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20180121.3 hoping the verdict is for a "together" concept of sustainability... email to Clare

@ Clare, the call just now with your 'No!' for an English translation of what you just said to Lindsay, that's a time-waste.  Think Lindsay won't tell me?


You are telling me I'm mentally ill.  But, guess what, I read there book too.  It's the Diagnostic And Statistics Manual -xxx .  Guess what?  Would you know it... in the chapter that says that Rene is behaving just like a schizophrenic... there is this thing called "cultural exception"?  I'm not from Taiwan.  I've never claimed to know your "culture".  I am... unique.  (Watch the movie iRobot to understand).

Clare, we're really good if you would just stop fucking worrying.  I'm taking tomorrow off not for me but for you!  You need time to come to terms with the fact that I've been trying to tell Stacy that YOU (or our school) should be the one to tell parents that I was in jail.  It's only... respect.  You think I'm mentally ill for trying to teach you basic respect?  I'll have YOU legally ordered into a mental ward if we continue to argue about honesty.

So here's the problem:
none of us remember before we were born, but all of us are chasing some sort of "eternal life".  You, Clare, told me you are a "Perfectionist".  All I do is say things back to people to confirm that I've heard them.  Do you think your definition for perfection is the same as mine, if I know I'm dreaming up a world that's always changing?

How much worry do you think I have?

Serious, have a conference call with Tim and Deb and see where we're at together.

Grandpin Lin's only single word to me on 26 Dec 2017, the day I reassured your stewards Stacy and Denise, was, "Together".

Only together can we succeed to end all world wars on our planet.

And if you think I share your worries, let me tell you know that I know I'll be able to eat you whole in court.  I have this legally every way.  You, technically, have only the worries you make.  The rest is our plan for "together", in which every single person alive, plus everything else, technically has an "equal" say under One God.

Good night.

Don't call Lindsay EVER again.  She's out of our argument.  I take FULL responsibility.  I've only really been trying to tell you that simple statement.


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