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Letter To Pope Francis

Hello Good Sir,

I had the quite accidental pleasure of speaking with Luigino (Gino), of The Sacred Heart church in Tainan, Taiwan (R. O. China).  He had encouraged me to connect to--in fact, the oddity of his encouragement still strikes me.

Mr. Francis, Pope, how does one even address you in a same-spirited, equal-hearted, One God manner?

The discussion with (This writer is even-not-sure of the proper title for Gino who simply introduced himself as Gino, from Italy, in a friendly all-loving manner.) Gino began normally.  The intention had not been to find a Catholic Church.  The intention had been, on the unusual detour from a normal route to work, to inquire whether the small Tainan church would be willing to help and/or partner with a fellow upstart Christian Church.

Well, tbh (to be honest :), (trying to add politeness to what can only seriously be consider the most absurd message you will have ever received)...

Mr. Pope, Rene Helmerichs began an undertaking for The Church.  The Church is one in God's Eyes.  Surely to this we must and will forever agree.  We are joined there.  And will forever be, friend.

But in this case, the limit of Gino was to simply, and bluntly *the honest like it blunt, to state that the territory of The Church exceeded that of the Government, so why should a startup linking-church-community charity try to convince The Church into partnering with The Government?

Dear Francis, your picture on the cover of Time was comical, to one in jail for The Church, at the honest time of its publication (sometime between 2012 and 2015).  But the memory surfaces.  You are wise in matters of Government.

Perhaps you are aware that one major player has only 2 of 7 (or was it 9?) seats on the private corporation that manages the printing of money for that government, AND manages the direct repercussions of inflation rates (which it determines) to engineer such things as Great Depressions.  The Bible does not lie when it speaks of, principally, only two sides, and one that encompasses the two: The Church.

The Church technically has no control whatsoever over the printing of money that even a Government can no longer hope to retain control of, because there exists a World Bank determining which government to bail out, and not a formal One World Government Partnership.

Mr. Luigi may have been right to contact you directly.

There is so much more.

The results of this chaos currently allow medical professionals more sway in the courtrooms, and offer the opinions of a single individual to right to lock anyone up on engineered rumor of harm to self or others.

Dear Pope,

This message is entirely sincere.  This story is over 5 years in the making.  It is present tense, REAL TIME.  The way ONE GOOD GOOD GOD should operate, being the only true eternal God.  Do not doubt what one can accomplish with partnership TO OUR ONE GOD.

Start at  In time this should become a petition, from the startup linking-charity-church/school ideas already blogged... for The School For Students, for which Talk To Dream formally began 5 May 2012 when it was submitted to the Canadian Charities Directorate, and subsequently considered too broad in scoop for their possible approval.  Let us redefine the world with a Catholic Muslim Christian (#CMC) Church.

Nov. 17, 2018.



  1. Intent confirmed:

    GOD is the keeper of The Church. So many words [#OneGod] has, but none can ever define GOD. We can therefore just as easily say "God is a Girl", because God comes first and we come after:


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