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#talk2dream_To: Google about Android

Your android is nice.  Is there a way to make the key board flippable apart from the phone and supra to any post-install cmds?  Be just nice.
Problem with blogger app... can't see text when typing in the vertical edit-draft mode.
Just endless complaints (I.e. suggestions for obvious fixes) to come, failing partnership.
the mouse-keypad is nice... for swipe function... but not best by your design.  Technical flaws including omitting the creation of the 'crtl v' talk2dream.com_common prompt because all ACIM Graduates understand if users understood how marketing ideas worked, they would remember that need was for the quick access to ctrl_x/copy-and-paste.  So, if we were like, REAL partners, we'd have that intrinsic willingness to cross-support the sort of Sustainability stuff Nestle in Switzerland does at #HENRi.  There's an Android complaint in there.
hey Google, ok, this might become MCD (one rec therapist named Joe's term from "multifaceted, complex and difficult."
Your Android keyboard layout is inferior to Hua Wei's Swipe but has technical advantages if you can work this one out: (that's to a screen shot which I'll need to activate when next I'm at an outdated and workplace-only related tool called a desktop, to be able to cause to directly link because the included Android app on a phone less than 6 months old does auto-link http references?)--
#goo.11 recently discovered than equipment exists to permit users to first be able to plug a USB storage device into some smartphones, and that the plug for the device isn't yet universal for tablet and miniPad devices, general globalization states there should be a common device that let's individuals plug an external CD or dual headphone or USB-branching power-bank-equally-useful device on the market, can you invent one please or partner with us to do it?
awesome would be if I could plug in the sub-necessary (which the Hua Wei Swipe keypad predicts--not yet the whole phrase) recommendation to tag #talk2dream suggestions as desirably (how do you spell that word??) predictive... to just... have all documents accessible on a USB physical plug in adapter (sp?) synchronized in real-time--to have all accessible .txt-like documents to show up at the touch of a "files" button on any Android device?
Problem uploading:
"tags" did not permit semicolon$; now user-warning as to cause of "error" message wanting to "save"?
#Goo.14I can't see where I'm typing on the edit feature for this blog right now, keyboard covering it?
Need a "remove devices shut-all" button given USB adapters for smartphones.


  1. #Goo.6 link test before changing file name and location (gee it'd sure be nice if this was just made auto-clickable, followable.)
    be nice of the first assigned link were sticky just as the first blog post title is sticky to any renamings of the title. Be super if the same file could also be editable while retaining the same link, but a collection bin of live links can just be made as a single blog/webpage, so the only issue is really #Goo.6, potentially.

    1. #Goo.6.2. New link:

      #Goo.7 be nice if Goo.6 also allowed pointer default to current #filename but that defeats the purpose for need of encryption there. Is it not possible to encrypt only the access TO the contents, and all that follows, on your end and keep a fixed display name on that of the users? It would serve the linking community honestly better because it's intuitive that way.

  2. #Goo.8 problem with the gmail Android app in "edit draft" mode, need to click on main message box before typing, but then when turning the phone horizontal, click first to get rid of keyboard, click again in message box, then wait for keyboard. That's just annoying.

    #Goo.9 can't see text while typing in hangouts horizontal, possibly other apps if memory serves. Isn't bad, but could be common. Is nice to see words as they are typed though.


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