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Starlog 20180212

(facebook disallows publicly posted posts to be actually publicly viewed, seemingly randomly.  Ergo, a CC:)

Themis School of Law Hello, I am trying to contact you via .
We briefly spoke on the phone last week. You mentioned a fee of $10,000 nT for a first consultation. I am a student of law myself and do not believe we need to waste the time. I will offer you $100,000 nT to charge one Clare Chiang of Tainan, Taiwan, whose contact information you may conveniently find in the direct-download .pdf linked at .

History about myself you can find therein as well, or summarized here: 

I was arrested in Canada for asking Barrie Community of Christ U.S.A. leaders for help to write a book designed to win the Nobel Prize for Peace in any year. Their response had been to threaten a Georgian College Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU) (local 350) employee with arrest. Rene Helmerichs thought of the consequences of their statement, and decided to walk to Barrie Police Service Sergeant Doug Henderson on 3 Sept. 2012 simply asking, quite literally and calmly, to be arrested. The voice recording of the encounter is linked at , along with most other details any lawyer should need to begin serious work on this case.

I would like to arrange a time to meet face-to-face to formalize the charge against Ms. Clare Chiang of (not coming up in the @ list?). Ms. Chiang had hired me formally in July of 2017 knowing that I had served 3 years needlessly in jail in Canada for simply to write a book to market a charity to build an independent University in western Canada. A voice recording of the 20 May 2017 Saturday brunch 1.5 hour meeting is included in the file linked for download from

Ms. Chiang authorized the change to the contract permitting the company called Kidsland, with 12 Sesame Street Taiwan branches. The new contract intentionally circumvented national Taiwan intended law that all foreigners who are employed as teachers in private schools in Taiwan provide a criminal record check from their home country. Ms. Chiang only hired me on the sole condition that I be continually allowed to provide marketing suggestions to her. We've spoken much about her desperate need to fix the high foreign-teacher turn-over rate. She also assured me that I would be permitted to continue to advertise both my insane adventure through our global legal systems and continue to write a book to win that Nobel Peace Prize. However, instead of recognizing that on the day of my last official work for her I did so without pay from her, and at significant loss of both time invested and materially for the instruments I personally provided her, she had me fired.

Ms. Chiang has fired me for no just cause. She entered into an agreement with me, and has now not help up, nor is interested IN holding up, her end of the agreement. A second manage of Kidsland, Denise, is directly involved and has attempted to have me arrested for publicizing crimes Kidsland has committed both against its parents AND, 蔡英文 Tsai Ing-wen representing the greater nation of Taiwan for China, CC'ing China Xinhua News, China Daily, Taiwan, Taipei, Taiwan Global Times, CTS, FM93.7省都廣播電台, ChinaTimes and various more internationally, Justin Trudeau for Canada and United Kingdom parliaments.
Do we stand for United Nations or UnitedHumans •• • or United Arab Emirates--by natural extension--OR???

A copy of the police encounter brought on after having been assaulted by the woman "Denise" in the video, who refused to acknowledge in front of officers how absolutely wonderful her English IS, as a manger for Opensesame, if that is the correct link to 孩子的城堡-芝蔴街(Sesame Street) at Kidsland:

Our face-to-face encounter shall need to follow a possible Next, Nexttv (?), televised global News Conference this Wednesday (2 days). They have been given ample warning to consider my continued and ongoing offer that I, Rene Helmerichs, continue on as their "special marketing manager" instead of accepting their demands for seeing me simply fired over plain English honesty.

All facts are veritable, and initiated with the document at I expect to have at least $100,000 nT to begin the process of Themis School of Law to abide simply BY the law, and help me to urgently and without delay press the necessary criminal charge, or charges, against Ms. Chiang and Kidsland, as two separate entities.

Signed, delivered, this 12th day of February from a laptop in Kaohsiung, Taiwan (R.for China).

Rene Helmerichs
aka Lucifer Mohammed Christ, of The Christ Mind kind.  Links to ACIM relevant docs at http://talktodream.Me, KNOT the "2" for me, so NOT mE at Http://


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