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Email about to be sent:

Ok, email to Sesame Street Taiwan, with Kidsland extension, staff.  Because we actually do share trust, they only need to worry about me emailing every staff member whose email address they ever gave me in a CC while not thinking that I was sitting down at open manager's emails and employee contracts just to use Microsoft Word.

They hadn't heard that my only complaint was that the Open Office software has a noted compatibility issue with tables I was embedding into word documents with columns.  Or was it that the Open Office excel file, once opened in real Excel prevented me from adjusting the tables after I edited the file in Excel for lack of... what was it... one of the hundreds of features that I know to use because they exist but don't in the Open stuff yet?

Ok, no, that wasn't it.  I was actually really pissed off one day when I unplugged the computer and placed it on Manager Stacy's desk, with the comment, "You talked to the IT guy and he said he'd fix it.  Stacy, it's crashed more than 2 times per week on me and I've lost at least three documents that I was working on.  That. is. a. waste. of. my. and. our. time."  So then I added Stacy's name in a few weird emails to work, and, wouldn't you know it, turns out the other computer that was in the office for me to be able to use already had M.S. on it, but Stacy had lied to everyone to say it was "Pierres", because she'd password protected it to protect anyone from disturbing his leftover files?  Pierre had left the school for a better position in a Government Of Taiwan school, mostly for better security of old age retirement one day, I suspect.  I did ask Pierre why he left after 10 years.  The single fact that a teacher WOULD stay at a PRIVATE school for TEN YEARS in Taiwan, where the turnover rate of foreigners is crazy at these types of schools, is a statement.  That it's the only case that I've ever heard of, that's a compliment.

Think I don't love where I work?  I do.  Think they're in legal trouble?  They are.

They hired me knowing my past.  They didn't listen about the computer.  They actually prevent me from telling the parents of students that all love me, about my past.

Legally, the only thing anyone has to agree to is:

Kidsland, thanks for the 3 days vacation this week.  We've agreed that you pay me for work, and that when you tell me to take days off because YOU need time, that's all on you.  Thanks for the 3 days full pay off.  Now, if there are objections, I'll take either Thursday or Friday off too, Stacy, or both, and both with a doctor's note, since I wouldn't want to get my foot fixed on a "vacation" for which I'm already paid if getting it fixed also has me save a 4 hours (2-way) commute to work with you guys each day.

Stacy, this is serious to me.  Lindsay reminded me to tell you that, and to tell you that I'm actually being responsible FOR US, but you haven't really been "listening".  That actually means, according to the legal definition, that you and everyone who's been against me telling people about my past, is actually suffering from what "doctors" (The American Psychological Association, the international standards-committee for the stuff that "doctors" are supposed to teach... in their Diagnostic And Statistics Manual) define as a "psychosis".  So, really, you guys are all mentally ill, and I'm telling you I understand that.

So, here we are.  Together.  If it makes you feel any better, ISIS, Judaism, and The Jehovah witnesses are all advocating for, symbolically on a very-very large-scale A Course In Miracles dream-style holography

Chris at U.S. Go Daddy on Jan 22, 2018 at sold me all the rest of the "talk2dream" and "talktodream" domains today, order number:
I told him I'd change the pointer of to point at my facebook page.
So: for the book to win the Nobel Peace Prize for the petition to allow me to stay in Taiwan without paying for an ARC for the facebook page

I guess youtube will be next.  Oh, and it shouldn't matter if you use "to" or "2" in the websites.  Think laterally, "outside the box".

The next logical step, then, is to start advertising that I was arrested after I walked up to a cop and asked to be arrested just because they told me that if I asked a church for help to market a book to teach everyone about Mind (which is in the initial blog, and the second one that became the case file for Ontario Superior Court Of Justice at Barrie C13-205-SR)... well, you know, it's only been an argument about morals.

Current, the APA is the global organization that determines what the legal definition of "moral" is, in every court of law where doctors are given more authority than judges.

I just bought a whole bunch of more pointers.  Forgot to get the order number to past here.  Weird thoughts about togetherness had me extend the argument while typing, but if you want to know what was said, well, Chris told me he'd save the recording and notify his mangers.

Guys, I just started marketing.  If I'm marking FOR one world peace where psychiatrists are corrected about their mistaken understand about mind, can we just accept that I'm at least a Genius?

Now think about where you want to go with Kidsland.  I've already been suggesting fixes to every problem you've ever come to me with.  That's why you like me.  That's possibly why Lindsay married me.  And that I have the inspiration, is possibly because I understand that I is not me.  So, the only way [] can work, is if it works together.

Idea (Grandpa Lin of Kidsland) knows.  He and I are on the same page about that.  Where are you again?

cool, I own now!
no typo!  (just have to point it somewhere ... whenever Lindsay and Rene Helmerichs think of something together :)

Hi Deb! :) :)  :) please reassure these people that this is seriously a morbid joke for us.


I REFLECT THOUGHTS AND FEEL YOURS PHYSICALLY, so I'm a weird emopath like every other normal-crazy-loving person on the planet.  Watch the movie iRobot.  What Matrix had wrong is that we're all literally machines, but we are here by choice, and we forgot that we made that choice, so we think we have to fight for our choice, but choice was made before we came for a "best life" that we agreed to in books like from Caronlyn Myss who wrote Soul Contracts (Rene didn't like it that much--but loved the personal stories and bought it right after finishing Anatomy Of The Spirit, which was actually pretty good and taught Rene a fair deal about himself.)


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