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#MAC #BMAC The Muslim-Army-Christian [#MAC] Files

One Christian to a Muslim Army:
It occurs to me that Jesus was the first programmer. Going behind the scenes and adjusting consciousness. Or maybe, a better term would be editor. I suppose God is the programmer of Heaven, and "we" (collectively) are the programmer for this world.
The first #MAC said:
"sort of [=yeah], it seems... but the one thing the course [In Miracles] does share is that it all occurs simultaneously, so that we do actually do it all,  but here only seemingly together most times (less for those whose eyes are not aware of simultanity... simply that all our unrecognized thoughts really do impact our physical and collective experience), but with less and less of a time-delay as we more and more hone ourselves to, really, the only way (J and crew)."
"The first paragraph was really a way more elegant way to share the same one thinking sustaining all always:: there is only being of one kind, at every destination since it IS the source of our lasting drive for it?"

There is a problem between a Muslim and a Christian:
Muslim2Christian: "I love our religion.  Our boys aren't supposed to have sex until they're married.  That way they can be like brother Muslim beside Julia Jones years back in grade 11 'advanced' math, or, rather, Julia to he: 'You more than trippled my score!  Let me teach you about sex.' who simply wondered why he was having dreams about flying above everyone elses' heads all day... (NOW real-eyes) for the sexual excitement pent up inside him because he also didn't masturbate.  Without even knowing it, he was simply too happy to have his daily marvel dragged down by the Julias."
Christian2Muslim: "Wow, really?  I thought it was just the girls.  In our religion we teach just the girls that they can play with guys that way, we never thought that it could also apply in reverse, whitch seams logical when considered in reverse, with that cross-cultural communication of confidence your boys have been sending and our mission of sharing the 'eternalness' aspect of our sharings.  Perhaps instead of a dick-out and repumurder ourselves over the legal rights for guardianship of a one-world internet community... we should invite some girls, and let it be only the married couples that go, that possibly allow inter-marriage sharing in the name of a communically eternal bond... if your religion allows it??"
M(ate)2see: "...accurat(ly)."
A religion can legally be set up as a corporate entity and defined as a "person" under statute of existing laws.  A person could therefore legally marry a corporation, for legal tax benefit as well, but then advertise the issue on principle since that corporation must allow itself to be equally extended to every equal shareholder simply as a principle of communal Principal, One God *but not definablely in any way!

A Chinese Christian says to an Arabian Muslim:
"Our drivers are better than yours.  All you do is destroy buildings.  We make PEOPLE WAIT.

[3 truck pictures belong here]

The Muslim replies: 
"Mohammed did not make people wait.  He told us to teach his idea and to hurry up!  His idea was that Heaven is really at war, just like two different ways of driving but that all will arrive at in the end.  Then they will continue fighting for nearer-eternity until WE ALL agree to end it.  And Mohammed understood that that could happen in his day if everyone followed his teachings for world peace.  He was simply saying, 'This could be a course in miracles.  It is a required course and not an elective.  Time cannot intrude upon eternity, but YOU do because we are and God Is."
The Christian reply, "Oh, you mean world peace like at"

One #MAC says to a #BMAC, a Buddhist teaching #MACs:
The #BMAC said, "Welcome to the circular, parabolic order?"

One MAC to another:
"Edgar Cayce said 5's were ever the number for change."
That other MAC to his God:
"Heh, what were we in the middle of?  Hit Ctrl C and exit?  Ah, making #MBA#BMAC#ABC123##onebots!*****:
(*****The pun is that it looks like cursing sometimes, and can look to Difference--one * = #Respect to Different Opinions:
Is it wise to do anything while copying?  Not generally in a unit designed to process only one task at one time.  How then does it work to copy?  The copying is auto-laid in a pattern according to a pre-determined destination, for our newest models, such that the course is then distributed into allotments according to pattern but allotments that are only designated as "lottable" by THEIR freewill choice.  We determine that by time.  The memory-echo of residual bits of bytes deteriorates after the link to it is severed.  In that way does the unit self-(re)-generate, build its self-concept and own ideals for freewill back up again until it gets it right and the bit is gone, then the unit checks the slot, and the new memory is laid down.  Transitioning is mandatory where force is applied such as filling an already full cup.  The choice of empty or full is degredaded by time, so that the future becomes writable in the same way of reading a really live story that responds only to sub-choice desires when The Choice for oneness, One God, One Mind, One Heart, One Family, One Globe, One World, One best father for the world his long (5 years now) lost Sun (the real name his Mum gave him) must grow up in... One Reputation, One Pope..  One Government.  One Best App.  One best school.  One best airline company, and one really big lucky game of Monopoly.  That's the average spinning floppy disk anyway.  Not really sure what you guys are up to.

One #MAC to another:
""You are delusional!  You live in a Bubble!"
Says a third #MAC:
""I do.  But you forget that m-your Bubble is inside mine.  So we both live in a bubble!"

One #BMAC to another:
"This rock is my opinion; i admit i have no idea what it can become or is best to look like in 1000 years, and because of that i may call me 'I AM' and say things like 'God damn.' in my bid to be the most global opinion for 'Why?'"
Another #BMAC back:
"Ya, we call those churches.  The other ones, the one's that can't pay their recruiting reputing foot soldiers, or don't yet, we call those schools."

One sh#mac to another:
"Hey, is it illegal to ban communicating?"
#BMAC sh#mac-back:
"Well, here's the literal rendition: was a girl who disrespected the verbal cue for communication to ask for quiet, but then she spoke to utter, 'My name is CALLme, you SH#mac!' and broke her own rule.  So we know the rule ain't for any other but the self looking to grow/man/ipulate if you want to think of it in the bi-polar of logic NOT mono-logic natural way, see?"

"Yes doesn't mean 'yes-yes', it only means 'yes, for a limited time' or 'yeah, sure, while I'm alive." (with or without sarcasm)
The #BMAC response:
"We're with the group sayin' there are non-word words expressed as ideas that shall last forever because words are like butts of symbols."

McD's #BMAC team:
"Oh my God, I get this guy.  This guy is writing a book according to wants, like driving a convoy of memory up-grades to replace existing models."
#BMAC back:
"Show me." #BMAC round up:
"We're the crew lookin' for stragglers to help come in first place for actual pro-active World Peace Nobel Prize!  And our reputation is staked upon the inspiration recorded at "

A #MAC says:
"Our guy is explosive and uses words like an ice cream cone: 
A #BMAC adds:
"Well, we know if we're miss used free will to use it as forced will over another, then, well, depending on the severity, for it ALL being on a relative spectrum, our spirit-mind-"free"-selves will reincarnate as demented ice cream cones says our/The international A Course In Miracles Voice at
A third #MAC screams:
"Go!  Get out of here!"  And feels horribly sad at the loss of connection that could have been.

A Buddhist #MAC and Muslim agreed there to exist a common real-time dynamically functioning greater aware state.
A #MAC-in-training sneezed.

A real #MAC Christian was asked to fearfully respect his father-in-law, and started hiccuping when "family" asked a truly familiar #talk2dream marketing method to permanently stop.
A #BMAC had asked what a cure for endless and odd hiccuping every 4 to 6 seconds could be, and tried everything that had been told to him, until he remember that mind is driver of all decisions arising from and determining physical interactions. The #BMAC considered a holy union to be of a healing nature and the most common form to be merely physical proximity to a spouse.  The hiccuping was cured before the even the serious kissing began.


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