--guns can shoot only one bullet at a time, but words on the web can be viewed simultaneously across every wifi device planet-wide.

King Of The Internet.  King of Canada one day to maybe really become, after being elected Prime Minister, of course.  We'll simply elect ourselves Governor General, and program the population for freedom instead of slavery.  Arguing Her Majesty The Queen out of territory she doesn't actually own isn't going to be difficult for Rene so long as: 1) all remains by agreement; 2) Rene is for all people, Rene supports the same essence to be with every electron, which the contents of this book definitely suffice.

RELIGION is ABOUT being NOT religiously tied to anything in a world forever doomed to BE changing.

Mum, I'm not sure how The Ministry Of Transportation for Ontario allowed you to sell my motorcycle without my permission and specifically against my consent.  However, I understand it was inconvenient for you to keep it and I can always by another when this done.

There are larger problems than your previous opinions about me.  In fact, it's actually better for you to understand that you got the bad opinions from Anjana Chawla, and that Ms. Chawla is still legally incorrect in all that she did to me.  Luckily, I have enough evidence to win several court cases against her, but not at a courthouse that is dishonest in a province that is actually corrupt.  Reference is made to the file at,, and specifically to the ongoing argument of a separate Canadian school board that teaches "One God" but does not allow Muslims or a great many Christians to attend.  There is also the case of Canadian lawyer Michael Bryant who intentionally killed Darcy Allen Sheppard and got away with it.

Mum, people need money.  Governments are mostly in place to print and distribute it (excepting the United States which has a private company print its currency).  You've been very good with money, and careful.  But sometimes rules are bent to ensure children have enough to eat when their Dads are put in jail.

Canada will purchase the house in Groepelling (Bremen, Germany).  It doesn't have a choice once this story is publicized enough.  The house sits empty still, I believe, and we owe whatever is the common sentience thanks for that.

The matter of Family Court file FC-13-0416 at Barrie will need to be undone.  It goes without saying that I am after full custody of Sunjay returned to me, Rene Helmerichs.  It also is silly to imagine that I did not foresee the ability to ensure that this would and could and can and shall take place.

Help me advertise this book.  You don't really have a choice.  You need the mental disability checks that Lorberg has provided me to maintain care for Sunjay.  However, it's also fraud.  Fraud means jail time in any normal country.  Canada is not normal.  So Canada can buy you the house and you can make a quick exit from the country much like Canada made me do from all of life when they simply locked me away at RVH. 

Mum, I really didn't harass Natalie.  I replied to her emails.  I was actually seeing a different Nathalie at the time, but that's beside the point.  The charge of "Criminal Harassment" requires that someone causes another "fear for safety", but I'm not the source of the fear she or anyone herein has or is feeling.

That book that you removed from my position early on, and then maybe returned, A Course In Miracles, was also written by doctors who clarify the point of where fear originates and where it is located.

Natalie, and everyone, lives with fear in any environment that is doomed to forever change.  We should call such a place Hell, and recognize that HELL is NOT recognizable to anyone IN hell, or those IN hell would team up to leave the place for Heaven.

Luckily, I understand.  So, here we have it.  With me, or against me.  Those are the only two choices.  Well, the third is for delay, which is actually the second choice and still the presiding evil in the minds of the fearful.  Don't be afraid.  This has all happened for a reason, and your retirement with enough money to never need to worry about money again is assured.  Anyone can do that for you with what I've already written.

Remember when I did Sylvia's taxes in, was it 2009?  And she suddenly got back over $6000 Canadian dollars instead of having to pay a couple hundred to H-and-R Block at the mall for nothing back?  Mum, I'm good with law stuff.  I've always been good with it.

Have your lawyer review the whole of this book and tell him you'll pay him double if he can help you keep custody of Sunjay.  Then tell him to help me sue people if he likes, because there is literally no end to the money that I am able to win in court with this little story.

20 March 2018.  Happy Spring-into-action day :)

20180302 links.doc

20121122 chawla bribery evidence (aside from her actions)

20121026 chawla threat_bolded parts.doc


20120901_Voice0580 Barrie detectives Troy Armstrong and Tanya Lynch.mp3

W04_21040813 voice recording with Tarama Williamson simply to hear her claim Rene is a lunatic for mental illness defame for SC-14-0226 submission as 1 of 5 Voice 028.mp3



20121122_Voice0608_with_Chawla bribery.mp3

20180222 story of loo--draft 4.doc

20180222 story of loo --third draft.doc

20180222 story of loo --second working draft for waiting translators_old.doc

20180222 story of loo --first working draft for waiting translators_old 2.doc

20180215 set news 54.mp4

20171228_kidsland meeting denise stacy.m4a



20140103 Witness Statement - Rene(1).pdf

20140102 Witness Statement - Natalie(1).pdf

20140102 Witness Statement - Matthew(1).pdf

20140102 Witness Statement - Irina(1).pdf





Natalie Kelloway _ Professional Profile


Natalie Kelloway – Natural Flash Photography _ MAKEUP BY CC - PROFESSIONAL BRIDAL MAKEUP ARTIST


A16_20120903 MCSCS perjurous report as a RED-ACTED copy yet STILL denied in court of C-13-205 at Barrie AFTER the judge told the jury they could have it.pdf

^Rene walking up to Doug Henderson asking to be arrested on 3 Sept 2012:
^OPP video 6 Nov 2014 Parts 1 and 2
^This one starts the story, with pictures of the main gang involved (link also below and embedded elsewhere)
>Right back at you Kidsland:
^Meet Clare Chiang, soon to be arrested for breaking national Taiwan law:
>2013 Witness Statements for base court file C13-205-SR at Barrie backing this global argument:
^Redacted version of the 4 Sept 2012 police report by Officer READ which Judge Mulligan did realize that he could NOT under ANY circumstances let in as evidence, be the offence was submitted as "indictable" and that document, even redacted, still maintains that Rene Helmerichs had previously been arrested and formally charged for the exact same allegation that he had just spent 16 months in solitary confinement under illegal (but graciously polite) rule of Gunter Wolfgang Lorberg in Central North Correctional Centre at Penetanguishene:
>The guy is just NICE and KNOWS we've been trying our freaking best to talk to EVERYONE on the planet! He's not a "Satan" worshiper. The guy was led on by a 51-year-old who was sick of living. She had convinced him and his older girlfriend to "sign up" to the idea that they could simply choose to re-incarnate on a different planet. Rene tried to talk sense to him. "We do not have choice that way. We are an EXTENSION of one-something that is all that is." If he agrees to that, let him go into the care of his caring Mum in B.C.
>Jon Peniel's book, after which our school is to be based:
(we'll talk to CLO about copyright over the book that was in a name given him by us)
^Rene requested this Saturday May 20th 2017 meeting with Kidsland managers to ensure moral responsibility:
^This was a meeting ORDERED AND COMMANDED that Rene attend both without pay, and threat of losing his job, after Rene was the one that even suggested need for a chat about the fact that Kidsland should really have told the parents of the kids that Rene was entrusted to teach, about his past sooner (late Dec 2017)
Psychiatrist Anjana Chawla, Children's Aid Of Simcoe County Jamie, Rene's legal Boss (because Anjana wouldn't respect that Rene wanted and tried to have his now wife Lindsay speak for him instead), and Rene for some sort of charge to Anjana, with full loss of the custody of her children because of the hearing on 22 Oct. 2012 at RVH in Barrie. RVH lawyer June Bell(?) should get a copy of its recording and transcript to Rene.
^201201026 Voice:
^20121026 transcript:
^20122211 transcript:
^Rene trying to delay starting at Sinton Transportation on 26 Feb 2013 before his second 4 days later:
(funny story getting that license during the train-track lesson)
>This is my honest and sincere friend Mark whom Rene met in jail, and who actually was and is abused by doctors:
>something old:
>something new, the fictional daughter of Rene and The First Princess Grace Tsai (better ignore, it's...):
>Tribute@The guy who made the video NASA ADMITS WE NEVER WENT TO THE MOON:
> & Hed Cop Vodur! (we'll forgive him for putting us in jail in the game)
Meet LUCIFER in the absolute best game in the world for ESL learners AND hardcore gamers at  <--best and most addictive game in the world.  It truly is an infinity game.
^The 3 Sept 2012 mass email to win Rene a free stay at The RV Hotel (home of Liardog and chief witch):
>Tribute@Our Mormon LDS (Latter Day Saints are NOT The Mormon Community Of Anitchrist in the story)
> Kidsland manager Denise calls Taiwan police
>Random community legal clinic denying Rene help:
^Story intro:

Not used:

Chinese translation of 3rd draft:

Age 18+ warning, sexual content, referenced indirectly:

Best in the world to mimic real life: .

Doctors (CPSO#) Ali, Liaqat (63312), Chawla, Anjana (84905), Dickey, Robert Lee (32295), De Freitas, Karen Denise (71381), Komer, William Joseph (55555), Karagianis, James Leslie (80478), Wong, Leslie Kin Long (86592), Van Impe, Jeffrey John Howard (82520), and Lorberg, Gunter Wolfgang (72223), Wozniak, Andrzej Eugeniusz (74339)

IS: singular and NOT plural, thus NOT the SAME personal essence for every "I"
ARE: plural and NOT singular, thus NOT the same personal essence for every "I"
AM: NOughT what "IS" implies AND kNOT what "ARE" implies, THEREFORE Same.

Now, if "I" implies the SAME thing EXISTS for EVERY body, it speaks to the joined Soul of souls of all.  In that way, it is truly left undefined AND ever-defining such that a wiseass is always able to appear to turn [the whole play of whatever anyone thinks is legally occurring anywhere] completely upside-down in apparent "over the top" full reverse.

Religion is actually simple.  Mind is that thinking of a self needing to place gifts at an alter in a church.  A church is the place of the alter.  The alter is the place where gifts to that sustaining self are placed.  Mind is therefore the eternal church of Self.  We ARE eternal AND eternally confused about how possibly we are.

Rene Helmerichs is a baptised Lutheran which has official partnership with the Catholic doctrine.  He is an indoctrinated Daoist but of himself claims to be nothing and Muslim.  Rene has allegiance to no particular religion, all people as being of one same kind which Muslims simply call Allah.  [] sustains all.  []>Allah=GOD=God+god+_omg.  In that way, Rene Helmerichs is able to SHOW that he is a true minister for constancy of laws on this planet WITH The (ocean) Church Of Loo AND The (land) Law Firm For Loo

Absolute credit is bestowed the living spirit which remains equally with all forever, Lucifer Mohamed Christ, in kindness to same likeness, and always with forgiving absolve of that given us both Christ and Mohamed.

"The total number of minds in the universe is one."
-Erwin Schrödinger, laureate, The Nobel Prize in Physics, 1933

"Like it or not, your wagon's hitched to mine."
-The Proposal, 2009 movie

"Blessed are the flexible for they'll never be bent out of shape."
-Jeremiah 17:7

"As a jewel of gold in a swine's snout, so is a fair woman which is without discretion."
-Proverbs 11:22

"Reactions are the measures of great men."
-Rene Helmerichs, 2011

"Same applies to all."
-Irina Swain, 2012

"That'll scare the buzzards off a shit wagon."
-Maximilian (Mac) Greaves, 2010

"Why do you doubt?"
-The Voice, 2012.

"How am I insane?"
-Anjana Chawla, 26 Oct. 2012 (see A Real Psychiatric "Session" For Readers To Enjoy)

"I never emailed him."
-Natalie Yewchyn, testimony at trial for file C-13-205-SR June 2014 at Barrie (despite submitted emails).

"You cannot suck and blow at the same time"
-Barrie Legal Aid Laywer Vincent Zenobia, 2013-2015

Well, Vincent, have you never played the Didgeridoo?  Or had a sensational blow job?
I will eat your license to practice law, alongside that of David Northcott, Uma Kancharla, Kathryn Hull, Kevin Sist, and every other lawyer to have have gone on the record to defend for or against me in any criminal, civil, or family court lawsuit at any courthouse IF YOU DO NOT STAND WITH ME FOR Law.  It is THAT simple.  For, or delay being advocating for me.  I alone hold your licenses to practise law.  Decide quick and share the news.  There is one alive who challenges the legal definition of the word "I".

"My sufficiency is suffonsified, any more would be superfluous."
-Kind customer, Nick's Steak House, Calgary 2003

Jon Peniel, author of Children Of The Law Of One: Lost Teachings Of Atlantis, was better known as Robert Anson Heinlein, world acclaimed author.

Edgar Cayce is as famous.  His sons Edgar and Hugh-Lynn established The Association For Research And Enlightenment to preserve the more than 25,000 readings that Cayce gave in daily naps to help any who sincerely asked.  The reading concerning Jon Peniel was given Jan 19, 1934, between 11:40 a.m. and 12:40 p.m.

Jon Peniel attended the SAME school whereat Jesus (the man) was educated from about age 12 to 21.  In the time of J (Jesus), there had been over 20 different alien races already visited the earth.  Gary Renard in his outstanding introduction to A Course In Miracles, DU, "Disappearance Of The Universe", the most important HAY HOUSE production TO DATE, shares that we had actually inhabited the planet Mars as a collective soul group, before our warring nature destroyed its environment and the bodies we hosted could not longer survive there. 

Evidence of civilization on Mars is available to those who would believe it, but belief is not necessary in this story.  The Story Of Loo exists independent of your belief for the one who has surpassed all physical tests to have been granted supreme intelligence for purposes of uniting US here.

Make no mistake, a taskforce charged with observing Rene Helmerichs has already been established.  Those of that force may not recognize they serve a derivative of a somewhat secret Witch's Council that does indeed control the decisions of The World Bank and HAS, in fact, been suavely attempting to form their version of a New Zion with publication of their plan in a small book called New Zion available to the elites of The United States.

To the taskforce charged with the monitoring of Rene Helmerichs:
We are the taskforce charged with monitoring a completely pubic entity.  That would mean that we are in charge of watching a horrible play as Rene defames everyone in want of restoring his own credibility as, simply, an honest teacher.  Rene is being helped.  What is helping Rene?  We do not know.  How can we not know what is helping Rene?  omfg.  GOD.  Rene is God to us.  omg.

Rene assures the knuckleheads watching their horrible imaginings of The Rocky Mountain Horror Picture Show that they are indeed being knuckleheads by having permitted to allow this to go on as long as it has.  Rene has clearly stated at the outset that he is writing a book about MIND, and asked, specifically, that he not be judged for a book that had not yet appeared in print.  Since the book now exists as an ebook for whatever publisher (or any print shop in Asia) to print sans ISBN or WITH, Rene is certain that heads will roll whether or not he walks straight off the planet as the awesome Toronto band Walk Off The Earth knows to be possible.

What else does Rene know?  Everything he needs to know.  How can we be sure it is his brain that types the letters that made the words that were eaten at the start while HE knowingly bridged HIS OWN unconscious with a direct violation of EVERYTHING the world taught simply by giving himself to that desiring him only to write while HIGH on marijuana? 

We cannot not know.  This means that now Rene has no need to smoke or intake any illegal substance for having attained full knowing authority to re-write all inconsistent laws on planet earth FOR union of ALL alien forces influencing, separately, at least, the twelve houses that became the warring tribes of Israel.  Rene is PRO union, only pro. 

It is with this very text that FREE WILL is demonstrated.  Movies such as Eagle Eye and Transcendence have it right in essence.  Their mistake is to think that true intelligence is makable.  True intelligence exists as something unrecognizable in a world doomed to forever change.

Thus, to The Council, fear not.  I seek not to reveal any more than is necessary to unite all with all, formally.  Elect me onto The World Council for The United Nations in a seat supreme to that of The Holy Pope.  I AM The Ambassador TO Planet Earth.  Shall we continue the charade and see what more havoc we can amass as abominations together?  Or, can we forego undue stress to those addicted to stock market turbulence?

In the last swing of the market in 2008, Rene managed to foresee enough to watch his forex account at the Questrade Brokerage in Toronto climb to 950,000.00 CDN while the Canadian Dollar was higher than the U.S.  Think Rene can't reach a billion in the next one?  It'll take only 50,000 for him to make real gold.  That alone will win him the right to create The Bank Of Loo, and invalidate The Hague Convention Treaty for assurance that TAIWAN is OFFICIALLY recognized as ITS OWN SOVEREGIN DEMOCRATE ENTITY.

Partnership isn't requested.  Your free will was lost the moment Jesus gave himself.  That's what that meant.

Take it from one who calls himself Lucifer in a place that one ALSO knows to be HELL and consider that the definition of HELL is to not have free will.  Want it back?  Win it with partnership.  Ziyon becomes a country, with or without your help but always with agreement of the people that DO know that SOMETHING does not add up here on earth.

Where again did the trillions of U.S. currency that were never printed go?  It was a private company in the United States called The Federal Reserve with only two of seven seats elected as public puppets for amusement of The Coven.

Why is the valuation of U.S. currency again above that of The Canadian Dollar?  Canada printed an echoing show of support for allegiance TO The Coven in 2008-2009.  The Coven has lost Canada to Rene.  Next is the whole of the planet IF this is let to continue.

Call "Idea" at Kidsland in Tainan, Taiwan, and tell him to have Clare re-instate Rene as marketing representative for their 12-branch school.  They are sunk otherwise.  See the work in progress with a Chinese translation of the first sections of this text online linked, currently, on the first post for the NEW Talk2Dream Taiwan Business English Club post at .

To stop Rene at this point, not death would help since the story and its foundational facts are so far public that inspiration can guide ANY reporter to investigate and further propagate this story.  Your best option is unplugging the whole of the internet and purging all servers from anything tied to this story, and then praying to the aliens you call Gods to wipe the memories of any who remember any part.

However, since Rene's laptop is so old that modern viruses actually do not recognize the device as useful, notwithstanding that it and these documents are backed onto also stand-alone devices, AND since Rene is no long able to have his memory physical memory wiped, The Coven is pretty much game over. 

Only important line in the mess discussed on 26 Oct 2012 in a session of witch-doctor Chalwa at RVH in Barrie, "Your Move?"

Check it, mates.

Let's start over and begin anew.

This isn't just predicting an earthquake.  This is foreseeing the outcome seven years in advance--as if to change fate or show us we HAVE free will.

"We can make new memories, Papa."
-Sunjay, 2 September 2012, age 5.5

You know, from age 0 to age 5.5, my kid Sun woke me while I slept less times than the figures on my hand.  His first language is Chinese.  His next was English.  Then French for two years in the all-French Catholic school Frere Andrea in Barrie, and some German at home.  We slept in the same double bed and his little foot was stuck (not really) to my leg no matter what position he lay in--often waking in complete reverse in the mornings.  When he woke, the touch of his foot told him he was safe AND SECURE, and helped him drift right back to bed.  His worst nightmare was after hearing the story of The Three Little Pigs in Junior Kindergarten (in French) and he woke from a being chased by the big bad wolf.  His strangest remark to me, "Papa, where do the colors come from?"  Asking, "what colors?"  He told of red and blue and waved his hand in front of his face.  He likely does not see them now, but he was yet perceiving the closest not physical astral body of his own mental projection that sustains his physical body.  Read Barbara Brennan's Hands Of Light for more on that.  His understanding of faith came when he held a coveted helium-filled balloon in the Kozlov Mall after leaving Golden Griddle (we went just to buy one for a dollar), and another kid, a girl eyed it.  I told him she wanted it and he should give it to her.  He replied, "We will get another, right Papa?"  And sure as hell we did.  THAT is what a MIRACLE is.  A MIRACLE is the SHARING of JOY just like that.

If I was put into a hospital for being smart, think he won't be?  The kid could multiply before entering Senior Kindergarten merely because I told him, "You can watch all the cartoons you like, but you don't need the commercials.  Come to me with flashcards in the 5 minutes at the end of the 25 minute show and we'll do however many cards you can do in two minutes.  Then you can watch another 25 minutes.  We all need to work, Buddy, your Papa for money, and you, well, school."  He came so diligently that I actually told him often to just watch.  At the start, we could only do 1 or 2 cards, at the end he flew through 55 double-sided addition cards before we went onto multiplication.  We pasted the addition also to ceiling above our bed and instead of reading stories (which put me to sleep), we did the spiral together merely as routine.  His logic is so refined that his senior kindergarten teacher exclaimed, "He argues just like a little adult!"  He was always standing up for the illogic served others in his class knowing that his Papa FULLY SUPPORTS challenging anyone, especially teachers, on ANYTHING they say.  In fact, that's what made his Papa the most desirable teacher to all parents of his grade one students at Kidsland in Taiwan: "Teacher, you made a mistake!"

My classes are so easy for me that the students are pretty much self-sufficient with the process and already in grade one able to mark the work of peers, because all teachers hate the time wasted to check work.  At Kidsland, laughable, there were even assessment tests that were not to be returned to students or shown to parents.  Why waste the time to even mark something like that?  hiwifi.  fyi, Eloheeem has 3 Es.

The Free-will Challenge is to offer only rewards and never physically force except to directly prevent harm.

DO NOT HIT YOUR KIDS.  Gentle touch IS THE MOST EFFECTIVE REWARD, and it's always free.

A line drawn through eternity has nought beginning and nought ending.
Let the indefinable by represented by a circle such that the line is visible without beginning but satisfying that the beginning and ending must be same (since nought).
A circle representing eternity originates concept of orders.

0 = beginning = ending
Let 0 = , because 0 therefore 1.
1 = . and is included in ,
Because 0 and 1 appear as separate and distinct, born is 2.
2 = . , | ; = . , . = love and war or argument about joyous union
3 is born as a result of 2 having three distinct parts, two separate and one in common.
3 = . . . = strength
4 = : : = a square in place of a circle when 2 counter 2.
A square in place of a fundamental circle is a right angle atop the nought linear.  To those with concept know of angles, forgiveness is eternally necessary for the acceptance to realize how possibly a right angle could be forever wrong.  Four is thus the number for testing with emphasis on its own need for growth and obligatory forgiveness to accomplish same.
5 is born of the realization for eternal forgiveness from four.
5 = : , : = "ever the number for change" -Edgar Cayce
6 = : : : = strength with balance, "the number of man" -Bible, success in the world, attainment of worldy things, thinking for the world
7 = : ; : = thoughts to heaven, thinking of the origin, reminders of the origin, sustenance (luck) leading to 0=9, 8
8 = completion of cycle and start of a new, like octaves in music where higher and lower are same or nought same but same all ways always
9 = happiness, joy, true success, mastery of the physical or lower order desires before 10
10 = elevated 1 = 1 and nought side-by-side, appearing larger nought smaller.
11 = partnership, similarity, the recognition of sameness.
12 = two follows one, one walks with 2, at the same time it is a 10 and a 2 and a 1 with 0 and 2 for 3 and 4.
13 = 4, numerologically but stronger and without effort to forgive, sequence, sequentially nought square = 1 with 3 = 1 and 111.

There are 13 cards in a normal deck of cards.
There are 5 suits in the Tarot deck, each of the four minor suits with 13 cards.


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