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20180226 Personal To Clare Chiang of Kidsland Kindergarten

Hi Clare,

A person note.

Clare, I've completed my story in an easy-read format that tells only facts.  My target is Canada.  I've always told you I am writing a book to raise the money to build a school.  Canada will simply not be able to pay me enough for the time I have spent at the book.  It directly names 9 doctors and at least 5 lawyers in the first 12 or so pages.  It is currently being translated by three translators which I have already paid into Chinese and two other languages.

Canada is just waking right now as we speak.  Social media (facebook, etc.) allows me to send direct public messages to news agencies in Canada.  I have already made the news in Taiwan and I do know (and have received direct confirmation) that I have the support of the national Taiwan government.

I won't need to take you or any manager at Kidsland to court.  I simply have already sided with Sesame Street English in Taiwan.  Since Kidsland has a partnership with Sesame Street, Sesame Street will ask Kidsland to explain.

When Kidsland cannot explain why I was suddenly fired without a really good reason, they will likely revoke partnership with you.  That means you also lose credibility of your Sesame Street kindergarten in Kaohsiung.

If you want to take me to court, you will need to buy the judge.  However, by the time the paperwork gets done, the book will be so much more public that the signers I already have at the petition.  Canada does care about its reputation, so the news will investigate, and I do know that some reporters already are.

This isn't a game.  I have never pretended.  Every email to you has been sincere.  Every email to you before I was fired was to fix mistakes at Kidsland that cost teachers time and Kidsland money.  The thank you that you have shown is to fire me?

Clare, I'm not worried about money.  This isn't about money.  This is about reputation.  I have mine to fix in Canada.  Kidsland is tied to my reputation.  If you are not with me, the ocean of people in the world will only look at Kidsland Kindergarten and laugh.  You will start to lose business.  After that, you will have a harder and harder time to find teachers who are good and will stay.  You simply won't be able to pay them with less students.  And the students will get less and less until Kidsland disappears.  This isn't a threat.  It is common sense.  Logic.  I did warn Stacy long ago, and I think she understood much better than Denise.

Denise sent me an email the other day telling me that everyone at Kidsland thought I was pretending.  I am not.  I really do care.

Clare, you personally and Kidsland as a company are in trouble.  You are in a sinking ship.  The story is already public.  You can call me crazy, but I've actually had at least one doctor openly bribe me to stop writing.

Now, you work to pay for the education of your kids.  You want them to go to the best school to get the best jobs. 

Clare, no matter what happens to me, my kid will never have to worry about money or work in his life.  He will be more rich than Grandpa Lin just from what I have already written.

I am dearly sorry to have to share this with you now, but, honestly, you didn't need to fire me.  All the crazy Line messages and emails happened AFTER you started to doubt me.

You hired me after you listened to me.  If you want the recording of that 20 May 2017 conversation, there is a link in the .pdf file at  But it's an old file.  It is, however, directly linked in the current book.  So it's not that old.  Unfortunately, you will have to buy the judge to have a hope at taking me to court.  And any judge that takes your money is working just for money.  That judge won't have a job because my little book will destroy his reputation before he even sees you in court.

I have two weeks to advertise to Canada because a working, good, readable English draft is done.  If news doesn't pick it up with daily messages to different news companies all across Canada, well, then there is all of Asian and the Middle East after that.

My book is designed to win The Nobel Peace Prize.  There is only one Nobel Peace Prize awarded each year.  It will win it in some year.  I don't really care when, but I always hope for sooner rather than later.  Just like I'm hoping you'll apologize to me for firing me by unfiring me sooner, rather than later.

I don't need to teach at Kidsland anymore.  You could just make me "Special Marketing Manager" and I probably could provide more students than you have chairs available at all your branches in Tainan within a year.

Consider the offer.

The English draft is available at you can share it with anyone you want.  It's all true.  And, I can update or change the file anytime without anyone knowing.  The link stays the same.

I won't bother you with many more emails.  There isn't a point and it wastes my time which I could be using to simply advertise to news companies who ARE looking for REAL news.  Especially news that makes lawyers and doctors look dirty.


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