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20180109 Facebook post--preference is given for Google.

Facebook--may I have access to my Anon "common voice" account?  Why just disable me from the time I dedicated to actually globally beneficial harm-to-none posts?  Could have just asked me to add a real contact, which I did by responding to messages but that's besides the point.

Weird day at work today.

Hi Sherman, Teacher Stacy (my utmost respect),

Teacher Sherman, we've never met but you've definitely had my respect since we informally met on 25 (26?) May 2017 when I gave a demo to future ESL grade 1 parents.

So, let me tell you about my day and how I handled it, so that you can judge whether or not we would have handled it the same way, respectfully speaking.

At least three of my grade 5 ESL students cried today after I told them they wouldn't do the benchmark assessment (yet another exam which is sadly not shared with parents--if my 10-year-old were in my class, I'd at least want him to show my where he got a "SUPER!" for creative work or anything else, because I want to just remember positive highlights of my kid in 10 or more years when I've forgotten everything else!).

I spoke with Stacy so long after class that I missed my 7:22 train (it takes me 8 minutes to cycle to the train station, picking up whatever discount beers at the 7/11 to have on the way home).  Students know the unwritten rule: you will incur the teacher's wrath if you do anything today to make the teacher miss his train.  Unfortunately, I believe in the school, and the school's only English motto, from the real boss himself, on 26 Dec 2017, after an impromptu from 11 until I was done ranting about our motto with a couple managers.

Sherman, I sincerely tried my best to get out of that room when you were trying to talk to Denise.  Somehow, I dropped half a pack of cards from a bag.  After I picked them up, and now very self-conscious about even being able to over-hear you conversation, I dropped some of the 16 large paperclips Teacher Stacy (respect) had just handed me.  If that wasn't enough, I then couldn't hold all the stuff again and still dropped some, before grudging having to admit that I would still need to enter the kitchen to get straws (which the didn't have and then forgot to grab from the 1st floor... so we'll agree that memory inherently is a drag and recent notes are best by which to jog memory in 10 years).

The jist of your convo with D was one I've had.  I'd like to tell you just to step above her, but she did mention today (in that break-arms Paul-freak-accident sort of Feng-shi way) that she wanted back into the trusting "together" circle.

So, here's the motto: together.

Sherman, I don't know you, you don't know me, but I'm telling you about me so that you can judge for yourself.  I'm trying to write a book designed to win The Nobel Peace Prize (pretty sure you've heard of it... it's global.).  I'll also be the first to tell you that I claim to understand no one and nothing, and that makes me, by all accounts, technically crazy since I'd be (admittedly am) living in a psychosis wherein I believe I can do exceptional things OR, I'm simply not confused.

Guess you've been digitally pinged "Honest", and that's a comment only the Cisco team putting forward the Problem-solver 2018 challenge would understand.  Background: that's a contest Teacher Stacy (UTMOST respect!), as my point-of-contact for all-things-work, gave me express permission that I COULD enter with my grade 5 class... if they were eligible.  Turns out you have to be 18+ and in a post-high school degree (like a university bachelor), so I've gotten leave from the school to get that done someplace else tomorrow.  BUT, the spirit is the key.

Not sure if you were mentioning that recently new Rebecca girl... in talking to Denise, and don't really care.  I bring here up because this'll be read and heard, and I'm will to publicly say that a young girl wearing a strikingly blue dress with a Christian cross around her neck who curses with the f-word three times on the day where she's sent to my class for me to test her is a definite candidate.  However, as should be, the choice for placement is left to freewill.

Was it an accident that I passed you on the stairs to the 2nd floor office the day she told you she thought I was "off"?  Or that there was something "weird" about me?

Sherman, laughably, welcome to honesty.  The honest have NOTHING to hide, and the school you've devoted so much of your time to, is easily the single most honest workplace I have ever worked at in my life.  While that school and I are together, because all honesty is able to work together for always, by law of the eternal whatever Rebecca would call it, I will sell just that single motto on Facebook publicly.

Now, I have Stacy a heads-up that I'd send an email and she doesn't need to bother with it until tomorrow work time.  I've told Stacy lots of things.  She's been awesome.  She even managed to (what should be) permanently fix a problem Denise and Stacy's manager had expressed, after I not-so-subtly insisted that it really did exist by continuing to use Denise's computer with open employee contracts and email accounts and such.

Sherman, in my culture the school might be a bit slow in the get-what's-needed-done side, but by God they're damn honest.  And I love that.  And all is good.

Keep up with voicing that think mental cloud I was trying my damnest to walk out of as fast as I could (Stacy, I feel that stuff and it bugs me as much as the person trying to fix it, so we end up working together... like we are.).

Talk to Stacy if you feel you're not getting through.  She listens.



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