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20180126 a polite notice without intent of threat just emailed to my workplace

^Blog addition:
Hi Denise, maybe you are still TONE deaf.  Including Lindsay in any part of my arguments with anyone anywhere is harassment to her.

Stacy, Denise, and Clare,

Look.  I don't really want to type this and you don't want to hear from me, so we agree for sure on that.

The police yesterday told Denise that Kidsland would have to sue me to have me lower a video that was and is legally mine, from the internet.

I have told parents through that you are sincerely only losing more and more public face the more you argue with me, and I'm telling you that you can sue me if you want, but that's not the best way (and Idea, Grandpa Lin DOES know that).

This may sound like "don't argue with me, don't fight back" but we really did have a great relationship and I really have only been trying to help you the entire time.  Some things, like 3 months to have MS Office available to foreign teachers on a single computer for them to use... when you had lied to us about "Pierre's computer" because it wasn't his, nor did he longer work at Kidsland, and it had been you that set the password, and it already had MS Office... actually means that you didn't need to put the second worse computer upstairs for me to watch my files continually burn every 3rd or 4th time I watched the computer crash.

From my perspective, I have seen only problems there.  And I've written them in ever-lasting emails to you.  If we go to court, all of those AND MORE will be made public by the normal process of law.  If reputation means anything to you, and if it doesn't you should still tell someone about this to see what THEY think, since clearly some people at Kidsland truly have been mentally "ill" (and it isn't nor wasted the guy that's been explaining and pointing things out the entire way!)--

Here's the problem.  There is time.  That means there are deadlines.  That means... ok, I don't even bother explaining some things to Lindsay because when we get into aliens trying to help us, she gets scared.

Feb. 14 we have a news conference at Kidsland if we're together.  I'd also like my pay to continue.  That's honestly the least you could do for service to you to fix/plug your legal holes.

If you would like to sue me, then I would like to post the police video from yesterday which conveniently has your address on the video because I taped it to my ARC (go figure).  The police were recording on their helmets.  We're allowed to record.  If the information is true, it's true.  Publicity only ensures that everyone understands one-same honesty which comes from that which shall forever be true (whatever the religious word for it is).

I am not God.  But, I understand that from your perspective it may appear as though I have said either that I am God, or that I want to be God.  I want neither.  I actually don't even want to be on this planet.  This whole thing is nothing but work to me.  You go to work; I have work to do too.  We are working for the same one kind of honesty, so the definite legal suggestion is let's work together.

I really don't want to hear from you.  And Lindsay really really doesn't.  If you call her or involve her, you will rightly piss me off because I will be left to deal with her worry.  So, if you really want to test me, I have no choice but to agree with you for all eternity.  This is completely YOU driving the future of Kidsland.  Choose what you would like for it.  Both outcomes help me advertise, and anyone with the pdf document can just click the top link to see if there's been another update on YOUR mess:

Oh, if you push me, and we go to court, there will likely be criminal charges to Managers Clare, Stacy, and Denise, and all with the possibility of jail time, since Idea has not been involved, and Kidsland is actually a place I both enjoyed working at, and will enjoy to help expand.  It might actually be easier if Clare, Stacy, and Denise were simply removed from their positions for sheer stupidity.

Go share.



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