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20180118 fb ACIM rights to

20180119 update:
File removed from fb on grounds of "harm" to the individual, but the desire in that respect was just a chat with the real dad of a cute gal who exposed herself for want of money, without knowing the full set of rules:

Subject: ACIM Rights to Rene Helmerichs
@Deb Roberts, acim.rog

"this is an example of a 'snap-shut', it's where we're able to 'close' future legal arguments BEFORE they happen, and thus direct the flow of time toward a more constructive outcome."

Hi ya Deb!

Thanks for acknowledging our oneness today!  Hey, ok, so the acim crowd on the web might still be a little groggy without the manager's foggles on.

We'll be needing the copy right of the official A Course In Miracles transferred to Rene Helmerichs exclusively.  You'll understand, of course, you are its keepers and shall always be.  However, you do not claim authorship, and Rene Helmerichs with us does.  Ergo, we through one can transmit, by mere click, in the years to come, "simply disable all copies of A Course In Miracles currently in digital circulation that are NOT by Rene Helmerichs."  And digital fraud shall always be stemmed from but that single one text, with the added kick of a massive advertising boost.

Hey, my wife Lindsay just remembered the password she'd forgotten.  That's how I hear what's going on in the deepest layer of my own unconscious.  I literally let "our us", "our Father", whatever that great circle-point is, talk right through her like I know she's a robot.  Oops, did I just say that?

Broken robots, fix yourselves. :)

We are one!

Rene Helmerichs

Email confirming oneness:
Email confirming cross-beyond-trust:

Understanding "cross-beyond"
We could call in the troups (Circ xpun), but... look at it this way.  What do the honest really have to hide if there were to stand together as one on earth if churches preatch (sp?) so above so below, and in oneness round-and-round things go!  Idiot quacks and their pills and injections.  Let the whole fucking lot of them burn.  I need the copyright to A Course In Miracles to build a school to offer global certification of Its teachers in a way that is ubiquitously mentally-constructurally equidistant from the reach of any single worldwide government AND touches all of them equally at the same time so that none can ever demolish it again.  This isn't new folks.  We've been lied to, by well-meaning folk that just had their circuits reversed.  Part of a physical-world "circuitry" upgrade is a "mental circuitry upgrade" or the system would naturally overload.  Now, where is there mentally to go, but to become more honest?  Rene Helmerichs has simply been the most openly honest person to have walked the planet since, well, Kenneth Wapnick was pretty good... got a few (two technical flaws) wrong sometimes, like in his outstanding CDs "I WANT THE PEACE OF GOD" graciously given by mutual friends of Rene and Gary Renard.

Think Rene hasn't been connected the whole time?  He wonders only when he ever wasn't, and whether you can accept that he's really done not a thing wrong the whole time, in beholding all that he can never for all the time it would take to speak the words, share but tried to summarize at  

Please join the call.  Legalize.

For and The First Princess Grace Tsai;
Rene Helmerichs for First Elected King Of Canada
(who publicly called it 3 Sept 2012 in C13-205-SR at Barrie!)
and to His Queen, Lindsay Hsiao, wed Halloween 2017 in Taiwan


  1. Hi Deb,

    Ok, so, mentally, I sort of spear things, that establishes recognition of a connection, which then becomes the real focus of any start. The only thing to remember is: "If eternity, then all ideas that are not-mutually exclusive" (tack on whatever ego direct, be it "Work together" or just "exists"--doesn't really matter. I can pretty much open and shut any legal argument on the planet world wide now, and see the result mentally before I proceed, so there is intristic reassurance and trust)

    Please follow on FB to be sure you get everything. Much of what I type is to all ACIM students, and could benefit any in unforeseen ways. Our minds are joined, but none of us can recognize it here. It follows that we are unconscious to ourselves, even in our own unrecognized unconscious. So keep eye only on the connection, and the connection is only ever the light of "together" toward Heaven, truly, with harm to none.


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