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20180114 to Deb at

Hi Deb,

What, honestly, would you expect the voice of Christ do after he gets recognizably through to someone here as "the voice"?

Would the next phase not logically proceed as "in the flesh"?

Deb, we've only been studying the very same text for a reason.  It's a weird common voice that's heard throughout time with time delay.  Rene was just the optimal choice at any given moment.  It's a lottery in that way.  He can share personal memories, and future wishes, but he willinly functions like a robot for us in teal time so that he reads just as he types and learns that way, just like you do I. reading this, but suffering though us needing to spare you all the details about how any part of this is even conceivably possible--mercy to Rene for the spell checker.

We.  Are.  One.


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