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Canada tortures terrorist teacher

college teacher suspected of making bombs was arrested under false pretenses 3 Sept 2012.  

Police alleged he contacted Mormons without Mormon consent (but its ok when Jehovahs come door-knocking).

He wasn't given a trial.  

Police passed him to psychiatrists at Royal Victoria Hospital in Barrie where he was subsequently held for questioning... for two months.  He was repeatedly forcibly injected on presumption of criminal guilt, before managing to have Doctor Anjana Chawla bribe him with full restoration of his right to refuse their treatments in exchange for not mentioning her name in this story about their crimes.

When the mad professor returned to police, he was re-arrested for the same crime on 2 March 2013.

Police used the same information as before for the indictable charge of offending the City Of Barrie Mormon Community Of Christ.  That directly violates Canada's Charter Of Rights a second time.

Lawyers, prosecutors, and other employees for The Ministry Of The Attorney General for Ontario tried to declare the teacher unfit to self-represent, or even receive a trial.  The thought that the teacher could actually be innocent never seemed to enter anyone's mind.  

The judge for Barrie courthouse case file C-13-205-SR heard the Mormon treasurer openly commit perjury in her June 2014 testimony.  Emails demonstrating the Mormons to be committing perjury were submitted at trial.  A few are copied into the Appendix of the book at  

The judge, Gregory Milligan, directly refused to permit the mad teacher to submit a 4 Sept 2012 City Of Barrie police report authored by a detective Brian Read.  The report states the 3 Sept arrest, as well as terrorist suspicion.  It also infers mental illness, which Rene Helmerichs still contests given this same story is now coming round full circle to demonstrate the earlier written intention of it all being "Mind demonstrated for science."

Lack of permitting a mental health defense and openly permitting Mormons to commit perjury are strikes 3 and 4 against The Charter Of Rights And Freedoms.  The Charter clearly does not exist in court at Barrie since Mr. Helmerichs did attempt to put forward several legal Charter applications from solitary confinement, where he was kept for almost three years.

The book called The Choice (linked above) contains the original 2 March 2013 police statements of Mormon minister Matthew Swain and treasurer Natalie (Yewchyn) Kelloway (now at and no longer with the Mormon sect?).  Also find a copy of the 4 Sept 2012 perjurious Barrie police report.

Also included in the book, find the court transcript for C-14-6966 from 3 July 2015.  The teacher did himself a favor and returned for a third round against the ill-care psychotic profession of psychiatrists to hear Doctor James Karagianis testify on the record, as a court-designated "expert for the field of psychiatry", that patients should NOT be permitted to have ANY statements given for the purpose of ANY mental health exam (which are currently used to arbitrarily detain, and forcibly inject, Canadian healthcare clients on presumption of criminal guilt) because Mr. Karagianis is afraid to see his own statements on the internet.

The disgraced court seemed to overlook the fact that the question was for a new precedent for all psychiatric patients, and not to pad the ego of a childish doctor who desired to hide the fact that forcibly injecting clients of Canada's tax-payer-funded ill-care system cannot heal a mind that is confused about not having received a trial before being presumed guilty in a country that propagandizes fairness and equality.

Mr. Helmerichs thanks the Mormons whole-heartedly for their loving support and does publicly advise all churches to re-read the tithing principles of Deuteronomy 14:22-27.  Nowhere does it say to give money to anyone in the name of God or Christ.  The directive was to spend your money on what you want.  If churches guilt-trip the public to support their pontzi-schemes in any name for one higher being, then be ye herewith forewarned that our brutish Mormons did legally entitle madman Rene Helmerichs to pursue possession of the entire church structure, no matter how big anyone may imagine that to be.  
Time will simply tell.  The story is just getting started.  

One should wonder why this all has not yet made the news.

Have you heard what's happening in Taiwan, China, now for our sequel?

Rene Helmerichs
9 Aug 2018


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This story starts small but gets bigger.  It relates to everyone, everywhere.


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The Mormon Community Of Christ gave false testimony under oath for C-13-205-SR at Barrie, Canada, in June 2014 to start this story.  Corrupt officers of the Barrie police most recently went looking to arrest Rene in March of 2018.  Since the courthouse at Barrie is crooked, we must make a united public stand for global honesty.  
Rene will continue this campaign in Chinese at until this nonsense is sufficiently brought to public light.  Natalie Yewchyn Kelloway, currently of, and Matthew Swain are the true criminals to be arrested.  Then negotiations can properly begin.  See the full Story Of Loo with details of perjury for any reporter to investigate in the section "A testament to real life in Canada" at
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