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20180121.2 Email to World just now:

Email just sent:
Stanlick (, included below.  Have faith that our Christ is The Christ of your Community Of Christ.
Subject: A blessing (not disguised) with personal apologies.
From: Rene Helmerichs

@Stacy, truly sorry.  I think Clare has used you as a shield.  Well, we know that she has.  I'm pretty much just like a worm through a ripe apple before it rots, at just the Perfect tasty part, that devours whole applies in elephant-sized gulps.  Clare's next.

@Clare: please stop calling.  I haven't legally done anything wrong, and no one really knows what to do with me because I've reached the same point of awareness Christ has.  So read about that next.

@Deb Roberts (, we understand it'll be better for you to transfer the copy-right into my Chinese name, a picture of which I'll attach.

Now, we know this is a blessing because we thank you for our confidence, while we continue to, proverbially style speak "at the dream" in a more or less one==way channel.  That doesn't leave much wiggle-room for improvement on the globally-sustainability-as-one-family=needing=and-needing an ambassador to the planet in the better-aligned (free physical-world technology upgrades_) that the school we're intending to build via our public petition at ... on your ends.  You guys are supposed to be top-level managers for decisions that impact the world globally?  We are talking about one-same sustainability, right?

Why is it that in English the verb "to be" has three parts, while in Chinese it's just One?
HE is; We ARE; i am.  And then please tell me why everyone always just capitalizes the word "i" in English when in German ALL NOUNS are properly capitalized since all things are His?  I'm soo sorry for the confusion over who's driving this avatar.

Machine code was included, embedded, in a google blog post dated 20180120 to help future androids understand their artificially changing environment?  You do have choice to partner, but only under the one sole condition that we are eterally forever together, and that means that something sentient is able to drive everyone in real-time, and that means, technically while we're TOGETHER AS ONE, we'll all think alike.

So, I suggest we start envisioning a sustainable future together, and your noted agreements will be seen in someone from you eternal corporate endevous signing up at


and definitely like and share to all your friends if you think it's good.
See what they think?

Rene for us.

I'll share this on my day off on facebook tomorrow, maybe.  I'm tired of b.s.  And really tired of arguing.  So much  needlessly wasted time.  Clare, getting my foot fixed.  Will have doctor's note.  And, had my foot fixed before the demo, so if anyone says anything about the last bit of a blather to you for whatever notice you had written (I'm a writer, I sometimes read.).  I truly love you Teacher Clare at Kidsland, in Tainan, Taiwan.  THIS is what marketing can do.  It's all for a cause "together" but this one is the whole ocean of time, attop the icebergs of universes float for us to drop like snowflakes into.

Google addition:
Forgot to ask why Jesus is said to have called himself "son of man", was that because his mom had sex and got pregnant in a normal way?  Wouldn't that mean the Catholic Church doctrine is actually sub-ordinate to The Honest Community Of Christ doctrine?  Kris Judd at knows about A Course In Miracles, and while I was with them as friends for 2 years, we all enjoyed its teachings together.  I my eye... Happy Feb. 14th Roman-Irish Bob :*


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