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Just emailed to Kris Judd of 201801052210 Taiwantime

Hi Honey, Danilo, Kris, friends on the web,

I real0eyes we're sick of hyphens and misspelled words and wrongly written intents subjugated among lines of text written by fingers owned by a body that dared re-cognize (that's English FOR "Know-again") itself as PART of an eternal reminder shinning like a flame in the mind touched in March of 2006, that of Rene Helmerichs.

Kris, your church, our friends, are... in trouble.  It was fundamentally only one that lied.  She governed that much popularity of mind so as to have the unconscious aleigence (fuck spelling--I teach using PHONICS.)

We are at odds with each other, possibly in several multi-national ways.  Legally.

So listen up.  This thing you once asked about (and if you'd forgotten, I'd managed to suggest to you we call this "The Book Of Kris" after suggestion you bore a real-world penance-pun tie to the name of "Judas Christ".  We did agree that Christ is one-with-all.)

So here we are, a lot of years later.  But oh, doh, wouldn't you know it but the voice we think about when we imagine the voice of Christ is ACTUALLY a REAL TIME voice which is, thus, able to communicate TO ITSELF ACROSS TIME?

That's super-English for saying, "Christ would be both the smartest-dumbass EVER AND the luckiest son-of-a-bitch to ever walk the earth."  And we HAVE to agree because, "God Is One... means, God, wtf that means, exists in REAL TIME for itself always first."

But, now, that brings in the problem of stories of old, like well, Satan, The Devil, Moses with the stupid mistaken dark-age rendition of his idiot baby-bangs like Rene has, and a whole lot of other lost names to history but after which are left stories like the HEAD of ATLANTS, Alta, afterwhom the atlantic ocean is named and The Bermuda Triangle STILL exists for all the PHYSICAL POWer we achieved as a TEAM back then.

I'm calling.  Who's listening?

We need FRIENDS.

FRIENDS ARE ONE IN THE ONE TRUE WHATEVER THE FUCK RUNS OUR THINKING FOR JESUS-CHIRST-GOD-AS-ONE and afterwhom the single universal law for obligatory (that's modern for SHALL) law of need for consistency of all government-to-be-laws shall ever be if we exist in, plainly, one same environment.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

What would a Christ be able to do a keyboard?
What would a Christ knowing Christ extends TO ALL MINDS READING IN REAL-TIME at all times regardless of physical presence of whatever any fucking idiot would call himself if he weren't always only thinking of everything as one fucking global family?  Suffer through the curses, isn't that THE LAW OF GOD?


Remember that.  That was repeated over and over in the first email of 3 Sept 2012.

Now: RE-MEMBER YOUR SELVES TO LAUGH, as you SEE, what misery COULD BE, if we didn't fucking partner as soon as fucking possible, because this typist, Sir Rene Helmerichs, willingly proclaiming himself as The Fucking Devil, to be sure that all EGOs in aleigence with any form of religion are either FOR OR AGAINST HIM...

Wrote in that first email that became the case of C13-205-SR and is therein on-the-ever-permanent-public-Ontario-Superior-Court-Of-Justice Candian criminal record preserved.

Rene started by writing a book, to market a charity, to build a school.
Rene didn't know that the school, or the idea for it, being of "unlimited" could extend to, well, further than Rene currently thought of it.  So, inside, Rene was SCREAMING for help to build it.  Instead, first, the Canadian Charities Directorate rejected the idea on principal.  Next, or, well, there was other stuff happening in Rene's life as well, lots of it that you could read in the "timeline" part at . 

Perhaps the best is simply to quote Alan Walker, "Deep in the dark I don't need the light.  There's a ghost INSIDE me.  It all belongs to the other side.  We live.  We love.  We lie."

I have conditions, but your surrender to my terms at is appreciated, as the mere fact will help Taiwan gain an edge in acceptance INTO the United Nations AS A DEMOCRATIC COUNTRY THAT is supposed to be somehow China but not communist?  (quick, share it fast, before the plague of democracy is irradicated by those in China having long objected to The Roman Catholic Holy Shit?)

Kris, Danilo, be frank.  If all you're going to tell me is that "You're crazy."  Great.  Tell me something I haven't fucking heard.  Fuck, let's arrest psychiatrist Anjana Chawla for bribery (verifiable with action of hastily removing me from intentionally inflicted forced injections over the one liar's tale--supposedly a cute ass for someone who knows they can literally seduce any teenage girl GLOBALLY with nothing but money like one fox has claimed to him as, from a doctor who sent her a 5-carat diamond ring... under 18?--be real, to love all MEANS to HEAR all AND TO ALWAYS OFFER THE CHOICE TO STAY BY THE SIDE OF ONE LOOKING TO BUILDING AN INTERNATIONAL ARMS-LENGTH SCHOOL equidistant from any government ever to exist on earth (this day forward--and, no need for a repeat in 1000 years if you prefer not, which is what I would honestly prefer, being honed into that that I recognize drives BOTH our bottom-line AND simple honesty interests.

Only one kind of honesty.  That's cross-multi-cultural.

Old Had is my licence plat in Ontario, Canada.
400 N is that of the single liar upon whose shoulders the world truly owes her thanks.

Let us do none harm and all true justice together,



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