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20180128 3:21 note to self for Surreal Life at

note to self, from a mid-nighttime dream... sort of, certainly the result of symbols had in the dream after it for sure!  (and all symbols checked Ok).

fyi cares for what I consider to be the best game in the world.  I'd like to see the Geniuses (actually correctly pluralized as Genii) Norom (stage name there) meet Q in Surreal REAL life if only to discuss how exactly they were able to actually mimic the enter REAL LIFE in a game AND make that game LITERALLY possible of playing for all eternity... noting that I played about 10 hours per day for over 1 year, every single day except the day after Hed Cop Voldermort put me in jail for untruth some new player called... I... Iz... whatever.  Ask J.  Passed him back both is character Taliesin, AND one of three Aerial Decapitators, simply because I'm pretty sure I'll really be able to secure a sharing licence of the code (exclusive to myself and the imms there), to use the game as an educational tool both for the blind, and kids needing to practice English in Elementary school, on top of a few other things.  (Why the state name Taliesin?   Ah, J explained, because it was only appropriate.  "The Game" is literally like life.  You wake up in a world with nothing but a name and no pictures or visual clues.  Only by reading can you explore your environment, and only by writing can you ask for help.  If you repeatedly keep banging on a figuratively closed door, you get the polite heads up JERK title for a day or so.  It doesn't affect play, it's just a heads up that your socially inappropriate.  If, not like me, you make 30 characters and use 29 to store stuff, your not playing right and will just look and feel out of place.  If, like me, you'll make more than 30 characters AND PLAY ALL OF THEM EVERY DAY so much so that it annoys people to see you logging on until, truly, the geniis over there that keep what is simply the best game on the planet that I have ever found--and which Spirit had to pull me away from only with psycho Izrael-Puddles-whatevermore and her many Schizophrenic alts, they'll start asking Surreal questions about what you're doing and eventually change the code to try to stop you from setting up your own supped up characters like Rene did to, actually, a completely real blind player.)

Notes from the dream ...

I am (chinese S..)

Ivy ... address and crime
doc with pics

please support parents
notify police, tv news, and share on Line, Grom, Instagram, and Twitter

Only together = ?

video dance
Free trip to Canada!
Line, request video link help

fix vegas, updates at bottom
new update with cow video
add ivy doc with pics and double link aarchon at new http

Insta and tweet

should be good, "my normal writing at:" pointing to angels have landed

and all this will probably still change by morning.


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