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Application To NESTLE's HENRi Partnership Proposals Programme

Disclaimer: ideas are presented in the more intuitive mono-logic manner to ensure public market-helping bi-logic consistency.

We're both real people, dreaming about a world both sustainable and without need of worry for basic necessities--and certainly without slavery of any kind although honestly we both really rarely even think to mention that part, I should hope.
This is our Talk To Dream (
We agree that as readers of text for the represented ideas, that we eternally self-assure ourselves of free-will expression, and do not doubt that electronic personalities may be same-assured (years down the road) in the very same way of the very same absolutely common idea.
The application is to Nestle, a global (191 countries currently) prospect whereby Talk To Dream may receive a standard 50,000 USD to market-test the partnering idea, for established projection-likely-outcome track.
Talk To Dream desires to retain intellectual property Rights to ideas to the extent of partnership, but also to the principal moral-argument of the idea to ensure responsibility: it is fundamentally illegal to restrict the ability to communicate unless with an agreed partnership about a time-duration.  (This is the subtle eternal law that most everyone is actively arguing about in every possible esxpression [typo] of ways.)
NESTLE has identified desire to partner in a general/global/one-world form to fulfill common needs, or the following needs that we can meet in an off-grid global-school farming community
 (where students also learn to farm, sew--hem seam, mutual respect, manual labor as homework-self-connection time, while duly learning about all technological features since wifi would still be available in the classroom, the students have simply agreed to exchange it for care for the planet, and honest partnership.  It would naturally be the one place everyone would try to contact if all technology crashes because it could serve as the hub for communicating universally.  Oh, the bible also says we used to work in partnership with aliens, and that they left flaky white stuff on the ground when they helped us through the Atlantis Exodus, by parting the shallower waters for us to move on out through...):
*commitment to the highest degree of sustainability
^* incorporation of ever-lasting additions to any current project according to the specifications desired.
^*School For The Students (of also global A Course In Miracles to be Teachers of Teachers.
^*global outreach

SKETCH OF PROPOSED PARTNERSHIP POTENTIAL: offers the following solution:
We admire that you are trying to preserve history.  We too have been picking up the pieces of our common past.  We know there have been floods, huge ones seemingly sinking actually breaking-up continents (stories of Lemuria--currently Japan--and Atlantis, see Edgar Cayce, ISBN-13: 978-0446351027, for history).  The neat part is a coincidence.  Susan Michaels in her red-cover Sightings book (ISBN-13: 978-0684836300) talks about a "cloud-like" UFO that the U.S. government couldn't identify in about 5 minutes of multiple air traffic control military conversations, probably before all that sort of stuff was classified top.  The tie is the mana, the Ambrose, the "gift from the 'gods' during the walk of millions, to feed them during the walk of The Exodus, and the last few verses in Exodus.
Exodus 40:34-38:
40:34 Then a cloud covered the tent of the
congregation, and the glory of the LORD filled
the tabernacle. 40:35 And Moses was not able to
enter into the tent of the congregation, because
the cloud abode thereon, and the glory of the
LORD filled the tabernacle. 40:36 And when the
cloud was taken up from over the tabernacle,
the children of Israel went onward in all their
journeys: 40:37 But if the cloud were not taken
up, then they journeyed not till the day that it
was taken up. 40:38 For the cloud of the LORD
was upon the tabernacle by day, and fire was on
it by night, in the sight of all the house of Israel,
throughout all their journeys.
Exodus 40:34-38 directly references a craft with navigational capability and directional control able to manipulate the gravitational attraction of water molecules, in a way we're only currently discovering in our explorations into the effects of sound (and sound-resonance theory--  That explains our past in a nutshell much more accurately than modern governments.
A global food giant should concentrate on making those bland flaky white dissolves (written about in the Bibble) for drinks that anyone wanting to lose any weight can just turn to and drink at the rate the stomach wants filling.  Could even adjust dilution, and it should be mostly water.  We're happy to co-market any related spin-off idea, in fact, that was how we'd even found your HENRi:
(Catchy Intro?):
Real-life product marketing (from an average middle-age guy 20-30 kg over his ideal weight and looking to lose it as quick as possible without a gym membership in daily life):
The cross-marketing partnership could extend to a 5mm by 5mm golden-book label to add onto packages for products mutually supporting the idea to nominate the story at for the Nobel Peace Prize.

We cannot stop something from expressing itself, for that would oppose its free will, but we CAN and MUST work together to ensure each other that none of the projecting ideas conflict with any other... that same sort of internal consistency that governs the court defined common law (#onelaw).  This same-applied law of that governing constructs for consistency cross-applies to cultures within workplaces.  One cannot work at a workplace one feels is morally not inline with one's own innate moral understanding that things, simply must make sense.  This means, if one is marketing a book for global world peace with-harm-to-none while co-marketing the need for an established base of teachers (for countries wanting to hire True Teachers, #CLO.TT) of teachers of things like the most modern uses into which technology can develop (and should in time) as well as psychological and business truths, the only reason not to venture into a clean honest partnership with said entity is the worry of 'Why not?', which can only be resolved with questions TO the applicant of a book seeking to encompass more than the current living individuals on the whole of our globe.

1. Formally register as a charitable church (if not already accomplished in the meantime).
2. Hire more staff.
3. Buy the June 2012 court transcript of the testimony of Ms. Natalie Yewchyn from the courthouse in Barrie (about 1000USD?)
4. Write or Edit the petition to The Governor General Of Canada about the practice of law in Canada--see
5. Advertise with a grandiose public press call in Taipei: the grand World Wide official opening of (will link to the petition to The GG of Canada) for the funds to build the school to teach the teachers to help Nestle accomplish the eventual government cry for educated farmers, or teachers for them in their home countries when those governments finally clue in that that's actually their responsibility to meet.  This would include teachers of technology, for the new partnership proposal that this requested "Notice Of Proposal Update" be passed alone from NESTLE HENRi contact Guy Kellaway ("SPREADING NUTRITION KNOWLEDGE & EMPOWERING BETTER HEALTH") to the first Dionys Forster ("NURTURING THE NEXT GENERATION OF FARMERS").

For NESTLE posts see:
and current at
for NESTLE posting details or Google?

See Jon Peniel's Children Of The Law Of One: The Lost Teachings Of Atlantis for more of the past that the brick-and-mortar building markets for The School For The Students (of also will be actively expecting the Canadian Government support for the public appreciation of demonstrating how a-legal-system-in-practice like theirs is exactly the reason we remember Babylon as a tower of Babble.

THE PROPOSAL IS TO BUILD A SCHOOL THAT ALSO TEACHES FARMING, to anyone globally.  The only thing for the #talk2dream community at  (The DNS should point to a public petition to the Gov. General of Canada, for added global-marketing stir, translated also into Asian for the market from which #talk2dream currently derives its platform--next chance).


  1. Update (20171128) Of Application


    We are in an unparallel time, with the rapid globalization of the smallest startup through linking charities to become the next titans of cyber communicating at zettabytes per... all linking to become a smaller (more tight knit?) place, of that we must be sure.

    The oddity is in that bracket. The bracket presents the precise antonym thought as an option for the clearly (we should hope!) better one. It was inserted for this personal email only. There is no pun intended for need for even considering there to be a negative counterpart, because, you see, the "linking" idea IS eternal. And it will never be able to be fully described for all the life from which and to which that single idea extends: therein are the two parts of normal logic (true and false) revealed to exist in one larger field, which science has been suspecting, questioning, but which few have been able to accurately describe.

    Gentlemen, unfortunately, this writer may have drawn the shortest straw. That's a grandiose statement, we'll need to agree, in the end. Please carefully consider that this same writer began the formal process of registering Talk To Dream as an Educational Charity with the Canadian Charities Directorate post marked 5 May 2012; confirmed received. Unfortunately, this writer could not limit the idea of A Course In Miracles ( in the 1960s by a team of outstanding, what would today be, the formal teachers and professors of those whom we now call psychiatrists.

    The ideas this writer can generate for things, including sustainability could be unparalleled, especially accomplishing the goal of building a LINKING SCHOOL for the governments from which to be able to draw, in a long, long, long time, globally certified teachers for country-education systems, if you can believe the reach.

    And, this writer... just may have the inspiration for which Nestlie HENRi has been soliciting, but is unable to give you because there have not been questions. For this reason alone, has this first Update Of Application Notice been offered to advize that the current idea cannot be considered "in use", and the team standing by to expand upon any of the (soon to be) list of corporation "upgrades" that could be shared at cannot be considered ready, until questions for reason for desire of partnership with the awesome-appearing team at Nestle satisfied to remove the word "appearing", and perhaps consider formally supporting the soon-to-be-available-in-Chinese start to the story at:


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