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20180810 petition email

Foot into cast:

Evidently this needed to happen.

We carry two perspectives with us, at all times: one is all encompassing; the other remains completely obtuse.  Yet to consider any as obtuse is actually to state the very same of that all encompassing.

There is simply no need for accidents.

Mr. Donald Trump, with all due respect, Taiwan can legally pursue separation.  The choice is not yours to make.  You can think it is, but that thought'll only drive you logically insane.

There are simply no accidents.  An accident is directly the result of two conflicting thought systems that have yet unresolved their differing qualities.  Not the all encompassing; not exists for all as the single idea forever without definition.  The argument is for the other, of which there can be only one but of which there is actually none.

This is fully explained in the outstanding text of A Course In Miracles, and further demonstrated as a living effect--a natural outcome, if you will (for free will?)--as:

There is simply no such thing as an accident, and we are free to believe that we exist as bodies, or hole-riddled ghosts in any eternal state that is not also present NOW, as long as we choose.

I, for one, do not care about the past except how I can use it most expeditiously to gain the funds to build a school to certify global teachers for that new book A Course In Miracles.  I expect Canada will happily provide the nominal amount earlier suggested, to cover the start-up cost of a new city-state in Western Canada the likes of which The Vatican is to the world (except, ultimately, more authoritative being for the actual truly shared common sentience and not whatever Roman is trying to sell mis-declaring the origin of our wholey spirit as a virgin pussy and all).

My next letter will be to The Law Society Of Upper Canada to see what they have to PUBLICLY say regarding a case with which they should be damn well familiar at this point: C-13-205-SR at Barrie, and the Mormon witnesses that judge Gregory Mulligan allowed to commit perjury.

Rene Helmerichs

10 Aug 2018

(with my foot in a needless but useful cast)




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This story starts small but gets bigger.  It relates to everyone, everywhere.


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