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Please Tell My WHY: I am sincerely asking Thee, my Lord.

Seriously, please tell me why:

I meant to catch the 10:33 train, so that I could be at work the usual hour-or-more early each day.
Instead I found myself in a rush.
I was in a rush to gather my things.
And went to think when I found my train pass missing.
I'd just put 2000 nT onto it yesterday.  It still had at least 1000 nT on it...
So I can't find it.
Instead, I have to finally ask myself why I lost 3000 nT this morning.
My new wife told me her second oldest uncle died last night.
She keeps calling him LOUD.
The thought crossed my mind that we had to pay some weird karmic debt like the idea of putting gold coins on the recently deceased during and for their burial, as passage payment to the Grim Reaper in the second remort in the game at, but then I thought that'd REALLY be silly...
So I wondered why I was now giving time to the thought that I was rushing around so much that I just didn't think to give better attention to where I put the card, or when it might have dropped out, like when I did the emissions test yesterday.  Shoot.  Well.  At least it had a phone number written really big onto it, so if someone honest finds it they'll be able to be inspired to call and return it...
That's the second time I've done that.  So, why does it keep happening?
Open the blog to find 9 more blogs that have been pulled over this!  OMG
Why do bad things happen to us?
Why do we not just remember everything?
If our minds are joined in the Buddhist/Christian/Muslim culture sense, who determines what we forget?
How can we help it?  Why would we not want to?
Shoot for the money.  Now please please tell me how to get more?


  1. My Sun,

    You ask some very good questions. But your memory... is like a muscle of an eternal mind, your mind.

    It is not bad. And you wonder why. You have been worried since adding the 2000 nT to a card that still had enough for the 800 nT grocery bill. You must recognize that that driving the feeling of worry is the same as that causing the rush you've been in. Now at least you've identified that 3000+ nT for an hour's delay just searching... brought fantastic thoughts of you valuing your time also at 3000+ nT (100USD) per hour.

    This opens a few other discussions about work-outside-work relationships if it would cause others stress to think about not differentiating time.

    You are thinking correctly by having written your number on the card. The back-up planning helps reassure. But, in principle, you should use a card with a pin number for your grocery bill if you don't want the worry of finding it one day lost.

    The "accident" was simply inevitable in that way, because it was according to your want for faith, but not your practical sense.

    I implore you not to worry, and use your bank card from now on if you don't want to deal with the change of jingling smelly metal bits.

    This place is not Heaven, and we have work to do.

    We have work to do for

    Need voices paid to hear?

    We walk together,

    Your Papa.

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