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20180208 Open Letter with Official Notice served on The City Of Barrie Police, Canada, electronically this day.

Hey Buddy!

K, you might not remember coming downstairs before you went to bed on 2 September 2012.  You found me hopelessly crying and crying.  You said to me, "Papa, don't be sad.  Sunjay doesn't like to see Papa crying.  We will make new memories."

Well, kid, that time seems a lot nearer now... i think.

There was just a big earthquake in Lotus Flower, Taiwan.  That's The City Of The Temple Of God, a guy named Jamie i think told me (I do remember his name, he's the avocado farmer in the picture in Papa's book of Happy Memories linked all over the internet also at Http:// right now--but that might move to Http:// for a more permanent home since dot-vegas is more for current news.  Your dad pretty much just started his own freely-accessible real-news with truly ground-healing headlines, but that's beside the point.

We hope you can visit Taiwan for THIS March break (your next school vaction time).  
Here's how your REAL mom and dad can see that happening.

Lindsay (your second mom) will donate 100,000 nT$ (about $4000 cdn) when any City Of Barrie, Ontario, Canada, police officer drives to your house to deliver a simple letter to your Oma.  

Oma is stubborn like an Ox, so your genii Opa really didn't stand a chance to save the marriage.  The technology simply wasn't there to fix Oma's thinking.  But she listens to the police pretty well, so we'll have to involve them in this little plan.

The officer should deliver this message:
"We are sorry for torturing and abusing a college professor who asked a church for help to write a global book.  We couldn't help it because we were confused.  No one told us that 'is' and 'am' and 'are' are literally three different words for the exact same verb 'to be' AND that our NOT trying to teach everyone that the One word for it in Chinese is more correct IS our obstinate confusion.  For the time Rene has lovingly given us away from his Sun, we surrender unconditionally.  We accept the petition at Http:// and will match Rene's TAIWAN money contribution to both Hualien and his plight to see and hug and hold and piggy-back and shoulder-ride his Sun WITH AN EQUAL NUMBER of Canadian dollars TO TAIWAN."  [neat would be to SEE Talk To Dream HAND-written across every one of their little paper strips.]

To be sure this happens in a timely manner, we'll save the nonesense of hand-writting Http:// across $100 Taiwan bills once this little note makes the Taiwan NextTV News (so Papa can see it for real, and get confirmation that whoever is controlling the local country news is WITH your Papa on the SAME ONE idea for Allah-honesty.)

To get THAT done, your Papa will have this letter phone-delivered to the current president of Taiwan, Her Excellence, Ms. Tsai--she lives in the really really big house near the Taipei main train station.

Pretty sure that about covers everything, kid.  Well, except the fact that you're ten and you'd be flying alone.  Think you could handle that?  Your Oma and Opa should be o.k. with it.  I mean, they let your Papa fly to Germany from Toronto alone with Sylvia, who was only 6 and threw up pretty much the entire time.  You're older than your dad was.  Feel o.k. travelling alone?  Back then the pilot used to let Papa sit on the Navigator pull-down seat in the cockpit.  Maybe, with a little luck, we can get a message to the airline that your Papa will buy the ticket from--that you're a really cool, really really interested kid who doesn't mean anyone any harm and that they should let you sit there if you want to.  If an airline contacted Papa by LINE App with a 'Yes' to that, Papa would definitely book with them first, all the time.
So, then, guess that's about it.

Will add more if I remember anything else that us backwards-time people, who just sort of know that we're all blind in a world always changing--re-members.

"We are.", kid.  We understand the word "we" ok, but the Be part can be confusing.  Whatever sustains all Time, does govern our momentary memory and is actually micro-managing us in this changing environment to be continually adjusting the timings of our daily interactions from a perspective so encompassing there isn't the ability to even write a word for it.  We just call it "God" in a whole bunch of different languages (="tongues" in the wholey Bible--the Catholic concept called 'Holy' is correctly spelled 'wholey'), and cultures.  In Buddhism, it's just called "Heart" (=a living love for helping each other as one true-and-real family).

I can't help you understand what it means to be alive with Be, but I CAN offer it to you as a legal last name so that you can forever just know that you have something that goes with you everywhere, which you can't ever really see, but is stuck on you to remind you of your access to Its help--when you need or want it and remember to ask, and even get when you don't ask and don't think you need or want it.  It's the logic problem scientists are battling with things like cars that don't run on gas, and work better, but that oil companies don't want them to make.  See? 

The world is crazy.  Not your Papa.

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