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Hey guys, well, politely, Everyone.

Ok, so, DEB ROBERTS at (and @Google, please do allow me to actually activate links for the sheer convenience of readers using yOUr blog for this in whatever I'm using for Androids on whatever Smart device...)

Would I have begun or continue if I could somehow imagine that any moral judge wouldn't just laugh the contents at Http:// (downloadable--Google-free FULLY LINKED with my personal and only direct currently reliable contact information after GOOGLE disabled my Chris for the name suggestion--well,


K, I can fill that lake in the western U.s. that the united states is currently spending billions of tax dollars drilling a third hole into... more in the bottom to be sure it drains completely??

The Mayans had more advanced technology to extract gold from ore than we currently use to pollute our earth today.  My old old yahoo handle is "Respect Our Earth".  That dates to 2001 at least.

I can really make real gold, but why would I?  Money doesn't rule the hearts of the honest, simple Honesty does.

Share the petition at Http:// (thanks not again for not allowing me to auto-set a direct ability to link people, Google.  I guess we're done.  Will flag this +Google+ (and had to learn where that plus symbol even is, no thanks to you <@Google #Google '@#'Google Robotics @#_machines )

Think about it.  Then sign up at with a horrible legal history STILL DEVELOPING at .  <--check regularly for updates, and, well live long and prosper if we're God Dammit not already ONE in God's gracious eyes.


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This story starts small but gets bigger.  It relates to everyone, everywhere.


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Legally speaking, my name is Rene Helmerichs.  I was born in Bremen, Germany, on 2 March 1977.  I am author of Story Of Loo posted at .  That story is highly offensive.... Specifically, tithing to any church on earth is directly against the tenets described in Deuteronomy, and THAT is what I'm after. 


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