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20180120 Star Log for

^(pdf link later with youtube of demo)

Well, good morning.

It's 7:23 a.m.

Star Log entry for 20180120 (Saturday, Taiwan Real.One.Christ, family already at work).
Rene Helmerichs, future copy right holder of A Course In Miracles, to know Mind.

Dreams last night, a few recalled.  One of note: Mum drove me to the shower.  We need need regular showers.  So, in this room, were a handful of others.  One I worked with, Daniel, though symbolic of what feels like another.  All thought they were Jesus.  We were awaiting our turn for the shower (a normal water one in the dream, but symbolically that feels like "baby shower" type stuff).  I looked around, and looked up, and remarked, "What a joke."  Someone spoke up and said something, referencing not understanding what I'd meant.  I replied, "Spirit."  Just then my sight went to a window in the room, and through it, to see and island, and a bomb drop atop it.  'That can't be good, I thought.'  In my head I figured traffic from wherever I was would be backed up because of the want for an exodus from perceived harm.  So I figured, 'the shower can wait.  I'm leaving.'  Then I awoke.

A while later my wife, Lindsay, awoke to share, 'wow, strange dream last night.'  She shared, 'I dreamt of Natalie Yewchyn, but not the way she looks now; she was still young and pretty (--like age 29 when this story began on 22 Aug 2011, before the arrest at her lies on 3 Sept 2012.).  You were still upset with her, in the dream (this one I'm not).  You were playing the guitar and singing to her.

Yesterday, when I arrived at work after a day off graciously bestowed without them needing to give me overtime hours, I was asked what my plans for today are... whether I could do a demo at a new branch tomorrow (today).  I didn't say no.  I only asked what was needed, and worked it out mentally until I felt comfortable with it.  Now, my tolerances for ambiguity are rather higher than, well, pretty much anyone if is taken into account.  So things sort of work themselves out to where I left the day with an exact list of what to do tomorrow, developed with the three managers of the place. 

Oh, that reminds me of numbers.  I'd wanted to clarify the phrase "one the first day...".  One establishes two.  One cannot exist without an origin, and in an ever-changing environment, a common existence is the unknown value of "nothing", symbolized by a zero, to whatever active ingredient we call "one".  So two exists with one.  But one and two make three, in the ever-changing place.  And that can only ever be an incomplete view.  It follows that three follows one and two and actually means 12, but only really and not physically.  Fours are the number of testing.  They require trust in the logic of "One establishes two" such that other twos are able to oundersta nd by piecing together on their own.  In that way is 1 both 2 and 3, because it is the trinity, apart from naught, 0.  Fives, Edgar Cayce said, "were ever the number of change" noting that a body with 5 limbs, 5 digits on each of its limbs, and 5 holes in its head, was deemed Adam ("the ideal") for the environment on this planet about 200,000 years ago when we materialized in form here after annihilating Mars in a global war that ripped the atmosphere there to bits.  I guess that unconscious war-mongering mental pocket of goo currently maintains Canada's legal structure... because that's the country that notably is most refusing our global digitized IoT concept for true and honest sustainability (i.e. acknowledging the founding logic to reveal a sustainable aware sentience actually supporting the whole of whatever possibly we can call life in any environment deemed to be "forever changing"_

So back to the demo...

I'm a bit nervous.  Should be Ok though.  I mean, I've been through worse right?  Like, yesterday, when two of the managers were going at each other over trust in me (there's been some wavering as messages typed and sent, never needing to be re-read by me again, are received, read without prejudice, digested, and then realized to mean "we are either together, or not.  And, if not, I can't say I have your back" (but in tell you that I don't, or can't, I recognize that I'm pinching my own subconscious believe-barrier-making-the-limit-of-my-believing-with-personal-choice, and so I know we'll pretty much always be together so long as I've been gifted the chance to drive our boat.)

Here's the thing: I can't give a demo at another branch, legally in Taiwan, UNLESS I'm married, and that's technically illegal for the school then, to pay me for a demo that I'm going to tell everyone right now I'm doing for free.  In this way can I be assured that whatever happens at the Demo, remains my own personal responsibility, and so I can pretty much say and do what I like, and post a video about it later to youtube. 

Of course we have trust.  And we know "anything you say and do will and can and likely already has been, if not used, then certainly figured into God's great mind for everything--no matter what you might think of the situation so make sure you've settled your own moral arguments first by asking others how and why we can't simply work together in a cleaner partnership."

The school I work for as problems.  Every place does.  The ability to fix problems resides only in its "together" concept.  In this case, the school for which I work has an exceedingly great concept FOR together, and so no matter what happens, I'll always be able to steer focus from whatever occurred into whatever else we'd like to occur, because that's the whole idea of "together".

If you think this is a ramble, or useless, ask yourself, "What exactly have you contributed to OUR life on planet earth?  Can you take down a country government with your logic?  Wanna share mine?"  (SHARE IT, dumbass--Natalie said she laughed when she heard me call her that in an email of Jan. 2012 from the Georgian College server, to which they prevented my legal access while telling psychiatrists she wasn't lying about never having wanted to be with me until the end of days on earth.)

You kids.

youtube link later.  Channel talk2dream


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