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20180124 Just Emailed... with links to witness statements

We are tendering a legal document.

@Questrade, the document linked at (forgive the pointer ending, we need this to be easily copiable) contains information for you in the first section v20180124.

Please let Rene know tomorrow whether or not you will be providing both pay until future contract is agreed, and vacation with need to do nothing.  In the alternative, please see the included links to recordings that shall see several managers incur Criminal Charges IF WE DO NOT STAY TOGETHER>  please confirm with pay.  a simply statement, "Yes to all you ask" shall suffice.  We'll be reasonable, as we always have been.  You should only see financial GAIN for it:  Should we not disagree, we are permitted to send all your staff official notice that we will formally be arguing in court for everyone there to receive the same rights that you have already given Rene (which includes immediate change of work hours for all foreigners, and 3 days free vacation--and whatever else it takes to get you to agree that we really do need to be together on this one, like, "married-for-life together".)

Rene Helmerichs
on behalf of and the Global Drive for Sustainability.

Files referenced in the original document following:
^Screenshot of Kidsland insanity reply:
^Screenshot of sharing Kidsland's opinion about dishonesty with parents before then leaving the group (honesty=publicity, and Clare and Stacy are against it but holding a QR?)
^Clare holding a scanable QR code:
^2013 Witness Statements for base court file C13-205-SR at Barrie backing this global argument:
^Redacted version of the 4 Sept 2012 police report by Officer READ which Judge Mulligan did realize that he could NOT under ANY circumstances let in as evidence, be the offence was submitted as "indictable" and that document, even redacted, still maintains that Rene Helmerichs had previously been arrested and formally charged for the exact same allegation that he had just spent 16 months in solitary confinement under illegal (but graciously polite) rule of Gunter Wolfgang Lorberg in Central North Correctional Centre at Penetanguishene:
^The guy is just NICE and KNOWS we've been trying our freaking best to talk to EVERYONE on the planet!  He's not a "Satan" worshiper.  The guy was led on by a 51-year-old who was sick of living.  She had convinced him and his older girlfriend to "sign up" to the idea that they could simply choose to re-incarnate on a different planet.  Rene tried to talk sense to him.  "We do not have choice that way.  We are an EXTENSION of one-something that is all that is."  If he agrees to that, let him go into the care of his caring Mum in B.C.
^Jon Peniel's book, after which our school is to be based:
(we'll talk to CLO about copyright over the book that was in a name given him by us)
^Rene requested this Saturday May 20th 2017 meeting with Kidsland managers to ensure moral responsibility:
^This was a meeting ORDERED AND COMMANDED that Rene attend both without pay, and threat of losing his job, after Rene was the one that even suggested need for a chat about the fact that Kidsland should really have told the parents of the kids that Rene was entrusted to teach, about his past sooner (late Dec 2017)
^Psychiatrist Anjana Chawla, Children's Aid Of Simcoe County Jamie, Rene's legal Boss (because Anjana wouldn't respect that Rene wanted and tried to have his now wife Lindsay speak for him instead), and Rene for some sort of charge to Anjana, with full loss of the custody of her children because of the hearing on 22 Oct. 2012 at RVH in Barrie. RVH lawyer June Bell(?) should get a copy of its recording and transcript to Rene:
^Rene trying to delay starting at Sinton Transportation on 26 Feb 2013 before his second 4 days later:
(funny story getting that license during the train-track lesson)
^Story intro:



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