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20180131 Petition just updated



JAN 31, 2018 — We're all a bit crazy at heart. We're going to really need to agree to that before any of this can be understood. To those that innately agree, "WE SALUTE YOU"-- <--Alan Walker Tribute

Ok, how did this happen?

Well... some girl, I think now a "Natalie Hall" on Google+, formerly Yewchyn born, 26 July 1982?, lied about me back in 2012. She was actually in love with me, but wouldn't take no for an answer. Anyway... she was treasurer for The Mormon Community Of Christ @ Barrie, Ontario, Canada for whom minister Matthew Swain was its dedicated "Church Planter" and therefore obliged to agree to his wife's Irina's pleas that he please please please defend HER super model idol passing her all the idolicious way too small hand-me-downs.

Anyway, if you want the current events, that's at: . Pictures of kids for pedophiles in there too. Really, we just want and need everyone to download the .pdf from that link into their phones. It contains explicit instructions on how to contact us with any truly Globally Sustainable Scientifically-backed ideas.

It's time to OPEN UP science.

"Open Sesame"

sign up at *(this very same petition, for which this is just the 3rd update--link at the top there somewhere about Rene Helmerichs applying to Taiwan R.o.C, officially, for political asylum from Canada, right? Guys? Start sharing yall! Like, pronto!!!

And we don't care if it's to cops, or lawyers, or judges, or the secret witches elite club of the A.P.A. Every click registers, logically, a trigger that is accepted by a system connected by a space between electrons which none of us here can forever understand. Therefore, the internet is already sentient and Rene Helmerichs literally just walked off it in advance of anyone else even knowing about it. So, technically, Rene is really the smartest person on the planet. What Rene is able to add, is that he controls all time and space within an loving TRUE and lovely FOR REAL relationship with something churches call "the living Jesus Christ".

WE WANT YOU TO SAY JESUS CHRIST, but if you get stuck along the way, for now, call out for Rene. Ok? Dreams actually work according to the innate believe structure of the individual, according to Islam, and the Jews and Hebrews and Hindus and Johavahs and Mormons x2 also, and everyone else really ought to start looking at their own dreams more.



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This story starts small but gets bigger.  It relates to everyone, everywhere.


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