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The Ego is not

Understand The ACIM Ego:
God, life, Mind, us, and reality.

10 June 2018

Riding on the back of a scooter to the Gangshan, Taiwan, train station, my wife asks, "Do you have money to buy a ticket?" 

"Yup."  I answered.  

The question was odd.  I rarely buy tickets with cash and usually always have at least that much in cash on me.  Yet, something prompted her to ask.  It could have been the night before, when we stopped at a tea stand and I realized I'd left my cash at home.  However, the one certainty we have is that she was worried about me.  Worry comes from a place that is not aware of everything.  Therefore, her ACIM ego asked the question and it did so for selfless reasons.

ACIM is the book A Course In Miracles.

We arrived at 7:43 am.  I couldn't believe my eyes.  I'd catch the 7:53 express.  I pecked my wife and waved from the stairs.  I walked to the gate.  I looked back; my wife was waiting.  I love her.  Beep.  "Oh, my card is out."  I look at my wife still watching, smiled, and walked to the ticket counter.

"One to Tainan", I said in Chinese.
"44(?)" came a questioning reply.
"No." I said in English.
"37." Came the reply in Chinese.
"No", now understanding that "44" wasn't the time of a local train.
"44." Came the reply, again.  

I passed a red 100 and was passed change with a ticket.  At least I had a reserved seat.  The current exchange rate is about 25 per Canadian dollar and 30 for a USD.

I waved at my wife.  She left as I walked through the gate.  My ticket never checked, at either end.

I want to write this down, to remember it.  People may wonder.  This is a typical example of my life right now.  Like so many others, I live moment to moment.  The difference is my faith.  I believe that God exists equally for each of us, and that we all share the same one mind, which something we call God, or Allah, made.  We can learn to "channel" that, but it's not really anything different than just being the same person we've always been, except a lot more calm and definitely truly secure.

That one mind became inherently confused when it thought a thought not possible, specifically, questioning the concept we call "not".  The mind does not understand the word "not".  It simply cannot.  And so, it denies that "not" is possible.  That was the start.  We call it "the big bang". 

It seems possible that the universe originated from one thing, but it didn't.  It originated from what we correctly call nothing.  It was not a thing.  Newton was incorrect when he asserted that energy cannot be created or destroyed but only changes form.  The constancy of eternity is dynamically changing with exponential increase like the resonance of the wind over "London Bridge" that caused it to rock and break... 13 times I read somewhere once.

Not a thing is not bound by the rules of time and space.  In fact, "not a thing" exists equally with each for all eternity.  It is "the seat of life".  It is our innate ability to reason.  It is that originating the idea that the logical dichotomy must have originated from one same concept and which must find absolve of its logical-illogical confusion once that one origin is again accepted as "not understandable but dynamically changing, fluidly present, and the wholesome spirit forever seeking to restore relationships with equal respect to all."

I'll admit, I was confused for a long time.  It started as early as age 12, when I asked my dad how to go about getting a girlfriend.  His response, "Just be yourself", had me count-question myself for years, "Who am I?"  Apparently I'm not the only person to have ever wondered that.

I found the book A Course In Miracles through Gary Renard's Disappearance Of The Universe.  That book followed Jon Peniel's Children Of The Law Of One: The Lost Teachings Of Atlantis.  Peniel isn't his real name.  I suspect he was the author of Stranger In A Strange Land, which also mentioned the school Jesus was said to have attended.  At the very least, all three books helped me understand what Jesus really must have been like because what people are still saying about him, sometimes, makes him sound not human.

The Ego.

First, mind.

Consider mind to be like an ice cream cone with a lot of scoops of ice cream on top.  Then squish the top down so that it makes a perfectly gently curved top like a ball with the point of the cone at the center.  Our bodies exist at the point.  The cone part is our self identification.  The ice cream part is everything we think we know, and the limit, the gentle curve that makes the whole of it look like ball, that's the law. 

The law is a rule.  A rule is a line.  A line is limit.  Rules must be consistent to work.  Consistency must same-apply.  Constancy has not limits. 

Our minds have memory.  Memory is a function of mind.  The idea that memory only works for past events is like looking at the cone of an ice cream and calling it ice cream.  To remember the future is different that remembering the past, because the future and past are different.  But memory is able to do both.  The future is not remembered, it is re-membered.  Sight is required to re-member events. 

Remember, things only work when they work together, so too, is all possible so long as no wish conflicts with any other.  In that way, we actually all exist on the same imaginary mental sphere like psychopaths re-writing each other's futures with simply a more consistent set of rules.  We are, in effect, all merely becoming more honest.

We are non-human entities having a human experience.  Shortening that experience of any of us does none of us any good since, ultimately, we are the same non-human entity.  Any limit on our self is a construct of an unconscious culture group that exists as its own greater ego, or "higher self".  All wholesome intents are united with the same one essence, being of just one eternal kind.

In that respect, "love the lord, thy GOD, as thy self" should rightly read "know that you have self-respect when you treat others with respect, and beware the fool that offers you his mind with disrespect to you not because you need to punish, but because you've found a silent servant." 

We hijack each other's realities in every relative sphere playing the game of pretending to be what we were never, but imagining it to be possible.

Real life continued at


Rene Helmerichs

10 June 2018

my wife just arrived.  About half is spell-checked.  sry


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