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Why a church? Why a school? Not another church! A linking church?

A school teaches.  And teachers fall under the Education Act, in Canada, which means they are primarily responsible for the moral education of children.  (And the courts in Canada say differently... so Canada is odd.)  But moral is to be without judgement of anything except wonder and the question: "why?  What's the reason?  What's it's purpose?"  so that everything is always looked upon with a renewed appreciation, a "present eternalness", and with creativity that is divine (=able to use every bit of sadness to brighten its Singular silver lining). 
Churches teach morals when they teach about Matthew 7:1 and Deuteronomy 6:4, to paraphrase, "Hear, oh, Lord, oh People, thy LORD and thy GOD are one-and-beyond-physical-Jesus-taught-us-that-when-he-showed-that-our-body-wasn't-our-real-reality-and-suggested-that-we're-actually-not-in-heaven-and-therefore-in-hell-because-there-are-just-the-two-ends-on-any-relative-spectrum).  That is, that our finite morals come from something quite seemingly apart from a place able to define Moral in the plural.

A School Because:
*students should do homework
*students come to learn but not always to listen
*teachers are part-time actors to craft classes for students to maintain interest
*Government laws mandate underlying moral instruction for what to do, or say, or how to.
*students are generally discouraged from challenging classroom politics (in Taiwan the teacher is still an authority figure).
*the governing system is one of controlled complacency if it teaches students just to obey, i.e., not think.

A Church Because:
*students will do homework and get paid for it.
*students come to listen and can be sent on actioned homework tasks.
*the guy at the front just talks and people seem to stay interested.
*a church could adapt all the working better parts of a school.
*Jesus told people that we make the laws and that we can therefore always work together to change them.
*here does exist a common law determining our drives to work together is one team whereever we are, and we could teach that as a church-linking-school-morals.

A Linking Church:
Is a church to build community for just the single purpose commonly expressed by all churches, without adding another religion or doctrine into the mix: see

The School-Church Curriculum:
Starting with Jon Peniel's Children Of The Law Of One: The Lost Teachings Of Atlantis, to understand the main idea, then the formal introduction to A Course In Miracles by Gary Renard in the book Disappearance Of The Universe. 

The rest is just the method of teaching.


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This story starts small but gets bigger.  It relates to everyone, everywhere.


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