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The Story Of Loo part 2: Legalese English Version

Legal Notice TO: All Georgian College, Ontario, Canada, campuses staff and employees:

Her Excellence Ms. Tsai of Taiwan, Republic For China (RFC) permits previous Georgian College, Barrie, Ontario, Canada, campus partial-load and marketing dual-role faculty Rene Helmerichs, born in Bremen, Germany, the 2nd of March, 1977, to reside in Taiwan on grounds of the following injustice:

The Georgian College  of Applied Arts and Technology in Barrie, Ontario, did, in October of 2012, wrongfully dismiss Mr. Helmerichs.  At least two senior-level managers made the joint decision.  OPSUE LOCAL 350 representative, Ms. Andrea Lovering, did assure Mr. Helmerichs that it was against his legal right to be dismissed on grounds of having been wrongfully detained by psychiatrists Liaqat Ali and Anjana Chawla for allegations of a criminal offence that had itself not actually occurred.

It is thus quite against Her Majesty In Right Of Ontario AND Her Majesty In Right Of Canada AND Her Excellence Ms. Ing-wen Tsai of the formal legal country of Taiwan (to which the President had fled years ago at the start of the People's Republic Of China mutiny having recently escalated to shows of arsenal muscle in the straight between the two provinces of The International Court in which this case to is be filed by Themis Law School, if they would like to retain credibility as being a certified school of Law (reference for legal details at your leisure, however--exiting the enclosure] if you do NOT sign the petition at then you each shall be found in direct violation of the international law which states "In a sided legal argument, every named individual must choose only one side."

Accordingly, Mac Greaves of Barrie, and Merriam Fifield, to whom Mr. Helmerichs spoke on the phone on that fateful October 2012 day when Mr. Helmerichs reassured her of her trust in him which did directly end with the Georgian College collective free-will choice to attempt to terminate Mr. Helmerichs unlawfully (so, expect a pending civil suit as well), are both directly implicated, along with the named psychiatrists and City Of Barrie Police Sergeant Douglas Henderson who had arrested Mr. Helmerichs for 3.5 grams of marijuana at the Johnson's Beach turnaround AFTER Mr. Helmerichs had asked Mr. Henderson to arrest him "for something" on September 3rd, 2012.  Reference .amr voice file for direct-download from:

It was mere due diligence that The City Of Barrie Police Service follow-up the outstandingly STRONG complaints of not Natalie Yewchyn (remarried Halloway), treasurer of The Barrie Community Of Christ branch under manager Kris Judd, Carman Thomas, and Tim Stanlick, but local minister Matthew Swain who had obliged Tim's written directive AT Matthew (who sincerely tried to talk Rene OUT of continuing--and is therewith found to be mentally deficient in innate law, which directly implies the minister to be deficient in GOD, and therefore a fraudulent minister OF God) after Tim had told Matt to call the police on Rene.  Ms. Yewchyn was a nice cover for them, however she is sincerely mentally delusional for her clearly controversial testimony of the 10-day Ontario Superior Court Of Justice trial for C13-205-SR in June of 2014 (yes, FOURTEEN). 

That it had taken Mr. Helmerichs almost TWO YEARS to bring the CRIMINAL MATTER of which City Of Barrie police detectives Troy and Tanya warned Mr. Helmerichs on the 1st of September, 2012, AFTER Officer Watt had kindly done the exact same the evening before on 31 August, 2012, is, what's referred to in legalese, "A Criminal De-capitation.".

Officers eligibly of the law in Ontario, Canada, have repeatedly circumvented the real law in place to protect ALL INDIVIDUALS THE WORLD OVER from such things ever needing to have happened.

Accordingly, in this very ONE-sided argument, one can right say one to be either WITH OR AGAINST what The Mormon Community Of Christ leaders distinctly teach to be The God Of Money, for Its drive to illicit more and more into not tithing but teaching for their Good Sense Budgeting Workshop recruited soul-tithing ministers.

In the exasperation of Matthew Swain, who arrived as a GUEST lecturer at Georgian College for the Occupation-specific Business-language Training course to begin the excellent Toast Master series for the then current students of the course, "Why is there never enough money?"  Mr. Helmerichs offered $300, more than his own wage received at the college for the same 3-hour session, which Matt happily accepted.  Georgian College manager Patricia Whittington had informed Mr. Helmerichs of a course budget sufficient enough to cover such expenses when she informed Mr. Helmerichs that Dean Fifield was listed as the program manger since her salary was higher and afforded a greater award budge for the course and money to the greater Georgian College system in the percentage cut they receive from the Ontario Government PUBLIC funding for the course.  That Mr. Helmerichs functioned as both program co-ordinator, only recruiter, sole intake counsellor, with a budge to simply by bus passes and gift cards to pass to eligible previous students as bribes to re-enrol without penalty or even need to attend the course, is beside the point.


Would you like me to take you to court?  There was one staff who sat in the jury of the trial for C13-205-SR at Barrie in June of 2014.  She can tell you that Natalie Yewchyn was outright lying about never knowing what a Keloid was AFTER showing it to Mr. Helmerichs at her place, alone, following the snow storm where she sat outside with a real "stiff neck" while Mr. Helmerichs shouveled not only her driveway but the one to the right, when facing her place at 22 Beleveau (?) Crecsent home in Barrie on February 12(?), 2012.  Ms. Yewchyn simply stated "I have never emailed him" to which cross-examining crown-affiliated (see a January 2014 court date for confirmation) counsel asked her "Never?" and Ms. Yewchyn replied, "Well, maybe just once".  Georgian College faculty deleted the email account of Mr. Helmerichs without permitted Mr. Helmerichs the necessary and required legal access to easily disprove Ms. Yewchyn, thereby impeding justice.  However, Mr. Helmerichs dangerously permitted the unofficial crown counsel Uma Kancharla momentary access to a non-Georgian College account still active in 2014.  Mr. Helmerichs informed the jury that Ms. Yewchyn had invited him to for a group date at the Blue Mountain Spa on 28 March 2013 when he submitted email initiated BY Ms. Yewchyn asking Mr. Helmerichs if he would drive her.  The email read, to paraphrase, "Sorry Natalie.  I think you're too much of a back-seat driver for me to want to drive in the same car with ever again... unlike an airplane [Ms. Yewchyn's Dad and Mr. Helmerichs are both pilots, only Mr. Yewchyn having access to his own plane], a car only has one steering wheel so unless you want to drive me, find someone else."  Ms. Yewchyn simply snapped.  She is TRULY mentally ill and DOES belong in a mental ward BUT NOT THE ONE at Royal Victoria Regional Healthcare Centre (#RVH) which managed to enact an order to FORCIBLY KEEP Mr. Helmerichs in fear of his and his now REAL wife (then fiancée) whom Ms. Chalwa actively also prevented from being listed as the legal caregiver FOR Mr. Helmerichs BEFORE Ms. Chalwa took away his god-given right to REFUSE medication for a MIND that IS NOT EVEN PHYSICAL IN ORIGIN on 22 October 2012. 

Mr. Helmerichs did have Ms. Chawla relocated from RVH after she hastily removed Mr. Helmerichs from all community treatment orders enacted on grounds of the criminal allegation in exchange for lowering a blog of defame ABOUT Ms. Chawla and RVH.  Point-in-fact, patient Stephanie Teresa Holts died within weeks of her release from RVH as a direct result of mental medicinal intake and physical body incongruence.  Stephanie's last request of Mr. Helmerichs was to see that a letter is delivered to her aunt in Toronto, Ontario.  Mr. Helmerichs, having also been absolutely raped of his right to live in Canada--in 2015 by doctors Andrew Wozniak who instructed Rene's mother to leave Rene homeless and psychiatrist Gunter Wolfgang Lorberg who directly receives money for each Mathadone client he brings to his shared clinic in Barrie from his pool of inmates at The Central North Correctional Center in Penetanguishene, Ontario, werein Mr. Lorberg managed to keep Mr. Helmerichs locked into a mental ward INSIDE a prison for ten-fold revenue to the business, again, courteously paid for by ONTARIO PUBLIC tax revenue.

...since The City Of Barrie Police detectives Troy Armstrong and Tanya Lynch had threatened to arrest Lawyer Rene Helmerichs after he notified The Mormon Community Of Christ manager Kris Judd of his intents to literally overtake their church.  This really was taken out of context by, simply, everyone--and then continued intentionally with each officer's own freewill choice once they realized their predicament.

Readers have until Monday before I post this in CHINESE on Cisco Systems Problem-solver 2018 defined Internet Of Things (IoT).  Thereafter, I will only advertise this very case in all else that I write, say, and do.


Rene Helmerichs
Loo IN "The Story Of Loo", my upcoming book to contain this same document in easy-read international languages the likes of which were posted February 17th, 2018, from Taiwan as "20180217 Summary in a page".

The saving grace is the forgiveness of The Talk To Dream Team found throughout the greater parts of the 3-part first IoT fully-linked and legally-backed eBook of its kind available for direct download and convenient read during any mass-transit commute from (direct download .pdf documents with pictures):

Part 1 @ (NO m; 16 Feb 2018--Chinese New Year Day)
Part ii @ (14 Feb 2018--St. Valentine's Day)
Part 111 @ (2 Feb 2018--Groundhog Day.)

On condition of The Governor General Of Canada who acts officially as The Magistrate In Right Of Canada, THIS legal disaster for you but plus for The Talk To Dream Team can be avoided IFF (="if and only if"):

All conditions not involving public funding and written anywhere for this greater story are unconditionally accepted AND all conditions involving any form of public penalty, including money, are discussed electronically with RENE HELMERICHS AND The Talk To Dream team co-ordinators of Sesame Street Taiwan, Joyce and Keller in Nanzi District of Kaohsiung City, Taiwan, to form a living agreement WITH the primary claimant of the injustices done to his person named in this very document.  This will include the immediate notice provided to Ms. Ingrid Helmerichs of Orillia, Ontario, who has been defrauding the government of Ontario for years by cashing the disability pension checks Mr. Lorberg caused to be assigned before Ingrid purchased the ticket for her son to travel to Taiwan so that he could again regain work as a primary education teacher, which Rene assured even before landing in Taiwan.  As Ingrid has only been at the mercy of mental manipulation following the illegal standards and practices of The College Of Physician And Surgeons Of Ontario (#CPSO; reference a multitude of formal complaints of Mr. Helmerichs to the CPSO) doctors, Ingrid will of course sign over immediate custody of the child referenced in the .pdf document available for viewing globally at www.Sunjay.twCanada will of course pay for a home for Ingrid as thanks to her son for not continuing in Internationally PUBLIC IoT COURT further about this matter except in accordance with the herein implied agreement.  The Home to be provided is first to be that house in which Ingrid was born on the 11th of March in 1950 in the city of Bremen, Germany, if still available, and remodelled to her satisfaction or today's best commonly Canadian standard, or a house of her choosing that is of at least equal value to the house that it had when last it was occupied plus double the highest inflation rate in Germany since that time until the time of purchase.  This shall occur without delay and with great haste as she is planning a trip to Germany this March, and it is rightfully now illegal for her to take the son of Rene Helmerichs with her.  The son is to travel alone to Taiwan for March break, curtsey of Canada, with enough money to be able to look after himself if need be, in Taiwan, since the kid IS just like an adult already and actually understand life far better than anyone else around him at the moment--a rather frustrating affair at best.  Details for how to fill Lake Mead have been circulated since at least 2015.  This would solve the water shortage in the mid-west more effectively.


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