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20180216 starlog day-wrap as splice from email to Deb, Kris, and Clare (explained)

Clare Chiang, superintendent of 12 Kidsland Sesame Street schools in Tainan, Taiwan
Kris Judd, my star Mormon Community Of Christ contact
Debra Roberts, someone at that actually replied (they're actually really snobby)

Subject: Happy Chinese New Year! (a good message--

Rejoice, truly.

The ego with me is so minimal that I can identify the egos of others in typos that I accidentally insert in messages to them, which I do read, and now correct as best as I can.

Only those that are at all familiar with A Course In Miracles (Clare at Kidsland in Tainan, Taiwan, the book to you is a SINCERE gift.  It really doesn't matter if Debra at grants me the copyright.  I've already giving away HER text for free at -- a belated Valentine's gift to YOU Clare, which I said I'd give in a red envelope... but you sort of fired me before I could.  This IS a bit of a dilemma now.  Silly you.)

Guys, when I say "I we are as ice flakes atop an iceberg that sits mostly out-of-sight in an ocean of time and space, and I can offer YOU (each) THE OCEAN", I do mean to imply that OCEAN>OCean>ocean where OC=Oh SEE!  (if you want a logical mathematically sound silent rendition for your brains not to handle because it is NOT with our brains that we think, nor from which thinking arises.)

The writings posted last night and echoed to Http:// (which I purchased just this morning), are three parts of a book that is both a stand-alone .pdf fully-linked set, and an "oh wow, that REALLY happened?" read.

Kidsland knows that I can type just as well for the little tikes.  In fact, they illegally published a piece on Solar Power that includes a formal introduction to an advanced Astrophysics concept (like, real university level and beyond), in a way that my own grade one class there could understand, because I'd already inserted the groundwork for acceptance OF that knowledge in-between teaching all of Kidsland's regular material.

Honestly, not only was I the only teacher who punctually started and ended scheduled breaks, but time flew so fast in the class while students were eagerly walking around the room marking the work of other students, and helping the slower ones get it done faster.  That was my grade 1 class.  They were all awesome.  I love them all and had the full trust of all the parents as, simply, a truly caring teacher.

My grade 5 class was a whole different matter.  There came one day where I actually had FOUR boys cry in class in the same day!  At that point, however, we have to recognize that the entire class, to me, had taken on the ego of the world in its many country forms.  I couldn't really explain this to anyone, so I simply kept very precise notes of the circumstances that lead to the tears, and made damn sure that my nose was absolutely clean in all that.

None of you can take me to court.  I knowingly stand alone and am (once the up-line considers all that is included at, the website scrolled across countless legal-tender Taiwan currency in full view of police, Her Excellence Ms. Tsai, and a TV(?) News station today (who gave word that the interview would be shown on public TV)).

Unfortunately, the world does believe in Karma, and I've had my own to overcome.  I want you to be absolutely certain about where I stand with regard to the choices you have made.  I have no need to forgive you.  I understand you are projections of my own mind.  That makes me, in Christian terms, enlightened at least?  Ok, to be fair, A Course In Miracles was to blame for totally clearing my head--and that Head Psychiatrist of theirs Kenneth Wapnick, or whatever his name was, who once told me face-to-face "find normal."  As if HE was telling ME that i am NOT normal while HE failed to mention TO me what on earth he even meant by it in a world that HE professes (in 25+books and countless CDs and mp3s) is NOT real.  That leaves us all at a bit of a blank spot.  And that's where we are now.

Now, as it seems that I have a natural(?) talent for writing, make no mistake that I plan to publish "The Story Of Loo" in 5 different languages before the Chinese New Year vacation is completed.  In fact, I expect I'll probably have it done by tomorrow and haven't even started writing it yet.  The book is for kids, with, specifically my grade 1s in mind.  Of course, I'll be also publishing it as an "easy read" for any E.S.L. student, as well as the current limited ability of automatic translators which I actually understand.

Actually, I interface better with computers than I do humans most days, I've been told.  That's really not a good thing to write about one's compassionate self.  There IS that 2014 OPP video on my talk2dream channel of the other google address (Kidland Sesame Street Taiwan manager Denise is like, literally, my only subscriber there I think)--in it i was asked how I feel.  I had replied, "Like a robot."  How does a robot feel anyway?  And could a technologically advanced robot not be programmed to cry real tears or bleed real blood if and when needed, for betterment of the Robot world?  Do you have any idea what my re-occurring nightmare at age 6 had been?  I was chased in a maze by a robot!  Already at age 6 I had figured out that I could mentally program myself to "change the channel" of a dream by dozily waking and turning my physical head to the other side (I slept on my front, as I prefer to do at the moment as well).

I actually need less sleep now, it seems.  That's a plus.

Seriously, I have so much to offer.  Would you please just ask?

There's that lake in the mid-west of the United States.  Lake Mead?  Here's what stupidity does: stupidity tries to appease the clear water dilemma facing about a fifth of the United States by drilling a final hole at the very bottom of the lake to be sure the people can drain it completely.  In that way, once it's dry, the government there can just blame it as an "act of God" that the region is becoming an inhabitable desert.  The idea is superficially clean; the United States government remains "hands clean" of any thought for blame of the disasters to hit the people in the years and decades ahead.  The idea is become "stupid" once "stupor" hits its originators in the understanding THAT the whole lake could be filled to overflowing at a fraction of the USD billion-$-plus cost of drilling that third hole.  Here's how it works.

The principle is sound.  Actually, a form of resonant frequency, but same principal.  That it's the EXACT same as the binary machine code currently in use all over the planet need not be understood.  It'll be enough to remember the stories of aboriginals singing in rain-dances and sun-dances.  Why do you think they call them that?  Personally, so that I don't forget to do something, or take something, I keep it visual in the sphere of my functioning environment so that I'm always handling the object and remembering what I want or need to do with it.  Things also don't pile up that way.  Only marking for honest teachers really piles up because they haven't any need to mark an exam that students will never review and parents will never see--except at Kidsland in Tainan, Taiwan, CLARE.

I stand nowhere with the effects of each of your actions.  Literally.  It's completely your own universe of time and space intermeshed with my own.  I will to become a real King of Canada and know that others are probably already mentally calling "God".  I'm really just the same Rene.  I told Kidsland to at least let me tell parents if they were unwilling to, after hiring me as insanely as described at (direct-download of .pdf eBook "The Choice" Part ii "The Magic Show of 2018".)

So I don't talk linearly, be deal.  Why do you think spirals are represented and echoed in all forms of life?  My kid shared a video on youtube with me that he saw in his grade 5 class, and my kids at Kidsland also subsequently loved.  Likeness?

Look at it this way, the more that people read FROM me, the more their minds work LIKE mine.  All the while I'm pointing out mistakes that they don't want to publicize (so court is generally the last place I wind up--except in the case of The Mormon Community Of Christ, who sadly lost their church to whatever is with me driving me, as Me and ME and me me me.  "Lucifer", or "Loo" for short, but of course that part shan't be touched upon except with link at the close of the book to, you guessed it, (always end on a LOVING note).

That being said, were you interested in how, precisely, to fill Lake Mead?  It seems I'm out of a job and have just given a heep of money away.  Anyone wanna hire me?  I can type pretty quick.  Maybe, if it's ok, I'll just work from wherever I am, on whatever voice-to-text (later) device?  Typing actually helps me re-consider and think :)

I love you guys, truly, but, MAN, if you guys don't get your affairs in order, the local law is simply going to EAT YOU ALIVE.  If we're together, we're together.  Financial penalties apply, since, figuratively, time=money and I'm after recognition that I command all space and time, or whatever has me capitalize the single letter for EYE.  Literally, that would mean "omg.  He has wrestled the biblical Devil and understands everything that's happening to him?"

What am I thinking?  Not much, actually.  Robot, duh.  I willingly offer a chance to type by turning on my 11-year-old laptop, after a nice cigar, without touching the umpteen bottles of wine sitting downstairs that I had read to pass to all parents of my students at a News conference Kidsland COULD HAVE held yesterday... and the words flow.  No blocks.  No fear.  Perfect.  Love.

Clare, you are in serious legal trouble.  I cannot put that properly in print.  Let me try again.  CLARE: if we are NOT together, which we are not while you are NOT in direct contact with me, then, we're not together.  So, my environment will become more and more "mine", while everyone else's, by default of that machine binary tie, becomes less and less "not mine".  THAT MEANS, if someone has not willingly partnered WITH MY INTENT FOR WORLDWIDE PEACE with physical harm to none but only financial or time penalty according to the rules of The Game Of Life, then... jail for you.  Right now, it's not looking good for you.

I am writing only to you three.  I suspect, and you really should be unless you are completely daft, that you are in touch with an anonymous up-line.  I don't know if you are for sure, but, really, any sane person tells another when they have a problem if only to ask for help to solve it that much faster.  Here is the only solution to all of your problems: partner with me.  There's really only a stupid choice not to partner with me in that.  That's YOUR free will echoing back at YOU from someone who has actually literally entirely willingly given up HIS OWN FREE WILL on faith alone.

The beckoning question should be, "What drives these people?"  And the answer should be silence, without thought, and without visual imagery from the imagination IF the question is SINCERE (=not a sin-seer).

Google "the unpublished Seth sessions on Sound" for a 20-or-so just awesome recount of how the Great Pyramids of Giza were REALLY built.  I understand the principal, and the logical reasoning behind the technologically still advanced simple resonant technology that they had.


Happy New Year.  Year of The Dog, begun February 16th, this year. 

I remember things by writing them down.  Posting everything publicly and echoing it to myself over-and-over again, is only a simply memory device that absolves me from even need to worry about memory.  ESPECIALLY with 3 years worth of PUBLIC COURTROOM audio-visual recordings, for which I already posses transcripts of about half and most key parts.  The trial testimony of C13-205-SR has been blocked from me, but we do know that without a doubt Natalie Yewchyn (now Halloway) and Matthew Swain did really give false testimony.  Matt is absolved.  Natalie is not.  Conditions already written.  She bestows ME a PUBLIC bonifida Ph.D. in "Honest Communication", after explaining to me what she thinks that means and I check out her idea with my own to be sure we're on the same page about that.  Of course, to make it "bonifida", it'll have to be officially recognized by not one BUT THE MOST PRESTIGIOUS UNIVERSITIES FROM EVERY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD, which she'll only be able to accomplish by actually talking to people and not just hiding from them and making up delusions to imagine things happened that really didn't.  Natalie can live her life at Waypoint Center For Mental Healthcare until she changes her mind about talking to me.  Sex may follow, but likely between her daughter and a kid of my choosing because she'd getting a bit wrinkly in the skin and really not as attractive as, say, an 18-year-old--if simply visiting a brothel her didn't just satisfy any fanciful sexual desire I may have had left.

Sex IS a misguided drive to relate but the CURE is to LEARN TO BETTER RELATE without it, and the REWARD of accomplishing THAT, has to me the availability of more sex simply by law of that which none of you seem to see or grasp or conceive.


b'deep b'deep,
that's all folks.  No more need for me to write you.  If you want to talk, write back.

Seth on sound:

icebers, right in front of my while #echoing:
effin' facebook.  I can't even post there from my computer.  Smartphones rock.


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